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Alison Singer Mispeaks at Yale: Flaming Moron or a Flaming Liar?

Science mistakes By J.B. Handley
In my last post, I shared a partial transcript and video clip of a speech that Alison Singer of the “Autism Science Foundation” gave at the Yale Child Study Center.
Aside from chiding our entire community for being crazy and delusional, asserting that vaccines are green because “the only ingredients in vaccines are those that need to be there”, and that the “big guy”—public health—is good while the “little guy” is bad because he’s “trying to make a buck off unsuspecting parents”, Ms. Singer even took it a step worse which I have yet to comment upon.
In a different part of her talk, Ms. Singer explained how many of us delusional parents have no training in the scientific method. With our tiny minds, we just don’t understand the science that’s being done around us to help our kids by the big guy, the benevolent public health system. With her snide tone and rolling eyes, we’re all supposed to understand that Ms. Singer is on the other side of this contrast: she gets it. The science. It’s the Autism SCIENCE Foundation, after all. Poor desperate parents with their teeny little minds, they are so gullible. And stupid.
Then, to prove what idiots we all are, Ms. Singer recounts the tale of Dr. Andy Wakefield, and offers up the following nugget:
“The work was done by Andrew Wakefield [1998 Lancent study] where he reported that children with autism had measles virus in their gut and that these measles molecules were leaking out of their gut and attacking their brain and causing autism. This has never been replicated and the study was retracted and all of his co-authors retracted.”
Yup. She gets it. You don’t. The science, that is.
It’s amazing, really, to watch and see someone say something this remarkably stupid, ignorant, and categorically untrue in every way shape and form, which leads me to the question I used to title this piece: Is Alison Singer a flaming moron or a flaming liar?
Wakefield’s 1998 study in the Lancet is not very hard to read, even for a peanut-brained dad like me. Heck, the danged-thing is only 5 pages long, as you can see right HERE.  Ms. Singer’s characterization of what this study actually concluded literally does not have a single shred of fact, as you can see by taking a closer look:
Ms. Singer said:
“he reported that children with autism had measles virus in their gut”
Wheras the truth is:
Wakefield et. al. reported absolutely no such thing whatsoever. They reported that of the 12 children in the study, the parents of 8 of the children reported a regression after MMR.

Ms. Singer said:
“these measles molecules were leaking out of their gut and attacking their brain and causing autism.”
Wheras the truth is:
The study didn’t remotely contemplate this concept. It noted that children were normal, then regressed, and that many ended up with a diagnosis of autism, and that all of the children had “intestinal abnormalities.”
Ms. Singer said:
“This has never been replicated”
Whereas the truth is:
In December, in Pediatrics, a landmark consensus report  was published with the finding that:
“Gastrointestinal disorders and associated symptoms are commonly reported in individuals with ASDs [autism].”
In January 2010 a study published in Autism Insights replicated the findings of Dr. Wakefield’s paper from twelve years ago, finding once again that the majority of children with autism studied, in this case 143 children, suffered from severe bowel disease -- read the full study by Dr. Arthur Krigsman et al. HERE.
From Krigsman’s January 2010 study:
“Children with developmental disorders experience chronic gastrointestinal symptoms….Ileal and/or colonic lymphonodular hyperplasia (LNH), defined as the presence of an increased number of enlarged lymphoid follicles, often with hyperactive germinal centers, was present in 73.2%.”
From Wakefield in the Lancet 12 years earlier:
“We describe a pattern of colitis and ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia in children with developmental disorders.”
Ms. Singer said:
“all of his co-authors retracted”
Whereas the truth is:
No co-authors retracted the conclusion of the study that this group of 12 children were suffering from bowel disease and that 8 of the 12 had regressed after MMR, according to their parents. The “interpretation” of the study was retracted by many authors after extreme pressure from the “big guys” was asserted. Dr. Wakefield explained the “retraction” this way:
“11 of 13 authors issued a retraction of the interpretation that MMR is a possible trigger for syndrome described. This remains a possibility and a possibility cannot be retracted.”
*     *     *
Ms. Singer, you create the Autism “Science” Foundation in your basement, infer that you have the intellectual horsepower to understand “the science”, and then you make the above public statement about a scientific study that has absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever? You literally make up your own version of what the study contemplated and reported?
It’s really unbelievable. In fact, I was so amazed by Ms. Singer’s disregard for truth that I ran her comment by my good friend Mark Blaxill to get a reaction, and get one I did, as Mark responded:
“Singer appears to have read none of the studies to which she believes she’s referring. Either that or she’s decided to lie in order to generate a better sound bite. The complex connections between vaccine injury, regressive autism, inflammatory bowel disease and virus persistence have found support from many quarters, including Singer’s fellow parents (a community that she shows the same contempt she shows Wakefield). These connections deserve careful investigation not propaganda smackdowns. Singer should stop taking Paul Offit’s Merck money and spend more time with the child she once dreamed of murdering.”
And, here’s Boyd Haley, Ph.D.--a real scientist--with a comment:
"I don't even know who Alison Singer is, however if this statement is truly from her then she is either ill informed, purposefully misleading others, or is incompetent to evaluate scientific articles such as the one published by Dr. Wakefield. I have read the paper, listened to Dr. Wakefield present this data and his interpretation and conclusions. This statement is way off base and has no justification based on anything that I have read or heard."
Is Alison Singer a liar or a moron? I’ll let parents be the judge.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.



