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Happy Birthday, David Kirby!

Kirbybanner Today we're celebrating our good friend David Kirby's birthday. Since you won't have time to bake him a cake and schlep it to New York, we have an idea for you.

Purchase a copy of his book Animal Factory at Amazon and we'll give him a great ranking today. And then we'll do something nice for you. Email me your Amazon receipt with your address and size (M-XL) (HERE) and we'll send you a free AofA t-shirt. Presents for you too! Already own a copy? Send one to your Senator or Congressman.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Happy Birthday. May you live a hundred years and please step over here and take your place among the righteous. You are our national treasure.


Dear David Happy Belated Birthday>>>>My son David is being compensated . im rh -. i never saw the picture. what they have done is shocking . I feel so violated. i didnt know the extent of the scandal. its horriffic.10 percent is what they want to pay. total hearings. no money can bring my sons totally fx brain back . i dont even want there corrupt money..also david was chosen and won in 2003. Monica

Brian and Marcia Hooker

P.S. So 30 years ago today Mt. St. Helens erupted and you were born! Forces of nature, both.
The Hookers

Brian and Marcia Hooker

--The Hookers :)

Jim Thompson

Happy Birthday David.

Thank you for your dedication, compassion, and understanding—for those living with autism in their lives and for those benefiting from the alarms you help sound.


Happy Birthday David, thanks for being a hero!

Tim Kasemodel


I am so grateful for your persistence to help our children even during the time you were working hard to write Animal Factory.

Your are a true hero, I hope you can find a way to gather in all the love we are sending you and benefit in some small way from it.

And I hope you get repaid in a big way, one that buys more expensive wine and more organic foods.

Happy Birthday

The Kasemodels in MN

Maurine Meleck

A very happy birthday to you, David.
Hope you have a grand day.
I am waiting for someone to dig up Marilyn Monroe's version of H.B. to JFK.


Happy birthday and thanks for the advice about N-acetyl cysteine.

I will order your book, read it and then send it to my Congressman.


Happy Birthday, David! And many happy returns!


Have a wonderful birthday, David! And please stick around for another 50+ years, okay?

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, and for sharing your intelligent analyses of autism issues -- especially considering that initially you weren't directly affected. You are truly a hero to many, many people.


Happy Birthday, David Kirby, and thank you for advocating continually for a better world.

Animal Factory is very informative and very well-written. I didn't get much done, nor much sleep for a couple of days, because I couldn't stop reading once I started.

Evidence of Harm was one of the early sources of information that pointed me towards ways to improve my daughter's health, as well as my own.

Thank you again!

Lisa @ TACA

David - you are so appreciated for what you do. Keep up the amazing efforts and happy birthday.

I ordered four books and posted on all the Facebook pages;)

John Stone

Happy birthday, David! John


Happy Birthday David!! Keep on writing!


Happy Birthday, David! Thanks for not letting sleeping dogs lie. We'll thnk of who else needs a copy of your phenomenal book.


Happy Birthday to an incredible voice for our community!

I just ordered your new book and can't wait to read it!


Happy Birthday, David!

Have a glorious birthday and thank you for your continual raking of the muck!

All best!

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