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Autism Science Foundation's Alison Singer: In Her Own Worlds

Cyprus hill By J.B. Handley
“Who you tryin’ to get crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm loco?”
-   Cypress Hill (See bottom of post.)
Alison Singer, President of a foundation based in her basement, recently spoke at the Yale Child Study Center. At about the 34-minute mark, her talk focused on our community, and why parents believe the things they believe.
I thought about writing a blistering piece commenting on all the things Ms. Singer said in her talk, but I think it’s far more compelling to simply quote Ms. Singer directly. So, the rest of this piece is Alison Singer, in her own words and in her own world, AoA readers can be the judge:
*     *     *
Alison Singer, speech at Yale Child Study Center, March 2010:
Given that so much of the science is clear and so much is unknown about autism, why is it that in society today parents in general are reluctant to believe the science and there continues to be this discord in the autism community regarding what we need to study, how we should study it, and how we should treat our children?
…I think there are the two key causative factors for why families have become distrustful [of health authorities]. One is the internet. On the internet all opinions are created equal. Anyone can post a blog, anyone can start a scientific journal online, anyone can now say, “Well this study was published in a scientific peer-reviewed journal.” You really have to look at who are the peers and where is the journal published. So, there’s definitely a lot of issues with the internet.
Then, there’s influence of the media and the cult of celebrity where in our society we have become more willing to trust celebrities than doctors.

…you really have to wonder about the sites that they’re [the parents] visiting. Are they sites like the Yale Child Study Center or NIH or CDC? Or, are they visiting sites with less reputable information that’s not scientifically based like, “marijuana cured my child’s autism, you should try it”?
I could talk about the media’s complicitness in this all day. 
One of the things that bothers me tremendously about the media…is something that Dr. Paul Offit has called the “fallacy of balance” which I have started to refer to as “casting” in the media.
The media feel compelled to show both sides, even when both sides are not supported by the weight of scientific evidence. So, as it regards specifically to the vaccine issue, although dozens of studies have failed to show any sort of causal link between autism and vaccines, when they report on a new study, the media feel compelled to show a parent who says, “Well, I think vaccines still cause autism.”
And, by showing two sides to the issue, it looks to the person watching that each side is equally meritorious. It also looks like half the parents feel one way and half the parents feel the other way, when in fact many times it’s very hard for CNN to find a parent who’ll say, “No, I’m not vaccinating my child because I still think it causes autism” – and this is what I’ve started to refer to as “casting”.
I will get calls from the media saying, “I need a mom in Idaho who has a child with autism and doesn’t vaccinate and I haven’t been able to find one.” And, my response is, “Well, maybe that should tell you something.”
But, they specifically will go out and call the advocacy groups and say, “Can you find me a dad who thinks vaccines cause autism?”
…In general, I think the media likes to defend the weak against the powerful. The media loves mavericks, they love people whose ideas are crazy or out there. They love to be anti-establishment. They love to say that they are taking on big pharma or they are taking on the government. They feel that their responsibility is to look out for the little guy.
…In this case, they’re really casting the parts incorrectly in that it is really the public health system that’s trying to protect our children. It’s the little guy who’s trying to make a buck off unsuspecting parents.
Anytime there’s a great piece on genetics research, you’ll see no coverage in the media. Anytime there’s any type of story that looks at mercury or vaccines, the media will be all over that.
…The media loves stories that cast the earth as this toxic environmental wasteland. That’s become very trendy. Everyone thinks we need to protect our environment and I’m not saying we don’t but some people take it to crazy extremes like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey who say, “We have to green our vaccines.” That’s a nice rhyming phrase, but what does that actually mean, to “green our vaccines”?
Vaccines are actually green. The only ingredients in vaccines are those that need to be there

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.



I try not to listen to Alison Singer. I try desperately to put my own head in the sand so I don't scream at my computer with disgust.
But for some reason, I had to read the quotes by Alison. Something in my heart was hoping she would say something that made sense to my brain. That simply didn't happen. My son was not only vaccine injured, but his doctors agreed that he "shouldnt receive any further vaccines". hmmm, why would they say that?? When my son was put under general anethesia for five hours and came out of surgery almost catatonic.. didn't anyone argue that it was the toxic and noxious chemicals used? Why didn't anyone tell me that I was naive? Why did the doctors say, "oops, we shouldnt use certain chemicals on certain children?" What makes vaccines any different? As soon as you inject toxins, chemicals, foreign bodies or clones of foreign bodies into the bodies of compromised children.. you're setting them up to fail. To mutate. To cause harm. Alison, you have no idea how much damage you are doing by espousing the trivia you call science as fact.
Now my heart and my brain are hurting.

Theodora Trudorn

Had to comment here.

In comparison to all the drugs I have been put on over the years, marijuana is nothing! Not to mention the fact that I have seen up close and personal just how much of a help it can really be to someone on the spectrum. Less meltdowns, weight gain (after severe decline), eye contact, major drop in anxiety.

In comparison the aderal given to me (despite the fact that heart problems is something that runs in my family and there is a history of trachnicardia from my mom)both has excellerated my heart to dangerous levels, trippled my anxiety, made me extremely irritable, enhanced my sensory issues a thousand fold (to the point of it being physically painful), and caused a serious dangerous weight drop.

The Zoloft took away all emotions. I turned into a mechanical robot not caring about anyone or anything around me. Went into severe depression, increased meltdowns, and the effect of those wonderful PTSD flashbacks.

Ritalin (which I had been put on at the young age of 8 and remained on till age 18) destoryed my stomach, caused yoyo weight loss problems, mood swings, and increased anxiety.

What does mj do? Give someone the munchies and make them giggle a little and then get sleepy? HOW AWFULL!!!!!!

