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Chicago Tribune Protecting Consumers Against Natural Supplement (Again)

Mouse-with-gun The Trib is writing about OSR again. Take a look at the world news. Poison in the Gulf of Mexico. Afghanistan falling apart. Jobs still a scarcity. The Tribune is going to protect you against OSR. Phew!

CTI Science got a letter from the FDA about its ingredients. They will respond. Dr. Weil got a similar letter last year when he dared to offer an immune support formula in place of the H1N1 vaccine. Drug companies get the letters every day of the week for their advertising claims. You think 50,000 people in America even know what OSR is? They will now.

Read the article HERE.



My child is non-verbal. And although we did not have side affects, my doctor still offered this word of caution if you are going to put your child on OSR:

Start with a very small dose to see if your child develops headaches. I know that this may be hard to tell, but watch your child carefully.

Wait one to two weeks before increasing the dosage - again to see if there are any side affects.

Better yet, try it on yourself for a couple of weeks to see how you feel. I think you'll like the effects! ;-)


Autism Grandma;
Thanks for the links.
I got to listen to them this afternoon, and went out to trim the hedges.
Then my daughter's work called and said she had a seizure at work- she works in a hospital.
This is in Lexington, Kentucky.
It is an on going thing.

So I don't suppose you know any of the doctor's names that Boyd Haley linked up with that was receptive to the idea of OSR and all this stuff relating to mitochondria, and immune problems, who had autism kids of their own??????

kathy blanco

NaturalNews has learned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is running a criminal extortion racket designed to drain cash from health supplement companies and shift it into the pockets of top FDA contractors. This organized crime operation has been running for years, and it has operated with impunity because each company targeted by the scam feels isolated and alone, unable to face the astronomical legal bills of going to court and battling the FDA. So one by one, they agree to "settle" with the FDA for crimes they never committed. Part of the settlement, of course, involves the payment of FDA employees or contractors who pocket the money extorted from health companies.
Welcome to the FDA criminal mind.....


My husband took Co Q 10 enzyme for years and years and years for oxidative stress. They said that was what he needed for his mitochondrial disease
He did not buty the stuff you buy in Wal Mart over the counter - the doctors made sure he odered from the pharmacy and for a while - a long while - our health insurance paid for it.

Some of it was suppose to come from some exotic place and processed from fermenting blue green algae. Pharmacy people got a big kick out of compounding it for us. I guess that it reminded them that they (poor things) were doctors too and not just pill counters.

Originally Co enzyme Q 10 was first in beef hearts and that is how they use to make it from fermenting beef hearts. It also was water soluable and my husband was warned to take without food and for sure no oils, or fish oils since that would just wash it right out of the body.

We've come a long way baby! From beef hearts to blue green alge; from insurance paying 600 dollars a month to us paying out of pocket for stuff that in turn is just urinated into the toilet.

This OSR finally goes into the body's cells and is not just urinated out as soon as you take it.

We will be a ordering ours before FDA shuts 'em down.

Quick some one tell me is the 9 grams of powder the better buy for 180 dollars than the capsula for 60?

Autism Grandma

Autism Fair Media

Boyd Haley Interview -Mercury/Autism/OSR

Part 1:

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Part 3:

CTI Science Introduces OSR#1®
OSR#1® is a lipid soluble antioxidant dietary supplement. OSR#1® scavenges ROS (free radicals).

Free radicals are unstable oxygen-containing molecules that negatively interact with other molecules in the body, in a process called oxidation. High levels of free radicals and oxidation can lead to oxidative stress. The body naturally fights oxidation by producing glutathione. However, when sufficiently stressed, the body's glutathione may not be able to keep up with the production of free radicals.
Glutathione is the body's natural defense to free radicals. However, once glutathione stabilizes a free radical, it becomes oxidized and is usually excreted from the body. This lowers the body's level of glutathione, and high levels of oxidative stress can prevent the body from recovering its normal functioning.

OSR#1®, unlike other antioxidants, is lipid or fat-soluble. This allows OSR#1® to penetrate cell walls to scavenge free radicals within cells. Water-soluble antioxidants cannot access cells in this way and are limited in their capacity to scavenge free radicals.

