UK General Medical Council: "Professor Murch is Free to Continue Unrestricted Medical Practice."
UK General Medical Council: "Dr. Andrew Wakefield's Name Should Be Erased From the Medical Register"

Come Support Dr. Andrew Wakefield at NBC's Today Show!

AndrewWakefieldG_468x323 Matt Lauer will be interviewing Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor whose controversial paper ignited a media firestorm about autism, GI disease and the MMR vaccine, on NBC's The Today Show between 8:00am and 8:30pm EDT today Monday, May 24th.

Join us for a rally of support Monday morning at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. We suggest you arrive early! NBC is just steps away from Grand Central Station and a short cab ride from Penn Station. Make signs, and wear your Age of Autism T-shirt! (You do have one, don't you?) :) Click the headline of this post to generate a link you can send to your lists.

NBC Studio 1A
Rockefeller Plaza
(West 48th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues)
New York, NY 10112

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To learn more about Dr. Wakefield, visit his site Callous Disregard and read about him, the GMC proceeding and more in our Dr. Andrew Wakefield category here at AofA.


Patricia Cameron

My son was autistic.

I sent the information about the time, and place of his vaccines to the American Pediatric Association. No reply was given.

My child was healthy and under the supervision of hospital staff for the first two weeks of his life. He appeared healthy and could lift his head.

The day I brought him home from the hospital, he received the vaccinations.

Two days after I took him home, he developed a fever and was never the same.

It is easily discernable as to the responsibility of batches of vaccine.

It isn't a complicated method of proving or disproving cause. What is the medical and pharmaceutical associations afraid of, except loosing money?

Dr. Wakefield is a sane voice in the insane and greedy business oriented society.

Thank you Dr. Wakefield.

Patricia Cameron, J.D.


So they call Dr. Wakefields research unethical?? What about them using aborted fetuses in the making of the MMR vaccine? That's unethical, yet nothing is being done about that!!!


Thank you for standing up for our health, our future! Here in Alaska I was a young mom facing my first graders assault team: Alaska Native Medical Center, the Anchorage School Board, the nurse, the Center for Disease Control who all started vaccinating Alaska Native Children ONLY with the blood based Hepatitis B products WITHOUT PARENTAL KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. I was not aware for a year that my first grade son had been shot not once but three times between Jan and May the YEAR BEFORE! I was informed by a Radio Talk Show Host and his guest Speaker Mr. Fallalo Cain speaking about his experiences with the CDC Hepatitis B "campaign" in South Africa. I started reading, asking for studies and getting stalled for months by the very Doctor who studied ONLY 20 dead bodies from 12 villages in Alaska. From his focus on liver and drinking problems his outlandish results have resulted in many moms becoming knowledgable how these doctors and the medical profession cannot and must not be taken at first glance. Alaska Native Medical Center "pushes" vaccines onto new babies born in that "facility"...they want the baby to have at least 7 shots the very next day the baby is born! How can anyone know what is "normal" and what was caused by the vaccine products "growing=in=the=blood=stream"? Thank you to many many moms who have been educating each other. My son has experienced gut issues and I took him to a "private" doctor. I saw his nurses take the shipment of vaccines which come with the paper identifying the product, the information about the product and take each vial out of the container and toss the paperwork into the wastebasket. Three of them were talking and tossing out the information that needs to go into each mom's hands, into each childs own health file! The united States government pays a lot for the education that the medical profession receives and I would like to see the handbook that explains why you throw away medical information that belongs to each person who receives that product! By the way I just watched ABC Today Show and Matt was aggressively negative ...I would say he was in "attack" the validity of the man. Maybe its a case of denial....are Matt's children "vaccinated", are they facing potential changes in their bodies too? I pray for all the children and their parents!

Another concerned dad

Think the plan may backfire, not sure this will silence Dr Wakefield at all now that he is able to speak freely.
Hmm, concerned doctor or profit driven pharma…
I only hope the children come out the winners.

