Katie Wright: An Autism Mom Goes to IMFAR
Read Dr. Wakefield's Full Story in Callous Disregard from Skyhorse Publishing

Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Dateline NBC Tonight

Watch dateline NBC tonight to hear more from Dr. Wakefield, and don't forget to order his book "Callous Disregard" available at Amazon now. Check your local NBC channel for time.

Just saw a comment that Laura and Tim Kasemodel will also be on dateline with their son tonight.

Sorry for the not so pretty post. I'm in a car on the way home after landing in NY.

It was great to meet so many of you at Autism One. See you at the NAA conference in November. KS


LJ Goes

I posted this on FB, didn't know where to put the rage.

Dear Facebook Friends, As this sacred week in Autism history draws to a close please tolerate this, the last of my disconsolate posts regarding autism, vaccines, and the media--delivered in the spirit of Sex in the City. When you youtube Sunday night's dateline I implore you...look at the shoes. Matt Lauer...Andy Wakefield...Matt Lauer...Andy Wakefield. Who is fighting for our children and who is defending a clothing allowance worth more than most folks make in a year? Just a little input from a former Nordy's trunk show shopper turned vax-injured mom. A brief note to Dateline follows:

Dear Dateline,
Please know that these attempts on your part to suppress real science and condemn Dr. Wakefield are of little value. Those of us, opting for delayed schedules and demading real proof (real studies) from the CDC and AAP, are educated, successful, critical thinkers. We have actually read the hand outs we were given at the time of vaccination (albeit too late to spare our own children). The hand outs that tell us to call the governing body that we will be opposing in court if we "want to learn more" about our child's "brain reaction" or "seizures, jerking or staring". This suggestion is a tad like instructing american military forces to call up Al-Qaeda and say, "We're not sure about something. Did you attack us on 9-11? If so we were hoping you could help us formulate a plan of attack against you."

We know the truth. It is no mistake that you are running this propaganda during the release of Dr. Wakefield's book and his multiple appearances in the US. Your correspondent, Matt Lauer, again referenced the phantom studies that prove vaccines do not cause autism without naming the studies, citing the studies, or interviewing the panel of doctors, patent holders, and scientists who reviewed "the studies".

Instead of showing us the facts Matt played on the emotions of the viewing public by showing footage of a young patient at Thoughtful House. The profile of this family was utterly condescending and an inappropriate act of image manipulation. We all got the point: Poor family cannot accept their violent boy is not in pain. he is simply retarded. Well-intended parents just want to believe.

It is the american public who needs to believe their government (the very body they will oppose in vaccine court if their child is injured) has their best interest at heart. We know better Dateline. Please do your part and actually read the science, discover who Eric Fombonne is and DO YOUR JOB. Put the investigation back into investigative reporting.

Best Regards,

LJ Goes


I have to say this was the least biased report
I have seen so far, and I tried to be very objective.

Dr. Wakefield was able to answer the most outrageous claims made about him personally.

I think this show is going to open many eyes and here's why.

Dr Wakefield simple comes across as very sincere, honest, caring, educated and creditable. He remains calm and surprisingly non defensive.

Paul Offit comes across as arrogant, condesending, someone on a witch hunt, angry, and self righteous.

I think it infuriates Offit that wakefield
is so "likeable" and his anger and frustration over that shows.

Furthermore, the statements Offit makes are actually easy for most people to research and see that he is really being less than honest.

I am betting The " Offit Camp" is less than thrilled with Dateline, and realize this is going to be bad PR for them.


No mention of pig virus in Offit's vaccine...

B's mom

It closed with the statement , vaccines do not cause autism. It reminded me a bit of "guns don't kill people, people do". What causes autism given this train of thought, the pediatrician's offices? Who is ultimately responsible for making that decision to pull the trigger. We as parents were bullied into feeling stupid if we questioned the safety, in fact my doc used to hand me the vial and say, "read it", don't blame me. My daughter experienced something far worse, "sign this , we gave him hep b". My daughter , like Danielle, in her post, didn't know, she actually believed the thimerosal was "out", now her nine year old suffers moderate autism, her toddler has no vaccines and while he's healthy and normal, we all live in dread of one of those preventable diseases. What then, jail time?


This seems like the same show I saw last year in 2009. They mentioned all the conflicts of interest Dr. Wakefield supposively has but they do not mention anyone else's conflict of interest. Very unfair. Plus Dr. Wakefield is right on. I will add I believe all the vaccines are contributing forces that cause auto immune problems. We'll throw in the environment as well to add to the toxicity problems. I'm still waiting for the study that proves these vaccines are safe in the combination they are giving our kids. Very strange my older boys who received 7-11 vaccines by age 5 are just fine. But my daughter 22 vaccines by age 2 isn't doing so well. Neither am I>

Danielle Mancini

Thank you Dr. Wakefield for "waking up" the world. If I knew this information 9 years ago, I honestly believe my son would be fine today. Instead, we fight the battle each and everyday to recover him from something that was so preventable. I have yet to vaccinate my second 5 year old son and he is perfect! Future parents and those with newborns opt for an alternative vaccine schedule. Don't allow yourselves to be bullied by an industry that only knows what they have been taught, not what they have lived first hand.


