Kevin Kwok, 17 Year Old With Autism Missing In Toronto, Erik Lippmann Still Missing in Santa Cruz.
Shonda Schilling Featured Speaker at Autism One's Dinner Dance

PBS Frontline to Air The Vaccine War on April 27

Frontline PBS Frontline to feature, "The Vaccine War" on April 27th. Check your local listings. From their site:

Public health scientists and clinicians tout vaccines as one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine.  But for many ordinary Americans vaccines have become controversial.  Young parents are concerned at the sheer number of shots--some 26 inoculations for 14 different diseases by age 6--and follow alternative vaccination schedules advocated by gurus like Dr. Robert Sears.  Other parents go further.  In communities like Ashland, Oregon, up to one-third of parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids at all.  And some advocacy groups, like Generation Rescue, argue that vaccines are no longer a public health miracle but a scourge; they view vaccines as responsible for alarming rises in certain disorders, including ADHD and autism.  This is the vaccine war: On one side sits scientific medicine and the public health establishment; on the other a populist coalition of parents, celebrities (like Jenny McCarthy), politicians and activists.  It's a war that increasingly takes place on the Internet with both sides using the latest social media tools, including Facebook and Twitter, to win the hearts and minds of the public.



Vaccine War is a great title for the propaganda we are living through. Like most modern wars, this war has nothing to do with the freedoms and safety of the average citizen. And has everything to do with the corporate dollar.

pass the popcorn

Better keep this link handy tonight:

PBS Ombudsman

Also, from PBS' Editorial Standards:

To maintain that trust, PBS and its member stations are responsible for shielding the creative and editorial processes from political pressure or improper influence from funders or other sources.

Selection decisions require professional judgments about many different aspects of content quality, including but not limited to excellence, creativity, artistry, accuracy, balance, fairness, timeliness, innovation, boldness, thoroughness, credibility, and technical virtuosity.


Here's the Board of Directors of PBS:

Media Scholar

Attention Jay Gordon,



Wow, Dr. Gordon. You must have done a VERY good interview, to not appear on the show. So sad, but true. It's obvious at this point that the show will be extremely one sided.

On a selfish note, I had just gotten into Frontline. I was enjoying watching old episodes online. Now I know they don't do balanced reporting. I don't want to let them misinform me on other subjects. :-(


PBS doesn't have the ability to deliver an unbiased, uncensored message.

To mistake PBS as the free press is to ignore about five hundred hours a year of begging bread and tons of corporation "donations".

Vaccines are a religious experience to the secular world. PBS is America's tel-evangelistic source for that kind of stuff.

kathy blanco

I don't trust this broadcast, I don't trust vaccines can be made safe, ever and I don't trust that they know their science or did one singular investigative research. I don't trust, but once I did. And because of it, my kids suffer for life. They think we are anti vaccine, well, now I am, but I wasn't obviously back then. We had to learn, piece by piece what they did to our kids. XMRV viruses, contaminated cell lines, foreign DNA, mercury, aluminum, are good for you? Makes you healthier? PLUEEZ. They are witches brews beyond comprehenshion, with full design to kill, maim, defertilize our population. Get with the real science. PBS, you suck.

Jay Gordon

They shot Jenny and me for 2-3 hours. They emailed me to apologize: I do not appear in the show. I am quite unhappy about that decision.



Here is a new study by the EPA

Study Confirms Autism Boom

Rob Smith

It's the old "Catch-22" again. How do you get to be an authority on vaccines? Agree with the scientific consensus. Then experience or credentials don't matter. That's how Offet can be the go-to guy on vaccines and autism, despite never having treated an autistic child. Conversely, how do you get labeled a quack or charlatan, no matter what your credentials are? Disagree with the consensus. That's how Dr. Wakefield, previously considered one of the premier gastro-enterologists, can be dismissed and even prosecuted.

