Time: Pedatrics Reports Link from Pesticides to ADHD
UK Mother Charged with Murdering Disabled Son with Autism

Pesticides Bad For Kids' Brains (Just Not In Vaccines)

Danger vaccines on bottle By Dan Olmsted

Well, what do you know, a new study in Pediatrics reports (via CNN) HERE: "Children exposed to higher levels of a type of pesticide found in trace amounts on commercially grown fruit and vegetables are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than children with less exposure, a nationwide study suggests."

The possible culprits are called organophosphates. Where's all the talk about genetics, better diagnosis and diagnostic substitution? The sick part is that organic mercury used to be a pesticide but was found way too dangerous and banned in the 1970s -- but not before (based on our reporting HERE at Age of Autism) it helped trigger the first cases of autism. So what do the public health authorities do with it now? They inject it (via flu shots) into pregnant women and babies in the US and in a wide range of vaccines in developing countries around the world where, you know, the next generation really needs extra damaging. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world. -- Dan Olmsted.

Age of Autism Cover Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism. His book, The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Manmade Epidemic ,co-written with Editor-At-Large Mark Blaxill, is available now for preorder and debuts in September.



This is agreat point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like theone you bring up where the most important thing will be working in honest good faith.


Worried Mom:
Did he run a very high fever and also have a red rash esp. on his stomach. Did his fingers peel?If so it could be Kawasaki's.

Have the doctors run blood test to check for arsenic, mercury, cadium, or aluminium, or any heavy metal because that is what they use in pesticides a lot to disrupt the energy cycle

worried mom

I am trying very hard to find out what has caused my healthy, very atheletic 16 yr old son to suddenly become very ill after having been on the High School football field in May. He became so sick he had to be admitted to PICU for several days then stayed in the hospital for around two weeks. He had respiratory issues and neurological issues and now is stuggling to try to walk, he can only walk a few feet with the help of a walker and this is so sad because just a month ago he won 7 gold medals for his performace in long distance running for track. The doctors have been stunned and all viral & bacterial tests are negative as are most other diseases like auto immune. We founf out that the field had been sprayed with supposedly an organic pesticide the day before he was on it all day. he was sick by the evening of being exposed. No one wants to give us information on what was sprayed on the field and I am trying to research everything I possibly can to find out what can cause this. I have told the company that does the lawn care for the school I just want answers and do not want to have to get a lawyer involved becasue that will take longer to find out if there is a treatment for my sons conditions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Maybe they have found a treatment that reverses mercury damage. Since money can be made they are willing to admit mercury causes autism. I recently read about a new drug that is supposed to be effective in treating autism symptoms. The scientists at Cellceutix are testing a new drug on mice. In their web page they state that the mice's brains are injected with a saline solution to induce autism like brain damage. Wow! it just takes a saline injection in the brain to cause autism? I never heard that before. Just wonder if the saline solution is preserved with thimerosal, too??? I'd really like to know more about how they induce the autism in the first place in these mice.


The WHO and FAO rely the Codex Alimentarius standards for use of pesticides on imported food. these are trade standards not based on health.

Below is the online database of what the World Health Organization (WHO)allows for pesticide residues on imported food. Just enter a food item for example "grapes" and you'll get a list of pesticides used and residue level.


hmmm, if I didn't know any better I'd say the WHO are trying to poison us... on second thought

Theresa O

Pesticides are bad, but mercury in vaccines is fine. Contaminated Tylenol is bad, but contaminated vaccines are fine. I wonder how ridiculous it has to get before the general public wakes up.

"An FDA spokeswoman said there had been no specific complaints about products from other McNeil facilities. But given the history of recent recalls, the FDA wanted to make sure there weren't any similar manufacturing problems and to identify any steps the agency must take to prevent the problems from recurring." (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704314904575250751056239816.html?mod=dist_smartbrief)

"The benefits of vaccination against rotavirus disease are substantial, both in the United States and the developing world and far outweigh any theoretical risk posed by PCV types 1 and 2. The safety record of both rotavirus vaccines is excellent." (http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm212140.htm)

I also thought this was interesting: Merck has not yet committed to redoing its rotavirus vaccine. I guess if the US government does whatever the company wants, why should they bother? As a British company, GSK can't count on that kind of handout. ("As noted by the firm during the May 7, 2010, VRBPAC meeting, GSK plans to rederive its vaccine, in consultation with FDA. Merck is in the early stages of its investigation, and has not yet determined next steps in this regard.")

michael framson

I wonder if the conventionally grown, pesticide-laden food producers will go after Snyderman the way the beef producers went after Oprah. It seems like a great opportunity to test the veggie libel laws http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_libel_laws

