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Spaaaaaaah Night At Autism One

Spa night Christine Roffi, a stay-at-home mom directly affected by autism and founder of Wines for Autism , will be relaxing and retoxing your nervous system with her “Tough Day Chardonnay” from Sonoma Valley at Autism One on Frida night, May 28th.

Christine tells us a little bit about the wine . . . .

"The bottling occurred at one of the greatest estates in Carneros, tweaking Sonoma Carneros Chardonnay fruit with a touch of Muscat for more accessibility . . . . By the February release we had a Chardonnay exhibiting pristine varietal fruit proudly framed in Sonoma Carneros terroir, accessible to a rank beginner while providing value to the most jaded connoisseur."  (AO note:  Ooh la la.)

Also, meet Christine in the exhibition hall to discover some of her other “Autism Wines.”  (She even has organic wines for those who do not want to retox too much.)

Join us Friday evening, May 28, beginning at 7:30 pm for flickering candles, clicking glasses, refreshments, our own team of Retoxicologists ready to serve you, and some special treats designed to relax, refresh . . . and refill.  There will be mini-express facials, mini-chair massages, Thai yoga therapy/massage, and hand paraffin.

Natural health author, speaker, and founder of, as well as author of the book Mind Your Own Wellness, Alex Ong specializes in helping people reduce stress, increase energy and lose weight NATURALLY.  His passion and mission to help others comes from his own battle with stress, obesity, poor health and even the catastrophic personal event of losing his father to heart failure stemming from high cholesterol. As a special feature of Spa Night, Alex will present "Mind Your Own Wellness - How To Reduce Stress Naturally."

You are welcome to mingle throughout the evening.  Space is limited; mini-spa sessions will be held in half-hour increments.  Please RSVP to [email protected].
See you in Chicago!  Cheers!



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