Schoolteacher in NYC

BlueMacs, if you think no one here will listen to you, then why do you post? I'm always open to evidence pro or contra vaccinations. I'd love to be convinced of the safety of vaccinations for my 15 month old. I'd run out and shoot him up tomorrow. But I'm not, because the government's autism narrative has more holes than Swiss cheese, holes I can confirm through being in the field of education and knowing the special ed statistics; because almost nothing has been studied about the potential dangers of the current vaccine schedule, beyond very limited focus on impact of t-sal and mmr; and because even those studies, upon close examination, are either methodologically highly flawed (read "shady") or prove nothing. And so I hang out here! And I suspect if you had something to offer beyond biliousness and the same old internet links, you'd offer it.

Jenny W

It's 51.
51 shots by age 6.
And 38 by 18 months.

Parents who don't question this need their head examined.

Mr. T

The Simpsonwood participants sure thought the vaccines caused autism. That's the reason they spent lots of taxpayer's money to cover up this disaster. The taxpayer is going get to pay for this for a very long time.

Josh Day

The "Science" is strong with this one, clearly...

"nicely worded emotional nasty attack posting. When you can't post facts, post insults huh? you embarrass your 'argument'"

From the troll's mouth:

"I use capitalization to place emphasis.. sorry if it confused and distracted you."

Not condescending or an ad-hominem attack in the slightest, huh?

"...So it bothers you when people get the facts ALMOST right.. huh?"

"you embarrass your 'argument'"

You deserve neither respect, nor a venue for your personal attacks and bizarre, emotion-driven agenda. Good god man, if you were trying to convince people of your argument, why would you load your posts with passive aggressive comments and blistering arrogance and condescending remarks?

I assure you the feeling of contempt is entirely mutual.

Anyway, I'll leave you to your classroom know-it-all/Internet asshole routine.



as you requested... several good starting points for factual data.


nicely worded emotional nasty attack posting. When you can't post facts, post insults huh? you embarrass your 'argument'

Josh Day

BlueMacs is your average "Skeptic--" gives itself right away with its charming demeanor and squealing rant on "irrational" homeopathy. You can just hear the gnashing of teeth through its comments, can't you? It's probably a fanboy of Orac, it sure writes like a member of that brilliant, independent-thinking community... a pathetic minority of strange sad little people who live to argue, troll, and get attention. These types do not deserve a shred of respect or attention because they are incapable of self-examination and look at science as an abstract, and they take everything personally and consider anyone who disagrees with any aspect of their platforms an enemy of "Science," whatever that even means. They are extremists, fundamentalists, and also highly annoying.

Who wants to take my bet that it starts shrieking about logical fallacies next?

It clearly loves the current childhood vaccine schedule so much I wonder if it's fully up to date on all of its shots?



BlueMacs, why don't you cite your references for the benefit of people who haven't yet made up their minds?



I am sorry for mistakes related to your nom de blog.

...So it bothers you when people get the facts ALMOST right.. huh?


dear " a friend "

why bother to cite you scientific studies and bibliogrphy references? you will simply deny their veracity, accuracy, or sincerity.

I can cite studies, you will deny them
I can challenge your use of the word "neurotoxin" and you will insist they are there.
I can try to debate use of "live viruses in the amounts now given".... and you will no doubt deny the accuracy of results of immunology and infectious disease studies, antibody titers, and measurable responses, because of something you heard from JENNY or on Dr OZ.

so..I will choose NOT (emphasis added) to try to reason with you, for you will not listen. I pray your children somehow remain safe and healthy, and that your pediatrician continues to try and reason with you.

I use capitalization to place emphasis.. sorry if it confused and distracted you.


For the record, my name is Kristina, not Kristin or Katrina. Looks like someone has a problem paying attention to details.

A Friend

"DOESNT mean they can demonstrate FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE for their beliefs.
The point is there is A GREAT DEAL of hard, reproducible, objective, mathmatically and statistically validated data that show there is no linkage between Immunizations and Autism."