Below is an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score, developed by Brunswick Laboratories, which measures the effectiveness of antioxidants. The ORAC score for OSR#1® is 192,400 µmoleTE per 100 grams, one of the highest recorded for a lipid soluble antioxidant. The HORAC (Hydroxyl Radical Absorbance Capacity) for OSR#1® is even higher at 299,000 µmoleTE per 100 grams.

The highly touted Açai scores better than other common foods, but its ORAC score is only 9.6% of OSR#1®! Furthermore, ORS#1® is lipid-soluble allowing it to scavenge free radicals within cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the FDA send CTI Science, Inc. a warning letter about OSR#1®?

The FDA sent CTI Science, Inc. a warning letter dated June 17, 2010. They state that OSR#1® is not a dietary supplement because N1, N3-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide is not a known dietary ingredient. However, N1, N3-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide is a combination of two dietary ingredients, benzoate and cystamine coupled together by an amide linkage which is naturally found in proteins coupling amino acids together. The FDA further states that CTI Science, Inc. makes drug claims on its packaging, website and promotional material. CTI Science, Inc. does not believe that the claims it previously made about OSR#1® were drug claims. However, all claims the FDA referenced in its letter were removed from the website. The FDA further states that there may be a safety issue with regard to OSR#1®, because diarrhea was experienced in animal subjects when fed OSR#1® dissolved in corn oil by gavage three times daily at a rate of 5g per kg body weight. This would be the equivalent of 500g for a 220lb person or 5,000 capsules plus a bolus of corn oil. CTI Science, Inc. does not believe this diarrhea is a toxic effect as the animals continued to gain weight like controls and did not develop any toxic effects like ataxia. Using this definition any food, like milk, would be toxic if taken at such a high level.

The Company is evaluating the FDA letter and preparing its response.

What Is OSR#1®?

OSR#1® is a dietary antioxidant that is a combination of two naturally occurring substances. OSR#1® was extensively tested in animals by commercial Food and Drug Administration certified laboratories. OSR#1® is made, encapsulated, packaged and stored under cGMP conditions.

Is OSR#1® a Drug?

OSR#1® is not a drug and no claim is made by CTI Science that OSR#1® can diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. OSR#1® is not FDA approved for any medical treatment or protocol.
The only claim for OSR#1® is that it is a very effective, lipid soluble, dietary antioxidant.

How does OSR#1® work in the body?

OSR#1® is fat/lipid soluble and available pharmacokinetic studies show that it enters the cells of test animal tissues when taken orally and has a 6 to– 7 hour plasma half-life. OSR#1® is significantly eliminated from these tissues within 24 hours and does not build up in any tissue or organ.
Testing indicates that OSR#1® is oxidized by human liver homogenates to oxidized forms as expected by OSR#1® reaction with free hydroxyl radicals.

OSR#1® can effectively enter tissues and scavenge reactive oxygen species (e.g. hydroxyl free radicals) in the body.

Is OSR#1® a natural compound?

OSR#1® is a combination of two natural compounds that are non-toxic.

How does OSR#1® compare to other natural antioxadants?

OSR#1® compares exceptionally well to other antioxidants in testing to determine the ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species (free radicals). However, OSR#1® is also fat-soluble, which allows it to penetrate cell membranes to scavenge intracellular free radicals. This property also increases the plasma half-life of OSR#1® allowing its hydroxyl free radical scavenging properties to be available much longer than observed for most water soluble antioxidants. Water-soluble antioxidants, like those found in pomegranates and açai berries, are unlikely to effectively penetrate cell membranes and are therefore limited in their capacity to scavenge free radicals. Also, most water soluble antioxidants are more rapidly excreted from the water phase of the blood by the kidneys. This means water soluble antioxidants have a markedly shorter blood half life that also decreases effectiveness. OSR#1® fat/lipid solubility allows it to stay in the body longer and at the best locations for scavenging hydroxyl free radicals which increases its effectiveness.

How stable is OSR#1® in storage?

OSR#1® has been tested for stability using the best scientific methods available and less than 3% breakdown was found after three years storage as a dry powder at room temperature in sealed plastic tubes. All marketed forms of OSR#1® are now being continually tested and evaluated by the cGMP packaging facility to insure that this stability also occurs in every batch of OSR#1® produced.