But hey, pharma can't profit, so mj is bad for you mmm kay? Now be a good lass and take your anti-phsychotic med that has a history of increasing suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

*rolls eyes*

I'll take mj over that any day of the week!! I'm pretty sure most people would. Thier so called treatments didn't help me. It made me worse and gave me more medical problems to go with the AS and the PTSD. Reminds me of one of my favorite Metallica songs, Sanitarium.

Welcome to where time stands still
no one leaves and no one will
Moon is full, never seems to change
just labeled mentally deranged
Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors, No windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred

Sleep my friend and you will see
that dream is my reality
They keep me locked up in this cage
can't they see it's why my brain says Rage

Sanitarium, leave me be
Sanitarium, just leave me alone

Build my fear of what's out there
and cannot breathe the open air
Whisper things into my brain
assuring me that I'm insane
They think our heads are in their hands
but violent use brings violent plans
Keep him tied, it makes him well
he's getting better, can't you tell?

No more can they keep us in
Listen, damn it, we will win
They see it right, they see it well
but they think this saves us from our Hell

Sanitarium, leave me be
Sanitarium, just leave me alone
Sanitarium, just leave me alone

Fear of living on
natives getting restless now
Mutiny in the air
got some death to do
Mirror stares back hard
Kill, it's such a friendly word
seems the only way
for reaching out again.


According to Singer, the "two key causative factors" for public distrust of vaccines are the Internet and the influence of the media, celebrities and personalities.

She's forgetting one--people no longer trust pharmaceutical companies:

"Merck CEO Dick Clark told drug executives the pharmaceutical industry desperately needs to repair its current “trust deficit” with the public.

Over the past few years, the reputations of drug companies have gone further and further into the toilet as drugs like Merck’s Vioxx and Pfizer’s Bextra have been pulled from the market and drugs like Celebrex have earned black box labels for serious safety threats; the widespread use of medical ghostwriters and fabricated clinical trials has come to light; companies from Forest to Pfizer have been discovered to be profiting from off-label marketing; and the extent of doctor perks from drug companies has begun to be disclosed."

And, Alison, it's the drug companies who have been busted for creating phony scientific journals. The drug companies.


"It's up to us to weigh all of the information given to us, whether it be a politician, well paid pharmaceutical 'scientist', blogger or mom next door... we have to take it all in, hold it up next to our own children and see what fits and what doesn't."

Bravo - put another way, one size does not, never will, fit all....


Appears that Allison has been forgetting to take her Risperdal!


Kim, Kendra should have the comment of the week. Or Gramma Knows. I'm split between the two.

Amy in Idaho

Kendra - if I ever meet you in person, drinks are on me :)


Alison Singer "needs to know what causes autism".

Do you really mean that, Alison? Do you really, really, REALLY want to know what causes autism?

Well Alison, close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine that day, that moment, when we do find out what causes autism. Be it a single gene (that can be silenced, or its faulty products modified), an infectious agent (that can be suppressed, silenced, or completely fought off), a toxic agent (that can be removed, and damage to neurons repaired). Or any combination of those causes (that can be addressed through combined treatments).

And then ops, it turns out that that thing that causes autism is suppressed /silenced/attenuated/aleviated by THOSE VERY THINGS "that do not work". Those very treatments that have been used by us "naive parents" for decades now. The treatments that your daughter has been denied, through your denials.

I imagine all the fuses in your confused little mind will blow off that day. Bzzzzzbzzzbbzzzz....


Poor thing, she's not getting much sleep. Her daughter only sleeps from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., and even when she's sleeping Allison worries and doesn't rest well. She should take her daughter to Dr. Kartzinel -- he could cure her daughter of her sleeplessness, and then maybe cure Allison of her blindness.

Autism Grandma

Re: Post by: Bob Moffitt

"it's a little scary for me to see our children are being put through these untested,untried treatments .. because .. at the end of the day .. this is our children (SHOWS PHOTOS OF CHILDREN - this is not our children (SHOWS PHOTO OF GUINEA PIG) and they deserve to be treated better than to be a guinea pig for individuals who think giving marijuana is a treatment."

What's the real scoop on Alison Singer; What actually led to her committing Mutiny on the Bounty and turning redcoat becoming the Benedict Arnold of the Autism Prevention and Recovery Community? This fact combined with every statement she makes tells me that she is in dire need of a Psych Evaluation. Any decent therapist would recognize that she is Projecting the Blame for the behavior of the Medical Community onto the Autism Recovery Community. The absolute reality is that our children are the GUINEA PIGS of the status quo medical community: First the vaccine guinea pigs and then the autism "treatment" guinea pigs. Their big solution is drugs and more drugs, dangerous toxic brain damaging psych drugs. Oh yes, it's perfectly logical and medically correct to prescribe psych drugs to brain damaged autistic children, but it's "dangerous" to give our children Methyl B12, Glutathione, Probiotics, Enzymes and other nutritional supplements which are contributing to their improvements and recovery.

Ms. Singer, you infuriate me. You falsely claim that the Autism Recovery Community is advocating "marijuana", which is an illegal drug, however although we in fact are not and never have advocated this as a treatment for our children, this drug pales in comparison to the toxic legal pharmaceutical drugs given to vulnerable children with autism. Look up the side effects for psych meds prescribed for autism in the Physicians Desk Reference for God's sake!!! In reality it is YOU and those you represent who are advocating dangerous drugs for autism so called "therapies". Therefore YOU are advocating the use of "marijuana" NOT US. Regarding this, your techniques of reverse psychology and projecting the blame are obvious to us. You are in fact "the pot calling the kettle black"!!!

What was indeed the instigating factor that sent you voluntarily walking the plank and jumping ship into these shark infested waters? Do you really believe you are capable of Swimming with the Sharks? Do the financial benefits really compensate you for becoming the latest "Poster Mother" for the Pro Vaccine propaganda?

