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Win a Signed Copy of Dr. Bob Sears's The Autism Book

The Autism Book Leave a comment to enter to win a copy of Dr. Bob Sears's, The Autism Book: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Early Detection, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention from Little Brown. Don't forget to leave a review at Amazon after you read the book.

From Amazon: With clarity and compassion, Dr. Robert Sears guides the reader through the maze of autism, explaining what precautions parents can take to decrease their baby's risk, how to detect autism at the earliest possible age, and how to proceed once a diagnosis has been made. The book provides parents with a simple and clear understanding of the biomedical treatment approach that Dr. Sears has used successfully with many of his young patients. It lays out a plan for developmental, behavioral, and learning therapies; shows parents how to begin treatments without a doctor's help; presents information on vaccines and their safe use; and includes an extensive resources section. THE AUTISM BOOK provides all the information and reassurance parents need.

You can purchase a copy for just $8.99 HERE. Also available on Kindle.


Heather Rogero

We have been newly diagnosed and need any resources and direction for my son who is almost 2.

L Long

I would love to read this book. My youngest son was diagnosed with autism about a year and a half ago and I am still finding out new information and I believe you cant know too much.


I have a 3.5 year old son with autism....my husband is a family practice doctor and is giving a lecture to his collegues on autism May 26th. We have a DAN! Doctor, use biomeds, sensory based OT, speech, alternative vaccine schedule for our now 1 year old daughter.... This book could be a great resource for us!! I'm excited and proud of my husband for giving a lecture to fellow MDs... To help them see the light!!! :-)

Crissy Messersmith

I am the mom of an amazing 6 year old boy with autism. He is a joy to us and all who spend time with him, and has won many hearts while changing many minds about what autism is - we would love to learn more about how we can help him be the best he can be!

Kathleen Pierson

Count me in.


Mylinda Elliott

I share with families that have a member with Autism all the time. Please enter me. This would be a good book to lend other parents.

Julie Newkirk

Oh, wow - Dr. Sears is one of my all time favorites to turn to for information, and now an autism book?! WOOHOOO I have read Martha Sears's breastfeeding book dozens of times plus some of the other Sears's books. It would be so amazing to win this. And if I don't, I shall purchase it! Thanks for writing it, Dr. S., and thanks for the chance to win, AOA!!!!



This is a topic close to my heart as many of my friends are currently going through autism diagnoses, and I am finding more and more of it in my classroom. Dr. Sears is highly respected in our circle.


Yesterday my son received an autism diagnosis and I am looking for information - answers - optimism.


Enter me, please


My daughter has mild autism. This would be very helpful.

Michelle Wandrack

Would love to win this book. Thank you.

Holly D

Sign me up.

Stacey Hodge

Please enter me. Thanks!


I have always admired Dr. Sears. This books raises that level even higher. It's great to know that there are doctors out there who are listening to parents and doing their own review of the research and not simply using CDC and AAP soundbites as there sole information source.

As an veteran autism parent, I have been contacted for advice by countless parents whose children were just diagnosed and other new parents who are just uncomfortable with the crazy vaccine schedule. Just yesterday I referred a friend who is expecting her first child at 38 to the Generation Rescue site for an alternative vaccine schedule. She was the one who approached me with questions.

It's nice to know that there is another resource out there by a highly respected doctor that I can now recommend to many parents.


please enter me, sounds like a great book


I would love to read his words of wisdom.


Wow...wow. It was Dr. Sears' "High Need Child" that gave me the first glimpse of hope and reality after pediatrician after pediatrician insisted that the only problem with my severely autistic son was his neurotic, pushy, high strung new mother who couldn't let her boy develop at his own pace. From that I read "The Baby Book and immediately implemented attachment parenting, which did wonders toward securing a foundation on which biomedical interventions then took hold. I've since given "The Baby Book" to probably 40 pregnant students and colleagues, promoting attachment parenting any chance I get. Yet, huge fan that I am, even I never expected anyone as mainstream and influential in our camp, even a little bit.

