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Olmsted on Autism: Rhymes with "Struck Off"!

Expletive By Dan Olmsted

The American Rally for Personal Rights Wednesday in Grant Park was many things -- a strong first step for a new organization that now is in position to gain more funding and support from like-minded groups that support personal rights; a great affirmation on a beautiful day that the tide is turning toward parents who say their children were injured by vaccines despite the rearguard actions of the medical establishment to deny, delay, and distract; and a way to celebrate the many children who have improved and even recovered with treatments that include the dreaded "B" word -- biomedical interventions. As if on cue, The Chicago Tribune was out with a hate piece about the rally, Alison Singer sniping from across town at a vax conference about the overwhelming science that vaccines don't cause autism, yada yada yada.

But the real theme of the day was the arrival of Andy Wakefield as a full-fledged combatant in what is now an American revolution against the insanely overzealous and understudied childhood immunization program, along with other environmental threats to the health of future generations. In his powerful speech, Wakefield alluded to that, saying this country is the place where revolutions have a pretty good record of succeeding, and promising to stay with the fight till it is finished. In a way, the final severing of his ties with the British medical establishment  gives him the energy and focus to become the moral leader of the battle in this country. Even a Colossus must find it hard to bestride two continents at once.

And as Andy told me several years ago, it is on these shores that the battle must be waged and won. Britain's legal system, medical castes and restrictive press laws were simply too onerous to overcome. Here, our own press freedoms reflect our Founding Fathers' revulsion with the British norms in which no one could say what they think without fear of being beheaded, incarcerated or, to use the quaint phrase of the General Medical Council, "struck off."

But now that the deed is done, the fight has really begun. Autism was invented here, with the rise of organic mercury compounds in the 1930s, and here's where it took off when those exposures and others were recklessly multiplied many times over in the 1990s and today. This is the perfect time and place to end it. And as a parting shot to Andy and America's former overlords, the only phrase I can think of -- well, it rhymes with "Struck off"!
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism


Boycott pharma

Hey Dan now that you're done with your book you should get out and do some investigative journalistm and see what's going on in the schools. My son's elementary school has two autism classes - autism 1 and autism 2. The autism 1 class is being closed and all the kids are being relabeled as LD and put into general ed with LD support. The kids range in age from 5 - 8. I know all these kids and suspected that they were not autistic but more LD. The autism 2 class which has the kids from age 9- 12 will not be closed because these kids actually have autism. So, at my school all the kids with autism were born in the 1990's with one kid born in 2000. I guess my school can no longer afford to provide cover for pharma by labeling LD kids with autism.

CT teacher

AnaB-you are entirely correct. The public schools must provide an appropriate education to all children. It is the right of every American citizen. Parents need to exercise their rights and mount a legal challenge if the schools refuse to accept a child because he is unvaccinated. If more parents question the constitutionality of such discriminatory laws and policies, the state will back down, because they cannot defend these laws legally. If children with AIDS can attend school without disclosing their identity then the same acceptance should be available to the unvaccinated.

B's mom

"They" find people like Wakefield a bump in the road to their goal. If he won't go away, then he probably should be fearful of the next step. I hope I "just" watch too many movies.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Yes, come to Oregon. We can exercise freedom together. The vaccine law is not perfect and it is always under attack, but there are pockets of non-vaccinators everywhere, especially in southern Oregon.

AnaB, private school is usually not the answer because it is the state health department requiring the vaccines and most private schools must provide "proof" of vaccines also. Most states just need the form turned in, even if exemptions are signed. I know of families who move from one state to another less oppressive, just to avoid vaccines.

And Twyla, I think we are ready for a limerick about now!


Someone mentioned the states passing forced vaccination laws in order for children to be able to attend school. If they do we need to be prepared. Our children have a right to a free and appropriate education just like any other child. To deny them that is discrimination. Therefore, if they don't want them in the public schools they NEED TO GIVE US VOUCHERS so we can send our children somewhere else then. They try to deny our children a free and public education and not give them an option to go somewhere else and we need to mount the most collosal class action law suits they've ever seen...........

My child has encephalopathy, which is why he has a medical waiver. Further vaccination would destroy him, undo any progress he has made. It boggles my mind that there are 2 states that do not allow medical waivers at all, that would bipass a doctor's medical judgement. To how much of these children does society think it is entitled???!!!

Theresa Cedillo


John Stone

For the record, Dan, I suspect "struck off" is probably a survival from the pre-electronic age, Anglo-Saxon as it sounds. What they really do, or attempt to do is "erase" people, which is far more keeping with prophecies of Kafka and Orwell.


What I also suspect is that what has happened is not to do with the fact that we don't have any laws in the UK (we have far too many) but rather their abuse, and strangulation by the pharmaceutical lobby, revolving doors with government and the old boy network. And once we even had great and independent newspapers like the Sunday Times, and so did you in the US (but I don't think you have them either now).

