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Steven Higgs Interviews Generation Rescue Co-Founder J.B. Handley

090223-Banks Nothing makes J.B. Handley laugh more quickly than the suggestion that he and other parents who question the safety of the American vaccine schedule are "radicals." The Portland, Ore., businessman is a managing partner in a leverage buyout fund. And when it came to vaccinating their first two children, he and wife Lisa religiously followed the vaccination schedule set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

"We were as mainstream as they come," the father of three said during a telephone interview. "We were the ones who followed the letter of the law."

Questioning their doctor about the risks of vaccination never occurred to them, Handley continued. The same goes for hundreds of parents he has spoken with who watched their children's health steadily decline following their vaccinations, eventually regressing into autism, like 7-year-old Jamie Handley did as an infant.

"Almost to a person, we were the ones who fully vaccinated," he said. "You know?"

Read the full post by Steven Higgs at The Bloomington Alternative.



more and more people are listening so keep beating that drum JB...keep beating that drum til the sound throbs in their heads


I was passive, until they harmed my child. No longer passive- I spread awareness on every site I can. Enough so that Autism mothers on Cafemom are raising money so that they can send me to the Autism One/Generation Rescue conference in May- so that I can "Help them save their children". I found out they were doing this last night.I got tons of letters from parents thanking me, parents I didn't even know I had effected, with offers to donate to send me out. Knowledge is power and I want to be armed when these idiots get scared enough to try and FORCE us to take vaccines we don't want. I have already had a pretty heavy verbal argument with our doctor over her ignorance about what's going on with Dr Wakefield... the more *I* know, the better chance I have of them LISTENING to me..
Keep fighting the good fight AoA and J.B. and Jenny and Dr Wakefield. Parents everywhere thank you DAILY, even if you can't hear us.


Mr Handley, I took a closer look at Novella's last response and wrote up a couple pieces, that Craig posted.


and Here:


Me too

Passive. Not Anymore


Fantastic article. One we should e-mail to local reporters with the tagline, "This is what you should be writing."

Of course there are a couple of negative commenters. Registration is easy, folks!


Here is a link that goes directly to the story:


Yes, that was me too.
Never mind they got Kawasaki's 6 weeks later, or gasping for breath, or passing out, or have a seizure in a few hours after the vaccine. As long as the doctor said get it - we got it.
Then came the stroke. And we were still worried (a little) when we were tired of worrying about a baby having a stroke - that our son might still get whooping cough cause he did not finish the schedule.

Yes this family is far to passive.

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