Dr. Wakefield Is Appearing on Today Show at 7:40am Today (Time Changed)
Comment from Professor John Walker-Smith on Erasure from UK Medical Register


mary friday

dear andrew I worked with you at mayday hospital in london and fully support you in your endeavour to clear your name you are an excellent surgeon and your research is justified as it touches alot of people I know here in australia Good luck Andy from RN Mary Friday


Just bought my copy today!
Way to go Wakefield!
and SHAME ON YOU Matt Lauer and Today Show!

Wakefield wins a fan!
Today Show loses a viewer!


buying his book... after this interview and the little "blurb" i saw on fox 5 news this morning... then they cut to commercials... for rx's


What a sad, sad day. But Dr. Wakefield's articulate defiance is outstanding.

Jeff C.

I know it’s frustrating, and of course the media are their usual jack-ass selves, but we are winning, the message is getting out. It doesn’t make our kids better, but people are listening, other kids are being spared. The entire medical establishment would not be lining up to crucify Dr. Wakefield if they weren’t scared to death of what he represents. They see tens of millions of unused H1N1 vaccines sitting on shelves, and they see the future. They are scared.

I work in an engineering environment, where the number of fathers with ASD sons is truly mind-boggling. In my small section, there are six of us out of about 75 personnel total. The younger engineers see this and frankly, it frightens them. Several months back, I prominently displayed a flyer from the NVIC on my office wall, it says:

“49 Doses of 14 Vaccines by age 6?”
“Before you take the risk, find out what the risk is”

It then lays out the entire repulsive schedule. We have about half a dozen young engineers that recently had kids or were expecting. When coming by my office for one thing or another, every one of them has asked about the flyer. I ask them to consider six things:

1) Your baby doesn’t need the Hep B shot at birth unless you think your kid is going to be drug addict or picking up hookers
2) Don’t let them vaccinate if your child, is sick, has been sick, or been on antibiotics in the last month
3) Long term studies on the interactions of simultaneous vaccinations don’t exist
4) Ask the doctor how many vaccines they are giving and tell them you will not allow more than one during a visit
5) Ask yourself if the vaccination is for a disease that is truly life threatening or maiming, or is it simply inconvenient? How many of these did you get as a child?
6) In California, no matter what the doctor, nurse, or school tells you, all you need to do is sign a philosophical exemption form, and your kid gets in school. It is that simple. I offer to email the form to them so they can see for themselves.

So far, three of them have told me they have taken the advice. One even told me that his pediatrician suggested they skip Hep B because it is not needed! Hearing those words helps boil off some of the rage corked up inside. It also seems to work much better than conspriracy theory talk.

We are winning and the other side can’t believe it. How can people listen to a bunch of knuckle-dragging morons when they’ve got the white coats and fancy parchments on their walls? They can’t comprehend that most of us know more about methylation, GI abnormalities, and mitochondrial disorders than most pediatricians. They dismiss us as ignorant boobs; we convince our family, friends, and coworkers. We are winning.

Mike Frandsen

This article lists some of Wakefield's responses (from his book) to the charges against him.


Autism Grandma

All that rapid fire bombardment from Matt Lauer and Dr. Wakefield stood his ground, like that song says "SOLID AS A ROCK".

We all need to pray that God gives Dr. Wakefield the strength he gave David, because indeed Dr. Wakefield is like David up against the Goliath vaccine industry. And like David, Dr. Wakefield is slinging that shot right between the eyes!!!

Sarah L'Heureux

I watched in helpless frustration...until Andy's last statement. He's our knight in shining armor. And none of us are going away.


I come from over 20 years of work around cameras, putting him on air without a touch up from make-up was an ambush. He looked as if his wife just gave birth to unexpected twins in the back of a moving pickup truck. When I saw that I knew it was not going to go well.

I am a fan of Dr Wakefield, he has always come across to me as cool, calm and extremely authoritative. Today was different to say the least.

