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Dr. Andrew Wakefield suit headshot Read the full article in The Austin Statesman.

 By Mary Ann Roser, The Austin Statesman

Wakefield, the British doctor who came to Austin after fueling a worldwide scare over vaccines and autism, said Wednesday that he expects to have his British medical license yanked next week in a final effort by the mainstream medical establishment to silence him and stop his research.

It won't work, said Wakefield, who insisted he is more convinced than ever that he was right 12 years ago when he suggested a link between vaccines, gastrointestinal illness and autism, despite scientific studies contradicting such a link. He said he will get back to his research in Austin soon, working with Dr. Arthur Krigsman, who was with him at the Thoughtful House Center for Children, where Wakefield was executive director before resigning in February.

In January, the General Medical Council, which regulates doctors in the United Kingdom, found Wakefield, 53, guilty of acting dishonestly and irresponsibly in researching children with autism in England. That work culminated in a 1998 paper in the prestigious Lancet journal that was retracted in February. The council also said Wakefield showed a "callous disregard" for children at his son's birthday party in 1999 when he had blood taken from them, paying them about $10 each and later joking about it at a conference.

In his first in-depth interview since the council's findings, Wakefield — hailed as a hero by some parents and a false prophet by many doctors — said the charges were unfair, false and pre-determined from the outset because he dared to take on the vaccine industry. He said he does not intend to fade away.

"Now that they have come to their determination, I will make absolutely sure the truth comes out," Wakefield said. "I think I am in a position to encourage people to take a more serious look at the kinds of projects I am considering," such as researching the long-term health of children who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated...

Dr. Wakefield has written Callous Disregard which debuts this month from Skyhorse Publishing. He will be signing copies at Autism One. You can purchase a copy at his site now.



Dr. Wakefield, thank you so much for standing up for our children who were injured by vaccines. My daughter has suffered from infancy with seizures, autistic issues, and gastrointestinal problems since receiving the DPT shot. Your work and others at the Thoughtfulhouse have helped her with her gut issues so much. Thank you for believing us. I was so inspired when I heard you speak and still continue to be. Can't wait to read your book!


i think the drugs companies and governemnt loost the war , most parents i know have opted out as the idea is now that these drugs are to much for babies bodies and minds in one hit , i believe they are myself and we should be encouraging natural auto immunity in babies , not drug induced immunity which weakens natural systems of defence , its very sad we cant see what all these drugs are doing , they are weakeing the human system , making ££££££££££££££ though.I beleive people need to think about what the game is here , its about money and control and power.Seek natural routes, give you kids healthy diets that cleanse them of mercury and give them less drugs ! not more.

Heidi N

J: If you think that countries have the same amounts of autism whether or not they do the MMR, then please post those countries and that information. I find it difficult to get such statistics and would really like some help. I find that the countries that don't do the MMR, also don't have information about them on this Internet; thus, it's impossible to get this info. But, if you know how, please share because many of us are hopping at the chance to compare countries with different vaccine habits.


How does securing a few childrens blood samples at a birthday party, with permission of their medical parents,

compare to

injecting 7 to 9 "liability free" vaccines on the same day, into a toddler... as is often done by the AAP members ???

God bless you Dr. Wakefield.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dr. Wakefield, The friends of the autistic children can never thank you enough. Please know that we all stand behind you and hope for you. Whenever you speak out for the truth you give us energy to continue in our own personal quests.

Jim Thompson

Dr. Wakefield:

Thank you for your courage in standing up to the pharmaceutical industry thugs.

Thank you for your compassion and work to help protect children from vaccine injuries.

And thank you for your persistence in searching for effective treatment of those injuries.

Maureen Fischer

Thank you Dr. Wakefield. You are a hero. I wonder if you would like to look into the rate of SIDS deaths. I think according to Wikipedia they are dropping dramatically. Could that be because something was removed from Vaccines?

Amanda Blinn

I've orderd 2 copies of his book and our family wishes his family the best; they are heroes, unsung as yet but we believe he will be vindicated.

Managing Editor

Really, "J?" Nice try. You'll need better bait next time.


Can someone explain to me why the rates of autism are the same in countries without MMR as they are in countries with it?


Just 3 more days plus shipping time! I can't wait to read the book.


I have already ordered this book. Dr. Wakefield, thank you from the bottom of my heart for not giving up on these kids. You have no idea how much you mean to so many!


I ordered the book. I thank you Dr. Wakefield, I am truly grateful for all that you have and are doing to help us. I know you and your family have sacrificed much.

Tony Bateson

When the time is right Andrew Wakefield will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the vacuous nobodies who have tried to turn his life into a living hell for daring to speak taboo words will be consigned to oblivion where they belong. It is desperately sad that so many have to suffer in the meantime because of the intransigence of industry and its dollar.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


I ordered his book.
He is the same age as I.
I find that amazing.
While I was struggling in stupidity, he had it already figure out, and he was fighting the establishment for us.

He is really someone extrodinary as are so many on this web site.

Jenny Allan

The UK Government have now admitted they had concerns about MMR safety in 1989.

Secret papers released yesterday by the National Archives of Scotland reveal NHS bosses were warned about certain strains of MMR vaccines three years before they were banned. Six month old Ryan Mason died in August 1989, days after receiving the jab. Department of Health mandarin Roy Cunningham reveals 'Colleagues have have feedback from health boards expressing concern over reaction to the MMR vaccine.' (Paraphrased from Scottish Daily Mail 21-05-10)
The government covered it all up and carried on vaccinating innocent healthy babies. Disgraceful!! This took place nearly 10 years BEFORE the Wakefield et al article in the Lancet.

Erstwhile Labour Health Minister and former communist John Reid ignored warnings from Wakefield and others about the 'dodgy' Urabe mumps vaccine component and pushed ahead with the vaccination programme regardless, even giving the vaccine manufacturers immunity from litigation and fines.

The GMC show trial of Dr Wakefield and his two colleagues, is supposed to banish forever parental concerns about MMR vaccine safety, but it has had the opposite effect. UK citizens are not so stupid that they cannot see though all this duplicity and yes, 'callous disregard' for the safety and wellbeing of our nation's children.

Between 1989 and now, autism has been increasing exponentially. As far as I am concerned, it is not Dr Wakefield and his excellent clinician colleagues who are on trial here, it is the GMC and the machinations of a very dishonest self serving government. We have a new government now and they have committed themselves to reforming what had become almost a UK 'police state' in many respects.

Whatever the GMC verdicts Dr Wakefield et al have overwhelmingly won the moral victory. I am sure we will all support them in every way we can.

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