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Is Autism Science Foundation's Alison Singer “A More Ruthless Eddie Haskell”?

Eddie-haskell By J.B. Handley
Is Alison Singer a ruthless sycophant who played Suzanne Wright “like a fiddle”? She is if you ask any number of current or former Autism Speaks employees who I recently spoke with, all of whom asked to remain anonymous.
This is my third consecutive post on Alison Singer (See Part 2 Alison Singer Mispeaks at Yale: Flaming Moron or a Flaming Liar?  and  Part 1 Alison Singer in Her Own Worlds.) Having watched her recent speech before the Yale Child Study Center audience, I was plagued with many of the same thoughts all of you had, including: what in the hell is wrong with this woman?
Why would the mother of a child with autism:
1. Deride biomedical treatment for autism and assume all DAN! Doctors are in it for the money, but block any sort of funding for research that may prove otherwise?
From an Autism Speaks employee:
“She really believes that DAN! docs are 100% focused on bilking parents, with treatments based on zero science. The problem here is that over the last decade, Alison HERSELF has been actively blocking potential funding which could have made some Biomed treatments more "evidence based". DAN practitioners and companies also share the blame in not putting more effort into having their treatments studied, but Alison has been a huge obstacle. Without studies to support treatments, how can insurance cover them?”
From a different employee:
“She only tried Dan! stuff herself for maybe a few months, it apparently didn’t help, she really knows very little about what parents do, and seems very uncurious to meet any recovered kids.”
2. Take up with so many of the people we hate, like Darth Vader himself, Dr. Paul Offit, and actually speaking at immunization conferences?
From a former employee:
“CAA is up for reauthorization. It's billions of dollars. Alison, through Autism Science Foundation, has an organization set up to harvest those federal dollars. Alison is doing what the Biomed orgs should have done years ago.  She is setting up the structure so federal dollars can flow. Which biomed organization is going to be able to apply for this pool of money?”
“Working with Offit and the others on her ASF board tells NIH loud and clear that ASF will not use federal dollars to possibly damage the vaccine program.”
3. Continually bang the drum of autism being genetic despite an enormous lack of research to prove this point and the growing acknowledgement that the environment is playing a major role?

An employee:
“Her brother is autistic + her daughter is autistic = autism is genetic. The Singer version of autism may be the 1-2% that is purely genetic. Because she is a selfish bitch with a heart smaller than a raisin, she want to pour as many dollars into genetic and pre-natal research as possible.  
Alison, much of Autism Speaks, and NIH would gladly abort societies way out of the autism epidemic. I mean, if you are the kind of person who would discuss murdering your daughter while she is sitting in the room with you, abortion is a layup.”
And another:
“Her mind is already made up. Her daughter is not doing well. She’d never face the ‘what-ifs’ if she’d done different things, so slam the door on it, please.”
4. Keep Bob and Suzanne Wright in her corner for so long, even as she fought every proposal to research environmental causes of autism?
An employee:
“Iron fist with all staffers. Except flatterer to Suzanne Wright. All staff were afraid to cross her. She's a screamer. She filtered the information which came in to Bob and Suzanne from the autism community. Anything remotely threatening or hostile was sent to them to marginalize biomed parents.”
“Suzanne Wright’s mother passed. Alison sat front row, next to the Wright’s, and cried her eyes out. This is an 80+ year old woman who lived a full life! She’s a more ruthless Eddie Haskell, and she played Suzanne like a fiddle, it was amazing how she could roll the charm out when she needed it, and then draw her fangs back out the minute SW was gone. She understood Suzanne’s desire to be a hero and get some public attention (rather than hubby) and played her off against her own daughter. She’s wickedly smart, and amoral. She personally set AS back 5 years.”
5. Behave differently in private?
An employee:
“Don't know, but she did tell me she vaccinated her younger, non ASD daughter more cautiously.”
*     *     *
If there are former employees of Alison Singer out there who care to defend her or provide a different take, now’s your chance, the comments section is awaiting your response.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.




I don't see anything wrong with her views. Yes, DAN! is total deceit and self-serving and yes, we need a way to diagnose whether the child in womb is autistic. The same has happened for other genetic diseases since a long time. Leave it to the mother, what she wants to do!

But, I also want the funds to help those on Spectrum. We need to teach them to learn and communicate and help them lead a productive life. I have a son with Autism and I see no conflict in my views with those of Alison's.

Lisa @ TACA

I too would love to hear from other Autism Speaks employees that feel differently.

You can post anonymously. Please share your thoughts.


A screamer. Makes sense. If there was such a thing, she would go to hell for undervaccinating her younger child and then giving the opposite message to the public. I hear the special masters there never adjourn.



Laura D.

She's too lazy to seriously pursue biomed for her own child so she throws all other autistic children under the bus for money and her own bitterness. She is sheer evil.


If you think Singer is bad you might want to reconsider Congress.

Not only did they decide to strip away American rights, but they finance the anti-litigation bloc of Autism research, including the likes of CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen, M.D.

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