Hi Age of Autism,

I'm a new visitor to this site, I was hoping to find another good resource to add to my list as I research ASD for my newly diagnosed son. But in all honestly as soon as I read the title and tone of this article it really turned me off of this site. I'm not sure of this site's specific purpose, the name "Age of Autism" sounded intriguing but it seems to be filled with a lot of bitter sediment and soap-opera-like controversy that I really don't understand or want to spend critical time getting sucked into it.

I'm not trolling the comments, I honestly just wanted to leave my opinion that even if you're right about this "Moron" the vicious tone of your writing might be scaring away other newbies like myself, so to win support you might want to tone it down and take the "stupid dad" cross off your back.


This mom is equally comparable to Singer in the bullshit department.


I think the flying monkeys of the drug companies are starting an assault on Dr. Arthur Krigsman.

Mr. T

Paul Offit spoke in Indianapolis last May and used the same Penn & Teller skit. He slammed doctors and Jenny. The thing that amazed me the most, is that many in the audience thought this crap was funny. People do not understand that vaccine injuries are way underreported and the injuries are catastophic.

kathy blanco

I think the pharmaceutical companies are doing everything within their power to fund nonsense research, cover their tracks so to speak, so no one, and anyone, can't find out etiologies to this "static" encephalpathy called autism. Then by the next generation, if they drug up the moms/dads and babies just enough, they won't have to "explain" themselves, or will explain that...see...autism still happens without a vaccine. (remember push the epidemiological research and small cohort studies allison because that is key to putting "your truth" out on UPI news releases).... By that time, we shall all be sufficiently oxidatively stressed by our food supply, or other lovely chemicals and pesticides and heavy metals, that we won't be able to pinpoint the source of the problems. It will be so multifacited/intricate, that autism would have to be a recipe/lasagna layers of damage at key developmental times, not a one thing only etiology (oh wait, that's already happening). By then, XMRV/lyme/viral and even STD like viruses and bacteria will be so infiltrated throughout the population, that children will be born infected and then when vaccinated replicates the virus, and normal will be autism and adhd and minimal brain dysfunction. Normal will be kids getting leukemia right from the get go, and normal will be anaphylaxis to peanuts and other food allergies. Normal will be insulin shots and kids gasping for air due to asthma. Normal will be horrendous ear infections to point of deafness and every DSM thing in the book. Normal will be a huge rise in SIDS, and good luck if you even get pregnant, and if you did you did fertility treatments that "cause" autism.

By then Allison, you will have plenty of money in the coffers to send out to scientists attached at the hip to pharma and their agendas (aka psychotic drugs, or keep my job in research), so that we can drug up enough autistic kids, and make autism seem to hopeless, that people will actually start blaming themselves for their bad genes (oh wait, that is happening too)...

