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Sarge Goodchild By Kim Stagliano

We've been sharing presenters and events at the Autism One Generation Rescue conference throughout the Spring. This one is near and dear to my heart. Sarge Goodchild is the first person I met after Mia and Gianna were diagnosed who told me autism was treatable. He clued me in on the GFCF diet. I'd never heard of it. I credit Sarge with changing me from an allopathic medical consumer to a proactive Mother Warrior ready to accept responsibility for my children's health. I'll be introducing Sarge at his presentation on Saturday morning at 8am. Yes, it's early. But his program is worth your attention. It combines vision therapy, OT, PT and a whole lot of TLC and you can do the work at home, during playtime. Please join us.  

Sarge Goodchild is the founder and executive director of Active Healing in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Sargent began life as a brain-injured child and by age 4 had developed severe epilepsy. Refusing the doctors' dire prognosis for her son's future, his mother implemented a neurological program and recovered him from seizures in nine months. Our nervous system is largely structured around the milestones we achieve in the first year of life. Sargent will discuss how to reconstruct the developmental process using functional movement and reflex integration. Sargent is a graduate of Syracuse University. 

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves: How Movement Shapes Our Neurological Development Saturday, May 29, 8am Executive Forum

The goal of this workshop is to provide the participants with an initial understanding of how early childhood movements affect neurological organization.

The focus will be the functional movements of crawling and creeping and their significance in creating the healthy structures of the pons and midbrain. The influence between these movements and the corresponding structures of the brain will be discussed as they relate to autism spectrum disorders. At the conclusion of this workshop the participant will have the ability to perform a basic developmental screening at home to determine their child's level of proficiency. 


marcos c.

Sarge is awesome. He was really our spiritual guide. The fact that the also recognized the medical aspect right away (DAN) was life changing for us.


Kim, I didn't realize you met Sarge so early on and he introduced you to biomed. Isn't it insane how we had to "stumble" upon the answers for our kids back in the day? Let's hope we've paved the way so it isn't so and kids can get the help they need earlier ... whenever I hear someone brag their child didn't crawl and went right to walking with such pride, I cringe. I took my son out of school a few days a week a few years ago to do the program with Sarge ... the looks I got from the school staff were like "what????" My son was never calmer and more relaxed ... Sarge's program works.

michael framson

Administer the stimulation with enough frequency, intensity, and duration to reach the brain and make improvements.

The brain is truly remarkable in its capacity to heal.

This program WORKS.


is there any way to get a copy of this presentation?

I would like to share it with parents and pediatric nursing students

Harry Tembenis

Sargent...ROCKS! We went and checked out his facility and were considering his therapy for our little guy...

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