Re: Post by: angie "The bottom line is this-- if you really want to know what the “reluctance” is Ms. Singer-- People are afraid to trust the science because there is no science. We KNOW that. What you call a study I call a joke." AMEN

Kelli Ann Davis

To Alison:

My only comment to you: Think long and hard about the eternal ramifications of what you are doing.


You couldn't give me enough money to trade places with you. I suggest you look hard at the motivations behind what you are doing because it seems to me PRIDE, DENIAL and GREED are a big part of that equation.


Kendra Pettengill

Oh woe is me, I am such an easily mislead and misguided parent. I am so very confused I don't know which way to turn. So, please enlighten me Ms.Singer.
1) The Doctors.
a) Am I to blindly trust my doctor and the scientists when they tell me to just vaccinate my child, they are safe, there is no risk?
b) Or were they correct when they told me my child was hopeless, there were no known treatments or causes and I was just suppose to set up my living will and take her home and love her until I had to institutionize her to protect her and myself from injury.

Which recomendation from my doctor should I follow or should I educate myself and make the best decision for MY CHILD??? Oh wait, should I just listen to my doctor when he is wrong or when he is right and how will I know? Is he right when others make money off of us, is that the measurement?

2. Special Diet
a) If I put my child on a special and helthy diet am I a misguided gullible if not ignorant parent putting my child at untold risk with unproven theories? Or
b) If I drug my child up with the latest off list prescription for anti-psychotics or anti-depressants but prescribed by a doctor am I then unquestioned in my actions and get Mother of the Year?

Which one of us is really dilusional and misguided on that one?

3. Treatments
a) If I treat my child's Autism with diet, vitamins, HBOT or chelation does it mean I refuse to accept my child as she is and have unhealthily been unable to accept my fate in life? Does this mean I don't really love my child?
b) If I think about infanticide and even perhaps in tandem with suicide am I then a better parent? Do you love and accept your child more?

Oh I am so confused. I thought it was I who accepted my child and loved her because I never gave up on her, I never accepted the gloom and doom predictions and never set the bar at the horribly low level you seem to have set. So, let's move on, I have so many questions. You have me so overwhelmingly confused.

4. Weight of Science
a.) If Wakefield only studied 12 kids, that's not real science?
b.) If your side studies only 14 kids, and says the GFCF diet doesn't work, then that is final, the debate is over, and the weight of science is now on the side that the diet doesn't work despite thousands of success stories that have never been investigated or studied?

I just want to be clear on that one.

This next one is really important to me so I would really like your clarification.

5. Recovery
a.) If my child recovers (yes with all the snake oil money could buy) to the point of losing the diagnosis, excelling in school, and making many friends am I to assume she was misdiagnosed despite the original melt-downs, self-injury, non-verbal, flapping, rocking, etc.? You get the picture. Or the treatments had nothing to do with it and she would have reccovered anyway? (Sorry for the multi-part question)
b.) If you do ABA and your child makes progress it was the ABA all the way baby, no doubt cause and affect?

Can you make that observation yourself as a mother or do you need an expert to tell you that ABA is helping your child? Remember, your observations are antectdotal and don't count on account that you are a mother.

6. Other Disabilities
a.) Are we the only parents who watched our perfectly normal children plunged into their disability immediately following an assault on their immune system?
b.) or are only Autism parents looking for scapegoats because of our obviously bad autism genes while parents of children with down syndrome or cerebral palsey just sanely accept their lot in life?

Please tell me Ms. Singer if I have it all right?

1 in 5000 with polio...Bad?
1 in 100 with Autism...Good?
Infectious diseases...Bad?
Life long debilitating and life shortening diseases...Good?
Parents sounding alarm over obvious epidemic...Bad?
CDC denying obvious epidemic...Good?
Parents asking if Poling case might have been the answer to Autism...Bad?
CDC secretly holding phone conferences because they think so too, while telling the public it is an anomaly...Good?
Parents blaming vaccines...Bad?
Doctors and scientists ignoring eye-witness testimony...Good?
Doctors offering families hope, compassion, and treatments...Bad(snake oil salesmen or charlatan)?
Doctors offering the opposite(or drugs)...Good(the real compassionate ones that have kids best interests at heart)?
Parents sounding the alarm that the 3/4 of a million kids with Autism are going to bankrupt our nation and make the baby-boomer retirement look like a child's piggy bank...Bad?
Ignoring the problem until our children are forced into institutions or on the streets...Good?

Sorry if this was too many questions for you Alison, it is just that you had me so confused. I still haven't figured out how "we don't know" is translated into "the science is clear". You are setting out to convince others from your basement and your blood money pulpit that you are the rational one, the logical, sane, and compassionate one. I beg to differ.
Now I have a headache, so I better call my doctor and get a prescription for some heavy duty narcotics because I am obviously incapable of deducting that previously lying down for a while and closing my eyes made the headache go away. What hogwash, uneducated and antectdotal drivel have I fallen victim to? Must be all my bad genes.


Singer talks about "the Science on their side" over and over.

Do they still not understand that they have no damn Science, only bullshit epidemology from a few bankrupt HMO's ??

She states than Autism Speaks will take in about 65 million dollars this year and the main thing is to not say anything that will p-off donors...who love to walk in circles hoping they will find something new, right around the next corner.....

Maurine Meleck

Her comments about what the media reports is purely false. Yes, we have a few writers that report both sides, but the majority report every genetic study down to the last cell. What is she talking about?
She takes her orders from Offit, I am sure.

michael framson

Allison Singer is spending too much time in her basement. She was so far off the mark, that I'm not even sure if we share the same planet anymore.

Allison you need to come up for air or see a doctor.


