Friday Night Spa Night and Karaoke At Autism One Generation Rescue Conference
Harris Poll Shows Majority Support Parental Vaccination Choice, Say Pharma Has Too Much Influence


Louise Kuo Habakus

The impact of the rally is only just beginning to be felt. The number of attendees is only one way to evaluate its influence. We had 350 people in Grant Park on a Wed late afternoon, and about 2,000 watching online. There were nearly 400 live connections and many people were watching in groups. I heard that over 50 people gathered at the NJ satellite. Steve Janak also reported that many hundreds watched afterwards. USTREAM continued to run the event on its home page, even after the rally ended.

There are many ideas in the works. Please share your feedback.

I'll be sending out a newsletter with more observations about the event. If you'd like to keep in touch, please join our mailing list.

Thank you for your support. It matters.


This is just the beginning , it is time the medical establishment realised as Dr Wakefield says THE CHILDREN ARE NOT GOING AWAY AND I AM NOT GOING AWAY and i as a parent of an Autistic child am certainly not going away


I never thought of that aspect from my kids' perspective before, i.e., before bringing it up with them. You raised a really pertinent point. However, I have told my kids that whatever they have is likely related to heavy metal exposure, in one way or another. One of the outcomes is that our older sons are interested in studying Life Sciences and ways of reclaiming earth that has been damaged through various current processes/industries. I am happy that they are interested in that endeavour, but I have also reminded them to keep themselves safe in whatever work environment they find themselves in.


Supporters in the woodwork are actually a positive thing, sometimes. They remind me of queen ants which squeezed their way out of a planter near my school.
One weird spring afternoon, teachers were all of a sudden having to dissuade students from stomping on rather large ants which were crawling their way through to the outside of the planter, and finally taking off, flying through the air, once they had enough air in their bodies again.
Even though Dr. Wakefield has been stomped on by media and people who know nothing about what he is all about, there are enough of us around to make sure that he survives and that his message and studies survive as well. He does well enough on his own, but it does not hurt to have supporters to help snuff out the crap from the detractors, who have their own dubious agendas in many cases.
All my best to Dr. Wakefield,...


Congratulations to all of you who participated in this wonderfully positive event! I think Dr. Wakefield has more supporters in the woodwork, than he even realizes!


Approximately how many people were there? I wish I could have been there! But most of us don't have travel expense accounts like the attendees of the Pharma conference down the street.


I adore Jake. I think the pic signifies a lot or perhaps he doesn't want the crazy nut job's out there seeing his face. I would have done the same thing Jake. Keep 'em guessing babe!
I LOVE the pic of DOCTOR Wakefield and the handing over of the balloon. What a sweet picture.
AND Looking good Teresa!!!!
Wish I could have been there. I'll keep fighting on the home front though.
Yea, Trace, you ever want to unload that book you know who to call!

Autism Grandma

Re: "Jake has a slew of supporters at Autism One"

Jake, we all owe you bigtime!!!!!

Autism Grandma

Dagnabit I missed the live feed and so I am hoping that video of this was taken and will be posted online for viewing. PLEASE tell me that this is true!!!

Hopefully,this must have been recorded because people really need to hear the message of these expert speakers. Maybe Autism One will post this?

Joan Campbell

I watched the live stream and I was delighted to see you have this event. The speakers were all excellent and I posted the link on various facebook sites so people could enjoy it as well. Keep up the good work everyone.


Ha Ha Benedetta!! Not a chance! I am going to cherish my signed book! Not sure if this made the difference but I bought it through the book website instead of amazon. I had a grin from ear to ear when I opened that book today!


Trace, now your copy is all written on and you probably don't like people writing in books, so I am willing to trade you my copy from Amazon when I get it (brand new). In my New copey nobody has written in it like yours. Is it a deal? Am I not kind?


Thank you to everyone who attended. Wish we could have been there! And Thank you to Dr. Wakefield. I recieved my copy of Callous Disregard today and I was delighted to see that Dr. Wakefield had signed the inside cover. What a wonderful personal note from a doctor whom I admire and respect so much. I can't wait to read it!


Unfortunately we had to travel earlier in the month already and could not swing it twice. But my heart was there! I keep trying to do the live streaming for the conferences but haven't quite got it figured out yet. Not quite as technical as some, I guess :(

Alison MacNeil

I watched the rally on the live feed and I was really impressed with the speakers. Louise is amazing, so articulate. I was blown away by the recovered adolescent who spoke. Gave me such hope. Can't wait to get out to Chicago. Hope the after party was brilliant.


Thank you for standing there. We are in Texas. Hard to travel


How many people did show up?


I am hoping more people showed up than what the pics look like. I wish that our finances allowed for time off work nad travel to these events! And I know that I ma not alone on that:)
Thanks to everyone who was able to attend!!


Jake has a slew of supporters at Autism One. But imagine how it feels for those with Asperger's and HFA as they learn that maybe this diagnosis isn't a purely genetic situation? Maybe it "happened" to them? It explains some of the intense anger and backlash we see from them. It must be breathtaking to realize that maybe life didn't have to be so challenging, despite the upside many feel and see from their diagnosis.

Bad apple

Ack it scares me to see how lonesome Jake looks there. I hope he didn't feel as lonesome as he looked. Love ya Jake -- same as I do Wakefield. Hang in there.

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