Allison...all I can say is this. Your work and your minions have no power over the truth that WILL come to bare. The truth is, autism is complex, but it's not so complex and mysterious that we can't do something about it NOW. I think most of our kids need antiretrovirals, antivirals, antiinflammatories, antifungals/biotics, good diets with good supplements, hyperbaric, detox, etc. This almost always yields results. If that is the case, why haven't we seen more research on these interventions and why we need them? Because it would pinpoint the source, and typically the source comes back to infections, and toxins on metabolically stressed human beings. These implicate the vaccine industry, lack of oversight over our blood supply, the food industry, the toxic and chemical industries, the dental and medical associations, the maternity clinics,the government themselves (I won't go there with conspiracy, but there is plenty of it there) you name it, a large swoth of industry that can ill afford being "found out" and paying for their sins for millions of damaged goods. This is almost/is a national security issue, an economic collapse that would pale in what we just experienced. But the one thing I can't understand, is how the government can justify seeing this many damaged human beings, and knowing that if not treated, these human beings, will need lifelong supports, monies that we don't have in our coffers at SSI? What is the motivation?

I have often felt the number one motivation is to cull the population. How many of our kids later go on to marry and procreate? Exactly people! This is an agenda, a chemical castration of the brain on the masses. How can we knowingly put rat poison in our water, BPA in our bodies originally a drug in the fifties in all cans we consume, MSG/Aspartame to make our brains full of glutamate primning us for further damage by vaccine, and lastly, vaccinate with foreign dna, which changes the actual makeup of cells and who we are? Plueez, don't insult me Allison. Your works are their works, ye shall know them...and from what I have seen, your "work" has to me been...burying the information that could cure and alleviate our children from this manmade disorder Autism will never speak for you. God help your children and those parents who "still" listen to your rants and rages. And by the way, my science is solid. I recommend the following Allison, go get yourself tested for XMRV, because clearly you have CFS brain fog, depression, and get yourself on some antivirals, possibly antidepressants pronto. Your bags on your eyes, indicate deep and entrenched food allergies, if not hemachromatosis. While your at it, test your kids..oh wait, you think that is voodoo blog science and you only do genetic testing, well good for you....ok, go ahead...just be you...just keep on making a fool or yourself, while we get our kids better..because "they didn't have autism in the first place", and they are all due to bad genes....right...

Has anyone eluciedated to you epigenetic? Environmental gene interaction, or even environmental viruses and gene interaction? Oh wait, I am stupid and I don't know what I am talking about...right...

Get a clue Allison. Get a clue big and mighty pharma, we don't listen to you anymore! Get a clue, we will fund our own science and publish it. Get a clue, we are SOO on to you! Oh wait, you do know we are on to you, thusly, why you protest too much. Oh wait, you bought off the media to tell your lies..oh wait..welcome to our lovely AMERICA, the land of the hopeless, drugged, believing sheeple and are not free. No wonder the Bible predicts the undoing of our own selves will be by our own hands.


Ms. Singer,

Here's another scientific study for your ASF web site... so you can stop saying "we don't know what causes autism"...the evidence that immune dysfunction is at the core is mounting.

Increased IgG4 levels in children with autism disorder (March 2009).


Accumulating evidence indicates that immune dysfunction is associated with autism disorders in a significant subset of children. Previous reports have shown abnormal immunoglobulin (Ig) levels, including an increased presence of autoreactive antibodies in the circulation of individuals with autism. As IgG is the predominant antibody isotype in circulation, we expected that an altered immune response could result in an abnormal IgG subclass profile in children with autism. We examined circulating plasma levels of IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, and IgG4 in 241 children from the CHARGE (Childhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment) study, a large epidemiologic case-control investigation, including 114 children who meet full criteria for autism disorder (AU), 96 typically developing control children (TD) from a randomly selected sample of the general population, and 31 children with developmental delays (DD). We report significantly increased levels of the IgG4 subclass in children with AU compared with TD control children (p=0.016) and compared with DD controls (p=0.041). These results may suggest an underlying immunological abnormality in AU subjects resulting in elevated IgG4 production. Further investigation is necessary to elucidate the relationship between immunological findings and behavioral impairments in autism.