Terie Vass

I have little doubt that my son was damaged by the MMR vaccine 20 yrs ago. At the age of 3 I was told to find a "nice institution" for him before he "ruined" my other son, he was that bad. Refusing to believe there was no hope, I found a program in Washinton state, moved there and the results were amazing. At the age of 23, this young man who everyone wrote off at 3, is a fully functioing "normal" person. Sure he has little things that seem odd when he's stressed, but Autism if treatable! Early intensive intervention is the key to the puzzle.

Just an ordinary, everyday person from Australia

I, as an outsider watching into all of this, am a huge supporter of everyone on this site. I read the articles and the comments daily, even though my life has not been affected in any way by Autism.

I honestly wouldn't be too worried about Dr Wakefield being painted into a corner. People aren't stupid and they understand how the media operates. It will be easy to tell, even for laypeople, if the interview has been conducted in a biased way.

Wakefield doing this interview is a win win situation for your community, regardless of how he may be presented.

Appearing on NBC's Today Show is a massive public platform for Wakefield to get his message out. Millions of people will view it, and many of them will either be parents of, or in some way be related to or linked to parents of children with Autism.

A large majority of these children will be suffering from some kind of bowel issue, so Dr Wakefields message will be screaming out loud and clear (regardless of how he is treated by the interviewer).

This interview WILL help many, many children get help and relief from pain and on the road to recovery. Don't lose site of that. Have faith that people will see through the crappy interviewing techniques and then go on to help their children.

Keep going everyone! Don't get disheartened.


the last few words of the Wakefield paper.... simply asks for more research...

....We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In
most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.

One can only hope Mr. Lauer allows the truth to be stated on a few items.

Here would be five issues to have clearly on a screen behind Matt & Dr. Wakefield.

1) The measles virus, typed to the MMR vaccine strain, infects the gut of a certain number of children, who then have GI problems/ diarrhea for years... and also have Autistic issues.

2) The original "medical complaint" of Dr. Wakefield's research was made by a "journalist," NOT the PARENTS of children that he was trying to help. The journalist seems to have friends and money at big Pharma.

3) The "science" of the 1998 Wakefield paper has been replicated.

4) Thousands of MMR vaccine injury reports are currently on file with the CDC, awaiting trial.

5) Over 1.8 Billion dollars has been paid out by the US vaccine court since 1986. This could indicate some problems with the vaccine program.

5a) Dr. Offit will now demonstrate how to give a "liability free vaccine" contaminated with a pig virus, to an infant... (cut to Dr. Offit and Dr. Nancy...)

5b) the MMR is made by the Vioxx people...

Theresa O

Hey Benedetta... Ethics are a funny thing. In the legal system, judges with conflicts of interest might be expected to recuse themselves (or else potentially have their opinions reversed on appeal). Unfortunately, though, outside the legal system, people just declare their conflicts of interest (or not) and are permitted to continue to operate. Elsevier is a publisher wielding tremendous influence, but is not actually part of the legal system, so its decisions are not subject to anyone's appeal (except, haha, its advertisers'). Very sad. It boggles my mind that Wakefield's paying some friends of his sons a few bucks to donate blood makes him questionable in anyone's mind, whereas the GSK-Elsevier connection doesn't raise any eyebrows.

Sallie Elkordy

Proposed Legislation: “ALL VACCINES ARE BANNED”

My name is Sallie Elkordy and as a concerned parent, I have written legislation in response to constant legislative proposals to increase the number of Vaccines required of children (one NY State Assemblyman even had the gall to proposed 70 required vaccines for girls and 67 for boys up through the age of 18). None of us have the resources to combat each and every legislator's proposal, which may threaten our children's wellbeing, HENCE:

Proposed Legislation: "ALL VACCINES ARE BANNED" unless they can be scientifically proven to meet these two criteria: FIRST: DO NO HARM and SECOND: ARE BENEFICIAL TO THE RECIPIENT'S HEALTH. The burden of proof will now rest on the shoulders of those who would propose vaccines. Research to this end, must be conducted by those who do not stand to profit from the outcome.
Were these; the above criteria, established for the H1N1 Vaccine (Swine Flu Vaccine), it could never have even been offered (nor administered, nor mandated). Nor could Gardasil (HPV) have been offered or administered.

