Frontline's Complete Interview with Generation Rescue's Jenny McCarthy

AAP: The Internet is Causing the Autism Epidemic?

Dunce cap By Katie Wright

If you watched “Frontline: The Vaccine Wars” you probably learned:

1) Unregulated free speech is dangerous, especially the internet which is a major cause of the autism epidemic

2) Parents have access to way too much information

3) Pediatricians, not children, are the real victims of this phony epidemic

4) Parents who do not vaccinate are selfish, naïve and are putting the health of the entire Unites States of America, and possibly the world, at risk.

5) Pandemics are always a plane ride away, so don’t get on that plane!

6) Despite numerous reports to the contrary, are no conflicts of interest between the CDC and the vaccine industry. That is why we were afraid to discuss it on “Frontline.”

7) The risks of unlimited vaccination are infinitesimally  small, so small you don’t even understand how small, teeny tiny small, so small we won’t measure it or allow public access to adverse vaccine reaction records

8) Parents who saw the children regress after multiple vaccines are “confused,” “emotional and “looking for someone to blame.”

9) Ashland, OR is a super dangerous place, filled with crazies

10) Paul Offit says “parents don’t understand” 100x and believes parents should stay off the internet, especially!

11) Apparently, not one doctor in all of the USA questions the safety of our vaccine schedule, plus pediatricians are exhausted by having to answer all those annoying vaccine schedule questions, so just quit it!

12) YouTube practices mind control over children and adults in order to make them doubt the safety of vaccines

13) YouTube is our mortal enemy!

14) Jenny McCarthy was a Playboy model, not a bestselling author, not the impetus for the “Green the Vaccine” march and not an inspiration to thousands of parents, but possibly an agent of

15) Paul Offit looks SO much like the Dwarf Dad in “Little People Big World.”

16) Dr. Eric Fombonne is hard to understand but sounds like a man in love when speaking about vaccines

17)  Don’t you know people get hurt or injured from diseases!

18) This is  totally black and white debate. If you do not fully vaccinate your child on our schedule, which incidentally is more designed to combat the health risks found in sub Saharan Africa, your child will likely die or kill another child!

19) Dr. Antonio Fauci warns that Polio could results in a “serious limp or “injury” and will interfere with baseball season

20)  Dr. Cynthia Cristofani says it is no laughing matter that “chicken pox kills!!!”

21) We are all at War!

22) Autism is a mystery

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Darian (nickname)

Yes, the chicken pox pandemic! It's more horrible than the Black Death!! BEWARE!!

You know, when I was small, getting the chicken pox was just a part of growing up! Everyone said that the earlier you got it the better, and that once you had it you weren't likely to get it again.

Yes, such a horrible plague!!

Pardon me while I hurl!

Michael A. Chernoff

New bumper sticker...

VACCINES = WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

Sponsored by our Federal Government

Michael A. Chernoff, for Alexander and So Many Others

Becky Grant-Widen

Just getting to finally read this Katie. Hilarious....I think you need to put this on YouTube and send it to Frontline and all their experts they interviewed! ;o)
Maybe it'll become viral!

kathy blanco

I live in Oregon, and I don't live in Ashland, but I so wish I did, I would be with my "own kind"....

I would have loved for my kids to have the "actual" measles, etc. That way, they would actually have a life now, full of possibilities, dreams and hopes.

Now, because of my trust in doctors, I get to pay all the days of my life, and feel guilt for my stupid decision to trust them. My kids will suffer probably with lifelong seizures, no companionship beyond family members, gut problems, systemic illnesses and die a painful horrible death in some group home after we are gone.

There simply is no comparison, I would have loved the actual immunity given from diseases, the process of eliminating toxins from the body and the jump in IQ after you have these...mind you...ONE AT A TIME. I would have loved to have given them natural therapies, CLO and the like, to make it more easier for them, and would have loved to show people, no big deal, rite of passage. Now we inject kids at vulnerable times, when they have no detox (more likely for our kids), and multiple cellular immunity problems. To that fact, even when they are teething, a vulnerable immune function timing.

I love's very beautiful, and, someday, someday, people will realize why that community doesn't have the rate of autism like we have, or the neuroimmune problems like we have, or the cancers like we have. Indeed, a study of that should take place.

