Dr. Andrew Wakefield At The American Rally for Personal Choice
Olmsted on Autism: Rhymes with "Struck Off"!

Harris Poll Shows Majority Support Parental Vaccination Choice, Say Pharma Has Too Much Influence


Over Half Of Parents Say Pharmaceutical Industry Has Too Much Influence Over Government Vaccine Mandates and Support More Safety Research

CHICAGO, IL – A new Harris Interactive poll shows a majority of American parents believe they, rather than the government, should have the final say in which vaccines their children receive.

The poll, commissioned by the Center for Personal Rights, queried a representative sample of American parents about vaccination. The survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Center for Personal Rights, Inc. from May 5-11, 2010 among 1,144 parents of children age 17 years or younger.  

Poll results indicate a majority of American parents, 52%, believe that “parents should have the right to decide which vaccines their children receive without government mandates.”

Parents answered other questions consistently. 54% of parents are “concerned that the pharmaceutical industry has undue influence over government vaccine mandates.” 54% agree  that “the government should fund an independent scientific study of fully vaccinated vs.  unvaccinated individuals to assess long-term health outcomes.” 48% of parents are “concerned about serious adverse effects of vaccines.” This poll answer on adverse events is slightly less than the number found in a recent study published in Pediatrics magazine that found that 54% of parents are concerned about serious adverse effects (HERE). 42% of parents agree that “all children should receive 69 doses of 16 vaccines before age 18, as recommended by the federal government.”

These parental views are broadly consistent across gender, age, income, number of children, educational levels and regions of the country. Notably, older parents, aged 35 and above (57%), are significantly more likely than their younger peers (47%) to agree that the pharmaceutical industry has undue influence on vaccine mandates. Single parents are more likely to agree than parents in two-parent families across the range of vaccination questions, perhaps reflecting their greater vulnerability to the risks from vaccination adverse events.  

“These poll data should be a wake-up call to the government and the media that a majority of American parents believe that parents, not the state, should decide when and whether to vaccinate their children,” said Mary Holland, co-founder of the Center for Personal Rights.

The American Rally for Personal Rights in downtown Chicago on May 26 (HERE) reinforced what the Harris poll shows – that parents are concerned about how the government’s vaccine policy may be affecting their kids, according to rally organizer, Louise Kuo Habakus. “Parents who question vaccine mandates and vaccine safety are routinely marginalized or depicted as fringe in the mainstream media, but this Harris poll proves just the opposite. This poll shows that the majority of American parents believe that parents, not government, should make these decisions; that we need more science and that pharma has undue influence.”

Information on Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States between May 5-11, 2010 among 1,144 parents of children age 17 years or younger by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Center for Personal Rights, Inc. via its ParentQuery omnibus product. Figures for age, sex,
race/ethnicity, education, region, household income, and age of children in household were
weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was used to adjust for respondents’ propensity to be online.

Respondents for this survey were selected from among those who have agreed to participate in Harris Interactive surveys. The data have been weighted to reflect the composition of the parent population. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to participate in the Harris Interactive panel, no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

 For poll results and complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, see the 78-page full statistical report available at http://tinyurl.com/2da43dr or contact Kitty Kurth at 312-617-7288. For information on the May 26th rally, contact Louise Kuo Habakus at 917-553-4634 or louise@americanpersonalrights.org.



How have they managed to turn these doctors into such vaccine zombies. I mean really. Kicking parents out who don't vaccinate. What sort of mind control is going on in medical school. The good news is that if you don't vaccinate your kids don't get sick so no need for a pediaquack.


Pretty ironic most of the people who are anti-government blindly trust the pharma-controlled vaccination schedule. They'd fight for their constitutional right to bear arms over a parent's right to choose (not the government's)what's best for their children.

Deb O.

Another Rhode Island story. We were also dropped from our MD's office when I refused to immunize my HFA son for Tetanus and other boosters. I began to home school shortly thereafter, school issues also played a part. We also dropped the psych doctors and weaned off the medications.

His life is good and with the help of our N.D., my son is growing, learning and a joy to have around.

I talk to as many young parents and parents-to-be as I can to encourage them to be informed and protect their children. If I knew then, what I know now, I would not have vaccinated any of my kids!


I also wanted to add that it is so difficult to get these Religious Immunization Exeption forms from the RI dept of health because only school nurses can order them (which is what happened in my case) My children's dr. told me she would have to sign them but there is not a spot for her signature. I'm sure there will be problems come September. If I have to home school-I will.


A friend of mine just got kicked out of her children's pediatrician's office for not vaccinating on the appropriate "schedule" The dr. told her that her children would never be allowed to go to school without being current on their shots. My friend said that she was going to fill out Religious Immunizattion Exempt forms from the Rhode Island Department of Health. The dr. said, "What's your religion? Nobody will believe you anyway!" Then my friend was told she couldn't get her children's medical records unless she paid a hefty fee. :(


Ask questions of your politicians like where they stand on forced vaccinations and if they are willing to repeal the vaccine law that indeminifies pharmaceutical companies no matter how reckless and irresponsible they are, and then based on their answers vote the political figures in or out,that maybe narrow but it is our entire world for now. Further it has been working for the tea party, people are really taking notice and they should. We have to demand more and change our electorates.

Autism Grandma

The Tide is Turning and it is only a Matter of Time....