OSR#1® contains sulphur. Can people with sulphur sensitivity take OSR#1®?

OSR#1® contains sulfur. In certain individuals, this can be a problem as they cannot metabolize even the natural compounds cysteine or glutathione in the diet without having an adverse effect. This is not an allergy. It is an adverse dietary effect. This seems to be due to the inability to convert the dietary sulfhydryls present to sulfate without an inordinate build up of toxic sulfite. The inability to convert sulfite to sulfate may be caused by a deficiency of molybdenum which, when incorporated into molybdopterin, is a needed cofactor for sulfite oxidase, the enzyme which converts sulfite to sulfate.

There is an internet rumor that OSR#1® is an Industrial Chelator. Is this true?

No. OSR#1® as produced by CTI Science is not now and has never been marketed or tested as an environmental or industrial chelator. Nor has OSR#1® been tested in humans as a chelator by CTI Science, and no claims of chelation treatment use are made by CTI Science.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is the body's natural "master defense" molecule to free radical toxicity. Most free radicals in oxidative stress are produced by damaged or abnormal mitochondria. All mitochondria leak free radicals, but damaged or abnormal mitochondria leak even more and glutathione has as one of its major functions to scavenge these free radicals and keep them from damaging the cell membranes, DNA/RNA and other natural intracellular compounds needed for good health. However, once glutathione scavenges a free radical, it becomes oxidized and is prevented from doing many of its other functions, such as being bound to fat soluble toxicants to aid in their removal. This oxidation by free radicals lowers the good reduced form of glutathione and may also lower the body's total level of glutathione.

How do I determine my Blood Glutathione Level?

You can talk to your personal medical professional and ask for a simple blood screening test to determine your blood glutathione levels. Many commercial labs offer this test.

If your levels are normal to high, you may not be experiencing oxidative stress. If your levels are low to normal, you may be experiencing oxidative stress.

Why is Fat Solubility important for an effective Antioxidant?

OSR#1®, by its antioxidant action and lipophilic (fat soluble) nature, is exceptionally effective at entering cells and locating in hydrophobic areas such as the cell and mitochondrial membranes where it can effectively scavenge free radicals. In this manner OSR#1® is in position to scavenge the damaging free radicals preventing them from depleting glutathione levels. Healthy glutathione levels prevent free radical damaging of membrane lipids, vitamin E, DNA/RNA and other molecules necessary for human health. High levels of oxidative stress, determined by low glutathione levels, can prevent the body from performing its normal detoxifying ability for organic toxins through the P-450 system via the use of glutathione-S-transferase activities.

Is OSR#1® being marketed as a treatment for Disease or Disorder?

No. OSR#1® is not a drug and no claim is made by CTI Science that OSR#1 can treat or cure any illness or disease. OSR#1® is a dietary antioxidant. OSR#1 is not FDA approved for any medical treatment or protocol.

OSR#1® is a dietary antioxidant which helps scavenge free radicals. Ask your medical professional for more information about the harmful health effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, and whether your blood glutathione levels should be tested.
How can I order OSR#1®?

Although OSR#1® is a dietary supplement and not a drug, it is only available through medical professionals at this time. It is not FDA approved to treat any illness or disease. Ordering information and a list of medical professionals are available at the Consumer section of our website.

Technical Information

Recommended Daily Intake
The recommended daily intake for OSR#1® is 100mg. OSR#1® should be taken orally and can be taken with or without food. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake or give to children under 4 years, pregnant or lactating women unless advised to do so under the direction of a medical professional.

• OSR#1®: N1, N3-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide
• Capsules: Each capsule contains 100mg of OSR#1® as well as the following other inert ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypermellose*, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide* and Iron Oxide*.
*These three other ingredients are contained in the capsule shell.
• Powder: Each level scoop (included in the package) contains 100mg of OSR#1® as well as the following other inert ingredients: Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.
Gluten and Other Sensitivities
OSR#1® capsules and powder are produced in a cGMP facility that does not handle gluten, dairy products or tree nuts. The powder form of OSR#1® is compliant with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Side Effects
Allergic or other adverse reactions may occur at any time with any food or dietary supplement as well as OSR#1®. If you experience allergic or other adverse reactions while taking OSR#1®, discontinue its use immediately and contact your medical professional. Do not resume taking OSR#1®.