Im sure he is still reeling from all that has happened in his life over the past couple of months and surely there is a very good backstory of why and how and who did what or said what or didnt do what at 30 Rock but unfortunately it's all water under the bridge now. It was a train wreck. Someone should be fired. Im sorry, it may be just my opinion but I have a lot at stake, we all do and this didnt go well at all.


I refuse to watch anything on mainstream news but based on the other comments, it was the typical attack. Wakefield must be right for them to attack him like this. Everybody HAS to see that. They don't interview Offit in a confrontational way. It's too obvious. Can't they see that?

My only question is - what will they call the disease caused by the oil and dispersant in the gulf. That coverup is on par with the autism coverup.


I think, bottom line, when it comes to the idea that vaccines may be causing the autism epidemic there is no such thing as bad publicity. Anything that puts a question mark in more peoples' minds-- especially new parents' minds is a good thing.


I wouldn't sweat it too much. It doesn't appear that anyone at Today is much concerned with "factiness". See here for a good laugh:


In the last 20 minutes their "NO" vote has grown by 2000. Disgusting what they are doing.


I posted this earlier today but intended to post both scenes. Just a bit of Will Ferrell humor I found the parallels uncanny.


Dr. Wakefield thanks for doing such a good job in this morning's interview. I loved "Matt, you've missed the point." BEAUTIFUL

Jennifer S.

Everyone on Dr. Wakefield's side should buy his book. That way we will know how much support he really has!


It's already #1 in a lot of categories!


The link for the today show with the poll about vaccine/autism link has been infultrated by the Orac group and pharma shills. It is NOT an honest poll. This morning almost 53% of the vote was leaning towards the general public thinking there was a link then the wackosphere got the msg(and link) and turned it into a joke.
Damn cheaters and liars.


"I think we're being a bit hard on Lauer. I haven't seen anybody else rushing to give Wakefield air time."

Oh right, like it's Lauer who handpicked this interview and begged NBC to allow him interview time. C'mon. He's just the overpaid dipsh** asking the dipsh** questions.


lets put andy on the top best selling list ..show support by buying his book..send a message they understand that we stand behind wakefield!!! im buying his book and few more for friends...


The BBC news has a short interview with Dr. Wakefield here, I am not sure whether it is new or an old segment they have brought out:


In both interviews today, Dr. Wakefield presented himself so well that he will have impressed anyone of an open mind, and while the interviewers left a lot to be desired, they were a case of there being no such thing as bad publicity.

I have found it really depressing reading the GMC output, even though I knew it was coming. For anyone else who has been hit the same way, this video can be uplifting:


Teresa Conrick

Dr. Wakefield did an outstanding job reporting truth and facts. He appeared calm and determined to continue the investigation. Matt Lauer appeared to be coached and emotional to the point of looking biased. It was hardly a pleasant experience for Andy but he shined like a beacon of earnestness. Bravo!

We are with you for all the bumps in the road!


Thanks Pamela, that is perfect:
Matt Lauer can S--- IT!
I'll buy the t-shirt if anyone is selling them!


Now the percentage on the website is around 83% saying there is no link, so maybe having Wakefield on was a good plan for Pharma after all. I have no idea how they run the polls though, so maybe it means nothing.


I agree that the Today show giving him air time was a HUGE win for us and Dr. Wakefield came out very convincing.

I think it seems someone at NBC is sympathetic as well. It's not Lauer's questions that I take issue with, it is his smarmy tone. This was certainly not the, seemingly, unbiased interview one would expect as legitimate journalism. Whether sincere or not Lauer was going out of his way to appear that he was trying to discredit Dr. Wakefield.

I am so tired of journalists inviting people who take issue with vaccine safety on their shows and then making a blatantly obvious attempt to discredit rather than conduct an unbiased interview in the spirit finding "the truth", no matter what that "truth" might be. Any person invited my a producer to sit down for a broadcast interview deserves to be hit with the tough questions but be treated with respect.


