Alison Singer Mispeaks at Yale: Flaming Moron or a Flaming Liar?
Separate Study Shows Gluten/Casein Free Diet Can Help in Autism

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Oh woe is me, I am such an easily mislead and misguided parent. I am so very confused I don't know which way to turn. So, please enlighten me Ms.Singer. 1) The Doctors. a) Am I to blindly trust my doctor and the scientists when they tell me to just vaccinate my child, they are safe, there is no risk? b) Or were they correct when they told me my child was hopeless, there were no known treatments or causes and I was just suppose to set up my living will and take her home and love her until I had to institutionize her to protect her and myself from injury. Which recomendation from my doctor should I follow or should I educate myself and make the best decision for MY CHILD??? Oh wait, should I just listen to my doctor when he is wrong or when he is right and how will I know? Is he right when others make money off of us, is that the measurement? 2. Special Diet a) If I put my child on a special and healthy diet am I a misguided gullible if not ignorant parent putting my child at untold risk with unproven theories? Or b) If I drug my child up with the latest off list prescription for anti-psychotics or anti-depressants but prescribed by a doctor am I then unquestioned in my actions and get Mother of the Year? Which one of us is really dilusional and misguided on that one? 3. Treatments a) If I treat my child's Autism with diet, vitamins, HBOT or chelation does it mean I refuse to accept my child as she is and have unhealthily been unable to accept my fate in life? Does this mean I don't really love my child?

b) If I think about infanticide and even perhaps in tandem with suicide am I then a better parent? Do you love and accept your child more? Oh I am so confused. I thought it was I who accepted my child and loved her because I never gave up on her, I never accepted the gloom and doom predictions and never set the bar at the horribly low level you seem to have set. So, let's move on, I have so many questions. You have me so overwhelmingly confused. 4. Weight of Science a.) If Wakefield only studied 12 kids, that's not real science? b.) If your side studies only 14 kids, and says the GFCF diet doesn't work, then that is final, the debate is over, and the weight of science is now on the side that the diet doesn't work despite thousands of success stories that have never been investigated or studied? I just want to be clear on that one. This next one is really important to me so I would really like your clarification. 5. Recovery a.) If my child recovers (yes with all the snake oil money could buy) to the point of losing the diagnosis, excelling in school, and making many friends am I to assume she was misdiagnosed despite the original melt-downs, self-injury, non-verbal, flapping, rocking, etc.? You get the picture. Or the treatments had nothing to do with it and she would have reccovered anyway? (Sorry for the multi-part question) b.) If you do ABA and your child makes progress it was the ABA all the way baby, no doubt cause and affect? Can you make that observation yourself as a mother or do you need an expert to tell you that ABA is helping your child? Remember, your observations are antectdotal and don't count on account that you are a mother. 6. Other Disabilities a.) Are we the only parents who watched our perfectly normal children plunged into their disability immediately following an assault on their immune system? b.) or are only Autism parents looking for scapegoats because of our obviously bad autism genes while parents of children with down syndrome or cerebral palsey just sanely accept their lot in life? Please tell me Ms. Singer if I have it all right? 1 in 5000 with polio...Bad? 1 in 100 with Autism...Good? Infectious diseases...Bad? Life long debilitating and life shortening diseases...Good? Parents sounding alarm over obvious epidemic...Bad? CDC denying obvious epidemic...Good? Parents asking if Poling case might have been the answer to Autism...Bad? CDC secretly holding phone conferences because they think so too, while telling the public it is an anomaly...Good? Parents blaming vaccines...Bad? Doctors and scientists ignoring eye-witness testimony...Good? Doctors offering families hope, compassion, and treatments...Bad(snake oil salesmen or charlatan)? Doctors offering the opposite(or drugs)...Good(the real compassionate ones that have kids best interests at heart)? Parents sounding the alarm that the 3/4 of a million kids with Autism are going to bankrupt our nation and make the baby-boomer retirement look like a child's piggy bank...Bad? Ignoring the problem until our children are forced into institutions or on the streets...Good? Sorry if this was too many questions for you Alison, it is just that you had me so confused. I still haven't figured out how "we don't know" is translated into "the science is clear". You are setting out to convince others from your basement and your blood money pulpit that you are the rational one, the logical, sane, and compassionate one. I beg to differ. Now I have a headache, so I better call my doctor and get a prescription for some heavy duty narcotics because I am obviously incapable of deducing that previously lying down for a while and closing my eyes made the headache go away. What hogwash, uneducated and antectdotal drivel have I fallen victim to? Must be all my bad genes.



Darn good comment!


Love it how you wrote it !!!

Kendra Pettengill

Thank you, I am honored. But I am really happy because I don't own an A of A T-shirt yet and you never know when you need one to show up at the next rally or protest. Thanks to A of A for keeping the news in front of us every single day. I rely on you to let me know what is happening and cherish all the views and insights into that news by the writers and the comments that follow.

michael framson

The "Comment of the Week" provides such a great opportunity to review, and absorb even more, than we believe we are capable.

Kendra your comment is powerful and an indictment of all that has gone wrong.

Thank you for sharing with us the might of your sword.


I would definately have chosen anything over autism. At least she would have had a fighting chance. Great article and loved the sub article featuring and starring Dr. Boyd Haley.

B's mom

Wonderful sentiments within your writing! It's so true, we are all to be dismissed as adled.My daughter sent this to me this morning...40,000 well unvaccinated children in one practice.

Autism Grandma

Kendra, your sarcastic wit is priceless!!! You covered all the bases with this. Amen Sister to every word you wrote. I vote that we replace Alison Singer with Kendra:)

Kendra's comments are a great example of why I love reading the comments at AoA as much as the articles.

If the journalists and commentators on AoA were running the show at the CDC we wouldn't be in this mess, now would we???!!!


Bravo ! I don't think it could have been said better, or with as much entertainment value.
I only managed to watch the last part of Singer's " scientific talk" and it was maddening. Thanks for your light hearted retort. It calmed me, when I needed an intelligent voice.
Great choice for comment of the week.


Wow! Definitely the winner!

Lila White

Couldn't have said it better. Excellent piece!


Good choice!

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