Manufacturing and Production
OSR#1® is manufactured in facilities that are compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as promulgated by the FDA. The strictest care is taken to assure that OSR#1® is manufactured in a safe environment and produced without impurities. The capsules come in sealed blister packs and the powder in sealed pouches for your protection.

OSR#1® should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Safety and Pharmacokinetics Information
OSR#1® has been subjected to extensive testing to determine its safety. The pharmacokinetics of OSR#1® have been studied by an independent laboratory, Absorption Systems. Pharmacokinetics studies determine how OSR#1® enters the body, moves through its various organs and systems and exits the body of lab animals.


OSR ??

Is that the material that helps to reduce THIMEROSAL, the fine product "MERCURY neurotoxin product" injected into infants and children at 50 to 100x rates, that has never been TESTED by the CDC or FDA ???


Well, in light of this discussion, I would like to provide this link re: an executive order that appears to have been made that will affect anyone trying to survive healthily beyond the land of CDC and FDA minimalism:

Specifically, assuming this is an accurate link (which I haven't yet directly sourced but think it's really important to bring to light, since I hadn't seen this anywhere yet) take a look at Sec. 3 (g) and Sections 6 (d) (f) and (g), with a big exclamation point on (g)! It literally took my breath away. And initial recommendations are due July 1, as in a week from now.


Again, this is an unproven treatment with unknown side effects. The FDA spends a lot of time on this when there are bigger fish to fry. On the other hand, I see both sides here and a parent should have a choice whether they agree with this treatment or not. We should be able to disagree with the use of this supplement without being attacked for doing so.


Why are they wasting OSR on rats. Don't give it to rats give it to our kids they need it more. It is effective and kids are not dropping over like flies. I wish I could say the same for the wonderful toxins that are FDA approved.

kathy blanco

so, if the media protests on something like this, it means it really for the tip...goin to stay on it, because so far, so good. Does anyone believe TRINE anymore? What the hell? Does he even ask parents of autistic children what they have seen, and how long they have been taking it? NO? Oh right, it's not a real newspaper...gotcha....



What an old, tired argument.



Jake, lol, lol. That one's going to stick (and stink). Poor Latrine.

R Prasad

Bob Damelio,

We Autism parents (including you) do not sell any products like Big Pharma and Corporates.

So, when we speak about a product/supplement, we do that only after we use it first and then to our kids and then recommend to other parents. That's called sharing a good and potentially life saving information.

We don't just share about the good side of the products, but also the side effects, die off reactions and allergic/adeverse reactions to certain individuals. That's called impartial evalution of the product (unlike drug companies hide the lethal side effects Ex. Vioxx killed thousands of patients, because its maker Merck hid all the deadly side effects - And Merck is the same company that makes many childhood Vaccines)

There is no cure for Autism. The Vaccine and Mercury damage on kids' brain is permanent. But Autism is treatable with several biomedical interventions whether it is Chelation, B-12 shots, Enhansa, OSR, probiotics, Vitamins, Minerals, Omega EFAs etc. And every kid is different. No single supplement work in the same way for all kids. And all kids can't tolerate all the supplements.

I have not tried OSR for my daughter so far. But after reading your comment, I am definitely going to try and I am ordering it right now. Thanks for your encouragement.

Heidi N

I agree that this is a win/win situation. The more the media criticizes, the more the word gets spread on autism being immune dysfunction from pathogens and toxins. I love what Andy Wakefield is doing, spreading his side of the story. I just love it when people show their bravery for the good of mankind.

R Prasad

David Taylor,

I agree with you. There is a large amount of PAID views and comments by the Big Pharma on the major news sources. We need to neutralize those PAID views on (probably) neutral sources like Huffington Post. But we should try our best to make likes of Chicago Tribune from a major media in to a tabloid. Also, we need to popularize the natural health sites like
along with Autism biomedical sites.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Here's what I posted on the Trib story:

It's amazing that the Chicago Tribune can devote so much time to denouncing a product that many parents have found helpful for alleviating the symptoms of autism.

I noticed these four comments in the Tribune story:

"A toxic unapproved drug that lacks adequate warnings about potential side effects."

"It had not undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is safe and effective."