The Today show conducting the online poll, "Do you think vaccines are related to autism?" now shows over 70% say "no" vaccines are NOT related to autism. "Orac and friends" must be working overtime. Please take time to vote over there. Can't let them drown out the truth!



I think we're being a bit hard on Lauer. I haven't seen anybody else rushing to give Wakefield air time. The time was too short, that's all.

I'd like to see Dr. Wakefield on the Rachel Maddow show.


I'm going to voice a dissenting opinion here and say this was not a bad interview on either sides. People like to root for an underdog, and Lauer's questions were no worse than a political candidate or other public figure gets on a reputable news program. The devil's advocate is what must be played by a reporter, and this gave Dr. W. a platform to fully respond to the types of opposition that are out there. It was clear he knew exactly what questions were coming and how long he would be given to answer them. That may not have been long enough for our taste, but it's not like he was blindsided. And the more media exposure this gets, the more media exposure it gets. Wakefield CERTAINLY was not discredited by this interview, nor did it seem to me that that was the intention of the network. I applaud the whole show. It's a big, bad world out there, and we need a figurehead who can take it head on.

Barbara Fischkin

Just read the transcript and I am sure this has been said many times by now but to add to the chorus: There's a great story in the cases being settled. That's a project that needs non-profit investigative funding -- reported by reporters who are viewed by the mainstream as sans agenda. That reporting probably can't be done by a member of the autism community except if the individual is a highly regarded reporter who has worked on many issues and there is disclosure. But it can be done.
Lauer,meanwhile, could have had a great segment if he merely asked the obvious follow-up question about the cases, hoping of course that Dr.Wakefield would be brief but informative. This is interviewing 101. If a subject brings up an interesting point that bolsters his/her case you give him a short period of time to answer. No grandstanding. But you do give your subecjt the chance for a brief rebuttal/explanation. Otherwise it's unfair reporting.


Why did they give Wakefield airtime?

On one hand it seems they gave him airtime because they want to discredit him before the release of his new book. It also comes on the heels of him losing his license. The timing is very strategic.

But at the same time they are turning Wakefield into a folk hero.. a champion for the truth...a modern day David vs. Goliath... it makes a great story.

Pamela Felice

Please forgive the vulgar humor but these two scenes from Land of the Lost with WIll Ferrell seem oh so fitting...iF only Dr. Wakefield could get hold of some tax payer money. Maybe Dr. Wakefield should rename his book.

Matt Lauer Can S&*@ It!

Bob Moffitt

As bad as Matt Lauer's questions to Dr. Wakefield were .. they paled in comparision to the "questions" hurled at him by a very young .. and from his accent .. member of the British press .. in front of Wakefield's supporters immediately following the NBC broadcast.

This guy was not asking "questions" .. he was hurling "accusations" masquerading as questions. Similar to "Did you finally stop beating your wife" type of questions.

It really doesn't matter who or what questions are asked of someone who has truth on his side .. and .. no one seems more sure of the truth than Dr. Wakefield.

That's why .. no matter how high the volume to Matt's questions .. no matter how fast he asks them .. Dr. Wakefield could not possibly stay that calm unless he was CONFIDENT HE WAS BEING TRUE TO HIMSELF AND HIS CONVICTIONS.

It is not often that I have the opportunity to actually meet one of my heroes .. and .. it was an honor to finally meet Dr. Wakefield and thank him personally for having the courage to stay strong against the media onslaught being waged against him.


Lauer is a buffoon, but sitting next to the eloquent Dr. Wakefield makes his buffoonery that much more obvious.

Jim Thompson

Dr. Wakefield, you are a true leader.

The interview was an attempted public interrogation.

All viewers, with knowledge of vaccine injury and Pharma propaganda, have to be in awe of your solid and reasoned response.