My view on vaccine choice: Vaccine "Choice" presumes that you are making an educated assessment as to whether the vaccine(s) offered are good for you or your children. Education is not enough, because it can't compete with the one-sided message the Main Stream Media is flooding the airwaves with. There will always be people who accept vaccines because of this; thereby, potentially paying a huge price for their ignorance. These ignorant people and their children must also be protected. Doctors cannot be relied upon to present a balanced perspective on these vaccines either (unfortunate, but true), so "choice" in it's truest sense, in the case of Vaccines, is not an accurate representation of the situation as it exists.

Note: Please refer to the National Vaccine Information Center ( for questions you may have about vaccines. This organization exists to inform parents and the general public about vaccine safety. Visit also Truth About Gardasil (.org), for the alarming realities of the HPV vaccine, currently being promoted for and injected into our daughters.


To your health!,
Sallie O. Elkordy

My daughter, Mary Elizabeth Elkordy and I have co-founded the PEACE PARTY (all caps, face book group), a N. Y. State Political Committee. Our mission: Peace, Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Respect. A Gubernatorial candidate will be running in NY and possibly elsewhere in an effort to gain ballot access for the 2012 Presidential elections. Redirecting the course that our country is headed, is the basic tenet of our actions. Please JOIN US!


Autism Grandma and Kathy Blanco, Is there no laws or rules of ethics againest this?


Go post a comment! Tell Brian Deer what you think of his sychophant ways.


Can't bring myself to watch the Today show. Not even for Dr. Wakefield.


People get on this and comment Brian Deer hit piece today in paper.


Wish I could be there... hoping Matt cares about children, has learned something new, and behaves himself. After the last airing of Matt and Andy (primetime), Matt didn't show his face at the Today Show for about two weeks. Be sure to join Andy on Facebook.

Autism Grandma

Followed the link provided by Kathy Blanco. Herr Crispin Davis is apparently the "Minister of Propaganda" for GlaxoSmithKline. "Knighted in 2004 for his services to the information industry." He received 86,000 British pounds in stock awards in 2008 from GSK, for whom he serves on the board as Director.
So this guy has a major obvious conflict of interest: GSK profits from the sale of MMR, and Herr Davis is Chief Executive Officer of the company which owns the Lancet, who retracted Dr. Wakefields study. Meanwhile he is Knighted for his services to the information industry, so I guess this means that this guy is addressed by the title "Sir" Davis. So Britain, the same ally that fought against the Nazis in WWII, is now embracing Nazis and giving them royal titles.

Here's the Bio and his financial compensation as listed at Forbes link:

Crispin Davis

Chairman of the Board; Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Reed Elsevier Group PLC
Reed Elsevier NV
Amsterdam , NL
Sector: SERVICES / Publishing - Periodicals
Officer since September 1999

Director , GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Sector: HEALTHCARE / Drug Manufacturers - Major

59 Years Old
Sir Crispin Davis was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Reed Elsevier Group plc, Reed Elsevier PLC and Reed Elsevier NV in September 1999. Knighted in 2004 for his services to the information industry. Non-executive director of GlaxoSmithKline plc. Prior to joining Reed Elsevier, was Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Group plc. From 1990 to 1993 was a member of the main board at Guinness plc, and Group Managing Director of United Distillers. Spent over 20 years at Procter and Gamble where he held senior positions in the UK and Germany, before heading up the North American Food Business.

