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Katie Wright: An Autism Mom Goes to IMFAR


kathy blanco

The only people with callous disregard are the naysayers and vested interested pharmaceuitcal companies, media which bow to them, and our own beloved government, who don't want bloody anarchy/"sue happy" parents on their hands. Shame on all of them, shame for this infantacide targeted at vulnerable weak children, and shame that science is no longer science.

The science we portray is solid...the brain and the gut communication highway, brainstem nuclei, CAN be irritated by irritants such as persistent viruses resulting in inflammation, lesions, leakiness and loss of biochemistry to the brain, the kind mind you that makes us human (aka serotonin, etc). They have known for simply years brain problems coexist with gut problems, schizophrenia patients, they see it, bi polar, they see it, adhd, they see it, seizures, they see it. Shame on MSNBC, Shame on anyone who downplays what MOTHERS and FATHERS have seen for decades and some brave sticking their neck out on the line doctors. Sure, vaccines are NOT all the CAUSE...but they act as triggers, initiators, and worsening agents in a body which is already oxidatively stressed to the gills...thusly why not all kids get autism, but MAY GET, ADHD, Brain Tumours, Asthma, Allergies, Diabetis, later, Schizo, Ms, Cancers in adulthood etc.



Thank-you, Autism Grandma.

Got my book, too, Benedetta. When I recover from the powerful first page, I'll read some more. Wow - what a start!


Glad you got your book and I hope you enjoy the good read! My copy stays with me sista-LOL!

Cherish your minds and use them well, just love that and how appropriate. So much I don't take for granted now when I look at my children.
Great looking crew in that picture!!

Autism Grandma

This article from the Chicago Tribune isn't as severely slanted as I expected it to be, but there's that word again "discredited"...
"Discredited" in whose opinion? Not ours!!!!

Chicago ground zero for vaccine safety debate

Discredited autism researcher says at rally he will resume studies

Andrew Wakefield, center, still has strong support among many parents of children with autism who believe vaccines cause the disorder. (E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune / May 25, 2010)

Research By Deborah L. Shelton, Tribune reporter

Discredited autism researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield said Wednesday at a " vaccination choice" rally in Grant Park that he planned to resume his research in the U.S.

At the rally, held in conjunction with a conference hosted by the organizations Generation Rescue and Autism One, Wakefield said national vaccine policies had failed children and their families and it was time for "science and medicine to stand up for itself."

"In the end, it's about choice," he told a small, cheering crowd. "Medicine has to choose — does it serve the patients or the pharmaceutical industry?"

Wakefield on Monday was barred from practicing medicine in his native Britain, following a ruling from the country's General Medical Council that he had "repeatedly breached fundamental principles of research medicine." The journal Lancet retracted his paper linking autism to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine earlier this year.

But the gastroenterologist still enjoys strong support from many parents of children with autism who believe vaccines cause the disorder. Until recently, he was executive director of an Austin, Texas, clinic that treated children with developmental disorders with unproven alternative therapies.

Wakefield said he plans to start a "virtual university" that will develop collaborations with researchers across the country. His role will be to design research programs and solicit grants to fund studies looking at the causes of autism and other diseases, he said.

Wakefield's talk was interrupted throughout by applause, and several people held supportive signs, including "Wakefield = Truth, Pharma = Lies."

Rally organizer Louise Kuo Habakus told the group that parents who question the safety of vaccines often are unfairly labeled.

"We are not anti-vaccine," she said vehemently. "We are in favor of choice. We are pro-vaccination choice."

Maureen Drummond, co-founder and co-director of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice, said before the rally that parents' rights to make decisions on behalf of their children are being eroded.

"Vaccination choice is not just a health issue. It's a personal rights issue," Drummond said.

Forty-eight states allow religious exemptions from vaccination requirements, and 21 of those states also allow exemptions based on personal beliefs or philosophical opposition to vaccines, according to the Institute for Vaccine Safety at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Illinois is not among the 21.

Meanwhile, just blocks from the rally, more than 200 public health and children's health experts met in a downtown hotel to explore ways to increase immunization rates.

Alison Tepper Singer, the mother of a daughter with autism and president of the Autism Science Foundation, was among the scheduled speakers at the National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions. Singer said she understands parents' concerns about vaccines, but at least two dozen studies have failed to show any link between autism and vaccination.

"We don't have any autism research money to waste doing more vaccine research studies when we know that research has shown that there is no link," Singer said in a phone interview last week. "It's important to use the limited funds to study new data and help people have better lives."

The immunization conference was organized by the Chicago Area Immunization Campaign, part of the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition. Lisa Kritz, director of the immunization campaign, said there was no question in her mind that vaccines save lives.

But Kritz added that she didn't think people at the rally and at the conference were as far apart in their beliefs as it might seem. "We also want informed consent," she said, "and we want people to be informed with the right information."

Vaccine resistance can be traced to the 1800s, said Jason Glanz, an epidemiologist and researcher with the Institute for Health Research at Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

"Immunization in the U.S. has become so successful in eliminating disease that now parents aren't as concerned about the disease," said Glanz. "When the disease is not imminent, the focus and concern goes to the vaccines themselves."

The 1998 publication of Wakefield's flawed paper was followed by a sharp drop in the number of children receiving the vaccine. Some public health experts said it led to a resurgence of measles in the U.S., Britain and elsewhere, including deaths.

"Wakefield on Monday was barred from practicing medicine in his native Britain, following a ruling from the country's General Medical Council that he had "repeatedly breached fundamental principles of research medicine."....

Yes indeed, Wakefield "repeatedly breached fundamental principals of research medicine" when he EXPOSED THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MMR AND AUTISM. No research allowed which exposes the facts. They will persecute any doctor who dares to do this, and have set Dr. Wakefield as a warning example to all doctors and researchers who have the nerve to SEEK THE TRUTH and SPEAK THE TRUTH.

Thank You GMC for sending Dr. Wakefield to America. We needed another great General for our American Revolution. We didn't agree with Britain in 1776 and we don't agree with Britain now.

ARTICLE HERE:,0,698067.story

Autism Grandma

Listen to Dr Rima and Dr Wakefield!
Dr. Rima Reports - Internet Radio - Sunday Night, May 30, 2010

Special Guest:
Firestorm Center Andrew Wakefield, MD

10 PM to Midnight

More information on Dr. Rima Reports:

Dr. Rima's guest: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD
Truth Seeker


Three of my heros. Love it!


I got my brand new book in today "Callous Disregard", And my generous offer still stands?????

Dr. Wakefield dedicates the book to his wife and four children, and then he says under that - cherish your minds and use them well.

Is that not what we all wanted for our own children. I know that is really all I wanted.

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