Autism Grandma

When my daughter refused vaccines for my grandson at his birth, a male pediatrician came into her hospital room and screamed abuses at her. Six months later when my grandson was in the hospital and they found out the "horrible truth" that my daughter and myself are both against vaccines, they referred both of us to Child Protective Services and threatened to remove custody of my grandson from my daughter. She was also ordered to leave my home immediately or otherwise lose custody of her son. They forced the vaccines on my grandson and consequently he developed autism. We had to get an attorney to get the vaccines stopped.

This is a very short version of a long complicated story, but one of the things that these posts are reminding me of is when the pediatrician called me with a big guilt trip lecture including her royal command: "Do not do any more research on the INTERNET". I recommended that she needed to do some research herself.

The internet now is just like Radio Free Europe during World War 2. The Nazi's threw people into concentration camps for simply owning a radio that could receive the American and opposition broadcasting. But what are they going to do with all of us now, confiscate our computers so that we can't discover what the truth really is???!!!

This evil conspiracy is going to lose the Vaccine Wars eventually and we need to keep using the internet and broadcast our message of truth any way that we can---including posting signs in our front yard, businesses, and those of our families and friends who also know the truth.

"VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM"---These signs and posters need to be produced immediately. There are too many children suffering every day because of this WAR that we are not going to win unless all of us unite and post this message everywhere.

Emmett Framson

Good, except you missed one of the most heinous points of all:

Jenny McCarthy (Playboy Playmate and secret communist) is married to Jim Carey...Jim Carey makes movies...movies are frequently pirated...and posted on!!!

There's the link, it's all becoming clear to me now...the game is afoot!

michael framson

Oh by the way. The CDC came on a "plane" to Ashland. Most of them had natural acquired permanent immunity and no autism. They seemed to enjoy Ashland in spite of the war.

It did seem that they came to Ashland to figure out why they were loosing? I don't think the internet came up once.

Also, Jim Shame, the Jackson County Health Department director, who was shown interviewing the Ashland mothers, was a Salt Lake City work group participant calling for the vaccinated unvaccinated outcome studies.

Christine Branden

BRILLIANT article!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael framson

Katie, Why don't you offer FRONTLINE your list when they do the rebroadcast. It only takes a few minutes to read your list instead of wasting an hour expecting something better.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


The references to the bad bad interwebz and parents having "too much information" are a win-win for us. Any normal, rationally thinking person, even a person who knows zilch about this "war," MUST find that preposterous.

I love, love it. Love, love, love it.


haha, Katie, this is great.


Autism research at SickKids receives a boost of more than $9 million (this is for genetics)

TORONTO, April 29 /CNW/ - A research team co-led by Dr. Stephen Scherer, Senior Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) was awarded an $8.9 million grant today from the Global Leadership Round in Genomics & Life Sciences (GL(2)), which is part of the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) by the Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI).

Scherer, Director of The Centre for Applied Genomics at SickKids and the McLaughlin Centre at the University of Toronto, along with co-principal investigator Dr. Peter Szatmari, Vice-Chair of Research and Professor at McMaster University, are studying the genomic basis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is a neurological disorder resulting in developmental challenges connected to communication, social understanding and behaviour.

The project, called Autism Spectrum and Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Genomes to Outcomes, is geared towards developing new tools to screen genomes and generating cutting-edge technologies to diagnose ASD and other neurological disorders. This work builds on previous research in which the scientists had identified gene copy number differences to be involved in ASD susceptibility. In what will be the largest study of its kind, they will now be using advanced technology to sequence genes from thousands of ASD patients in Ontario.

"Our goal is to bring our gene discoveries from the research labs to clinics, which we believe will facilitate the necessary early diagnosis critical for successful intervention in ASD," says Scherer.

Life Technologies Corporation, a global biotechnology tools company and continued partner of SickKids for its SOLiD technology, will also be a key collaborator for this research. Following today's government announcement, the company has committed to a $700,000 investment in the form of a next-generation DNA sequencing instrument. SickKids has previously purchased two SOLiD Systems for a variety of genomic projects.