"It would be hard to imagine anything worse."

"It would be hard to imagine a more clear example of immediate endangerment of public health."

What I really find interesting is the fact that the Chicago Tribune has never raised any concerns over the use of toxic mercury in children's vaccines. Trine Tsouderos has never done a piece raising questions about the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimeorsal.


Why isn't Tsouderos outraged that thimerosal was never tested or approved by the FDA?

She's never brought up the fact that Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company invented thimerosal in 1930 and they did the one safety study on it. They tested it on 22 adult patients suffering from meningitis. There was no chance for follow-up to observe long-term effects, as all of the patients died. Eli Lilly said it was safe and the FDA accepted it.

Why didn't Tsouderos ask environmental health expert, Ellen Silbergeld, if she's alarmed that the FDA has no toxicological studies on thimerosal to prove safety.

Why hasn't Tsouderos ever interviewed author David Kirby? In his book, Evidence of Harm, Kirby pointed out that "...many researchers had sent the company [Eli Lilly] documents dating back to the 1930's, each raising a red flag about thimerosal." (EOH 207-209). Kirby chronologically lists over 70 years of scientific research on the damaging and deadly effects of thimerosal. Research that was willfully ignored by Eli Lilly and the FDA.http://www.evidence

In the midst of an autism epidemic claiming one in every 100 children, one in every 70 boys, the Chicago Tribune has shown little concern over what's happening to our children. In the case of Trine Tsouderos, it seems that her exposes on autism only involve attacking people working to help autistic children. Meanwhile, she has no interest in the biggest cover-up of all.

Anne Dachel
Media editor: Age of Autism


Bob: I'm so worried about you, I can't get it off my mind. Do you drink, Bob? If you drink a lot, you might get cirrhosis of the liver, one of those little disease where no one wants to really talk about what happens in between diagnosis and death. No one will tell you about the hepatic encephalitis which causes mental confusion because your liver can no longer remove toxins from your body and they build up in your brain. And proteins that you eat become toxins! Yes, the very food you eat. So when your wife or children walk in and find you throwing up in a dresser drawer because you think it's a toilet, or they go to check on you and find you trying to put your left leg into the left arm of your button-down business shirt, it doesn't mean a thing. And when you briefly come out of your fog and your wife reintroduces herself and tells you the doctor said to stop eating proteins and gives her a jar of medicine to help your body metabolize and breakdown that dangerous food, tell her that there is no way you are going to change your eating habits. That it is just crazy talk and that your mental hallucinations are just part of the cirrhosis. And don't forget to apologize for puking all over your wedding photos that were sitting in that drawer . . .

Maureen H. McDonnell, RN

What they fail to mention in the article is that Dr. Boyd Haley is not just a "retired chemist", he is the former Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, and a former professor in both the Dept of Pharmacology and Biochemistry at the same university. He has testified before congress and the Pentagon on the dangers of both thimerosal and dental amalgams. These are the real reasons the FDA and their new partners at the Chicago Tribune are conducting this witch hunt! He's smart, knows the full dangers of mercury, created a product that actually helps kids increase their glutathione level and just like Andy Wakefield: he's pointing out the truth in no uncertain terms. If I were some uninformed weasel at the the FDA hell, I'd go after him too!
Maureen McDonnell, RN
Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet


To Bob: Have you tried this product on yourself or your children and had a bad experience?
If you or anyone in your family gets cancer, then, I highly recommend that you bypass the chemotherapy . . . I've heard it causes hair loss. And definately stay away from the radiation treatment - it can cause burns on the skin. It's definately not worth the risk to try these dangerous solutions, even though they've been medically approved for decades. Please, just let the cancer take it's natural course, you'll be better off and sleep well knowing that you've done all you could.

Deb in IL

The Trib merged with satire paper "The Onion". No kidding. It was one of their news stories yesterday.

@bob damelio - biomedical treatment brought my son out of his fog. He's mainstream today, in a summer day camp, where he will be going to a swim lesson with his class. I'm not nervous about him running away. I know that I have to detox him later (to get the chlorine off him), but he's "normal" because of these treatments. I will continue to search for a healing plan to get him off the supplements, but never the diet or ongoing detox. That benefits us all.

