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Who Knew Mercury was Bad?

Dr-evil Sound familiar? From The Scientist Magazine: "...guidelines were put into effect without studying any neurochemical reactions at the cellular level, which is where scientists see the early signs of toxicity."  But, but, but the mercury in vaccinations is the safe kind that smells like warm apple pie and sparkles in the sunshine, isn't it? ISN'T IT? Merck and Lilly and GSK, they've studied all of this, haven't they?

Read the full article: Against the Element - The Scientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences HERE.

...The story of mercury contamination traces back to the 19th century, when the toxin was widely used in the felt industry, and hat makers often developed neuropsychotic symptoms—hence the phrase “mad as a hatter.” Researchers started to notice that food was a potential source of mercury poisoning after scores of people died or fell ill from contaminated fish in Japan in the 1960s and from tainted grain in Iraq in the 1970s. In these cases, however, people were exposed to extreme doses of mercury pollution from industrial burning of fossil fuels, and most scientists agreed that normal background levels of mercury were safe, for the most part.

Even so, no governing body could agree on how much mercury was too much.

Drawing on research indicating that no adverse clinical symptoms were detected below a blood mercury level of 58 parts per billion (ppb), the US Environmental Protection Agency factored in a 10-fold margin of safety and recommended a blood mercury maximum of 5.8 ppb. The European Food Safety Authority, however, was less conservative and set the bar at 10 ppb, while Health Canada and the World Health Organization agreed that 20 ppb was safe for nonpregnant adults.

Yet these guidelines were put into effect without studying any neurochemical reactions at the cellular level, which is where scientists see the early signs of toxicity. Now Chan’s group is taking biochemical measurements of brain receptors and enzymes to study the close links between neuronal cell death and mercury uptake, and his team is producing some surprising—and unsettling—findings. “We see subtle changes in the brain before the onset of clinical outcomes,” says Chan.

In short, he and others are seeing biochemical changes in the brains of polar bears, mink, wild river otters, and other species. These biochemical changes could translate into physiological changes—such as defects in memory, language, attention, motor function and visual-spatial abilities—that often go unnoticed until it’s too late and the animal has suffered significant damage from mercury. As Chan’s group struggles to replicate and understand those changes, they are beginning to wonder: Is there no safe level of mercury exposure...?


Carolyn kylesmom

Children ARE keeling over and dying.... Hs anyone every managed to figure out how many SIDs cases are caused by this? Can we compare vax and unvax including MOms and SIDs rates? Anyone know about Amish or home schoo rates of SIDS

And when I had a miscarriage in 1997 which shocked me as no woman in my family history of large Catholic families ever had, they told me " it's about 1 in 4 pregnancies --we just didn't used to detect them in the past.."

Sound familiar? The new normal gets sicker and sicker....


Modern researchers most often don't go back far enough.

In the 1500s it wasn't long after Spanish invasion conquered Central and South America they began to enslave the native people. The chief conscription apparently was death by gold and silver mining.


In 1554 the Spanish used the patio process (mercury amalgamation)on an industrial scale. Spanish-American mines in Central and South America used tons and tons of mercury (Hg). It's estimated that 132,000 tons of Hg disappeared from the mid 1500s to the 1890s.

The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas apparently also disappeared.

According to Mercury from Gold and Silver Mining: A Chemical Time Bomb?


The use of mercury in gold mining most likely dates back to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians who commercialized mercury from the Almaden mines of Spain around 750 B.C.

A direct quote from that work:

"Environmental problems caused by the utilization of Hg in gold and silver mining have been reported since Roman time. Around 77 A.D. Roman authorities were importing circa 5000kg/yr of Hg from Spain to be used in gold amalgamation in Italy. Curiously, in less than 100 years, this activity was forbidden in mainland Italy. (D'Itri and D'Itri 1977; Nriagu 1979) It's quite possible that this prohibition was already a response to environmental health problems caused by this activity."

The vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their sock puppets can't refute the science of history.

I respect those who admit they were ignorant. I have disdain for those who chide a world history of mercury's menace.


Another interesting section about organic vs. inorganic Hg (especially the part about "usually causes most damage"):

"...The first is organic methylmercury, which can penetrate lipid bilayers, including the blood–brain barrier, which is how humans and wildlife are exposed to the neurotoxic element. The other form is inorganic mercury, which is converted from methylmercury in the brain, where it effectively gets trapped because it cannot readily cross the body’s membranes. The inorganic mercury then accumulates and usually causes the most damage."

That was followed by this next paragraph which makes me wonder how the polar bear physiology (or something about the bear's diet/environment?) would handle thimerosal exposure?