Non Illegitimi Corborundum

Anne McElroy Dachel

Please notice that we didn’t get to hear from any of the parents whose children were patients of Dr. Wakefield.
The ones most severely damaged by the MMR vaccine.
The ones shown on these videos talking about what vaccines did to their children:

We didn’t get to hear about the crushing autism rate now worldwide or about the fact that no one can tell us anything about this disorder---except that vaccine don’t cause it, despite the fact that many parents, doctors and scientists say there is a link.

Lauer is typical of the media. There’s no concern over autism. There’s never a demand we find answers.

And Lauer must think the public is as naïve as he pretends to be.

This is not a question solely involving the science---DO VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM?
Everything is at stake here for countless people, agencies, organizations, and businesses.

If the government truly believed that vaccines aren’t linked to the explosion in autism, they’d be racing to do a study comparing the autism rates for groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. OFFICIALS HAVE REFUSED TO DO IT. Reporters like Matt Lauer don’t mention this fact.

Lauer also ignored Dr. Wakefield’s comments about the independent studies that have replicated his paper’s findings. A good investigative journalist would have looked into at least one of them.

Scientists fear MMR link to autism | Mail Online Dec 6, 2006 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-388051/Scientists-fear-MMR-link-autism.html

Lauer cites the population studies showing no link brought to us by the agency that runs the vaccine program or done by individuals financially tied to the vaccine makers. If Lauer has seen “several major studies” then he should have discovered that none of research used to debunk a link is without ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Nothing about this was mentioned during the interview.

Lauer neatly ignored Dr. Wakefield’s statements about the fact the U.S. government has for years been secretly paying off on vaccine-induced autism.

This is not a good day for all those denying vaccines cause autism. Nothing is settled and the issue is again front page news.

Anne Dachel Media

Jim Thompson

Matt, have you ever filed a complaint and then gained professionally by reporting on the complaint? Remember Journalism 101--conflict of interest?

And yet you present Brian Deer, the person that filed the GMC complaint, as some sort of unbiased investigative reporter.

And what studies have you seen that show MMR is safe?

Do your homework next time.


Lauer kept talking over Dr Wakefield and that is complete bull shit. If you want to interview the man then let him speak. As he talked over Dr Wakefield he was trying to get some statements across like he had a canned script he was supposed to follow. He had to get in all in. He talked so that he was louder than Dr Wakefield. I love that Dr kept going no matter what Lauer said. I can't remember when I heard it but Matt came out in support of vaccines. He said his daughter, the one in the Sesame Street DVD's was vaccinated.
The best thing I heard...
"These parents aren't going away. Their children aren't going away. And I'm most certainly not going away." ~Dr. Andrew Wakefield


I agree with Doodle-- why give Dr Wakefield airtime at all. Few Americans even know who he is. Somebody at NBC must be sympathetic-- but they have to talk out of both sides of their mouths to placate the corporate overlords. I am glad I'm not a journalist.

A Mom

agreeing with doodle and gatagorra


Thank you as alway, Dr. Wakefield. We are so grateful and wish you only the best...

kathy blanco

Matt was obviously condescending from the get go, should I call you doctor? Well Matt, should we call you a REAL journalist? I mean, a REAL journalist takes no issue with sides, and listens to the proported truths, backs up if they don't understand and lets the guest explain themselves, and reinterates they have studied the facts at hand and can ask intelligiable, pressing questions without opinion. Not, lies. Not, here's my stance (by my sponsers). Really Matt...are you really that dishonest and sheepled? Why am I not surprised? MSNBC, CBS, and ABC have never really wanted to admit their wrong...but in this case, they are so wrong and far left, they know it....and God help the sheeple of the America to know the difference between this propogandist piece, and the real truth, the science, that has been duplicated across this great land, and in canada, which just put out studies on this. Where are the proported studies Matt is speaking of, epidemiological, that's a study? I can only hope that the numerous vaccines don't cause autism sound bites are coming off as, we can't tell you they do, because our sponswers wouldn't like us to destroy their businesses. I think people saw the integreity of Dr Wakefield, and saw the foolish naivety of Matt. We are so on to them, and they are up against a wall...so apparent..so apparent.