Jeff C.
Yea, that first question floored me too. As Riley received MMR, Verivax and Prevnar 7 all on the same day and that's what helped fry his brain.
I'm curious as to which study that was from...being our son was part of an uninformed consent study out of our Peds office to find out which vaccines work in what combination...Peds words NOT mine.
When we filed VICP, he kicked us out of his office. So apparently, Riley's results of this study weren't published.

Theresa O

Thanks for the link, Kevin Barry. My personal favorite session at the Vaccines R Great conference is "Working with Faith Communities." Is that the one where they give pediatricians pointers on convincing Jewish families that PCV1 and PCV2 won't violate kashrut? Or maybe it's where they discuss how to intimidate private religious schools into demanding proof of immunization for school attendance.

Jeff C.

Great list Garbo. One thing I’d add to the list is the kids that have gotten better. They really have no answer to that, other than to suggest they probably weren’t didn't have autism in the first place. Despicable.

Sarah’s link to the CDC flyer below really is unbelievable. A sample:

First Question:

Is it okay for my baby to have so many shots at once?
Yes. Studies show that kid's bodies—even infants—can handle many shots at once.

Ednd of discussion. It really is the ultimate argument from authority. No links, no footnotes, nothing to direct you to these “studies”. You’d like to check these studies out for yourself? Too bad, we’re the doctors here, just shut up and give us your kids. No wonder they hate the internet so much.

Steve’s very hard for CNN to find a parent who’ll say, “No, I’m not vaccinating my child because I still think it causes autism”...

Tell them to call JB.

As far as that "great piece on genetics research", I looked for it on the Austism Shit Foundation website and I couldn't find it there either. Did see a bunch of articles about vaccines not causing autism and the GI issues and increase in rate being just wishful thinking by parents who have nothing better to do than draw attention to themselves.

Kevin Barry

Alison Singer will be speaking at the National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions in Chicago next week, sponsored by Merck, Glaxo, Novartis, Sanofi and Pfizer.


This is ridiculous!! What this woman fails to realize is that none of her points deeply offend me or my family. You're dammed Skippy that I trust the internet more than some brain dead pediatrician that brought my child’s health in exchange for a few pens and an office calander...maybe a mug (one can hope!) I am not offended at the accusation that I would take the word a celebrity like Jenny McCarthy over the word of the CDC. Jenny isn't paid by the pharmaceutical company. She will not stop writing books and be assigned to the board of GlaxoSmithKline next year. She didn’t keep her information to herself to protect and heal her son Evan while other children suffered. Some of us have read the Simpsonwood transcripts Alison (Damned that internet)!!! I'm not offended anymore by these weak accusations that are LADEN with the thinking that you just couldn’t possibly understand (while innocently blinking doe eyed)why a misled and mistaken woman like myself would even ponder not logging onto the CDC for information-they being the smart doctors with degrees and all. I have my own degree and those years in college PALE in comparison to what I have learned while healing my boys from AUTISM-Yes they had it and they are getting better fast Ms. Singer. I think you'd better rethink the training process for evaluators accross the country, since so many seem to be getting it wrong-or do we now have a genetic epidemic that kids are growing out of? Boy, I’ll tell you this just gets crazier by the minute--wacky genes! I've got news for you Same- old- song Singer, The media IS the establishment. We KNOW that. Is it my imagination or was it not James Murdoch that is on the board of GlaxoSmithKline? I know, wait I’m just another angry parent looking to blame something or someone for my kids autism right? lol You, Profitt, and your Pharma cronies should only be involved in such an ambitious endeavor! Keep blaming the media, the internet, our bad genes, our bad luck, our inbreeding, our poor lifestyles ….The bottom line is this-- if you really want to know what the “reluctance” is Ms. Singer-- People are afraid to trust the science because there is no science. We KNOW that. What you call a study I call a joke.


You notice that Dr. Haley, Mike Wagnitz and Dr. Wakefield and others have offered to meet and debate and discuss the facts numerous times but neither Dr. Offit nor anyone else steps up to the mic? They're great in a vacuum though. Yale? It's like going to the land of the lost for autism. Run! It's a Sleestak!!!!!


Dear Ms Singer:

Holy Cow! I think my beloved show LOST has more scientific credibility than that speech.

I'm really glad you're on THEIR side.


I truly believe that every time these people open their mouths, it's a tell. They'd be seriously great to play poker with -- they are rich, not the least self-aware, and given to psychological projection. What are they worried about now? The media -- including the medical journals. They are worried about real science leaking out, about losing control of the research agenda, and about real media asking real questions and demanding real answers. They are worried that rather than being mocked and ignored, the parents are being taken seriously. Take Singer's amateurish bit of press and parent bashing, and add it to CDC/Bruce Gellin's comments at the FDA meeting RE: the PCV contamination of vaccines; now that the cost is coming down for these new analytical techniques like microarray analysis, there's going to be a lot more independent research coming out and therefore one thing they need to do [rather than worry about vaccine contamination]is to reach out to the medical journals [presumably to school them/coerce them into not publishing such dangerous and embarrassing research in the future]. Then throw in a pinch of NIMH's Insel admitting that 80% of the autism population is under 18, an enormous needy wave about to hit the social services system. Sprinkle on a bit of XMRV research that lapped the CDC by a mile. Top it off with that cherry of a lady from Lawrence Livermore National Labs who got up in front of CBER and said point blank, we now have the technology to measure the microRNA expression in an individual pre- and post- vaccination, to see how the immune system responds. La junta medica's answer to that is to roundly ignore the progression of science and ring up the journals in a bid to have them do the same. Hey, guess what guys and dolls?! The monkeys are coming for you. We see your genetic studies and we raise you an endogenous retrovirus!