Since Ms. Singer can't seem to find the research herself here's a link to a
UC MIND Davis Institute presentation by
Dr. Robin Hansen.

There's a very interesting experiment with baby rhesus monkey's exposed to IgG antibodies of mothers with children with autism about 3/4 way through.

The Many Faces of Autism: From Behavior to Biology


Ms. Singer, just like huge bags under a person's eyes and thinning hair, some things are genetic. A very small portion of autism may be genetic but the massive increase in autism should really tell you something about environmental triggers, particularly the vaccine connection. What did they teach you at Yale Alison? Not much apparently. Crawl back under the rock where it looks like you live. High paid moms who sell out all of our children are repulsive and you are the queen.


When it comes to science around autism, Alison Springer is hopelessly stuck in reverse and, as someone who is a self proclaimed champion of scientific research on autism, it amazes me that she is still claiming we don't know what causes it.

Wrong Alison! If you are truly following the actual science as you claim, you would know that there been a tremendous amount of research into autoimmunity and autism specifically the relationship between the immune response, antibodies to viruses, impacts to the brain and autistic behaviors.

You would also know that experts have stated that only 10-15% of autism is genetic leaving a large majority of cases are environmentally triggered.

You ignore such studies while touting statistics and pie charts and slamming anyone who seeks medical treatment for their child when it's perfectly natural for them to want to help their child.

You continue to try to lead the public down the primrose path that autism is still a big mystery. So disingenuous and deceitful.

Parents are not stupid. We do our own research and believe it or not we follow credible leads.

The thing that is infleuncing parents who are opting out of vaccination the most is witnessing the shear number of children being dxed with autism. They see ASD kids among their friends and in their community and this conditions frightens them.

You are nothing more than an agent for the industry trying to mislead and dissuade. As a parent of a child with autism, you do not speak for me.

If you as interested in the science as you say, here's a few studies for your web site...

Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism

Familial clustering of autoimmune disorders and evaluation of medical risk factors in autism.

Oxidative stress in Egyptian children with autism: relation to autoimmunity.


WEll first the good news, I walked up to a lady tonight who was clearly pregnant in Ralphs who had an adorable 18 month old that was walking and talking and interacting and congratulated her on her beautiful child. I then proceeded with a thoughtful tone and smile and without qualm or trepidation to caution her about the use of vaccines. To my utter joy and complete satisfaction she smiled back and said that the child had not been given any vaccines and would not receive any and that she and her husband were well informed and had decided not to vaccinate. I congratulated her on her successful choice and bid her good night.

With respect to Allison Singer, I feel sorry for Yale University truly I do. As they appear to have a wide assortment of clowns claiming to be academic products of this once vaunted institution of higher learning, Yale has become the proverbial box of chocolates where “you never know what you are going to get”. Kristina Chew, the English major turned autism expert and skeptic, Steve Novella neurologist that is often found to “misspeak” on his own web site concerning vaccine efficacy and now Allison Singer amateur at large. Hey you people( yeah YOU PEOPLE) nobody believes what you say about the safety of vaccines. The rising number of autism cases speaks louder than anything you could possibly lay claim to with your fabricated and fake studies that you pay for while in Denmark to Elsevier. Everyone is savvy to your bullshit as it is quite transparent. We all know that the stinking prostitutes at Elsevier own Lancet and are pulling the strings, the jig is up.

When I told a well known cardiologist here in southern cal who’s child has now been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease thought to be the result of genetically susceptible people exposed to pathogens viral and bacterial about the bowel problems of autistic children she confirmed that she knew all about it and stopped any further vaccines of all of her children and tells all of her patients about it. You see they have no Crohn’s disease or any other type of Inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) in their family so the entire notion of genetic susceptibility ran counter to the genetic reality of her family never having anyone with (IBD). She is a University professor and is well familiar with the genetic lineage of her family. She concluded, and rightly so, that her child’s immune system was compromised by these artificial genetically engineered allograft, primate xenograft hybrid viral entities that nobody truly can claim by scientific proof is safe. The result was Crohn’s disease and she knows it and she is letting everybody no about it and that is a good thing.