David Taylor

Maurine wrote: "OMG-have you seem the comments on the story in the Tribune? The vitriol against us is unbelievable."

Be very careful in reacting to the vitriol there and at places like Huffington Post and Daily Kos. You don't know how much of it is paid for, but there is a portion that comes from PR trolls hired by Big Pharma to monitor, seed and take over the comment sections on major internet sites, of which the Chicago Tribune is one.

bob damelio

I am a father who has 2 autistic children. I have seen many "cure" come and go.
The names of these cures have changed, but the desperation of the parents stay the same.
Age Of Autism feeds on these desperate parents.
Are the ads for the biomedical interventions displayed on Age Of Autism any different from the
Pharmaceutical ads they so vehemently abhor?
They stand behind photo-shopped images to stir anger in parents with autistic children, much like
many other movements who cannot gather support without inciting anger.
Frankly, I do not care if the parents take this OSR, but please, keep it away from the children


It took me a few seconds to figure out the picture to this article! :)

Very cute little hamster . . .

PS: Thanks for the info too.

Jake Crosby

More toilet journalism from Latrine Tsouderos!!!


The name rang a bell.

As Gomer Pyle, USMC used to say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

So is it really a surprise that the National Institute of Mental Health called off a mercury chelation study - or the Associated Press called chelation therapy a fringe movement ideal? Not really. (Who are they associated with, BTW?)

Said Ellen Silbergeld of Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health, "It is to be hoped that the NIMH will continue its commitment to research into preventable risks for autism spectrum disorders." Of the dropped chelation study she said, "This was a wise and careful decision."

But isn't Silbergeld really calling mercury poisoning American children with Thimerosal-laced vaccines an unpreventable risk for autism spectrum disorders? Read it again. It sure sounds like it.


Great free advertising!

I had never heard of OSR before.


....Danish police are investigating Dr. Poul Thorsen, who has vanished along with almost $2 million that he had supposedly spent on research.

This guy is still hiding out somewhere???

Has anyone checked Dr. Offit's basement ?

What would they do and say if Dr. Wakefield was hiding out for some reason ??

R Prasad


Not just paper circulation, even the online readership of Chicago Tribune going down very fast. And the online version if fully free, but people are not reading their crap. See this link below:


Steph M-- yeah, aren't those claims of "no risk" hilarious? That was a 2002 article-- it claims that thimerosal was removed from vaccines. My kids got more than 100 mcg of mercury in their shots before they were even 6 months old, and that was in 2003-2004. The flu shots were loaded, many were old stock of full-hg vaccines, and the ones in which mercury had supposedly been "removed" could still contain between 3 and 5 micrograms. Children can still receive 71 mcg of mercury from their shots by 18 months of age.

I didn't see any specific studies of thimerosal in this article, though there's mention of this study for MMR from the November 7, 2002 New England Journal of Medicine:

Note the names Madsen (employee of Danish vaccine maker) and Poul Thorsen, that bastion of integrity:

The study was deemed to be deeply flawed by the Cochrane institute because of the researcher's industry conflicts and the way the subject cohorts were swapped around to manipulate an outcome.

And here's Dr. Halsey's creds and conflicts:

Dr. Halsey has been one of the leading investigators and advocates in the area of vaccines. In addition to numerous grants and contracts from different vaccine manufacturers, Dr. Halsey has received frequent reimbursements for travel expenses and honoraria from companies such as Merck. Importantly, at the time of the Rotashield approval meeting, Dr. Halsey was seeking start-up funds from most of the vaccine manufacturers for the establishment of an institute for vaccine safety at Johns Hopkins University, where he works. He has already received $50,000 from Merck and was awaiting funds from Wyeth Lederle (Exhibit 56). Dr. Halsey also participated in the rotavirus working group of the ACIP. Also, Dr. Halsey was the Chair of the Committee on Infectious Diseases and representative of the American Academy of Pediatrics which, in conjunction with the CDC, sets and advertises the recommendations for schedules and dosages of immunizations. He was granted a waiver for participation, participated during the morning session and then recused himself at the beginning of the afternoon session due to conflicts that were not disclosed in the minutes for the meeting. Finally, Dr. Halsey's employer, Johns Hopkins University, is also the employer of Dr. Clements-Mann, who was excluded from the discussions.