B's mom

In my information, mercury wasn't banned as a pesticide until 1995. Yes, it was banned earlier on food crops, but not on America's lawns and golf courses ,and you can bet the Chem Lawn truck delivered it to suburbia daily. Mercury accumulates, doesn't biodegrade, and ia present in the morning mist because of it's tendency to volatilize. This mist may wind up in your kiddie pool, your organic garden, as well as history has charged, in our lakes and streams. I can't think that given it's persistence and the possible stockpiling by businesses such as golf courses, private parks and cemeteries, that it's gone. While during it's heaviest use , even though we didn't experience the epidemic of autism seen today, it may have been overlooked as a possible cause. Certainly all suburban children were exposed, but all exposures are not equal, many routes of absorption can rely a bit on our bodies detoxification processes, direct injection is quite another story. It leaves many children defenseless. If it's not designed as the active ingredient, it is allowed to remain in pesticides as a contaminant, chemical companies and drug companies have their own rules. Some say parents who express these concerns are in need of a cause for all of their children's ills, while that is a fact, it is a fact ,as well, that time and time again mercury proves to be the smoking gun. What made the 90's different, mercury was everywhere, in wood treatments, in latex paint,outdoor furniture treatments, in lawn care, and in far too many vaccines. It deserves more than the cursory looks given it by the cdc. While organophosphates made the news this week, this is not new news, for over three decades they have been studied , papers dating back to the 70's have shown their effects , including the lowering of IQ. It's long been known that various chemicals can both enhance and mutate viruses, as well as act in dangerous synergy with one another. I hold this "new" organophosphate information suspect, in that it's designed to move consideration away from mercury, by bought and paid for content and intent.

a correction to my previous post...weed killer..and immunization schedule

B's mom

They are going to send this one back to the "genetics" category quickly. My daughter has been diagnosed ( by Grace Ziem) as having MCS since she was two years old. She had a seizure after exposure to dursban, her behavior changed for the worse, and she began suffering from high fevers of unknown origin for years. School sprays would leave her weak and drooling, lysol would disrupt her body temperature, and week killers would cause off the chart fevers. As years went by we were told she was representative of approximately fifteen percent of the population with genetic glutathione deficiency. When she became an adult, had her own children , one is autistic, one has only one testicle, one is adhd, and one unvaccinated is fine. She suffered from severe reactions to dtp including seizure, to mmr (thrombocytopenia) second mmr neutropenia,she has possible atherosclerosis attributed to Kawasaki disease as a toddler. I believe this inability to rid the body of toxins is at the base of autism, and had she been on such an aggressive schedule as the one that exists today, she wouldn't have been spared that malady.


At first we suspected Pesticides, we had a flea infestation and I sprayed the yard about the same time Ben developed autism. We tested him and nada, no pesticide poisoning. He did have 15 times the high norm in Measles antibodies though.


To Jack's Dad, I do think we can win this argument on vaccines alone, but welcome any research highlighting links between chemical exposure and neurological damage. When you consider our bodies were designed to filter out some levels of contaminant exposure through our skin, lungs, digestive system, and mucous membranes, the pathway of injection is even more frightening. Of the limited work that has been done to evaluate exposure to chemicals on the human body, most is related to occupational exposure for acute toxicity (not chronic) and long term exposure related to cancers. The flurry of environmental regulations promulgated in the 70's and 80's in response to "Silent Spring" and Love Canal kick started a lot of the data we have today and the effort quietly stalled in the 90's. This is because those with power and money don't want to know the answer to the questions we are asking. You won't find major universities or hospitals researching this stuff, because they are all funded by the military/industrial/pharmaceutical complex. What is most striking about toxicological research data is how little there really is, especially in relation to neurotoxins and long term effects.

Teresa Conrick

Thanks, Dan for posting about this. I had to go check out what AAP had to say.
( and check out the fever-vaccine-breastfeeding study there)

and the full pdf here: -http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/reprint/peds.2009-3058v1

But the conclusion has a familiar tone - one of calling attention to a very possible disaster of consequences that needs further studies. Now, because these are pesticides and NOT vaccines, do you think that Bouchard,et al will be scorned, investigated, and persecuted? If so, it will be Monsanto and all of its ghost bloggers and paid henchmen.

"The present study adds to the accumulating
evidence linking higher levels of pesticide exposure to adverse developmental
outcomes. Our findings support
the hypothesis that current levels
of organophosphate pesticide exposure
might contribute to the childhood
burden of ADHD. Future studies should
use a prospective design, with multiple
urine samples collected over time for
better assessment of chronic exposure
and critical windows of exposure,and should establish appropriate

and then Wakefield et al..

