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US Lagging Behind Much of Europe, Cuba, Chile and United Arab Emirates in Child Mortality

Loser (Well, not you literally, dear AofA readers.)  From LA Times. For all our well care the US isn't faring so well against the rest of the world. 

Child mortality rates dropping, study finds, but U.S. lags
Childhood deaths are down 42% in the U.S., but nations such as Serbia and Malaysia, which were ranked behind the U.S. in 1990, cut their rates by nearly 70%.

By Noam N. Levey, Tribune Washington Bureau
May 24, 2010

Reporting from Washington

Underscoring historic recent gains in global health, the number of children younger than 5 who die this year will fall to 7.7 million, down from 11.9 million two decades ago, according to new estimates by population health experts.

But as much of the world makes strides in reducing child mortality, the U.S. is increasingly lagging and ranks 42nd globally, behind much of Europe as well as the United Arab Emirates, Cuba and Chile.

Twenty years ago, the U.S. ranked 29th in the child mortality rate, according to data analyzed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.
The estimates, derived from modeling based on international birth records and other sources, are being published Monday in the British medical journal the Lancet.

Singapore, the country with the lowest child mortality rate in the world at 2.5 deaths per 1,000 children, cut its rate by two-thirds between 1990 and 2010. Serbia and Malaysia, which were ranked behind the U.S. in 1990, cut their rates by nearly 70% and now are ranked higher.

The U.S., which is projected to have 6.7 deaths per 1,000 children this year, saw a 42% decline in child mortality, a pace that is on par with Kazakhstan, Sierra Leone and Angola.
"There are an awful lot of people who think we have the best medical system in the world," said Dr. Christopher Murray, who directs the institute and is an author of the study. "The data is so contrary to that."

Even many countries that already had low child mortality rates, such as Sweden and France, were able to cut their rates more rapidly than the U.S. over the last two decades.
"It's really just hard to fathom," said Laura Beavers, national Kids Count coordinator for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, one of the nation's leading advocates for children's health.
The U.S. mortality rates defy traditional explanations, such as a nation's diversity, high number of immigrants and persistent pockets of poverty, Murray said.

Australia, another diverse country with a large immigrant population, cut its child mortality rate over the last two decades more than the U.S. Australia now ranks 26th in the world.
Murray said high child mortality rates were not limited to black and Latino populations in the U.S. In fact, researchers have found high rates among higher-income whites, a group that traditionally has better access to medical care.

The data instead suggest broader problems with the nation's fragmented, poorly planned healthcare system, Murray and other healthcare experts say.

Although the U.S. spends nearly twice as much per capita on healthcare as most other industrialized countries, researchers are finding substantially higher levels of preventable deaths from diseases such as diabetes and pneumonia.

Another recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation found that the rate of deaths among women giving birth has actually increased in the U.S. over the last two decades.

"We certainly have outstanding medical science and centers of excellence that rival the best in the world," said Cathy Schoen, an expert on global health systems at the nonpartisan Commonwealth Fund. "But many other countries have been putting many more resources into thinking about how they can improve. … They have been far more strategic."

That is one of the main reasons the recently enacted healthcare law is so important, many healthcare experts say. The bill not only expands insurance coverage but gives providers incentives to improve quality and better coordinate care and makes it easier for Americans to get preventive medical care.

There is more encouraging data about progress elsewhere in the world.

Although child mortality remains extremely high in several regions — including sub-Saharan Africa, where in some countries 1 in 7 children die before their fifth birthday — mortality rates are falling at an accelerating rate, according to the institute's research.

That in part reflects efforts to expand vaccinations for diseases such as measles and to give antiretroviral drugs to pregnant women infected with HIV, said Dr. Mickey Chopra, chief of health and associate director of programs at UNICEF.

Chopra and others said initiatives to distribute mosquito netting to reduce malaria infections, provide Vitamin A supplements to children and encourage more breast-feeding are also having an effect.

Global public health advocates hope to be able to make more progress as efforts get underway to distribute antibiotics to combat pneumonia and dysentery in the developing world. "I am even more excited about the next five years," Chopra said, adding that such progress was almost inconceivable a few years ago.

Researchers found the fastest rates of decline over the last two decades in many countries in Latin America and North Africa.

Other countries with slow rates of decline include Britain, New Zealand and South Korea, which have all fallen in the international rankings since 1990. All three are still ahead of the U.S.




