UK General Medical Council: "Dr. Andrew Wakefield's Name Should Be Erased From the Medical Register"
Dr. Andrew Wakefield On The Today Show

Dr. Wakefield Is Appearing on Today Show at 7:40am Today (Time Changed)

Callous "The parents are not going away. The children are not going away. And I am not going away." Dr. Andrew Wakefield on The Today show this morning. 

Matt Lauer never asked about the vaccine court cases that have been settled and paid out that Dr. Wakefield brought up. No "What do you mean?" No, "So is our government lying to us?"

Please note! The Today Show is airing the segment with Dr. Wakefield at 7:40am EDT, not between 8:00am and 8:30am as originally planned. Please share this with your contacts.



Stay strong Dr, Wakefield,stand tall and proud.Thank you
from the bottom of my heart for standing up for our children.This war is not over yet and you have lot of support.A scientist must have the freedom to speak the
truth and serve the best interest of the public.Big pharma got too much power and control,they need to be stopped NOW, and scientist and researchers need to become independent in
order to provide the highest and best work that serves the needs of humanity for the future.Fear and control will not
what researchers need.The system must change for the better.

Dave Roberts

Eduard Klak, Your comments regarding Blair are absolutely correct, his government have undeniable form in destroying good honest people who dared to question their greed and avarice. The attempted destruction of Dr Wakefield is no less evil than that of Dr David Kelly, whose alleged suicide can be laid firmly at their door. The death and suffering caused by these people is almost beyond comprehension and could be described as genocide, evil which knows no bounderies.

Thankfully Andy is still with us and hopefully will continue his good work and in doing so expose every single individual involved and those who for personal gain support these evil wicked satanists.

Raymond Gallup

This is where Andy went to after the NBC show and after he was with us for a few minutes...............

video from Sky (Fox) News of UK - Andy

Raymond Gallup

I saw my old friend, Andy Wakefield this morning in Manhattan after he finished with the NBC morning program. I hadn't seen him since the weekend before September 11, 2001 when TAAP had a fundraiser for Andy in Florida.

I met Polly Tommey, Jim Moody and other parents/people supporting Andy. There was an independent film crew that filmed Andy, other people and myself. I told the story about Eric and the MMR vaccine. I showed my broken thumb and index finger that were bloody messes when Eric bit them and ripped off the fingernails. I mentioned that Eric would be one of many kids that will be on Social Security and Medicaid that is slowly becoming bankrupt because authorities do not want to find answers for our kids.

Andy is a decent human being who is very intelligent, has lots of compassion and class. It was a distinct pleasure to see him again and all the parents and people supporting him. It was worth getting up at 4:00AM to catch a 5:30AM bus into Manhattan.
I urge everyone to get Andy's new book, "Callous Disregard" because it is an excellent read.

Unfortunately the Brian Deers and the Matt Lauers of the world do not even measure up to the intelligence of apes or monkeys. Brian Deer and Matt Lauer are more on the scale of the insect world where cockroaches reign and other slimey creatures that slither out from under rocks.

Do not expect anything from cockroaches except that we should step on them when we get the chance and squish them underfoot.


Dr. Wakefield, you and your family are in my prayers.

Thank you for your efforts to help and protect those who have been or will be harmed by an unchecked, uncaring, profit/fear driven public "health" policy!

I also pray that more will have the courage and compassion you have to help prevent and reverse the iatrogenic and industrial illnesses that are burdening our world, but most heavily, our children.

Eduard Klak

I don't know Dr Andrew Wakefield from Adam. However, I am a pretty good judge of character and of a person's integrity. I can usually spot a wrong'un long before many others. Andrew Wakefield comes across to me as an honest decent and committed medical professional who is only too well aware, (perhaps somewhat belatedly), of the political wheeling and dealing and vested interests that plague every aspect of modern life. In particular the financial shenanigans involved in the pharmaceutical industry, and their determination to sell product at any cost. It is burnt into my memory, how that pathetic little nonentity, Tony Blair, refused to tell the British public if his son had in fact been given the MMR vaccine, whilst at the same time bullying them into having no choice but to accept this suspect vaccine for their children. His greed and that of his New Labour henchmen has destroyed the career of this splendidly professional man.

Dr Wakefield must appeal to the trumped up charges of the GMC and their financial masters, he must win, and he not only must have his honour reinstated, but must be given a public apology by those politically correct and money driven zealots and barefaced bandits who have so shamelessly sought to destroy his career, and that of his colleagues.

They are a disgrace to their profession.

B's mom

I admire Wakefield, he tells the truth, he knows our government knows, and he stands villified by all of those that we believed we could trust..the medical establishment, the governments, the pharms, all those led by power and money. What an amazing and courageous man! I'm particularly dismayed by the interview, I feel terrible that Matt is so bought and paid for that his interview included such garbage as the mention of some very "unscientific" studies.


What the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishement currently call Science is equivalent to what Inquisition was calling God: a corrupted and power-greedy monstruosity. An ugly puppet in the hands of those who detain power. This is not Science. These days, I am ashamed to be a scientist. When are we going to wake up?


