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UK Mother Charged with Murdering Disabled Son with Autism

WeepWeep. Weep as the medical world, autism "advocates" and "Foundations", government appointed panels and University and hospital researchers fumble about doing nothing more than looking under the same safe rocks over and over as families are crushed to death under the stress.

Mother found holding son's lifeless hand charged with murder

A mother has been charged with the murder of her 11-year-old disabled son after she was found in an airport hotel room holding his lifeless hand.
By Nick Britten
Published: 5:23PM BST 17 May 2010

Yvonne Freaney, 48, was reported missing by worried family members who were concerned for her and her son Glen’s safety.

They discovered Freaney had checked into the Sky Plaza Hotel at Cardiff International Airport, and when they entered her room found her alongside Glen, who was wheelchair-bound and suffered from severe autism.

Police believe he died on Thursday or Friday and his mother had been with his body until she was discovered on Saturday... Read the full article in the Telegraph HERE.



Here is a great article on Yvonne Freany:

Read it and see that finally someone has it right!


SAdly this is listed in the crime section of the news page. The crime is what brough this about. Not her actions.


She held his hand. That is a mothers sacrifice.
She held him the day he was born and she held him the day he died.
She held his hand.


The media and the general public really don't understand what its like to live with a child with severe special needs (especially autism). They portray the mother as a ruthless killer as if her child was only in a wheel chair and had no other disabilities. They mentioned "he had autism" as if it was nothing more than a freakin cold!
Maybe the mother had enough and could not go on any more. Maybe the family could not afford the therapy or the bills and were on the brink of financial ruin. Perhaps the mother did not want to give up the child to the state and leave him vulnerable to their uncaring ways. She loved him! She loved him so much that she stayed with him until the authorities came and got her. There is no love greater than the love of a mother for her child!

May the family find peace in this tragedy.

Barbie hines

This breaks my heart...again.


Parents have to be careful about projecting their own pain or sense of loss into their child. If this was a "mercy killing", as so many are, then this mother failed to take advantage of the various communities of support available here and at Generation Rescue, people who can give hope, advice, encouragement, strength, a connection to those who are in similar situations.

It is our responsibility as providers, as moms, dads, as pioneers, as warriors, to prepare ourselves to hold someone's hand who is in this kind of desperate mental state. We need to be prepared to share our stories, to reach into our churches, our schools, or civic groups and let them know we are here. There is no Autism Hotline, there is loneliness and hopelessness and the two are a deadly combination. If left alone each of us would be laying on the floor too sick to move. We need to build our community, to allow others into it, we need each other, we need everyone of us.


My guess is she confessed to her family, which makes the most sense after what her own family said about her and their fears for them both. It is truly so sad on so many levels. Let's focus on the fact that the world isn't coming to the rescue of these mothers who are so burdened with too much to handle so often. Let's re-direct our anger and get something done about it.

Kim Davis

I am weeping. Of course this is nothing new.


Whether she killed him or not, everything about this is so sad. I have a heavy heart.

Stephanie Sanford

I don't understand.....So she was found sitting there next to her deceased child for 2 days? How does that mean she killed him?! She could have been in severe shock and didn't call anyone....

No Genetic Epidemics

Just because she was sitting there holding her dead child's hand doesn't mean she killed him. Correlation doesn't equal causation, isn't that right, CDC/FDA/HHS/IOM/NIH/ACIP/CBER?

Maybe this is how they plan to get the autism rate to go down. Drive parents mad with their indifference.


The sculpture... reminds me of me.

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