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David Kirby: Get Our Farm Animals Off Drugs, First Get Our Politicians Off Farm (and Drug) Money

Money-and-drugs-1 Please read the full post and comment at HuffPo HERE. David's book, Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment is available now at Amazon.

Get Our Farm Animals Off Drugs, First Get Our Politicians Off Farm (and Drug) Money

When it comes to all the addictions that plague our society, there are two that rarely get enough attention, let alone a badly needed intervention: our factory farms' addiction to low-dose antibiotics, and our politicians' addiction to high-octane cash from mega industries like Big Ag and Big Pharma.

On Monday, the FDA gingerly announced that it is thinking about maybe recommending that livestock and poultry operations use antibiotics more judiciously.

Many animal factory farms (or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations -- CAFOs) rely heavily on sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics mixed into animal feed to prevent disease and make their animals grow faster. Operators can buy these pharmaceuticals by the barrel-full at a feed store, without a prescription and without the supervision of a vet. According to some figures, up to 70% of all US antibiotics are given to farm animals.

Most CAFOs need these drugs to make a profit. Take the antibiotics away and many would not be able to cram so many animals into such a tight confinement without those creatures getting sick and dying. And without these drugs, the industrialists would not be able to get their pigs and chickens to market with the warp speed they are now able to achieve -- and that would mean more feed, less profit...


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Operators can buy these pharmaceuticals by the barrel-full at a feed store, without a prescription and without the supervision of a vet.


I remember when I use to see rolling hills of cows, bulls, and all sorts of animals. Pigs were kept comfortable. Nothing needed anitbiotics or steriods to get bigger. Now all you'll see is rolling hills with a lot of pavement. I hate what our agriculture and industry has done. My grandparents slattered their own and lived a long life. My great uncle who refused to conform to the world was tilling up huge garden with a mull and plow. His house had no electritcy or running water except for the old fashion pump he put into it. He and his wife sat on the front porch waving to people. He always shared his gardens with the neighbors. People actually helped people back then in the 1970's even. He lived to be 100. he died 1 day before his birthday. His wife died at 85. (my uncle's father lived to be 102 and he was murdered!!) We're dropping over like flies I am not anti-establisment I like modern conviences but I don't like to be lied to or poisoned at the hands of those who are to protect us. Great article David as usual. We'll pray for reform. Keep your faith strong inspite of it all.

Lisa @ TACA

Great job David. There's no discriminating by the FDA. They just plain suck on all topic.


Am in the process of reading Animal factory. Definitely a "must read!" I will definitely be changing the way I shop, and be more careful to purchase meat from sources who treat their animals humanely (and will be eating less meat in general). I never really gave it much thought, I'm embarrassed to say.

Teresa Conrick

Hey- HuffPo is having tech issues. I tried logging on last night and then again now and it is just not happening. It should be fixed soon.

Amy in Idaho

Animal Factory was a hefty read - literally. It took me a while to get through it but it was also tough emotionally. Everyone should read this book and be prepared to have your paradigm blown out of the water (again). I can't even walk by the meat section at my grocery store anymore.

PLEASE read this book and recommend it to anyone you know. Thanks David for all your work!!

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