"There must be a name for what Lauer is doing by keeping the issue alive, allowing the "insurrectionist" to be heard saying such things as "vaccines cause autism", while appearing to toe the party line. "

I totally got that point also. The way to silence dissent is to actually silence it, not give it airtime. Someone at NBC is carefully pacifying the advertisers while subverting the message. Maybe it's Matt, or maybe someone higher up, but either way NBC is being very crafty in their handing of the story. It's not deserving of a medal or anything though.


The video was moved: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/37312715#37312715

There must be a name for what Lauer is doing by keeping the issue alive, allowing the "insurrectionist" to be heard saying such things as "vaccines cause autism", while appearing to toe the party line.

I suspect the reason that Dr. Wakefield is rarely shown speaking on the news in the UK is because the impact of his persona is so dangerously swaying that it carries far more weight than industry pundits like Deer (who comes off like a thug out of a Brian Ritchie film), Evan Harris (who comes off like a mimsy liar) and Paul Offit (who appears by contrast whiney or overwrought in turns).

Imagine you were a first time parent watching this video. What's the take-away message? I think the message is that the government has conceded that vaccines cause autism, that there's something to be cautious about. Lauer made noticably little effort to contest this point and the camera stayed on Dr. Wakefield while Wakefield uttered the historic words. That editing choice, in terms of what normally happens in industry-captured media, was no small thing.

What's too bad is that Dr. Wakefield was not allowed to go on to say the things he's typically said at conferences-- that vaccines as a concept should not be rejected but that more research is needed as to safety and ingredients. To leave that out is ultimately too polarizing.

Pamela Felice

Integrity and Determination...thank you Dr. Wakefield.

Donna K

I can't help but wonder if Matt Lauer's children are unvaccinated because he undoubtedly is aware of the complicity of the media in protecting an unsafe vaccine program and it is not so difficult to imagine that in response to protect his own children from infectious disease, he acts to maintain current vaccination levels, forcing other children to make the sacrifice.

If he were an honest television journalist or at least a journalist who was not beholden to some ideological agenda, this interview would have proceeded in a far different manner.

Because of his high profile in disseminating this public relations posture of vaccine safety, he WILL be held accountable when the truth cannot be denied any longer. The court of public opinion will then make its decision obvious; Matt Lauer, due to his own high public profile, will find himself a pariah on every shore.


The Today show is conducting an online poll...54.1% of the respondents say yes there is a link...

Today Show poll:

Do you think vaccines are related to autism?


Lisa @ TACA

Dr. Wakefield did an excellent job. While many folks don't like Matt Lauer - I found the interview WONDERFUL because Matt did what he did.

If it was a love fest it would not come off as credible.

Dr Wakefield was perfect. His responses were spot on. This was much better than the hour long Dateline piece from last August and included many key points ommitted from that broadcast.

Brillant. Thanks Dr Wakefield!


matt needs to hear from us. Last time he interviewed Andrew he didn't show his face on the show for two weeks. Weird. He use to be my favorite TV guy. But now... he's just a face getting paid to shovel sh%t


Seriously? We need to bring ALL of the families whom have children with Autism and stand in front of the today show...SEE THEIR FACES..HEAR THEIR STORIES.. we are fighting for their lives.. Dr. Wakefield is being shut up because he is speaking up! We love you for what you are doing!


Lauer seem to be doing a lot of posturing while Wakefield stood his ground and stayed cool. I think he was expecting to disarm Wakefield by attacking his credibility but no matter how hard they try they can't dissuade from the truth.

Wakefield is correct:

The fact is the US gov't has quietly settled have been thousands of vaccine injury court cases

The US gov't has conceded tha vaccines cause autism despite the public denials

Wakefield's study HAS been replicated

Inflammatory bowel diseae exists

The parents and Dr. Wakefield are not going away!

"It's just a bump on the road".. well said..thank you Dr. Wakefield for standing up for our kids


In our area, the entire network froze right in the middle of Wakefield talking about the birthday party. It never came back on for several minutes and when it did---commercial and no more discussions at all....