Dr. Wakefield was given more time to speak and most of his comments were not left on the cutting room floor for a change but they did a poor job of interviewing families that have really been helped by Wakefield's work.

Again, NBC relied on the same old science you always see on these programs about Autism and Vaccines - the Denmark and Finland studies and Dr Offit. They have yet to look into the incestuous relationships that occur between pharma, FDA, CDC, Dr's and scientists in the US. It's no different than the crooked relationships and approval processes that led to the BP oil disaster. I'm sure NBC will be all over that one!


As a family member of an autistic child, and a nurse, I understand the feelings of helplessness parents feel, in trying to educate physicians, who too often dismiss the MMR vaccination theory--and the brain/gut connection issue. Not that they have any answers--just that they're sure Dr Wakefield is wrong.
It makes sense to me that if a child has an immune system sensitivity, he or she may be overwhelmed by the injection of THREE different attenuated germs, simultaneously. Unable to detoxify this, the germs enter a bloodstream, and circulate into a developing brain.
MMR is not unacceptable for any other reason, than it is an overwhelming attack on a child's body..and should be ON a 3 separate vaccination schedule.


I was sorry to see Dateline do such a biased report. We have a medical hierarchy which for the last century has been little more that the drug outlet extension for the pharmaceutical industry, which in turn is nothing more than the medical arm of the Chemical industry. The medical establishment has never tolerated any REAL discoveries or innovations that in any way might pose a threat to its profitability and exclusivity. There is no industry or profession where the top leadership is more corrupt to the core. Investigative research reveals a hundred years of "Genius Attacked and Therapies Denied", with the result that mankind has been deprived of its most brilliant scientists and physicians and their innovative revolutionary insights.
DECLARING that there is no link between vaccinations and neurological and immune damage is preposterous. How many live bodies do they need before the obvious is acknowledged? And blaming the escalation of autism on genetics is equally preposterous. Where were these genes 50 years ago when the incidence was 1 in 10,000 instead of 1 in 70?
The most shocking reality is that the autism-vaccinations link denials are blanket statements that have NO research studies to back them up. They are "scientific fraud by decree".
Dr Offit - who seems to be the pro-vaccine spokesman -is the biggest fraud walking - bought and paid for - and he knows it, and you know it!
As few more programs like this piece of yellow journalism and the public won't believe ANYTHING that comes down the medical/media pipeline from "officialdom".
In the meantime, our children are being lead to slaughter by the thousands. But when there are the profits of a fraudulent industry to protect, what do expendable children matter? A blind man can see that infant vaccinations have devastated the health of our youngest generation. Welcome to the age of entrenched corruption in science/medicine from the top down.
If we had a few more Dr. Wakefields, we might actually begin to address the medical quagmire that had engulfed our civilization - wrapped in fraud and corruption through and through.
Let's end this ridiculous witch-hunt, stop judging science in a courtroom, and permit scientific freedom, as contrasted with the arbitrary regulatory license to eradicate.
Why don't you report that Dr. Koch gave us the science and the Therapy in 1930 that threatened to made vaccines redundant. He was assassinated by Big Pharma. Wakefield is just their latest targeted sacrifice.


Okay, for a change I am glad I watched. It was almost unbiased,a and probably as good as it is going to get. I remember the clips of the Kasemodel's from before. Great job!! Was Callous Disregard shown? of course Profit's book was.(rolling eyes)
Having just finished Callous Disregard, I am so pleased to say how wonderfully written the book is and look forward to sharing the multi copies with friends and foes:) I have a challenge for a doctor I work with to read a copy I purchased for him. I wouldn't have brought to topic up with him again, he certainly took the "other side"...but he went out of his way to mention seeing Dr wakefield on the Today show...and so, well, he brought it up:) And being quite and honest guy, I think he will honestly put his money where his mouth is. This is neat...the book is concise and I may FINALLY see a change of heart in a physician. I told him to read it and think of his future grandchildren. Honestly, I even told him not to share his post reading opinion, as I want him to have no pressure where I am concerned. If he won't make a public stand,I believe he will make a private one. Just an inch, not a mile, but hey, maybe a child or two saved.

Cynthia Cournoyer

They mentioned Brian Deere's book, but I don't remember the mention of Wakefield's new book. Did I miss it?


The Dateline show was a simple "cut and paste" selection of clips made from NBC scraps of previous interviews.

Matt Lauer seemed concerned of where some research money came from...

It would have been nice if Mr. Lauer would have mentioned how much money NBC was paid for Vioxx ads over the years.... and if NBC ever returned some of those funds to those who died from that fine product...

Martin Cowen

The best way to suppress our story is to keep silent about it. Dr. Wakefield was given a lot of time during this one hour special to tell our/his story and he was very effective. This Dateline special was very helpful to our cause, ultimately.

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