Benedetta - I know that vaccines can kill, but what I'm saying is that since 1990, Malaysia's child mortality rate has DECREASED, while vaccinations have INCREASED. Consumption of coconut fat has also decreased since people have become more "health-conscious". There are definitely other factors at work here, it's not that simplistic.


autism grandma, another thing to add to your list would be multiple birth (multiple embryo implantation). I know that in Canada this issue was recently discussed in the paper. Canada doesn't rank too much better at somewhere like 30sish in infant mortality. Part of the reason for this was that we allow implantation of multiple embryos and that skews the numbers a little with more "infant deaths." I'm sure this is also true for the U.S. Other countries only allow one egg to be implanted at fertility clinics(the Scandanavian countries, for ex). Probably this isn't the only reason the rate is so high but it is one reason that this is so.


PS maybe you have extra protection from vaccines because you eat coconuts?

A quarter of a century ago the American medical society decided coconut and it's oil was a bad thing, worked to get it replaced by soy oil instead. OR maybe you just got to give it more time and a few more mandatory vaccines as soon as the newborn is dropped from the birth canal.

As far as the vaccines! The reason I know it was the vaccines is because I watched my children have immediate reactions to each DPT vaccine they received with high fevers, Kawasaki's,high SED rates, high C reactive protein levels, developing a heart mummur and immediate stroke.


I live in Malaysia and I don't think it has anything to do with vaccines because they have only INCREASED over the years. They are very aggressively marketed now. Banned pesticides (heavy metals) continue to be used excessively. Rates of learning disabilities and autism have totally exploded.

It must be some other factor that is killing American infants. Poor maternal nutrition and drug use perhaps?

Cynthia Cournoyer

The reason this issue is coming up again is because they grasp at straws to gain favor for the new health care law. Hope runs eternal, yet another blind eye on the "problem."

Vaccines are simultaneously credited for wiping out diseases while we just can't seem to make polio go away. See "Still a Scourge" from 2006.

It's not our "uneducated" poor people that keep our death rates so high. Our society has gone from vaccines only for the educated and wealthy, to giving them free as an adjunct to every philanthropic endeavor regarding children, especially poor.


off topic again

Tonight the same local network (NBC) was pushing the H1N1 vaccine to "save children from the H1N1 flu" at summer camp.

Are these networks PAID for every damn time they provide "H1N1 news" that is really a damn commercial for the vaccine ??

If so, how much for a typical two minute promo on a local newscast ??? Is this a nationwide effort ??


Interestingly, autism rates in Singapore are much less. The autism Organization of Singapore estimates about 216 children are dx with autism annually.


david burd

Heidi, What you related is so pertinent.

It is so sensible that birthing clinics NOT giving the Hep B vaccine shot makes all the difference.

The Hep B shot at Day One is literally insane.


"Adam, The wide range of potential damages inflicted by injected vaccine ingredients is documented, and extremely serious such as autism in my view, and/or fatal.

The oral polio vaccine can give people polio. That is just as big of a side effect. Mind you this isn't even something that is covered up. Its on the CDC website.

Also, are you aware that you are using the same statistics off the CDC website?

Autism Grandma

49 Doses by age 6
+ Vaccines given to Pregnant Mothers
+ Aluminum and Mercury in Vaccines
+ Formaldehyde, Antifreeze, MSG and many other Toxic Ingredients in Vaccines
+ Human and Animal Virus and Bacteria in Vaccines
+ Human and Animal foreign DNA in Vaccines
+ Aborted Human Fetal Tissue in Vaccines
+ Multiple Vaccines given at once
+ Vaccines given during Illness
+ Vaccines combined with Tylenol and Antibiotics
+ Barbaric Childbirth Practices
+ Major Increase in C-section Deliveries
+ Processed, Refined and Denatured Foods
+ GMO Foods
+ Chemical Food Additives
+ Toxic Chemicals in Home Environment
+ Pesticides and a Million other Toxic Chemical Exposures
+ Nutritional Deficiencies
+ A Nation that is Controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industry
+ Medical System that Does Not Incorporate, much less prefer, Safe Natural Remedies
+ Doctors who are Indoctrinated by Pharmaceutical Medicines
= 42nd in Infant Mortality

Heidi N

If higher incomes are having such a high mortality rate, then how is expanding healthcare coverage going to help? My mom was a nurse, and she said I should never have a baby in a hospital. I thought she was crazy and had all mine in hospitals, and most of them developed autism. I should have listened to Mom, especially since birthing clinics are reporting that the children born there are not developing autism. I think the real way to reduce our health problems is to look at the successful countries and see what they are doing different. We can not be successful with our current practices of assuming something will work, without first learning the problem.

david burd

Adam, The wide range of potential damages inflicted by injected vaccine ingredients is documented, and extremely serious such as autism in my view, and/or fatal.

Your position that oral vaccines are risky? Please cite a source! Thanks.

Oral vaccines however (there are not many) confront an immune response "naturally" as the human species evolved from time immemorial.