"Life Technologies is pleased to partner with Dr. Scherer and his colleagues to support their research, which may lead to the development of new approaches for understanding complex human diseases like autism, and is proud to be collaborating with SickKids on sequencing technology that supports their research," says John L. Miller, President, Genetic Systems Division at Life Technologies. "The unique and superior accuracy of the SOLiD System is ideal for research targeted at elucidating the heterogeneous genetic variations implicated with ASD. We are confident that by working together with SickKids, progress will continue to be made towards understanding the underlying genetic factors in ASD."

Scherer notes that "this is a wonderful example of how collaboration with government and industry partners could help achieve the ultimate goal of easing the lifelong challenges faced by ASD families."

The government funding is part of Ontario's $114 million commitment to genomics and gene-related research through the ORF's GL(2) program.

To read more about the announcement, please visit the MRI website at
Goody, goody.


Come on - let's go. Ashland's an awesome town.,_Oregon

K Fuller Yuba City

They are all just pissed off because they paid hundred of thousands of dollars for the power of the initials M.D., and we are getting better education for 30 dollars a month on that internet!


It's been said that laughing at the enemy robs them of their power - - Katie, I think you just brought them to their knees! Thanks for the smiles--

Craig Willoughby

"Dear PBS - I use the internets for work. What should I do?"

OMFG!!! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard! I think I ruptured something. I can't sue because I read it on the interwebz!


They loathe the internet. Makes me want to be online more!! If not for the internet, I would have never found or tried GFCF. When my daughter started toe walking, I began to google. Thank God for the internet, she is a new girl because of those dietary changes! Through the internet and word of mouth, we are making a difference. It is why this whole "vaccines cause autism" thing will not go away. It is an idea that has stuck and I don't think it is going anywhere. Just keep talking and posting and I believe one day the tide will turn.

Shannon Hunt

Bobbi Markowitz: My psychiatrist says I need creative chaos.
Roger Bannister: My shrink says I need boundaries.
Joanna Eberhart: My doctor says I need enough electricity to jumpstart Vegas.

"I am the new generation.....I am a Youtube/Stepford Parent" "I don't think, I don't see, I only do what Youtube tells me to do!!

Josh Day



Pretty pathetic the only crutch they have to lean on is to vilify the Internet. Worked out GREAT for Scientology.

In scientology a prospective member/volunteer at an auditing center is given a data file which contains a worm that infects their web browser, blocking sites known to be critical to scientology. When attempting to surf onto a site the error message reads: "This site is a known hate site and has been blocked by your ISP."

That's the next thing. Pediatricians will give us info packets replete with a shiny DVD to load into our computer. Try to surf onto ageofautism or generation rescue and you get: "This site is a known spreader of misinformation and dangerous pseudoscience and has been blocked by Real Scientists."

AAP just pawns

I believe the average citizen, who may have accepted the obviously biased Frontline argument that there is no autism-vaccine connection, will still come away with a sense of suspicion due to the suggestions of internet censure. Before the days of the internet, this would be the equivalent to suggesting the banning of certain books or even censorship/ostracization of unwelcome ideology. Consider the retraction of some of Wakefield's research with the accompanying removal of internet access to it as a form of book burning, the point not lost on those of us who rush to make a hard copy of "un-Wellcome" information before its "censure" masquerading as fair and proper adjudication.

It's obvious from the sponsors of this Frontline program that we are not just dealing with the CDC and corporate interests. The vaccine/autism debate is considered a serious national security issue, not just a public health challenge. The government is revealing their agenda by bringing out into the open their reliance on the CIA with CFR advice to contain and control this threat. Their offensive move on this front by attacking motherhood and free speech wasn't well thought out, IMO.

Members of the AAP, are just the enlisted personnel in this conflict on the front lines. I wonder if they recognize that they are considered just as expendable as our children. Their reputations and livelihood are just another part of the collateral damage when the truth wins out.


Cherry glad to see you blogging, you have not for awhile.

Why 10 years?
It is more like 30 years.
1986 was when Congress made changes we mistakenly thought would be for the better. That was because Barbara Fisher had been at it for another number of long years before that.

That makes this vaccine reaction - autism thing going on for 30 years already.

I predict that the only ending in this will be when we are all 100% autistic/alzeiheimers/schizophrenia/bipolar and there are no minds left to know what the word vaccine means let alone some one being able to produce one.