Matt Lauer quoted a MMR study of 350,000 children that proved nothing.

I can find a million children without a peanut alergy. That does not mean that a peanut alergy does not exist.

They spent 3/4ths of the time with NBC/ Wakefield-interview re-runs, and gave Dr. Wakefield about a minute to discuss the current situation.

Dr. Wakefield again did very well standing up to the vaccine nazis.

However, some credit is due to NBC for allowing Dr. Wakefield to speak at all.


I didn't watch because I already know 2 things: 1. That Dr. Wakefield would conduct himself with intelligence and decoram. 2. Mainstream media doesn't hesitate to propogate lies if it means either higher ratings or satisfying the corporate controllers despite conflict of interest. To me, it was just another (very important) moment of media exposure enabling some uneducated viewers to become aware of an issue of which they were not previously aware. Some will not pursue it. Some will be curious and may investigate on their own. And for that, I am glad. I, too, pray for strength for Dr. Wakefield and his family, friends, and supporters.

Susan: I agree. If people start going to their school systems with research about correlations between, for instance, Hep B shots and special education, and how by absolving the vaccine manufacturers of responsibilities those companies have shifted the financial burdens to already underfunded school systems, and that by requiring certain vaccinations for school entry as opposed to, say, requiring tests verifying an at risk child and parents do not have Hep B, that they, the schools, are contributing to their own financial burdens in the long run and that it would be in their best financial interests to drop that kind of requirement, that it would be a real eye-opener, and an excellent venue for further education.


Sadly we have LOST integrity as a world.


One of the things I always point out to people first and foremost is that no-one has ever said DON'T VACCINATE period. Dr Wakefield raised the question that the combination vaccines may do more harm than good and that we shd have the choice. Firstly I always thought we lived in a democracy but the last govt preferred to act dictatorialy and not give us that choice. Secondly if it comes down to the cost of the single vaccines, surely weigh that up against the cost of special needs education and the added strain on the NHS, which ultimately costs more?


I cannot understand this belief that it is okay to sell the happiest part of our children for the protection of children from such things as Hep B. They have virtually no risk for contracting this disease. Why is the risk of our children's neurological function so easily offered up for protection from things thay are not a risk for. The rate is 1 in 91, approx 1 in 58 boys! How in the world is this so acceptable by so many? They will all start smoking the second they stop breathing. I'd hate to be any of these criminals on the day of judgement.
Matt Lauer is bought and paid for. Sadly, we have integrity as a nation. As a world. Matt Lauer did not even respond to Wakefields comment about American courts awarding for damage for Vaccines casuing autism. As if Wakelfield were speaking Greek. Where is the journalist?
This is the Twilight Zone and and we are all surrounded by zombies. Doomed zombies, but zombies.

Paul S.

Dr Wakefield also stated the research should continue to it's "Natural Conclusion". Every post I've read here seems to agree!

As a sufferer of Aspergers with a history of unique medial problems over my lifetime, I believe there are some children, who are susceptible to complications from childhood vaccines.

Medical Studies are an inaccurate science at best. Dr. Wakefield is doing a service to the general public (paid or unpaid) to help find out why there is an epidemic of Autistic or Pervasive Developmental Disorders running rampant in every society in the world.

Thank You Dr. Wakefield! Don't ever give up!


Not to be a pain- but your quote is wrong.

These were his exact words: "These parents aren't going away. Their children aren't going away. And I'm most certainly not going away."

Deb in IL

That was a short interview - I wonder if they edited it down for the Central Time Zone?

Holly M.

"You are missing the point." Perfectly said Dr. Wakefield. Thank you.


Last night, the night before the GMC decision about Wakefield's medical status, PBS aired "The Mirror Crack'd" on Masterpiece Mystery. This show featured a woman who had been exposed to German measles (Rubella) while pregnant and who subsequently gave birth to a severely disabled child. Coincidence? Doubt it. The timing of the GMC decision has been known for months.

Of course, Wakefield never said that people should avoid getting vaccinated against Rubella (the "R" in "MMR"). He said that safety studies on the triple shot were inadequate and people should stick to the single shot until the issues were resolved.

A. F.

Was that an interview? Or an ambush? Obviously, Matt Laur is following orders to not give our side any credence in the media. Thank you Dr. Wakefield for all your hard work in behalf of our children! I look forward to reading your book.


Towared the end of the interview Matt Laur went off on some kind of little rant about (I am not sure, but it was something about scaring parents).

The reason that Dr. Wakefield is a extrodinary is that he actually put his emotions aside and listened to Matt Laur's little rant. How does Dr. Wakefield do it? Mentally I was jumping on top of Matt and choking the life out of him to the point I am not sure what he was ranting about.

Yet, Dr. Wakefield listened to him and then with a Great Line Dr. Wakefeild said, " You are missing the point"!

Mat Laur sure was.

Shannan (Cameron's Mom)

I thank GOD for Dr. Wakefield for his continuing support and care for children suffering from vaccine poisoning (or the medical community likes to call autism). Keep up the good work Dr. Wakefield and please do not give up the fight. Thank you for speaking the truth and helping my son, Cameron in his recovery from vaccines.

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