Comment from Professor John Walker-Smith on Erasure from UK Medical Register
National Autism Association Weighs in on GMC Decisions

Hit and Run: The UK GMC

Ferrari-250-gto-580cs040210 By John Stone

I do not feel tremendously eloquent after sitting through the morning’s proceedings at  the UK’s General Medical Council. I am at least heartily relieved that Simon Murch’s ordeal is over – a great and caring man, and I believe the treatment of John Walker-Smith, if not Andrew Wakefield, will have immediate repercussions within the profession. Walker-Smith, with Alan Walker of Harvard Medical School is widely regarded as the founder of paediatric gastroenterology as an independent field, and the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition recently made its feelings known by awarding Prof Walker-Smith its first distinguished service medal, on the commendation of Prof Walker – Prof Walker-Smith was informed of this in March and he will receive the medal at a ceremony in June. We can only wonder at the gang of time-servers and bureaucrats who saw fit to call into question his clinical judgement at more than a decade distant, without talking the patients’ parents, looking at the children or investigating their subsequent medical history.

In February I wrote regarding the comments of British Medical Journal’s editor:

“Fiona Godlee... quotes the views of Helen Bedford and David Elliman...about the dangers of public uncertainty over the vaccine programme, and while she does not directly offer this as her own view it does seem to be in line with her British National Formulary lecture of 2004 'The next MMR - could we do better?'.

“Unfortunately, the approach recommended sets up a paradox: if the public are not to be listened to, why should the doctors? Whatever else doctors Wakefield, Walker-Smith and Murch did they listened to the parents, and now their names have been thoroughly dragged through the mud without any parent ever having complained. Without commenting here directly on the GMC decision this may not help public perceptions of the medical profession.”

A terrifying and thinly disguised message has been sent to medical profession: it does not matter who you are – you can be, as Prof Walker-Smith was in his self-effacing way, one of the two leading figures in his field study and universally loved by his colleagues -  but if you call into question, however mildly, the safety of the vaccine programme the system will smash you (HERE).

Great and good men as they are Prof Walker-Smith and Prof Murch never intended to take on the system, but a system that behaves in this way is not fair, or ethical or safe. If the system was ethical or safe it would monitor vaccine reactions, heed parents, and support doctors that investigated their concerns. This institutional and scientistic Leviathan is out of control and causing untold damage. This is an evil day.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Jenny Allan

Interesting to note the way that the media has been 'leaned on' to report only those views of the UK medical establishment and the GMC. I have just watched the Sky News report on the GMC verdict and Cryshame rally outside the GMC building in Euston Road, London. (My daughter recorded it on her Sky box). An impressive 'forest' of placards and Wakefield photos and an interview with two Cryshame supporters, one the mother of Josh, who was also present, were 'pulled' later on, leaving only the New York interview with Dr Wakefield. This was impressive and very dignified.

The ITV London regional news also filmed the rally and an interview with Nigel Thomas. Nigel gave an excellent response, but guess what? The internet ITV news video, usually available for weeks, cannot now be accessed!!

This is blatent suppression of the media to serve the interests of governments, medical establishment interests and the pharmaceutical industries.

Robin Rowlands

The courage / fortitude of these Doctors and those who run sites such as Age of Autism - in helping Parents of Autistic kids find the unwavering fortitude and courage they need - goes without saying.

Robin - Merlin's Dad
Guildford. UK.
( MI5 / CIA monitored )


'At the pre-trial examination, Meletus paid no court fees because it was considered a matter of public interest to stop irreverence...

'The jury found him guilty. By his own argument, however, Socrates could not blame the jury, for it was mistaken about what was truly in the interest of the city (cf. Theaetetus 177d-e) and thus required instruction.'

Medicine is a large hierarchy with its foundations built on the unquestioning trust of the public in their doctors, and belief of doctors in the validity of their procedures and the principles under which they are guided. It is also self regulating to a degree that is unusual under modern democracy. The questions being raised about the damage caused by vaccines, the failures in regulation, and the extent to which the failures have been influenced by financial self interest, stand to undermine the very structure of medicine.

History says that we should expect such an authority to protect itself with a charge of irreverence at those expressing that level of dissent, there are endless examples from religion, as recently as the cathoic church suppressing allegations of child abuse; but it has still been very distressing to watch it happen - rarely in human history has so much suffering been ruthlessly ignored.

The failures of justice at the GMC have not even been subtle, and we can only hope that the courts have better safeguards.


Thank John Stone for this perspective and all your efforts to educate on vaccine hazards and the MMR history in the UK.

Your words always cut cleanly through the smoke and mirrors the establishment tries to use to paint their version of "reality."

"Great and good men as they are Prof Walker-Smith and Prof Murch never intended to take on the system, but a system that behaves in this way is not fair, or ethical or safe."

I want to thank these men for standing for the truth, even with, or possibly more evident because of, their differences of opinion on some matters, which is what our children need first before a safer world can be possible.

Raymond Gallup

The best thing parents can do is march in unison and support with doctors like Wakefield, Walker-Smith and Murch and help them in every way that you can by getting the resources together for their research.
Ignore the others in the medical community who live and practice Dark Ages medicine that is centuries old and does not rely on modern science that will help our kids.

My suggestion.

But then who am I? Just a parent that has been down the road and back again over the last couple of decades.

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