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Richard Moore in The Lakeland Times: Autism and the Bad Science of the Medical Establishment

RichardMoore(15p4c) Read the full post by Richard Moore in The Lakeland Times

There they go again.

To some, it might come as a complete surprise that the big government, big pharmaceutical forces of the medical establishment turn out to be completely without credibility, but to me it is an ongoing fact of life.

From killing the elderly and maiming children with drugs such as Risperdal to perpetrating hoaxes such as the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009 - nations are now unloading millions of unused swine flu vaccines the pharmaceutical industry conned them into buying - Big Pharma and its government allies peddle drugs to people who don't need them, and who often end up worse after taking them.

When sensible people protest, the medical establishment engages in a massive campaign to destroy their credibility. They accuse those who disagree with them of bad science, and then use bad science to back up their own claims.

They trot out government-backed agencies endowed with stately acronymic names ("The CDC says . . .), which roar out their verdicts in ominous Oz-like tones to instill fear, all the while telling people to ignore that silly man behind the curtain.

We've all seen the show before, and it's no different when it comes to autism and the role that childhood vaccines and other environmental toxins play in its rapid spread among our youth.

The truth is, while not all of the autism epidemic can be traced to too many vaccines containing too many poisons, much of it can be, and the medical establishment has spent millions trying to stigmatize that sound and sane notion, to the detriment of thousands of children...



Thank you.


I already sent your article to the local media here that is always a bit confused.
They are worried about a 3rd wave of swine flu...

The Autism community, their parents, grandparents and extended families cover about 100 million people.

Dr. Offit is what bad science is all about

Teresa Conrick

Yes, agree - thank you to Richard Moore and The Lakeland Times for another great article in their series! Honest, investigative reporting is so rare these days and this has been a gem.


You Moores' are a bunch of trouble makers!


...any relation to Michael Moore??

great work.. I love reporting in support of the underdog and on the epic failure of the medical establishment and the gov't on this issue.

Thank you Mr. Moore and the Lakeland Times for not selling out!

Bob Moffitt

Gee .. a newly discovered investigative reporter. What a relief .. I was beginning to think investigative reporting was no longer being taught in school.


Shorter Mr. Moore: "The Emperor's Buck Nekkid!"


Mr Moore - David Orac Gorski called. He wants his spleen back.


Thank you Mr. Moore for you investigative journalism.

Welcome aboard :).

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