Dr. Halsey Serves on the advisory board to the Immunization Action Coalition, an advocacy group funded by vaccine makers including: Aventis Pasteur, Chiron Corporation, Glaxo Wellcome, Merck & Co., Nabi, North American Vaccine, SmithKline-Beecham, Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines.

Ref: Committee on Government Reform

Expert witness for vaccine company
[ May 2000] Sanchez--MR vaccine & SSPE


I guess what I find interesting in the article is the statement from Ellen Silbergeld, an expert in environmental health who is studying mercury and autism at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. According to Dr. Neal Halsey of the same Johns Hopkins, in 2002, their study showed no relationship between mercury and autism. Funny huh.


It takes a special brand of journalist to so willfully, malfeasantly, and relentlessly insist that the citizenry remain in the dark.

"The Tribune’s weekday circulation declined to 452,145 in the six months ended March 31, a 9.8% drop from a year earlier. Its Sunday circulation fell 7.5% to 794,350, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations."

It's a vicious cycle; have crappy biased reporting, see circulation fall, fill revenue gap with pharma advertising, have more crappy biased reporting, see circulation fall....

Maurine Meleck

OMG-have you seem the comments on the story
in the Tribune? The vitriol against us is unbelievable.


LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! "you think 50,000 people know what OSR is? They will now." Trine has just done you all a big favour. Mercury, heavy metal link to autism. People will explore this and yet more parents will avoid vaccines like the frickin plague. Thanks, Trine. You really are a cupcake.


Silbergeld said. "It would be hard to imagine a more clear example of immediate endangerment of public health"...... REALLY? how bout the current vaccine program.


Apparantly they have also made a point of discussing the dangers Dr. Oz is posing to the public for discussing alternative ideas on his show, which has more than 2 million viewers. Complete with a quote from Offit pointing out that science is not a democracy and that we should only make our decisions based on published papers. (Probably due to Oz publicizing the risk of intestinal intersussion (sp?) in the diarrhea vaccine. It mentions that Oz bases show decisions on the popularity of the subjects and that on his website autism treatments remains one of the most popular. Although I haven't been on the site, maybe his show is worthy of a look-see and additional viewer support.


Exactly Mary, I swear if Big Pharma is freaking out about it, then it must be working... I'm going to give my DAN! a call today! Thanks AOA!

Erik Nanstiel

Tsouderos can kiss my tea bags! OSR#1 IS SAFE. I've used it and my daughter has used it with success. Dr. Boyd Haley is a thoughtful and careful scientist who would NEVER release a product unless he had done his due diligence. I've spoken with him at length about OSR#1 back when he was still calling it CT01.

Tsouderos is a puppet journalist for those on a witch hunt against any treatments that could implicate mercury's role in autism... and by association, the thimerosal in vaccines.


The Tribune never mentions that the drugs made by their advertisers and approved or commonly recommended for children with autism(Risperdal, Paxil, etc) were often originally formulated from solvents, pesticides and industrial dyes. GlaxoSmithKline, Shire LLC and J&J, among other drug makers, are Trib advertisers.

Reported death and injuries from OSR-- zero.

Reported deaths and injuries from Vyvanse, an amphetamine-class "ADHD" drug often given to children with autism and made by Tribune advertiser (Vyvanse is advertised next to the article), Shire Pharmaceuticals:


Suicidal Ideations 61
Attempted Suicides 9
Completed Suicides 2
Deaths Not From Suicide 3
Homicidal Ideations 5
Hypomania/Mania 26
Heart Disease 8
Movement Disorders 184

Deaths and injuries from Shire's Adderall, also amphetamine-class ADHD drug often given to children with autism (bear in mind that for "murder", the number of incidents is listed, not the number of victims, which can be multiple):


Suicidal Ideations 50
Attempted Suicides 24
Completed Suicides 10
Deaths Not From Suicide 49
Homicidal Ideations 15
Homicides 3
Hypomania/Mania 24
Heart Disease 62
Movement Disorders 77
Birth Defects 6
Prenatal/Neonatal Deaths 2


Thanks for reminding me. If the FDA (pharma's lap dog) is going after this stuff, it must work. I better buy this stuff today. The FDA only goes after threats to pharma.

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