This is good. Really, really good. Year of the metal tiger, indeed.

Janine A.

I would love to win this book.

Simon's OT mom

Please enter my name. It sounds like a great book!


I love Dr Sear's books! Please enter me to win!

laura shuler

a great addition to the sears family's line of books! i love them! cant wait to get my hands on a copy!

Lisa Thompson

I would be thrilled to win this book. Enter me please!

Carrie Elsass

I get questions from newly diagnosed families every week- I'd love to have this to share!

one of a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens...

If I am the winner of this fabulous new tome, I would be thrilled to read it, then pass it on to our pediatrician who now sees children with autism, and has a son with autism himself. Even more remarkable, he was trained and did his internship under Paul Offit. Knowlege is power- put it in the right hands and sooner or later, positive changes can and do happen.

Crunchy Nurse

I would love to win a copy of this book. I have an 8 year old with Asperger syndrome.

Antonica Johnson

This would be a welcome addition to my autism library which I share with all newly diagnosed families I meet.

K Fuller Yuba City

Enter me please. Thanks.


I would love to win this book!


Would love to win this book. Have two grandchildren with autism. I read any information that might be of help to them.


Please consider me

Bad Penny

to quote the sea ghulls in finding Nemo mine mione mine mine mine. Please pick me. 11 year old recovering watched NEMO this weekend then he put it on againd Dad asked didn't we find NEMO yet. Our son said "It's a bog ocean daddy" bring on the BIO MED Never give up and support the Brave Who Question the it's just better diagnosis.

Please pick us!


This looks good. We could use this one.

Alicia Ree Buchanan

I woudl love to win this book so I can donate it to our local library..

Rochelle Scholl

I love Dr. Sear! Can't wait to read his new book!

Rebecca Bonaparte

I have three boys, and my middle son has classic autism. Would love to win this book!


Can't wait to read this book. I have a 6yr old on spectrum. Before he was born I bought other Dr Sears books - one I still have is "Raising a Successful Child" - & I'm not giving up on that! Also have lots of friends and cousins that are preggers or have infants. It would be great to lend them a book instead of all the articles, etc I print out and randomly give them.


Please enter me. Dr Sears is so highly regarded by so many people, being able to share it with people on all sides of the autism debate would be wonderful.


I read his "The Vaccine Book" and ordered a few to give as Baby Shower gifts, from now on. He writes in laymen's terms, using humor and authority.


Ohhhh Me ME!!!!

Leah K.

I'm mom to a 2.5 year old newly diagnosed ASD child and would love to win this book. I have started a book collection which has been the inspiration for my belief and hope in recovery and have tried to purchase all the "key" autism books but it gets pricey and I would really really love to hear what Dr. Sears has to say on the issue, not to mention the autograph on my bookshelf would be really special.


Please enter me! Thanks.


Would love to read a new book about Autism and to be able to share w/ other people. Have always found Dr. Sear's very compassionate about autism and how he communicates and talks w/ parents.


I have 2 kids on the spectrum and I read everything I can get my hands on. I would love to see what Dr. Sears has to say. Thanks for the chance!!


Please enter us--thanks!

Stephanie Jones

I have 2 Autistic boys- one 7 and one 2 1/2. The 7 yr old does well, the 2 yr old, not so much. I read everything I can get my hands on and it is getting costly!! Especially the books we buy for his teachers to help them understand HIM. I would LOVE a copy of it.


This is a book that would help me alot. As a local shop that only cuts children's hair in the Bronx, I come into so many children with autisam, and i am always surprised at how many do not know all they should about the condition. I worked in the board of education in classes for autistic children, and I read extensively about it and I am always looking for ways to help children go through getting haircuts as easy as possible. This is a book I would love! http://www.someplacespecialforkids.com

Jacqueline Petty

I would love to win this book. My 3 year old non-verbal daughter was diagnosed with Autism just before her 2nd birthday and I did not realise how big a battle we would face (and still do) trying to get her any help she needs.

deann brennan

my grandson was diognoswed with asd last year and i would love to win this many thanks deann

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