So who is paying this woman? Do we know that for fact, or is it assumed?



She made it seem like kids everywhere are dying from chelation--one did, and she was given the WRONG drug by a nurse. Liar.

She said chelation strips minerals from children's bodies. This according to Andrew Hall Cutler, is NOT true. And I'm guessing he knows a tad bit more about science and chelation than she does. Moron.


She may NOT have actually followed through with the suicide/murder act of her autistic child...but the reason she sights is NOT because she loves her child with's because of her other child that she didn't commit suicide and take her autistic child with her. Not because she "seen the error" of her ways but because she didn't want to leave the other child alone in this world with out her. Thank God above for that other child being here because perhaps Alison would have gone through with it if not for that child. This is a stated fact by Alison Singer herself.
I have no pity for this woman, period.

Autism Grandma

Re Post by Twyla: "I couldn't believe how she showed a video of people signing a petition to do away with "dihydrogen monoxide" (which is another name for water, i.e. H2O). What was the point of that?? Instead of offering any useful science, she offers something with the goal of proving that people can be stupid?"

Alison Singer is paid to represent the vaccine industry and to convince the unsuspecting public to keep vaccinating. She directs her "illustrations" at the Autism Prevention and Recovery Community, thereby implying that we are so "stupid" that we will fall for anything (including using marijuana to treat our children) UH HUH YEAH RIGHT.

In reality the vaccine industry is targeting the uninformed public who has not sought out their own research in favor of just believing what they are told by thier doctors, and the government agencies that have been highjacked by implanting thier own vaccine industry paid representatives. Meanwhile they are laughing all the way to the bank about how "stupid" the American public is in falling for their propaganda hook line and sinker.

However, the American public is not stupid, although some perhaps naive and trusting of the so called "experts" that are falsely presented as such. And the parents and families are being exposed to more evidence regarding vaccine risks and health damages every day, therefore it is only a matter of time before the majority of the population recognizes the truth about autism, and the many other health damages produced by vaccines. It is only a matter of time.....

Media Scholar

The entire treatment issue is hijacked already.

Singer is being paid handsomely to boo hoo over the fact that nobody believes the crap the various Autism foundations are shoveling. She must have had a lot riding on the success of Autism Speaks' "Autism" pill. Everybody involved in that boner is unsavory as a peck of alum.

Ethical physicians no longer automatically slap ASD children on vaccine manufacturing drug company "treatments" which essentially are a band of dangerous SSRIs, etc. which were developed in covert operations such as any Autism clinic established before 1992 to catch all the falling children who were brain zapped by the proliferation of Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

What this is all about is J.B. and Alison are basically fighting over territorial rights to a generation or two of vaccine damaged children. Our kids are cash cows and everybody knows it.

Yes, folks it's easy to forget that the "institutions" which have long fed ASD children brain-altering chemicals to patch over regions of the brain fried by Thimerosal have no proof these disastrous drugs banned from use in so many parts of the world heal genetics, which Singer and pals use to conceal the reality of vaccine injury.

I am still trying to figure out the universal dynamics of how SSRIs can be so awful bad for kids that they were BANNED in the UK in 2003. Yet, through some sort of invisible force of all creation beyond any human understanding there is no evidence of harm in America.

We are supposed to believe that about 100% of school shooters are just born that way and silly women with the secret urge to drive off a bridge with their ASD child are stable enough to not require a pee test from them?

I defy Speaks to actually use up some of the brain tissue from our dead babies they've quietly been sitting on for years in order to "debunk" ethylmercury is the true cause of this American proliferation of Autism.

I double-dog dare them to surrender brain tissue for mercury assay.

One thing you can bet on, if the brain tissue samples they already have tested didn't reveal excessive mercury levels they would have used the anti-litigation bloc of PR dopes to blow their horns loudly.

Singer banks on one thing...people are stupid and they'll believe anything she tells them.


