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Auction for Signed Copy of Dr. Greenspan's Infancy and Early Childhood Benefits Scholarship

Early infancy To learn more and to participate in the auction please go to  e-bay. The auction ends on May 23rd. (If you have trouble with the link, go to ebay and search, "Signed! Infancy and Early Childhood - Stanley Greenspan."

AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF DR. STANLEY I. GREENSPAN'S BOOK, INFANCY AND EARLY CHILDHOOD The Practice of Clinical Assessment and Intervention With Emotional and Developmental Challenges

100% of Proceeds to Benefit the Dr. Stanley I Greenspan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Please join us in honoring Dr. Greenspan's lifetime of work with special children by bidding on this book. 

100% of the benefits will fund his dream to educate future leaders in the assessment and treatment of developmental, sensory, and regulatory disorders. The Stanley Greenspan Memorial Scholarship fund, was established by the Greenspan family to support future leaders in the field of infant mental health and developmental disorders, currently enrolled or applying to the ICDL Graduate School. 

About this Item (including details about its condition):  

This book, from the 3rd printing of Infancy and Early Childhood - The Practice of Clinical Assessment and Intervention With Emotional and Developmental Challenges, was sold to PediaStaff by an occupational therapist who attended one of Dr. Greenspan's lectures where he signed her copy in (we think) 1997.   A photo of the signature can be seen in this listing and reads "With Best Wishes, Stanley Greenspan"  The book itself is in near perfect (very fine) condition, however the dust jacket is in "very good" condition.  There are several small tears at the top and bottom of the jacket as if the book was read with the dust jacket on and perhaps moved around a fair bit.   The photo of the book in this listing is the actual book and you can see the blemishes there.  

The real beauty of this item is that Dr. Greenspan did not do public book store signings and he only signed limited numbers of copies of his books for friends, colleagues and students who specifically requested it.   We do not know exactly how many signed copies there are of this item but there could be as few as 30 and certainly no more than 100. 

About the Cause: 

The Stanley Greenspan Memorial Scholarship fund, was established by the Greenspan family to support future leaders in the field of infant mental health and developmental disorders, currently enrolled or applying to the ICDL Graduate School. 

The ICDL Graduate School offers a PhD program in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Developmental Disorders through a distance learning format for qualified applicants throughout the United States and abroad.   This unique program is taught from an interdisciplinary developmental perspective and incorporates the insights and findings of the various fields focusing on the development of the mind and brain, emotions, cognition, language, motor and sensory functioning, and family functioning.  The program’s goal is to provide students with an integrated developmental understanding of the full range of human functioning in infancy and early childhood, from the major mental health and developmental disorders to healthy adaptation.  Approaches to observation, assessment, intervention, and the facilitation of healthy functioning are considered from this unique multidisciplinary developmental perspective.    Learn more about the program here and more about the Stanley Greenspan Memorial Scholarship fund on the ICDL Website

About the Book:

Infancy and Early Childhood, is aimed at professionals, has been lauded by pediatric clinicians nationwide.   Some of the recommendations from the back of the jacket include praise for this volume by T. Berry Brazelton, MD, Dr. Kathryn E. Barnard, Dr. Albert Solnit, and several more.   From the book jacket:

"The clinical assessment, treatment, and prevention of emotional, behavioral, and developmental problems in infancy and early childhood may be the most important frontier in the behavioral sciences." "There has not, however, been a definitive text on how to actually work clinically with infants, young children, and their families until Infancy and Early Childhood. This comprehensive handbook is the first in the field to provide a systematic, clinically based, practical frame of reference. Completely written by Stanley Greenspan, M.D.--the foremost authority on clinical work with infants, young children, and their families--this landmark work carefully takes the reader through every subtle facet of the clinical assessment and intervention process." "With more than 20 thorough case studies, in-depth discussions of clinical principles, and hundreds of practical guidelines and suggestions for assessment and intervention, this eminently useful volume: describes the critical steps in the observation and clinical assessment process, including the hands-on assessment of the infant and the evaluation of affective, motor, sensory, language, cognitive, interactive, and parental and family functioning; illustrates how to formulate the diagnosis of a wide range of infant and early childhood problems and use the formulation to plan effective intervention approaches; provides a clear model of, and in microscopic detail discusses, the psychotherapeutic and preventative intervention process. Specific treatment and preventative approaches for work with constitutional and maturational variations, infant-care-giver interactions, and parental and family patterns are described for problems ranging from mild interactive and regulatory difficulties to the most severe pervasive developmental dysfunctions and family challenges; discusses how to set up an infant and early childhood clinical practice as well as an assessment and treatment center." "This major, single-authored work is certain to become the definitive text for every professional working with infants, young children and their families, including psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, social workers, educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and nurses."

About the Seller:

Founded in 2004, PediaStaff is a nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric therapists.  PediaStaff specializes in pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, related assistants, and school psychologists. PediaStaff is active in supporting the therapy community through their collection of therapy resources and weekly newsletter, and participates in many forms of social networking.  Learn more about PediaStaff, their resources and newsletter, and visit PediaStaff on Facebook and Twitter.



Heidi Kay

Thank You so much Age of Autism for picking up this story. PediaStaff is excited to offer this as a way of giving back to the autism and pediatric therapy community. Dr. Greenspan was a remarkable champion for these kiddos, and this scholarship fund is an ideal way to ensure that his work continues with a new generation of clinicians.

Oh, for any clinicians reading this, please come check out our autism resources section of our website at: It is full of great articles and other resources for clinicians treating kiddos with autism.

Heidi Kay
CEO/VP of Marketing
PediaStaff, Inc.

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