"We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome (autistic enterocolitis) described." "We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine."

Janet Sheehan

I have always felt it was a 1-2-3 punch with my son:
1) pesticide exposure (acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from organophospates- perhaps an enzyme needed to clear mercury and other toxins like Tylenol and antibiotics- son had all 3 as an infant)
2) mercury exposure (in extremely toxic amounts from 23 Thimerosal containing vaccines) which then suppressed his immune system- and/or overstimulated immune system: became allergic to everything
3) MMR- triple viral load that his body couldn't handle, measles taking up residence and destroying gut,hence the encephalitic reaction and consequent brain damage.


Who knew? (sarcastically)

Really folks, the dangers of pesticides have been well known since Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring." Environmentalists who have tried to get laws enacted and enforced to prevent use of the most toxic kinds have been subject to the same kind of derision that Orac et al. now heap on parents complaining about possible dangers from vaccines.

There has been dirty/shaky industrial and government science done to show that pesticides are not really toxic to people. Environmentalists have been labeled 'greenie pinko commies" or worse, as "special interest groups," said to be opposed to all development and economic progress; it has been claimed that "they" wanted us all to go back to the dark ages and live like "primitives," that they care more about animals than people.

Like the CDC, many government oversight agencies have been "captured" by industry, or hobbled in their ability to do much regulation or enforcement by presidents and congresspeople who have held the purse strings and appointed powerful pro-industry "foxes" to be in charge of agencies like the EPA. My observations of this goes back to the Reagan administration appointees though the practice probably predates him.

I have no doubt that pesticides cause health problems, and may well be associated with autism or adhd, or allergies, or who knows what else. But it also wouldn't surprise me if this particular study was a new form of "alibi science," since more folks are questioning the genetics explanation in regards to the origins of autism.

If you are injured in a car accident, you could look around and see that millions of people ride in and drive cars, so you might ask yourself why you were so unfortunate as to be the one who got injured. But you wouldn't wonder if it was your genetics that caused it.

IMO genetics should probably be on the bottom of the heap in terms of investigating what causes some kids to react so severely to vaccines while most don't (at least so obviously and immediately).

My money as to the cause of ADHD and autism (and lots of other health issues) is on synergistic effects of multiple factors--with pesticide exposure being just one of many probable co-factors.

Humans are not so different from other living things, as many would like to think, or as some would like us to think. If it isn't good for wild creatures, it most likely isn't good for us either.

What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.

Jack's Dad

I was appalled by Nancy Snyderman this morning on the Today Show.

Thousands of autism parents have been screaming for years about an environmental link to autism/ADHD/asthma to no avail, and then a SINGLE STUDY is published about a link to pesticides and she jumps on the bandwagon. I'm not a doctor, but don't they acknowledge that autism and ADHD are one in the same - a foreign assault on compromised immune systems. Our pediatric neurologist describes autism as "neuroinflammation in the brain, and if you address what's causing the inflammation (pesticide-laden food), the symptoms ease up.

We as a community need to acknowledge that there's more to blame for autism than just vaccines. Maybe everyone here already does, but they are just ONE of the various factors that are plaguing our kids (industrial pollution, pesticides, a bloated vaccine schedule). We'll never win this battle on vaccines alone.

Tracy McDermott

Nice to hear Synderman continues to contradict herself, at least she is consistent! Here is the link to commentary she did on Aging and Alzheimer's last year.. she says "this is a really cool report... aging begins at conception... threats like lead and PESTICIDES take those genes and switch things on....."
Thimerosal and other neurotoxic vaccine ingredients didn't make her list in this report either. I mean, she does have to remain consistent, she is a Dr. you know :)!


How interesting that Pediatrics is letting the idea of this non-genetic factor leak through the censors. Do they need a "fall guy" toxic source for all the epidemics of child illness because there's actual contention-- doctors who themselves just aren't buying the "genes-only" concept-- in their ranks that has to be answered?

Not that looking at pesticides isn't a good idea. I agree with the person who said that Monsanto owns this epidemic as much as pharma does. It isn't always "genes" that cause weak mitochondria and most pesticides work via mitochondrial toxicity (like the pescicide Rotanone). Even if my own kids were exposed only to organic produce from before birth, we couldn't control everything that was in their environment or everything we as parents were exposed to prior to conception. Something is whittling down mitochondrial health in general and many people are starting to suspect that this plays a role in general susceptibility, just as Rachel Carson predicted (which most of us know because... Dan reported this passage).

