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Restraint and Seclusion in Special Education

Generation Rescue Announces the Rescue Family Grant Program for Autism Treatment

Generation Rescue Logo 2010 Generation Rescue’s Rescue Family Grant Program  provides resources to individuals and families that are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. This 90-day program is focused on helping families transition to adopting a gluten-free/casein-free (GFCF) diet and designed to introduce the benefits of biomedical treatment by supplying the appointed family with information, supplements, specialized doctor visits, and mentorship.

Click HERE to download and print an application.

The following is included in the grant package:

1. Two visits with a New Generation Medical Doctor – a physician specifically trained to treat the symptoms of autism
2. 90 days worth of supplements
3. A Rescue Mentor to help guide the family through the process of starting the GFCF diet and biomedical intervention
4. Healing & Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide by Jenny McCarthy & Dr. Kartzinel
5. Generation Rescue Flip camera for documentation of child’s progress before and after program implementation (camera must be returned to Generation Rescue along with footage)
6. Daily log for documentation of child
7. GF/CF dietary training and recipe support
8. Dietary/Nutritional information DVD
9. Significantly reduced lab testing fee
10. Supplement starter guide

This grant program is made possible by the generous contributions made by these participating organizations

GR bioray Gr dd Gr nn Gr syndion

Gr revitapop Gr enzymedica  


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