What is true is that the vaccine lobby has to work the systems differently in the two countries - our system has not so far countenanced mandated vaccines but the centalisation of healthcare has somewhat stunted the growth of a popular movement. Where you perhaps have polarisation of opinion in the US in the UK you have a lot of doublethink - people who know very well what's going on but don't think they ought to say anything.

And speaking as someone who rather believes in universal healthcare, I also think you have to be wary of healthcare reform because it can and will be used to gain further and inappropriate control by the state over people's lives - it shouldn't have to be a corollary but it will be.

Having said that the basis of a popular movement in the US derives from oppressive laws (the vaccine mandates) and the fact that traditionally people have viewed the state with suspicion, and are not getting the help from it which will even make their lives viable.

But perhaps our most important tool is the trans-national one of the internet, and it will remain essential for you to watch what is going on behind your backs in the UK - I suspect.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Any clear thinking person can realize where this is going. The truth will prevail. You can't have two sides making totally opposite claims. Either vaccines are safe and there really is nothing about them that can cause autism, or else, our mandated vaccination schedule is responsible for horrendous suffering inflicted on a generation of children.

None of us are going away. Not the parents and not the honest and courageous doctors and scientists sounding an alarm. And certainly not the masses of children with autism. NONE OF US.

I predict the end is fast approaching for this debate. "Studies show no link" and "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives" won't be heard much longer because more and more people know the truth. The evidence is EVERYWHERE and the medical community/health officials have no answers.

When the truth is finally realized and all the lies are exposed, everyone will demand to know one thing:

That will be the question of the century.

(Good story Dan! Chicago must agree with you!)

Anne Dachel


Hmmm, I think there must be a limerick here...

Therese Holliday

Found out today that our WA State Gov. Gregoire tried to shove through a bill this year to force vaccination on children (so that the state/schools could be paid for the higher vaccination rates of the state). This place is INSANE! We need help here! Thank God I'm moving to Oregon soon...


Thank you for this report on the rally. I haven't even been able to listen to the live streaming. Wakefield comes as close to a Colossus in integrity and in medicine as any I know.

The exportation of some of our most dubious chemical concoctions has to stop, and there is something particularly disturbing about this method of exposure, claiming to protect the worlds most vulnerable, while delivering doses known to destroy and diminish some lives. It's hard to not be ashamed knowing what is happening, even if the corporations involved see themselves as some kind of multi-national entity, disconnected or perhaps functioning outside the various laws governing the protection of individuals of the nations of the earth, I can't help feeling like the U.S. particularly shoulders (or should) the responsibility for this.


"Overzealous" is right. And that overloaded, one-size-fits-all, hit-and-run vaccine schedule is aided and abetted by smug bloggers who perceive themselves as disease warriors -- without bothering to fill themselves in on any of the politics and science from the past 5-10 years.

These bloggers and their commenters might allow a comment like "vaccines aren't perfect" or "reactions are rare." But they don't take it a step further to think of the "rare" HUMAN BEINGS damaged by that "aren't perfect."

Their logic says "get the vaccine and save lives." Our reality says "we got the vaccine and it damaged lives." At least one side cares enough to find out why, and try to prevent it from happening to other people.

Media Scholar

Um...everybody involved in the American Revolution against Great Britain...was....er...um....pretty much British.



Mary Webster

Truly poetic.

Autism Grandma

Re: "Alison Singer sniping from across town at a vax conference about the overwhelming science that vaccines don't cause autism, yada yada yada."

Somehow I don't think that a pro vaccine conference on the exact same day as this rally is a "coincidence"...Hmmmm..

Re: "And as a parting shot to Andy and America's former overlords, the only phrase I can think of -- well, it rhymes with "Struck off"!"

HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Dan's article is great as usual, and only superceded by it's title: Rhymes with "Struck Off"!

Imagine if someday every doctor who supported and promoted the poisoning of America's children by vaccines were to have their licenses revoked for criminal behavior...


Actually revolutions have failed in America..as witness the loss of democratic control(as shown in 2006 US mid term elections), and the rise of the corporations. What has risen is america as a leading agent of pollution. That erevolution has succeeded!

Cynthia Cournoyer

Thanks Dan.
Sometimes it takes a Brit to start a revolution! We need to fervently exercise all the freedoms we have. Use them or lose them.

Jim Thompson

Yes Dan Olmsted, Thomas Jefferson said it best-for all children on this globe that must be protected against vaccine injury and Pharma greed. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”



They are going to blame the heavy metal poisoning on J & J (i.e., tylenol, motrin, benadyrl) and pesticides.

Meanwhile, the oil is shut off today, Obama gives a very long (and tells us absolutely NOTHING about the oil issue) WHILE the financial reform bill goes through AND we have the nerve to think we matter? Allison Singer is a puppet and a distraction. There are a lot of smart parents here....go out and look beyond the vaccine issue please...vaccines are only the tip of the ice berg that we are about to run into.

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