"Unlike many other mammals, including humans, who have a near 50:50 split of the two types of mercury in the brain, the toxin within polar bear brains is more than 95 percent in the organic form. 'That tells us that the polar bears are not at risk of neurotoxic effects of mercury,' says Krey. ..."


There seems to be some research mentioned here that may be very applicable to the thimerosal-autism connection. Is this research new to anyone else or is it old news that I've missed?

This part particularly :

"In December, Silbergeld, together with her former postdoc Jennifer Nyland, reported that low concentrations of mercury in human blood cells affect immune function by disrupting cytokine signaling pathways—elevating the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and decreasing the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines.5 Those findings dovetail with Silbergeld’s previous whole organism studies with mice and humans that linked mercury with hyper-autoimmunity.

'Somehow mercury is changing the threshold of activation for these auto-reactive cells so that less of a stimulus will put them over the edge,' says Nyland, now at University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia. 'The toxic effects of mercury on the immune system have been neglected, pure and simple,' adds Silbergeld.

What’s more, mercury’s neurotoxic and immunotoxic effects might be inextricably linked. Silbergeld has found evidence that mercury inhibits the migration of neurons in mouse brain cells by disrupting the cytokine-mediated communication between neurons and specialized immune cells in the brain called microglia. Chan’s lab is also now starting to investigate mercury’s effects on the brain’s immune system."


The mercury in vaccines is so good that your only disposal options are a pregnant woman or a lined landfill to "prevent release into the environment"


Craig Willoughby

Gatogorra: Damn...you're onto me.

Elucidatus: I know...it's shocking how so many of them can spend so much time there. I'm curious; do you post with Elucidatus on Huffpo?

Kristina: Yep, you are absolutely correct. But, they get what they pay for, don't they?

anon: Thanks for the visit! You're welcome anytime to show up and comment. Schwartz has given me a part 2, and I'm currently working on the formatting to post it.

Randy: Woof woof, tweet, pizza!!!

Jim Thompson

Who Knew Mercury was Bad?

NEWSFLASH!!! The USEPA banned it as a preservative in latex paint to protect children from neurological damage—twenty years ago!!

See http://www.nytimes.com/1990/06/30/us/government-bans-mercury-in-interior-latex-paints.html?pagewanted=1 and http://www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/hlthef/mercury.html .

Mercury is bad. But just how much of this bad stuff is in the brain? No one knows for sure but there are some clues. For instance look at the footnote of the table labeled “Mercury Gone Wild” in The Scientist article “Against the Element.” See http://www.the-scientist.com/article/display/57238/#mercury#ixzz0jiEWCiN5 .

It refers to Environmental Health 6:30, 2007 “Mercury in human brain, blood, muscle and toenails in relation to exposure: an autopsy study”. See http://www.ehjournal.net/content/pdf/1476-069X-6-30.pdf .

That document reports that the median concentration of inorganic mercury, in the occipital lobe cortex for 30 adults [their median age was 69 years] was 5 parts per billion.

See http://www.ehjournal.net/content/pdf/1476-069X-6-30.pdf , page 3, 2007.

However in contrast, look at the Special Master Ruling by Smith-Campbell. “The thimerosal component formerly contained in pediatric vaccines was not a significant source of mercury exposure. The amount of inorganic mercury found to accumulate in the brain after receipt of thimerosal-containing vaccines is in the range of two to three parts per billion and is less than the amount of inorganic mercury that accumulates in the brain after eating fish (which contains methylmercury).”

See http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/Campbell-Smith%20Mead%20Autism%20Decision.pdf , page 137, 2010.

However, when one compares (a) a 6 month old infant with 3 ppb inorganic mercury brain level from thimerosal exposure, to (b) a 69 year old adult with 5 ppb inorganic mercury brain level from a life long exposure to mercury amalgams and dietary mercury—there is no scientific method to conclude that this is a safe level of mercury for the developing brain of an infant.

USEPA: Thank you!

CDC and FDA: Mercury kills brain cells. Mercury in the brain from fish is bad. Mercury in the brain from vaccines is bad. Take it out of vaccines—NOW!!


Hold on a minute. There was a study in Sweden that said that the autism rate decreased when mercury was increased,so mercury must be good for you,a big wig pharma scientist even said he did the research.


Randy-- lol (tweet). It only hurts when I laugh. And now my face hurts from this frozen smirk....


"Can you actually laugh yourself sick? I have a stitch in my side. "

Woof woof tweet (translation: payback's a bitch... :-)


Craig--- demonic chuckle. You had me going there for one second-- becasue I'm an APRIL FOOL! I think that deserves a t-shirt!

And Kim-- "But, but, but the mercury in vaccinations is the safe kind that smells like warm apple pie and sparkles in the sunshine, isn't it? ISN'T IT?"