I always thought that the angel guarding the Garden of Eden was a symbol of our minds developing and creating civilization for ourselves. It is our minds that keep us from returning to the Garden of Eden. But if we keep this up, I am pretty sure the angel will be called away, and we will all be returing to the Garden of Eden.

Maybe I am being too spiritual in all this, but it is hard not too considering the pure evil the ozzess from behind the issue of "vaccine causes autism"--- could be the way it all ends.

Katie Wright

Dear Stupid Parent,

Ideally you should quit that job.

However, if you MUST continue to work you need to block ALL internet sites except CHOP, the AAP and the CDC. And you are forbidden from watching youtube forever!

Sincerely, Frontline producers, Offit, the AAP and the NIH


I ran into three random people on a short walk with the kids who told me A) vaccines cause autism and B)the media lies about it.

Because my kids have food allergies, I have to mention this if ordering anything for them in cafes, etc., or asking someone not to use cleaning sprays in front of them. So that always sparks conversations about the rise in allergies. And from there, about half the people I have this exchange with will say unprompted, "And oh yeah, what about his rise in autism?" And about half of them will throw vaccines into the equation.

All the media is doing is training skeptics. This issue in particular is too much of an affront to people's common sense.

I can sum up my response to Frontline with a jabicon...

I=I===>----- $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Jake Crosby

These "experts" who don't know anything about autism beyond what they read in newspapers are not only claiming they are more qualified than us - even though we've actually took out time to gather information about autism - but that we should stop gathering that information and just listen to their own self-important, ignorant and agenda-driven narrative.

stupid parent

Dear PBS - I use the internets for work. What should I do?


23) Offit: All kids need to be vaccinated because some kids can't be and we need to protect them.

But we're making no effort to determine which kids can't be nor will we ever.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

The internet is new; it could be a real equation changer and the opposition knows it.
Minimata? - about 20 years to get justice.
Tobacco war - about 20 years to win.
Putting a halt to mercury in dentistry- After about 20 years there are some wins and still some losses.
Admitting that vaccines cause autism? Its only been about ten years so far. Can the internet change the 20 year scenario?
( PS I know these figures arent perfect- please refine them if you like and add on others)

Stagmom on ECBT and V2V

Naughty naughty internets! Bad bad the Google! Er, what about Every Child By Two and Voices For Vaccines? Don't they harness the evil of the internets and the google too? Or is that pot just a very very very very very dark shade of gray and not actually black?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

All this Internet hysteria just shows one how brainwashed the young doctors are.
I heard it for the first time about a month ago. ( By the way, before this the theme in the cafeteria was, "These kids arent really autistic!" )
Here's the conversation:
Me: " Are the doctors in your hospital talking about the Gardasil deaths ?"
Young doctor: " No they are NOT. You shouldnt believe everything you read on the internet "
So I went back and looked at JB's article on Gardasil deaths and injuries and noticed that everything in it came from newspapers around the world- and some VAERS data.
Apologies JB, We ain't gonna believe you or VAERS because it comes through the dreaded Internet.


You see our politians, media, newsprint,physicians, and such, are just be ginning to rap their heads around the power of the internet. IMO we need to mimic the Tea Party movement and use the internet to our advantage. The TP is made up of everyday citizens just like ourselves, only we have autism thrown into the mix. We need to look at their formula for success. The media hates them, well six out of seven do, and they have an agenda to stop the TP movement because it doesn't meet with their bias', therefor, it's seek and destroy, sounding familiar yet? Rally Cry Anyone? If we were to organize like the TP, most likely we're going to get media coverage, because the media will seek to destroy us, make us look like fools, this is always their group game plan. We use this coverage to our benefit not theirs, the TP is still growing in spite of the negative press.

Joim your hometown forum if you have one, I hammer them almost everyday. As JB said, if it turns out that vaccines aren't the culprit, I will not only eat "crow", I will fall on my momma worrior sword.


A GEM! Thanks Katie!

Katie Wright

OK, what are all of you doing on the internet!!

I thought Dr. Offit and Dr. ( crazy eyes) Cristofani made themselves clear- do NOT log on to the internet under any circumstances!


I always knew I should stay away from Ashland, OR! Now I know why.


that was hilarious,especially the Poul Offit remark. I often think back to that stupid picture of him holding a baby (I think for the Discover magazine cover) where it looks like he aspires to being a playgirl model. hahaha. And they keep sounding off about Jenny! They are pathetic.