Compensation for 2008
Salary £1,181,100.00
Bonus £1,074,801.00
All other compensation £29,246.00
Total Compensation £2,285,147.00

Director Compensation (GlaxoSmithKline PLC) for 2009

Fees earned or paid in cash £102,000.00

Director Compensation (GlaxoSmithKline PLC) for 2008

Stock awards £86,000.00

Director Compensation (GlaxoSmithKline PLC) for 2007

Fees earned or paid in cash $70,000.00

Director Compensation (GlaxoSmithKline PLC) for 2006

Fees earned or paid in cash $70,000.00

Director Compensation (GlaxoSmithKline PLC) for 2005

Fees earned or paid in cash $70,000.00


I'll be watching, but after the disaster that was Matt Lauer's last attempt at journalism with Dr. Wakefield, I will not be holding my breath.

Autism Grandma

Re Post by rileysmom: "if we gave Wakefield an honorary Knighthood?" YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

What a great idea. The Queen of England will not bestow upon Dr. Wakefield the honor he deserves because he dared to investigate bowel disease in autism and he dared to speak the truth about the connection to Britain's beloved MMR.

I vote YES, let's bestow the honor of Knighthood upon Sir Andrew at a convention. All we need is a sword tap on the left and right shoulder and presto he is honored by those who recognize his true courage in fighting our battles with the Dragon. And then when the truth finally entirely exposes the CDC, vaccine industry and the rest of them, we can send the sword over to them so that they can fall upon it.

kathy blanco

If you stand with Dr. Wakefield & want to help save our children from continued harm & disease, send this communication everywhere, including media & stand by for an important message & action alert. Please spread the word in this notice like wild fire;
"Let this notice serve as warning to all entities behind the orchestrated efforts of the witch hunt against Dr. Andrew Wakefield & his two colleagues, Dr. Walker & Dr. Smith, as well as the well being of our children. You had better think twice before trying to pull off another kangaroo court this coming Monday. You don't dare to take these good doctors licenses away because you don't want to meet our wrath you have been fueling. "We The People" are many & we will be watching. We will save our children by bringing them out of harms way, no matter what more you do to cover up the truth. We will be holding accountable every person we find who works to hold our children in harms way. You can all take that to your bank."

"CONFLICT OF INTEREST REVEALS REAL REASON WHY WAKEFIELD IS BEING ATTACKED: LANCET IN LEAGUE WITH GLAXO-SMYTHE KLINE (MMR VACCINE MANUFACTURER IN UK - GUILTY OF DISTRIBUTING CONTAMINATED MMR VACCINE IN 80's) - Sir Crispin Davis was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Reed Elsevier Group, (which owns The Lancet) in September, 1999. He is also: Non-executive director of GlaxoSmithKline

Heather Walker

The time of the rally is 8:00AM EST.


come on, when has the media, especially NBC every been decent?

After 1½ hours of fluff stories, they will paint him in a corner and then cut to a commercial. That will be followed by Dr Nancy with typical "studies refute" meme.


This would be a great time for Dr. Nancy and Dr. Offit to take eight on nine vaccines on the air at the same time.

The Hannah Poling mix would be fine.

The could take turns injecting each other, and it would be great for ratings for NBC,

I believe there are about 130 million doses of H1N1 vaccine left over....

Dan E. Burns

What time again please, AM or PM? Will the show be YouTubed?


A friend...yea, for sure. They'll make a nuisance of themselves. Everyone's got to be good at least ONE thing. I wonder if Orac will be funding their trip to NYC? Oooo, maybe the pharma industry will. I wouldn't put that past them at all.
I wish that I lived closer. Have my DVR set and can't wait to see Wakefield set the record straight. I'm so very proud of him. His tireless work, his intestinal fortitude! He has NEVER backed down. Much like this autism mom...he's got the balls to say what he says and MEAN it!
Unlike the Offit's of the world, this man has NEVER changed his mind. Never back tracked on ANYTHING he has studied or said. He is a champion for my son and thousands of others.
I wonder if it would piss off the Orac's trolls if we gave Wakefield an honorary Knighthood?


This could be the straw that breaks the back of the pharm/vaccine camel.

A Friend

Wish I lived closer .... :(

Too bad there isn't a way to show real-time virtual support for Dr. Wakefield.

Countdown to the Oracoweanies getting the word out to their "followers". 10-9-8-7 ....

(They probably already have... didn't check).

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