So thank you, Dan. Though most of us customary readers have developed some awarenes of the things you're writing about (because the blog covers them; because you write about them), you still manage to send a chill with the way you put it. It's your grasp of craziness of it all and the big picture which hit the jackpot (or the note that breaks glass, or the crux, or the...). :D

I find that really reassuring. If with all the scars I've developed, I still get knocked off center and made to see something in a new or broader way, the uninitiated don't stand much chance to walk away unchanged if they wander into our midst (or the fray, or the ...).

Julie Obradovic

Like I said in yesterday's post, the longer they keep playing stupid, the worse they make it for themselves.

Any rationale human being who hears that pesticides (poisonous chemicals) being sprayed in the environment can cause neurological damage in children can connect the dots that injecting poisonous chemicals into them can do the same.


so true Dan, the hypocracy is astounding.


These people are waging GENOCIDE against us, and they will not stop. Fight Dirty just like them. Fight very unconventionally, don't worry about playing by any rules that allowed you to be Screwed in the first place. This is WAR. Wage War against doctors who insist on Vaccinating children, Wage war on Proponets of Vaccines, Wage war on anybody spreading Propaganda. Fight or lay over and Die.


So, when I looked up the MSDS for organophophates is says that "Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure" and it lists several items including organic mercury compounds. Probably would be a bad idea to jack up kids with mercury in vaccines then expose them to fruits and vegetables srpayed with this crap. Great binary weapon with the added bonus of plausible deniability. Evil genuises.


Lets just be completely honest here, America is in COMPLETE control by Corporations and their paid Politicians murdering your children for money. Your children will have no future in this country and the Government only seeks to further hurt them. SO why not move somewhere else? Hell at this point I think we'd be better off moving to Siberia or some third world country that doesn't spend every waking moment trying to murder children. The atheistic moral relativists who control America and have used the schools and colleges to train a whole generation that having children is EVIL in the first place so who cares if they are Mercury Poisoned. Get out of this Country. America is Evil. Zeolite Powder has been working wonders for my formerly low functioning Autistic Self, BTW.


I just pre-ordered the book and can't wait to read it. My interest in this work was especially piqued when I read a "throw away" comment in an AoA article that Dan &/or Mark had traced the etimology of the word "allergy" back to the very first vaccines.

How ironic is it that there is an NIH committee called "The National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease"? Both under one umbrella - yet the fight against microbes is so ambitious and makes headlines weekly while the causes of the steep rise in allergies remains a "mystery".

I cannot wait to read more about what has transpired since public health agencies first came on the scene and began vaccination programs. Looking forward to September!


Well ofcourse....everything in a vaccine is GOOD, even if they are bad outside of the vaccine. That is because of the name, VACCINE: means always good - never bad. You could grind up Charles Manson and put him in a vaccine, and suddenly even he would be GOOD. The word vaccine is magical. You don't even have to study bad stuff they can do because that would just be silly.


Monsanto owns this epidemic as much as Pharma does. Monsanto makes genetically-modified food that makes people sick, Pharma gets them on a lifetime of drugs.


I guess the frozen food companies/fruit and veggie growers haven't been kicking enough money up to our government to get fingered on possible ADHD associations.

Hopefully, that situation will be quickly remedied and they'll be off the hook soon.

I saw Nancy Snyderman explain the whole thing this morning- how a very small teeny tiny amount of organophosphates could cause neurological damage when the brain of a child is rapidly growing and changing. But, all those chemicals in vaccines that are given simultanteously during the same period of rapid brain growth...just not a problem.


Thanks for linking us to the 2007 article. I had not read it before.

You mentioned Forest, Miss.

What a concidence!

I have a sister-in-law who has raised her family in Forest, Miss. Her husband works for the forest service. He collects and grows southern pines.

He has twins that have autism. Their other son started out has extreme hyperactive, all of his youth, could not even finish high school (college and education was important to these parents). Now that their other son is 22 he has had to visit the psych ward several times lately and is on high powered psych drugs.

Sounds like my family, but we do not live in Forest, Miss. I guess the equalizer is the DPT vaccine, flu vaccine, tetanus vaccine and the Hep B vaccine. I will exclude the MMR shot in an effort to be fair, but I am sure there are many here that would.

Bob Moffitt

Unfortunately, the CDC is indifferent, let alone ill-prepared .. to do any meaningful research to identify what environmental exposures may be responsible for the dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune diseases. Or, what the CDC appears to have accepted as the "new normal" childhood health expectations.

After all, the CDC historically, primarily through the use of vaccines, has waged war against viral or bacterial diseases.

The cynic in me suggests .. there simply is no MONEY to be made by waging war against environmental "causes" of chronic autoimmune diseases .. because .. the removal of these environmental hazzards would not require a VACCINE.

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