Can you actually laugh yourself sick? I have a stitch in my side.


Hi Craig,

That happened to me too at the Huffpo! There were these knuckleheads that were blogging all day pretending to be doctors. There was even one knucklehead that was trying to explain the difference between allergies of a bee sting and venom of a bee sting. The guy made absolutely no sense because I caught him in a lie once I started reading where he was getting his information. The guy thought he could just make shit up and think we were not going to look it up.

This guy was there from like 5:00am CST to 12:00am CST. Either this guy has nothing better to do or he is getting paid like all the rest of the goons. If this guy had a child with Autism I GUARANTEE that he would not be blogging 24/7. We are no longer dealing with parents that said they vaccinated and nothing happened. We are dealing with people that are paid to blog all day and just throw in any pharma research results from a list provided by pharma.

I too am now throwing in the towel because I am now convinced that Vaccines do not cause Autism. They brain washed me with their 24/7 without rest blogging. I am now taking my child to get all 30 something vaccines because they said that there is nothing to be afraid of and no evidence of harm. Goodbye everyone and god bless!

Jeff C.

Interesting article, but one wonders how the mercury subject could be discussed in such detail without a single mention of thimerisol. Check out the following paragraph from the article, it looks almost like it was lifted straight from a DAN conference:

“Krey isolated a handful of brain regions, and tested them for mercury levels as well as the activity of several brain enzymes and receptors involved in a range of processes including memory, movement, and learning. Chan and his former graduate student Niladri Basu had already shown that mercury disrupted GABAergic signaling, impaired components of the cholinergic system, and lowered the levels of a glutamate receptor called the N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMdAR) in mink and numerous other species. In 2008, Chan also discovered a partial reason for why mercury was wreaking havoc on the brain. He showed in human neuroblastoma cells that the heavy metal bound and activated NMDARs—a commonly studied benchmark of toxicology testing that contributes to excitatory synaptic transmission and memory function—thereby causing neurons to start firing too often, and ultimately leading to cell death.”

So we’ve got low GABA (the calming neurotransmitter), impaired cholergenic activity (a dominant component of the parasympathetic ANS), and over stimulation of the NMDA receptors (excitotoxicity). Sound familiar?

Methyl-B12. methyl-folate, Vitamin A, and other nutritional interventions have brought my 5 year old son from HFA to nearly NT. His IEP has to be constantly re-written, he is achieving his goals so fast. We saw four and one half years of degradation followed by one year of amazing progress by treating exactly the conditions attributed to mercury in the paragraph above. Yet Deth, Nuebrander, Yasko, and the rest are quacks in the eyes of the medical establishment.

Thank God for the internet, the message is getting out despite the efforts of the AAP to stop it. People flocking to what works and the medical establishment are terrified by that.



I just followed the link to your website. Holy smackdown of Dr. Novella. Thank you Schwartz.


LOL, Craig. If Merck really does hire people to troll websites, they don't hire the brightest. Or maybe even the brightest can't do much with the information they have to work with.

Craig Willoughby

Well, my dear friends, it has been an interesting journey with all of you. Sadly, I will be taking my leave of you.

You see, over the past few years, all of the personal insults and lack of relevant science that has been repeatedly shoved in my face by those on Huffpo and various other sites on the internet have convinced me that vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with Autism. In fact, they have convinced me that Vaccines are all as safe as moon-beams and rainbows and that they are never, ever associated with adverse events; those are all just coincidences.

I am planning on getting a job with Merck so that I can get paid to spend hours a day posting on various websites insulting parents who believe that their children were injured by vaccines. I'll spend my days stalking individuals I don't like, digging up posts that are years old that may or may not have even been written by them and then using that information to make further pointless attacks that bear no relevance to anything. It will be glorious!!

From now on, I will let the people at ScienceBlogs tell me what to think so that I don't have to; it'll just make life so much easier. Besides...they have convinced me that what I saw happen to my son was only a figment of my imagination.



Quote: “Just because an animal isn’t keeling over and dying doesn’t mean it isn’t being affected,” notes Tony Scheuhammer,"

Hallelujah. Yet we require overt adverse effects in order for anyone to even believe you when you state your child was affected, and never the same after receiving TCVs. And then out of the other side of their mouths they'll spout nonsensical epi studies to show that other populations (receiving less thimerosal, and changing criteria half-way through their study) is not affected!? And I'M scientifically illiterate? Wake up and smell the denial people.

When you step back and look at what's happened over the last 25 years, the corruption and disinformation campaigns are almost blinding. Maybe there's a vaccine for that?


No...there isn't!


Show me the monkeys!!

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