Injected vaccines, in contrast, may have disastrous consequences. My extensive review put these injection dangers far worse than what is called permanent polio, that actually 99.99% of the time (before vaccines) was transient, mild, and of no consequence.


Oh no, I can hear it now "well it wouldn't be so low if parents wouldn't listen to the lies of the Internet and snake oil salesmen, this is happening because of all of those lies about vaccines, all of these selfish, uninformed, and dangerous parents are putting all of us at risk, if everyone just stuck to the schedule and didn't open their mouths then we would be 100% vax rate and all would be perfect and we will save all of our dying babies...." ...from the likes of offit, singer, and those ignorant "science" bloggers...

On the side of the truth, with these kinds of studies like this, all of this info, then how can anyone continue with proclaiming "since the start of the new vaccine schedule we have the longest life span in the us that we have ever had!"....

How can THAT be true if this study shows what it does, AND that today's kids are the first generation ever that will not survive there parents, the fort time ever that kids will die before their parents, or die younger than their parents did....I mean isn't this the exact opposite of "longest lifespan ever because of vaccines?l"

I can only hope that with te focuses on childhood obesity, diabetes, and allergies and asthma, that the facts like our kids are going to die before us, in the good old rich US, where we spend WAY more than any other country with lower death rye and higher life spans....I hope that the focus on these things will continue to repeat what we have been shouting all along, and hopefully us naive, uneducated, and easily conned parents will finally be able to say "see, we are right, and it's not JUST Autism! That it's an all around health crisis, and if sciences prooves things on one hand, then it also works on the other hand!". And that all of the other parents and doc's and professionals who can't open their eyes to the REAL facts and REAL science and start to see right thru the "spin" from the offit, singers, and realize that they have been lying all along!

And with all of the press about how these death/life span reports, along with the visable health problems everywhere despite the trillions of dollars in healthcre and drugs, that the others who aren't educated/living in our shoes will finally be able to connect the dots and see the truth !

Mom to Ethan,Alex, and Megan


Adam, fair question on live polio vaccine, but I think David's main point is that children in Singapore are thriving - even though parents are (gasp) leaving their infants and toddlers vulnerable to vpds. They only require 2! 2!!! vaccines and MORE of their infants survive! I can hear the sound of 'experts' scratching their heads in utter bewilderment.


"And, if a parent wants its baby to have the polia vaccine, it is oral, which is huge difference compared to needle injection."

Uhhh... Can I ask why you think the vaccine which is pretty much universally accepted that has a risk of actually giving the person receiving the vaccine polio safer? That is the main reason why you can't get the oral Polio vaccine anymore in the United States.

david burd

Singapore distinctly demonstrates its lowest mortality for several reasons, including a concerned community that is very active in minimizing their infants' vaccine 'jabs' ('shots' to Americans).

In Singapore the only vaccines required by law are Measles and Diphtheria. Other jabs "recommended" are tetanus, mumps, Hep B, tuberculosis, rubella, and polio.

Also, Singapore has at least 3 hospital clinics (Outram, Paragon, Raffles) that have doctors supplying single shots such as measles (instead of the triple MMR) and double shots such as diphtheria/tetanus.

And, if a parent wants its baby to have the polia vaccine, it is oral, which is huge difference compared to needle injection.

On top of all this, considerable numbers of parents even postpone the law-required measles/diphtheria 'jabs' until their child reaches 5 years old, school age.

Bottom line, Singapore parents (in undocumented numbers) expose their babies and growing kids to as little as zero vaccine jabs, up to maybe 6 or 7 jabs by school age.

Of course, if parents do actually follow all the "recommended immunisations", by age 18 months it adds up to 18 needle-injected doses and 4 oral doses (polio).
This is half the doses of the U.S. Schedule including flu.

In Singapore they don't even consider flu jabs in with their warm climate and plenty of sunshine supplying Vitamin D.


Yet another "mystery"!

Connect the dots, people!


A bit off topic,

but the news here today said the H1N1 vaccine was a bit of a flop, but it was going to stored for use later this fall... ???

I would suppose this has the fine Thimerosal preservative...


This is embarassing. Western medicine is a complete and total failure.

mary podlesak

Dr. Chopra is attributing progress in child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa to greater vaccine coverage and the use of mosquito netting. What about infrasturture improvements, improved housing, water, sewage? These are historically known to improve human longevity and decrease mortality. The US had tremendous increases in longevity and decreases in mortality with these very improvements in infrastucture in the early 2oth century, long before the advent of these modern vaccines. The modern use of these vaccines, like the MMR, coincides with the decline of the US in world ranking in child mortality.


Let's start the chant now: We're #42, we're #42, we're #42!

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