Is someone going to speak to Yale with the facts and demand a retraction? Everytime one of these misimformed and/or mentally challeged and/or liars gets in front of a microphone a respectful retraction and showing of the facts needs to take place. The task is probably more simple than it seems. Quite honestly, CPS should go after people like this for their abuse and negligence towards our medically challenged children. And I don't really know anything about this Ms. Singer, but if she has a child with Autism, then CPS should go after her for not caring for her child's possible medical condition.

stop the ASF

Yale Child Study Center needs to be held accountable for the dissemination of these mistruths. Perhaps Yale's problems with science and credibility need to be brought to the attention of U.S. News and World Report who currently ranks Yale 3rd Best University.

Also, Please see my previous comment which lists sponsors of Singer's "Autism Science Foundation" and their contact info:


"Spend more time with the child she once dreamed of murdering".....Yeah, about that. Whenever, the seemingly weekly stories hit the news wire about how some desperate mother murders her Autistic child our community always talks about how sad it is, how desperate the mother must have felt, and asks where was her support in caring for the child was, etc. Yet, when Allison Singer expressed such desperation, the only difference being she didn't actually do it, it gets held up as an example that she is some sociopath. When I read that quote I only feel sadness for her and commend her for finding the strength to get through the day. I have not doubt in my mind that she loves her child as much as any of us do ours.

With that said, I cannot stand the way she acts like just because her child's Autism is straight genetic all children's must be. Not so, in fact science has only account for 10-15 cases. My son had the whole assay done, some 200 genes and not a single Autism gene. Funny how the ones whose parents regress after a vaccine tend to turn up with not a single Autism gene.


"Is Alison Singer a liar or a moron?"

Apparently, both. A liar, and a moron for telling such stupid lies. Smart liars can't be caught by a Google search.

Alan Roberts

"No co-authors retracted the conclusion of the study that this group of 12 children were suffering from bowel disease and that 8 of the 12 had regressed after MMR, according to their parents."

Perhaps I'm missing something but how is that a "conclusion" of the study. At best it's an observation. Furthermore it's an odd observation to make. The linked document doesn't clearly state what cause-effect relationship is being researched. No discussion of the medical history of whatever they are trying to find either.

Perhaps much of this is answered in the heading which identifies it as an "early report". Which would imply to me that conclusions are premature (notice there is not even a section labeled 'conclusion').

I mean what's the fuss about this thing? The fact that it appears twelve children were chosen because of their developmental regression and the fact that infantile MMR is pretty common makes it about as compelling as Wertham's conclusion that comic books cause juvenile delinquency. So again why are people opposed to vaccinations interested here?


Hmmm...not sure about the liar vs. moron issue. In OUR world, you know, the real world where the sun shines everywhere BUT out of Paul Offitt's *ss, sure, she's a lying moron. But in her world, with it's tiny beam of light, it must be hard to read scientific studies, and if she really believes her own misinformation, she's telling her truth, even though it has no bearing on the objective truth. In that case, it's hard to go completely with moron either, since she's obviously figured out a way to get paid for spreading convenient misinformation to receptive audiences. From a certain perspective, like in the Bizarro world of Superman, maybe she drives an invisible jet, right?

Lisa Barli

Sadly she and her words fit right in at Yale. I've heard the same attitude and much of the same sentiments come out of the mouth of Dr Fred Volkmar (Director of the Yale Child Study Center) who has a serious god complex and zero respect for parents of affected children. My own experience was that there was no sense to be spoken with him. I can only pray that people like these get a kick in the butt from Karma.


the short answer is she's a liar. She's also a paid blogger. She's sold her soul.

Alison has it all

Liar, moron? Can't she have it all?

This was a post we could dance to...

You said you read the study
I can’t believe my ears
You got the text all twisted up
I think you drank too many beers
The bigger, the better
Some ripped off from Brian Deer
Collected from Paul Offit
You’re talking out your rear
Lies lies lies yeah


I couldn't believe how she showed a video of people signing a petition to do away with "dihydrogen monoxide" (which is another name for water, i.e. H2O). What was the point of that?? Instead of offering any useful science, she offers something with the goal of proving that people can be stupid? This from someone who supposedly understands science and is so into science?