I'm sitting here drinking a glass of Iced Tea, reading Barbara's post, moving up...then I get to this Nancy chics post. Tea went flying out the nose and to the desk. Thanks for adding that one Kim. I actually snorted, lol'd, rotfl, cracked up, etc, etc...I needed that one.
Trust me sweet Nancy. You are lucky that Kim IS such a great have no idea how cruel I can be.
Call up Alison and tell her I said HI.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Nancy defoe,
Who is more cruel? Age of Autism or people who promote vaccines one on top of the other without even one study on adding and combining so many? Age of Autism, or doctors, knowing a vaccine might cause damage but continues? We could go on and on.

"only ingredients that need to be there"
So when the DPT turned into the DTap, which was right and which was wrong? When MMR was one dose and now it's up to four. Which was right and which was wrong? When one diahrea vaccine was OK and then it wasn't, which was right and which was wrong? We could go on and on.


No Nancy, not cruel...truthful. Alison Singer is a kiss ass, loud mouth, high paid nothing. I feel for her daughters. Their mother is pathetic.

Wade Rankin

->I will get calls from the media saying, “I need a mom in Idaho who has a child with autism and doesn’t vaccinate and I haven’t been able to find one.” And, my response is, “Well, maybe that should tell you something.”

Well Alison, maybe that should tell YOU something. That the media can't find a mother of an autistic child who doesn't vaccinate tells me that most parents with autistic kids got there by vaccinating.

nancy defoe

you people are outright cruel

Barbara Fischkin

Would you like to know why our family is distrustful of health officials? Well,oddly, it all started with Yale, where Alison Singer gave this speech. At Yale when our now 22 year old son Dan was five they told us his severe and documented regression was real and that the prognosis was very bad. They told us that he would be institutionalized by ten and never toilet trained. They took data and our videos and offered us not only no solace but no good ideas on how to educate him. Then a few years later they called us back to take more data. My husband stayed with Dan at the Yale Hospital, they offered him no respite, no help with Dan. (They told him to change the sheets on the bed himself. That they couldn't help). They took their data and then for two years we were harrassed by Yale for not paying the hospital bill - the bill they wanted us to pay for the stay in which Dan provided more data, apparently to no avail. These days Dan is far from cured but he is a functioning member of a great group home who works in the community every week day - and yes can find the bathroom everywhere he goes. Dr. Fred Volkmar and the late Dr. Donald Cohen were the guys who took our data, and in effect sent us bills and didn't do much else. So am I supposed to trust the medical establishment, Alison? I hope they at least gave you an honorarium for your "speech." I would imagine they have a lot of money stored up that could have been spent helping our kids. They didn't help mine.


well, Alison, you moron, crap like Fombonne's research was supposedly "peer-reviewed" and, my God I've seen it referred to on an autism website in Canada. Nice try, idiot.


Singer said, "I think..." But her words indicate the opposite.

Scary speech is becoming Singer's calling card. But at least she travels, which reduces her time spent "parenting" a special-needs child. Imagine reading your mom's words on the Internet saying she wanted to drive off a cliff with you....

Harry H.

Craig, my comment on the dropping vaccination rate was in reference to the April 29th report from ABC News, and the numbers from those eminently reliable folks at the CDC.

"...The CDC researchers studied vaccine coverage histories for 17,563 2-year-old children in 2005 based on federal guidelines that specify vaccines for administration, dosages, age ranges and the intervals between doses.
Traditionally, the government has measured immunization noncompliance by tallying up only missed doses of a vaccine. In this new research, the CDC recalculated immunization compliance to include vaccine lapses in addition to missed doses. Based on these new criteria, the CDC found that immunization compliance was actually 9 percentage points lower than previous estimates, dropping the compliance rate from 81 percent to 72 percent."

I'm just guessing here, but maybe compliance worldwide is climbing thanks to all the unused vaccines we are exporting to 3rd world countries, like the 130+ million doses of H1N1 vaccines that Walgreens and CVS can't give away. Modern Medicine also needs to keep the vaccine manufacturing plants up and running, and maintain an experienced worksforce, just in case there ever is an actual natural pandemic.

In the meantime, and correct me here if I'm wrong, I believe in order to maintain the good old herd immunity myth vaccine rates need to be in the 90%+ range, which puts the U.S. rate of 72% somewhere out to pasture. The vaccinies need those 3rd world countries, desperately.


Isn't it funny how all the ND nuts blasted her when she stated that she seriously considered murdering her child and then when she became a moutpiece for Offit and pro vaccine the ND psychos (Chew, Leitch, and so on ....) suddenly loved her. What a bunch of hypocrites. Alison Singer is an unbalanced woman and her daughter is lucky she didn't kill her.


" It’s the little guy who’s trying to make a buck off unsuspecting parents. "

Exactly how short is Offit?

My sister-in-law just had her 2 month old baby shot up with Rota Teq. And had no idea about the pig virus in all that Third World diarrhea vaccine. Why did she do that? Because PrOffit preys on the fears of unsuspecting parents.


This woman has a screw loose. This was apparent when she talked about murdering her child with autism. Why would anyone in their right mind want to talk to this nut job about anything pertaining to autism?
I have found VERY FEW media that is willing or ABLE to tell our side of ANYTHING, thanks to Sebelius.
Alison, you are dismissed. Go away and crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under. Don't think for even a minute that you speak for me or my child. I wouldn't want someone with questionable saneness speaking for me (another parent with a child with autism). You speak for yourself and yourself alone. My beliefs are mine and mine alone. If you believe you are speaking for any or all in the autism community, I will kindly ask you to shut up.


Damn you Al Gore for inventing the Internets!!!!!

JB I love this SONG by Cypress Hill!!!

It brings me back to the days where I could stomp on someone and not have a care in the world.