Anne McElroy Dachel


I was baffled throughout this broadcast. Doctors were making us the enemy.
We're wrong and dangerous. So why bring it up AGAIN? Why give more publicity to a movement they wish would GO AWAY? ...
Because we're having a HUGE IMPACT and they're desperate!

The real nemesis is THE INTERNET and they can't stop it!

Look at how many times Offit et al. derided YouTube and Internet info sources like NVIC and GR.

Look at the latest campaign from the AAP:

American Academy of Pediatrics Launches Protect Tomorrow Campaign Bringing History to Life So Vaccine-Preventable Illnesses Don't Re-emerge

It won't work. People know that there are two sides to this issue and info is just a click away!

I became educated on Google...thousands have.
Anne Dachel


The trolls are reading this right now and saying "Oh sh*t, that damn Katie Wright got a copy of our talking points. Where's the leak?"

Let's Fight Back


They're terrified of the power of the internet. Let's use it:

First, file a complaint with the FCC describing PBS' extreme bias and omission of interviews with scientists and physicians critical of the vaccine program and the studies that defend it.!input.action?form_page=2000E

Second, copy and send the e-mail below or create your own.

Subject line:
Sexism and bias at PBS - please stop donating

On April 27th, PBS introduced Jenny McCarthy not as an advocate for safer vaccines, not as a best-selling author of seven books, not as a film and television actress, but as a Playboy playmate - in a transparent and sexist attempt to discredit her.

PBS, heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry, launched an all-out war on Ms. McCarthy and on all Americans who do not subject their children to every single one of the 36 vaccines in the CDC's current vaccine schedule. (Our former CDC Director is now president of Merck's vaccine division.) In the show titled "The Vaccine War," not a single doctor or scientist critical of the current vaccine schedule was heard from. The interviews of at least two such doctors ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Here's what one of those doctors had to say to PBS after being informed his entire two-hour interview was cut:

Before agreeing to her interview, Ms. McCarthy was promised by PBS, in writing, that voices of physicians and scientists from BOTH sides would be aired. But a PBS spokesperson later said it was "best for the show" to cut those interviews.

The U.S. mandates the most vaccines in the world for children under 5, has the highest autism rate in the world, and its infant mortality rate is 34th.

Thank you for taking the time to examine this important issue. Please forward this e-mail.

For more information:

Bob Moffitt just hit about every "talking point" they have used for at least a decade to deny any link between vaccines and autism.

The thing that bothers me is these "talking points" have been so successfull for sooo long. They are not meant to advance the debate .. they are meant to "deny" any true debate exists.

They bring out the "usual suspects" to insist "It has all be settled by science" and anyone who does not accept that is a fool.

And THEY wonder why the "VACCINE WAR" rages on.......

Alli Edwards Uk

I agree entirely with your sentiments Katie, - put beautifully!

Here in the UK we have just seen what our Prime Minister thinks of voters who raise serious and valid questions, "bigoted".

Political classes versus the average family, they're not working for us, we irritate them, get in the way of 'the precious few' making money, gaining power, fame, and comfort.

Remember the 1980's when the internet, "the information superhighway" was sold to everyone to have the world at our fingertips, here it is now being attacked for daring to supply the goods.

...And so, if the same self interested fools ever tried to control the world wide web... I predict a riot.

Maurine Meleck

hahahahahahaha. I am laughing at number 20-right in the face of Cristofani
Love it all. Thanks, Maurine

Katie Kelley

Thank you Katie. I always look forward to your posts. Besides making me laugh you have a magical way of putting what I and many others are feeling into words! I couldn't even bring myself to watch the show. If your having a bad day with your child , the last thing to need to hear is that you're crazy.

Dan E. Burns

Hilarious! Thanks, Katie.


Love it Katie as I get up too early again with my vaccine injured autistic child - whom I won't shoot up again. Guess I'm going to hell as far as PBS is concerned.

Robin Nemeth

Thank you Katie. This is excellent and what's more made me laugh which I seriously needed.

Alison MacNeil

23)that Katie Wright is very, very funny.

Oh, thank you, I spat coffee at the computer screen twice.

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