I just watched the Today Show piece and was thoroughly disgusted at Matt Lauer and his irresponsible approach to the Dr. Wakefield interview. He also tried to make Brian Deer look like a hero, while never seeming to question his conflicts of interest and cowardice throughout the entire ordeal. Unbelievable. I applaud Dr. Wakefield for staying strong and not letting Mr. Lauer have the only word. Congratulations Matt, Merck will be contacting you to act as their next "paid" spokesperson.

Alison MacNeil

Lauer's smarmy,saccharin tone really pressed my last nerve this morning.


Go Dr. Wakefield!!! I thought he got some good points across! No link between gut problems and autism, tell that to the thousands of parents using special diets to recover their kids. The one thing Matt Lauer, the today show and the government don't have is a group of supporting parents that will follow this thing to the end. Dr. Wakefield, the parents support you and we are not going away either!!

Jarod's family

They will NEVER destroy Dr. Wakefield's credibility in our house. My family, and its descendants will never forget what he has done for us.

Lila White

There is a special place in heaven waiting for Andrew Wakefield for his advocacy for our children. Just don't go claim that spot too soon Andy, our kids still need you here. Thank you ever so much for all you've done and for all you will continue to do. I have a recovered son thanks to you and others like you.


Lest we forget what's at stake:

"More than one in four insured children and nearly 30% of 10-19-year-olds were taking at least one prescription medication to treat a chronic condition in 2009, and the biggest increases were seen in the use of antipsychotics, diabetes and asthma treatments, according to the 2010 Drug Trend Report published by pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) Medco."--pharmatimes.com


Here is the message that I sent to Matt Lauer at the Today Show this morning. I would urge all of you to call or email the Today Show and demand to know precisely what studies he is referring to. He was obviously lying straight through his teeth. Makes me wonder what else he's lying about.

I was watching Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning, and he claimed to have seen studies involving "hundreds of thousands" of children that showed definitively no link between MMR, bowel disease, and autism. I have been studying and reading about this issue for several years, and I know of no large-scale studies of this magnitude that show any such thing. I was wondering if you could please provide references to the studies to which he was referring. I would really love to see these studies, and since I know that Matt Lauer never lies, especially on the air, I feel confident that they must exist. Somehow I have just overlooked them.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.


Thank you Dr. Wakefield! Wish you'd had more time on the air, but I'm sure your message reached many people, and your book will reach many more. I loved the "bump on the road" comment. You give us parents tremendous hope that someone in the medical community is actually taking the suffering of millions of children seriously. Sometimes it's so hard to keep swimming against the tide. You and your important work give many of us the strength we need to continue this fight. If you were to give up now, it would be like another giant kick in the gut. We parents would get up again (we will never give up on these kids), but it would be a huge, very painful blow. Please keep going. You are making a difference, and the truth will eventually be revealed. Thank you so very much for everything you do!!!

The research IS there - proves the link

My heart is heavy.

Why did I hope that Matt Lauer would appear to be neutral?

I only hope that the educated public is inspired to do their own research.

Thank you to Dr. Wakefield for being able to express so much clearly and calmly. Thank you for carrying on for the people affected.

Mercury Dad

As always, Dr. Wakefield was brilliant, countering the lies spewed by the obviously biased Matt Lauer. Thank you, Dr. Wakefield for seeing this as a bump in the road and continuing with your vital research!


I will continue to pray for the protection of Dr. Wakefield. No human being on earth, that I'm aware of, carries such a weight upon their shoulders.

Tim Kasemodel

Matt Lauer is either a flaming moron or a flaming liar.

He stated that he seen studies of "hundreds of thousands of children that did not replicate [Wakefields] study".....

That is because the studies that looked at "hundreds of thousands of children" did not look for bowel disease.

Lauer knows exactly what the situation is, so just like Alison Singer, is both - flaming moron AND flaming liar.

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