Stuart Duncan

Being a parent of an autistic child and also having been behind the scenes in the media, she's not entirely wrong. They actually will purposely go looking for certain groups of certain views and interview them and report those views back to either 'balance' a story or to give a one sided story all together.

However, asking us to trust them and not listen to others... is just stupid. It goes both ways. I think the whole gf/cf diet dispute is evidence enough that studies don't always match what most parents already know... the diet works for some children. They say there's no proof that it works at all. And then they ask us to trust them that they know what they're doing.

They don't, but neither do we. It's up to us to weigh all of the information given to us, whether it be a politician, well paid pharmaceutical 'scientist', blogger or mom next door... we have to take it all in, hold it up next to our own children and see what fits and what doesn't.

The best thing these 'experts' and celebrities and other parents and everyone can do is to stop telling us what to do and what to think. Give us some real answers, we'll figure out what to do with them from there.


A little off topic,but I thought I'd throw it in here. This link
will take you to the flyer that was hanging @ my childrens' pediatricians'-office in the exam room. I was absolutley appalled! I'm really not sure why I even bother taking my kids to their 'well baby' visits anymore...I no longer allow them to get really,what is the point? I can weigh them and measure their height at home and wouldn't have to be subjected to the BS hanging on the wall!

Alison MacNeil

I think Alison Singer might want to get an air purifier going down in that basement, I'm just sayin'...

Trevor de Koekkoek

Am I the only one who noticed the irony in this piece that she uses to justify her position which so clearly does the opposite:

I will get calls from the media saying, “I need a mom in Idaho who has a child with autism and doesn’t vaccinate and I haven’t been able to find one.” And, my response is, “Well, maybe that should tell you something.”
maybe there just aren't many people around who have autism that WEREN'T vaccinated. Hmmm??


.....Hey Alison- Simpsonwood explained it all! Why should anyone trust people who are owned by Big Pharma!

very well said...

Has there EVER been any coverage of the Simpsonwood meeting on any of the major networks the past 10 years ???

I would suppose 60 Minutes has been informed but they are "owned by those" they need to investigate.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I can't imagine the audience's reaction to this talk.
Singer had nothing significant or new to report.

Her long explanation of how being the parent of an autistic child
causes stress was hardly earthshaking. It's amazing that anyone would have
to think twice about it.

Most obvious is the fact that Singer's learned all the standard denials when it comes to autism.
She spends much of her talk slamming the autism community.

She denies that biomedical treatments and diet work for autistic children.

Her litany includes a call for early diagnosing and intervention and for more research.
"We need to know what causes autism."

I'd like to remind Singer that until this last year, officials were in continual
denial that the rate had actually grown at all. For endless years, all the autism
was called "better diagnosing," and there was no admission that more kids
really had autism.

"Fallacy of balance" is a scary phrase and it's straight out of Paul Offit. Singer is advocating for censorship.
The media can selectively decide to show only one side in autism issues.

She fraudulently laments that the press has given too much weight to
those who advocate for research into the link between vaccines and autism, while failing to
note that our experts are never shown when pro-vaccine proponents speak.

Her response to the call to "GREEN OUR VACCINES" is,

"Vaccines are actually green. The only components in vaccines are those that need to be there."

Mercury? Formaldehyde? Aluminum? Pig viruses?

She says that removing thimerosal was a mistake. It caused parents to be afraid of vaccines.
She slams Jenny McCarthy for daring to speak out.

Singer has learned just what to say.

She paints parents who use biomedical treatments as
ones likely to give marijuana to their autistic child. She pretends that there's no science on our side.
We're merely gullible and desperate.

One thing I noticed was her comment about the future for her daughter as an adult.
She's worried. Who will take care of her? Many thousands of parents share that fear.
She said that President Obama called autism a crisis. Really? Has she noticed that no health
official has ever used the word CRISIS with the word AUTISM? There is no plan for providing for
for almost a million disabled young adults who will live long lives dependent on social services.

That ought to make her wonder how much health officials are really focused on autism.

How many more years will she be making speeches announcing that no one knows anything for sure about autism?
How much longer will she deny that children can recover?
How much longer will she be an official spokesperson for Paul Offit and the CDC---the people with
everything at stake in denying that our unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule continues to damage more and more

Anne Dachel

Craig Willoughby

Seriously, the first time I read this line:
"Given that so much of the science is clear and so much is unknown about autism, why is it that in society today parents in general are reluctant to believe the science and there continues to be this discord in the autism community regarding what we need to study, how we should study it, and how we should treat our children?"

I thought it was satire. Really! But then, I kept reading and realized she's being serious. I believe that is something that the skeptic community refers to as Poe's Law. How can science be clear about an unknown? Do you think that maybe THAT'S why parents are reluctant to believe the science?

Jennifer H. I understand your anger, but calls to violence are inappropriate.

Harry, your post is actually a little inaccurate. According to the WHO, worldwide vaccination rates have been steadily increasing. I think that Ms. Singer is just trying to marginalize anyone who questions the Sacred and Holy Vaccine. Heretics should be marginalized and excommunicated whenever they disagree with Dogma.

Katie Wright

Wow, this is such a bizarre video!

I thought Singer was there to talk about autism but she spends half of the time obsessing about why she is right and everyone else is wrong. She talks more about the internet than autism.

When I talk to groups about autism, I tend to talk about autism- not about the politics of my work history.

I love the "1984" tagline, "not all opinions are created equal!"