It's so tiresome to hear people saying over and over "I (and mainstream medicine) understand science and you (and the rest of the biomedical community) don't," and then not offering any science of any value. No medical treatments, no information on causation -- just very vague statements that vaccines are proven safe and that new genetic aberations are being discovered.

And it is indeed puzzling how anyone could make so many totally inaccurate statements. Insane? Paid off? From a parallel universe?


My only question is why, oh, why can't these pharma shills hire somebody with some appeal. Who can listen to a lecture by Dr Eisenstein, Dr Herbert, Dr Wakefield or Dr Haley and not like them. They have such appeal and personality but people like Ms. Singer and Dr Offit are like nails on a chalkboard. Pharma's PR firm needs to be fired. Just for the record, I don't believe for a minute that Singer believes a word she's saying. She's just getting paid to say pharma crap. Say's a lot about her for selling out but he info is pure talking points.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I was interested in the fact that she mentioned Paul Offit and his book. Having read False Prophets quite closely, I can say that he doesn't share Singer's fears about the future for her daughter. According to Offit, there's been no increase in autism. All these autistic kids everywhere have always been here--labeled as mentally retarded or as merely geeks or nerds.
If he's one of the experts we're supposed to rely on according to Singer, he doesn't even see a problem.
Anne Dachel

Managing Editor

I'm talking about commenters. You can go after an adult all you want (within reason) - but I watch what's said when it includes a child. So far, we're OK.

Laura D.

What's with Yale producing obvious morons? Another Yale graduate..Kristina Chew. Enough said!

Not an MD

J.B., a person can be both a flaming moron and a flaming liar, you know. The two are not mutually exclusive. I think Ms. Singer is living in a world of denial, because her brain cannot accept that she had a hand in causing whatever harm occurred to her child. Not that she should be blamed for causing the harm. She did not know. She blindly followed the advice of her child's pediatrician, like many of us did, too. I feel sorry for her.



excuse my aspiness but didnt Mark Blaxill comment on her child above in the article

"spend more time with the child she once dreamed of murdering"



JB, I read the headline, and just knew this was written by you! Alison Singer has sold out my daughter and many others like her. What our former pediatrician did to her was a crime- and then to have Singer do this- et tu, Brute?

Crime really must pay, and I am confident Singer is paid well. This is the LOWEST form of prostitution there is.

Now, where do we find the source of the Autism Science Foundation's money?


"New independent research presented at the 2010 Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada confirms unequivocally the findings of Dr Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 Lancet paper of an association between autism and serious gastrointestinal disease in children."

Tanners Dad

I just can't stand to give a thief any press at all. As much as we are frustrated by Autism Speaks IMHO that was not her IACC seat to take.
I have two parody organizations in my basement that because of amazing reaction they might just become real... APAN Autism Parents Advocacy Network and ASF Autism Special Families Both of these Infant organizations Deserve seats on the IACC. Great work exposing this. To our community & the world this should be a bigger headline than pretending you were in Vietnam.


Come on JB, lighten up. Don't push for a decision here. I believe Alison is more than capable of being both a liar and a moron.

A Friend

How about a third option... BOTH!

Bob Moffitt

Alison Singer, a self-described, onetime Yale undergraduate .. is confused.

Alison is not a "doctor" .. she is a "spin doctor" .. and .. judging by her comments at Yale .. a particularly bad spin doctor.

Here is Alison's laughable attempt to explain why scientists cannot prove the null hypothesis:

"If I tie a white sheet around my neck and jump off the roof, I could jump off the roof 5,000 times and each time I am going to fall and break my leg. That doesn't prove that I can't fly .. it just proves that 5,000 out of 5,000 times I didn't fly, but, you can't say with 100% certainty that I can't fly."

This tortured attempt to explain the null hypothesis sounds more like Einstein's explanation of insanity .. doing the same thing over and over expecting different results each time.

Managing Editor - No Kids in Comments

Comment to your heart's content. But please leave Alison or anyone else's children out of the debate. Kids are off the table.



John Stone

Another "liar or moron", Donald Schiff MD (and peer reviewed by the AAP):

The article is entitle 'A study in disinformation' and it certainly is!

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