Our job is to keep sharing honest, truthful and accurate information until the tide turns into a sunami for our Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Choice and Informed Consent.


After reading the totals for the Strongly Disagree/Somewhat Disagree responses it appears about 1/5 of those polled didn't respond or had a neutral opinion to the first two questions on pharmaceutical industry influence and the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study.

Only 20% disagreed that parents should have the right to decide which vaccinations their children receive, but that means nearly 30% didn't respond/answered neutrally.

Only 16% disagreed with "I am concerned about serious adverse effects of vaccines." So, it looks like about a third did not have an opinion/answer on that statement.

Only 16% disagreed with "All children should receive 69 doses of 16 vaccines before age 18, as recommended by the federal government." As many did not answer that one, 42%, as did agree with the statement. One way of looking at this is may be that 58% disagreed or were not sure, but I'm not sure whether that is good news or not. Can we hope that maybe a good proportion of the 42% at least feel that more study is needed?


well then the government better be listening to what the MAJORITY wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's not so much that I have a problem with "The Mirror Crack'd." Heck, any program which gives the Vicar of Dibley work is OK with me. But it reminds me of the Dick Cheney tactic: Plant a story in a media outlet, then go on tv and use that story as supporting evidence for a point you're making.

Davidson's article is more than transparent. You could never mistake the author as anything other than a wholly-owned subsidiary of a vaccine manufacturer.


Carol; I had to listen to my life long friend tell me a story on "Law and Order" about some child that was not vaccinated for measles gave the measles to another child. Full of holes, indeed.



Anybody in America with an eye on the Autism issue can tell the vaccine manufacturing drug companies don't like Dr. Andrew Wakefield. His bold work at evaluating the propensity of the MMR vaccine at causing Autism cases confirmed what scientific literature has known for nearly half a century.

If you inject live Measles virus into the bodies of infants and toddlers it is shown in the literature that it can and does permanently disable them neurologically just like wild cases of Measles do.

Despite unfair and inappropriate pressure on the medical profession to keep their mouths shut the days of mass vaccinations are as revolutions of a flushed toilet.

If it leads to repeals all the vaccine manufacturing drug company political crap we all can support this personal choice rally movement.

Adults have a voice for themselves already. The recent Swine Flu II fiasco confirms Americans are no longer fooled by so called world health authorities. Most know that vaccine manufacturing drug companies control international vaccine panorama making it clear why at least 138,000,000 Thimerosal-containing Swine Flu vaccines are headed to toxic waste disposal.

Parents should be at liberty to tell a pediatrician where they can stick their vaccines and not the other way around. Essentially nobody decried the latest targeting operation of vaccine injury defendants. The Swine Flu II shot directly targeted American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with the mercury-laced shot.

Across the country, the vaccine industrial complex has laid landmine after landmine of what essentially amounts to Jim Crow Laws.


And this poll will be used at their next strategy meeting on how to increase vaccine rates. You know, those meetings where they talk about all the things we are doing wrong. Yet, they never have any introspection, a turning inward to see how THEY contribute to the problem. They never say, "well, the federal government has awarded 2 billion in damages to people damaged by vaccines, so perhaps if we did research into what makes these people genetically vulnerable to vaccine damage people will feel better in general about vaccination because they will know if their child is or is not at risk for damage." No. Nothing like that. Never. Instead they just sit there and plan how jam their collective foot into our necks ever harder.


Did the New Yorker piece really refer to us comprehensively as anti-vaccine activists? Really? Any journalist who is truly interested in the nuances of this thing would dig deep and see that only some are truly "anti-vaccine", while most of us are merely concerned about vaccine safety and informed consent. Therefore, they reveal either stubborn closed mindedness or outright agenda when they sweepingly dismiss us as omprehensively "antivaccine". I thought journalists were supposed to have a passion for digging deep. Yet, so many these days or only interested in trolling their perceptions of what they think things look like on the surface. So sad. No wonder news media is dying.


When I saw "The Mirror Crack'd" on PBS the night before Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine, it struck me that this program was scheduled, hell, maybe even created, as part of the public relations war against Wakefield and the vaccine safety movement. I posted to that effect, hesitantly, on ageofautism. I thought readers might think me a little bit paranoid.

Well, today I read an anti-Wakefield piece in The New Yorker and guess what it said?

"Didn’t any of those anti-vaccine activists read “The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side,” by Agatha Christie? That’s the one in which (perhaps there should be a spoiler alert here) an aging movie star murders a woman after learning, at a party, that she had recklessly exposed the actress to rubella when she was pregnant, all but destroying her child. As it happened, a new adaptation of the novel premièred on “Masterpiece Theatre” this weekend"

You have to read Amy Davidson's piece to believe it. It refers to a "brilliant graphic-novel rendition" of the Wakefield scandal. I've seen it. It's ham-handed, error-ridden and repulsive. I smell flop sweat.


Email or call The New Yorker and tell them their propaganda insults your intelligence.


I agree with "Parent"... Only 52% in favor of vaccination choice is scary!


My question is what is up with the 48% (perhaps some are undecided) of parents who DON'T think parents should have a choice?


What's next? Gulags? Detainment centers for the unvaccinated?

Have these people ever even glanced at the Constitution? Hello!!! 4th AMENDMENT ANYONE? FIRST AMENDMENT? ANYONE?

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