So scary and insane


The media has to "show both sides" and loves the "underdog" and "vaccines are green"? Good God. It's hard to wrap my mind around the idea that Singer isn't trying to be funny, so I went to Youtube and searched under "Stupid Cheerleaders" for some visuals to go with the text.

kathy blanco

As Allison may put it, our "voodoo medicine" has no efficacy, especially when the label of autism is removed! (jealous are we?) Because really, our kids must have not had autism in the first place! Although I am not there YET, I aim to prove Allison wrong (even in an older autistic child)...that is...sometimes you really do have to step outside of the allopathic believe at all cost box. For instance, when we approached our neuro, to treat our child with antivirals/varying abx's/antifungals for his seizures, she instantly admitted that may be the cause of his seizures, but couldn't treat like that because her teaching hospital simply would not "allow it", her answers are, take this medicine, and shut up and go home and be miserable, watch your child decline with years of anti epleptic drugs, and just accept your child for who he is. I wasn't about to do that. So, I, on my own, had to seek doctors, who didn't have the closed box thinking, and you know what? I see improvements in my son, and hasn't had seizures for long periods of time (a miracle) with improvements in behavior, gut problems etc. And yes, I blame vaccines for the initiation of or triggering of my children's autism as well as other triggers like in utero infections, and toxins at KEY TIMES. Notice I say plural. Because I really do think that if you look at the perfect storm, how each ingredient/event/builds, each oxidative stressor is put together on a developing maturating pruning brain, you really can't call autism genetic, rather epigenetic, or in other words, our genes can't catch up with the environmental attack on susceptibility or fragility. Yes, we are talking not the gene itself, but the genes that surround the genes, like junk genes, the ones that turn on or off, by methylation and sulfation, or being exposed to thimerosol, or infections which all increase oxidative stress, or even our birth method which increases hypoxia in neurons allowing breached blood brain barriers and mast cell inflammation. Allison, I am just a mom, and I know this? How come you don't? Are you that stupid? Do you trust your collegues that much, that you have sacrificed not only your children's lives on this trust, but others? You should be ashame of yourself for not doing your OWN homework...and no, I don't mean the kind of homework that comes from blogs, I mean MEDLINE, talking to researchers your dang self. Like I DID! Without a dime to my name, I am having fifty women test for the XMRV virus and their autistic children...what? You use millions for no nothing, rehashed research that doesn't help our children NOW! Plueez, your an insult to our movement. Your an insult to my children and me. Call me will ya, I will give you my two cents of what autism is...what it is is...a perfect storm and complement of environmental factors on risky people who are full of immune derangements BY those environmental factors (even from OUR vaccine series). I can list them all for you if you want, or you can google KAHTY BLANCO PERFECT STORM and read it for yourself....oh, that's right, you don't like the internet...sorry, stupid me... I only wish you would read this comment...and pray your heart is opened to the possibility your being led down a road of no return.


.. Alison Singer or Paul Offit .. both have proven themselves to be "gifts that keep on giving".

Yep. Like herpes.

Mr T

Hey Alison- Simpsonwood explained it all! Why should anyone trust people who are owned by Big Pharma!


She appears to have the bags under her eyes and thinning hair that only a toxicologist could love.

Amy in Idaho

Ms. Singer,

Idaho has met, if not exceeded, its quota for loonies for years and is therefore no longer available for use in your delusion.

Harry H.

It appears the vaccinies (pro-vaccines at any cost wiennies)need to create new villians responsible for the ever decling vaccine rate. First it was the parents, then the internet,and now the mainstream media, the same media who gave them Frontline and Dr. Nancy ("just trust your government and get your shots").It's almost as if the vaccinies are begining to feed on each other.

Who's the next villian to be held resonsible for parents and doctors spreading the scientific truth about vaccine damaged kids?

Robin Nemeth

Oh jeeze, she's lying about the child who died while being chelated. And marijuana?? Lmao. I've been looking into this issue for six years and have never once heard anyone suggest marijuana as a treatment.

There is no way in heaven or hell I will spend any more of my time listening to her speak. I was, however, pleased to read here her comments about the media 'bias'. Ahahahah. I don't think there's anything I get quite as much enjoyment out of as people whining about the main stream media news coverage.


Is this a Corporate PR 101 class she is teaching?

stop the ASF

Alison Singer is using well-intentioned nonprofits and businesses who don't realize her Autism Science Foundation is a pharma front group, to raise money for it. When the Director of the JCC Mid Westchester (who hosted a Mother's Day Brunch to benefit ASF and JCC) was contacted with some facts about the ASF, he responded that he would look at fundraising partners more carefully in the future.

These businesses need to know that ASF's financial information is not available to the public. They also need to know Alison Singer departed the naton's top autism charity because she opposes all research related to vaccines, and that the mission of ASF is to oppose and divert funding from this type of research. Tell them about the involvement of Paul Offit, the wealthy vaccine inventor who is the vaccine industry's leading spokesperson.

Furthermore, an autism charity should not be funding Singer and Offit's trip to Atlanta to speak to doctors about how to persuade parents to vaccinate their children. This event was posted (and later removed) from the ASF website. Sponsors should know about these pharma-friendly activities in the name of "autism research."

Sponsoring businesses will learn that they are not creating good will with the autism community by supporting ASF, but only if we contact them.

Look at ASF's six sponsors of their big fundraiser, on the right side of this page:

Contact them and let them know how their money is being spent.

RBC Wealth Management:,4990,DRCorp,00.html

[email protected]
[email protected]

tpc potamac:
[email protected]

Prometheus Research Informatics (scroll down):

Sapient Government Services:

Euro Motorcars Bethesda:

(Notice that a luxury car dealership in a suburb of D.C. is supporting ASF. Makes you wonder how many pharma lobbyists drive Mercedes.)

To keep an eye on ASF's future events, so that businesses can be contacted about its pharma interests, go here:

Sandra Lopriore

Ditto to TJ's post....I didn't know PVC1 & PVC2 was "green"

Theodore Van Oosbree

Delusional! Break out the Risperdal!

Jennifer H

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CHICK! Somebody let me at her!!


Unbelievable! Does Ms. Singer realize that some of us parents are also in the medical field? That we ourselves have seen our children decline after administration of these "green" vaccines? That we trusted what we were taught in medical school and residency only to become victims of our own dogma? That we research and research and read the studies and walk the line between the "establishment" and "maverick"ville every day? That none of the patients who question vaccines in my practice (I'm an ob-gyn) are the gullible dullards you paint them to be? That they are actually thoughtful, intelligent, insightful people who do not allow themselves or their children to be forcefed the garbage that is touted as "lifesaving"? Stop insulting us. We don't need to be protected from the internet or the media. We can take care of ourselves and our children, and rightfully question the powers that be. Speak for yourself, Allison, not for me, not for my children.


Yes, anyone can start a blog. Those "grassroots" blogs you see out there extolling the virtues of vaccines? How many of them are bought and paid for by proxies of the drug companies? By contrast, if you "whois" ageofautism, you can see who actually owns this domain.

And don't forget the astroturf posters whose job it is to monitor the Internet and add their supposedly independent comments. They pretty much say the same things over and over. I figure they're either Hill & Knowlton interns or professional bloggers sitting around in their pajamas.


Absolutely bizarre on so many levels. Orwellian even!

Does she watch the same media I do?



Homely AND full of sh*t. What a way to go through life Singer. (sorry, it had to be said).

Singer singing a dreadful tune

This is her bread and butter. Disgusting.

Carolyn M

I am not an "unsuspecting parent" being taken advantage of by someone "trying to make a buck". I do not need a double-blind placebo controlled study to determine whether my daughter has a bowel movement.

I am sure the same applies to many other parents.

Ms. Singer, the inability to find a child in Idaho with autism who has NOT been vaccinated should tell YOU something.


"more willing to trust celebrities than doctors"

I would trust Gomer Pyle more than any of these people.


'Vaccines are actually green. The only ingredients in vaccines are those that need to be there'

So the pig DNS was supposed to be in the rotavirus vacs all along? Whew! Makes me feel better already!
And I'm not sure if this has already been posted, but I'm guessing the reason why rotavirus is not being pulled is because the WHO wants to start pushing it in all those 3rd world countries that don't have the tune of 2.6 billion.

Holly M.

Teresa you've got it right. "This unstable women..." You hit the nail on the head. I couldn't watch it all.


Alison keeps saying "media" because if she didn't, she would be lying. The mainstream (non internet) media says absolutely NOTHING when it comes to negative information on vaccines.

The best way to stop this is to push for congressional reform to get pharma commericals off the tv. Even doctors agree this is a bad thing. Once they cannot advertise, the likes of Paul and his cronies will have little power in controlling what goes on the news.

Tracy McDermott

I'm trying to eat breakfast... I too will have to come back to it and try and stomach it later :)

Jim Thompson


Modern medicine is not to be confused with science.

Modern medicine is responsible for pregnant women using Thalidomide.

Without the feedback of parents' observations, any claim that vaccines are scientifically proven safe is a claim demonstrating an incredible ignorance of science.


I honestly couldn't make it past this:

"Given the science is clear, and so much is unknown about autism"

Maybe I'll try again later

Heather White

I'm speechless, I don't even know where to begin.


That opening line is an absolute beauty: 'Given that so much of the science is clear and so much is unknown about autism....' Even the greatest of satirists would struggle to create that.

Cathy R.

I'm sorry but I thought the media was always against the autism families' voices - so this must mean that someone is seeing the media finally starting to perk up to our message. Casting...
keep spinning it Allison- i've got a child to heal. My child is no longer the medical establishments guinea pig --- does she even realize the ridiculousness of what she is saying? OUR CHILDREN, our families, are the guinea pigs. The TH study on the effects of the HepB given at birth to primate were the FIRST EVER done to look at the possible effect of a vaccination given at birth. How many years has that been SOP at hospitals now? Wake up Allison. You are on the wrong side baby.


Her remarks are filled with contradictions.

"Given the science is clear, and so much is unknown about autism"

How is science clear about something unknown?

There's more, but why bother? What a gasbag.


ha ha ha ha Is this the best they can do?


So, she can't find a child in Idaho that has autism that has not been vaccinated!
I thought she was a Yale undergraduate?
If I was her parents, I'd a be a askin for my money back from Yale.

Bob Moffitt

I don't know who I appreciate most .. Alison Singer or Paul Offit .. both have proven themselves to be "gifts that keep on giving". The more they speak out, the more foolish they and their opinions become.

Alison showing graph of treatments says:

"it's a little scary for me to see our children are being put through these untested,untried treatments .. because .. at the end of the day .. this is our children (SHOWS PHOTOS OF CHILDREN - this is not our children (SHOWS PHOTO OF GUINEA PIG) and they deserve to be treated better than to be a guinea pig for individuals who think giving marijunna is a treatment."

Exactly Alison, our children deserve to be treated better than a guinea pig by individuals (Offit) who think by giving a child a rotovirus vaccine containing pig viruses they are (he is) preventing a disease.

Teresa Conrick

Ha - New tactic happening. Now the media is "crazy", too. The "casting" sounds like an offitism...a foreshadowing expression for "don't believe that parent being interviewed -- it is all an elaborate plot by the media to go against the government." How truly bizarre this is and shows how this unstable woman is simply a puppet to the puppeteers.
The desperation and the level of deception here reflects the sense that they are losing any credibility that they ever had. The fact that Yale hosted this just shows their sick allegiance.

John Stone

We've seen this strategy in the UK. The mainstream media - which has long since been 99% pummelled and beaten and bribed into apathy and silence - is constantly be blamed for not listening to the voice of science lobby. The science trolls on the Guardian and Times go on about this ad nauseam, and if anyone steps microscopically out of line they get done over.

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