Dear BlueMacs,

Please show us the FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that shows that injecting newborn babies with neurotoxins and live viruses in the amount that they are now given are SAFE and EFFECTIVE for BABIES. (Notice that I used similar capitalization skills like you did... that must mean something to you... ) :)


Because it makes uptight Americans think of beared hairy hippy dippy not quite legit people and not neatly clipped elder statesmen in starched white coats with their names embroidered in script on the pocket.


Why are doctors who question vaccine safety always called "gurus"?



you can find NIH members, Pediatricians, and people with the title of 'scientist' that BELIEVE there is a link.

You can also find Pediatricians, Internists, Surgeons, NIH staff, CELEBRITIES, parents, professional bowlers, scientists, and blog administrators that believe there are aliens living in Area 51, that homeopathy is rational, that Bush and Cheney blew up the WTC, that the Globe is warming or cooling (take your pick) and that wrapping little tiny magnets around your knee will help it heal.

DOESNT mean they can demonstrate FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE for their beliefs.
The point is there is A GREAT DEAL of hard, reproducible, objective, mathmatically and statistically validated data that show there is no linkage between Immunizations and Autism. THERE is evidence that SKIPPING vaccines has adverse health effects for both the person skipping, and those in the community around them.


Frontline had me convinced that Saddam Hussein had a viable nuclear weapons program. Remember Khidir Hamza?

When I found out what a bunch of hooey all that was, I stopped watching.


OK, I don't know if this has always been there or just appeared, but at the bottom of the page in the discussions, you can click on "Archive" to see the old posts. So that's good.


That's right, BlueMacs, there aren't any pediatricians, scientists, or former directors of the National Institutes of Health who think there might be a problem with vaccines. Just keep telling yourself that. And I hope your kids will be among the lucky ones who don't suffer from obvious vaccine damage.


Accurate reporting... is based upon fact.
ALL The facts indicate vaccines are NOT, repeat NOT, the cause of autism.

Balanced reporting does NOT mean giving equal time to 'both sides" of an argument... it means presenting the evidence and facts without bias.

The reason the three experts (KRISTIN) are all supportive of vaccines and vaccinations as recommended, is BECAUSE, that is what the experts know to be true and factual. Listen to the infectious disease experts, not the celebrities, and the anecdotal web stories.


They have 3 "experts" on the forum, one who thinks hepatitis B is spread through contaminated food, lol. Another who quotes the "sceintist" Paul Offit, that kids can get 10,000 vaccines at once.

Really, Frontline? This is the best you can do?

All 3 "experts" are pro-vaccine. I used to think Frontline was balanced reporting, but now this makes me question that. I wonder what inaccuracies and untruths I have unwittingly "learned" from their other programs.


They post a lot of comments, but then they remove them after a day or so. Each "expert" asks questions for discussion, and they get comments. Then, when they ask new questions for discussion, the old questions get deleted, or something. I don't know the reason for this. Perhaps it is to get people commenting on the new questions instead of staying on the old.

It's a real shame, and I hope that at least when it's over, that they put all the comments back on the website. Because there have been a lot of good ones.


Please share your thoughts on the website. I was astonished that there was not more commentary on the issue, but if they are pulling comments, well, that explains things. If anything, do visit the site. They are doing quality surveys for visitors, and you can give them your feedback as to how biased they are.


Yeah, yeah, yeah-- parents on one side, doctors on the other.

More like doctors, scientists and parents on one side, industry shills and lackeys on the other. I'll watch the clips of Jenny and any of our people on the web and ignore the rest.

What a way to mischaracterize Generation Rescue. One day I'm going to put together a video of how many times various leaders of the autism recovery movement say they're not "antivaccine" but calling for safer vaccines and a return to a safer schedule. It would be quite a long video. And yet the press keeps calling us "antivaccine". At some point, it's going to verge into an issue of libel.

Pass the popcorn


Paul Offit will be depicted as a caring infectious disease doctor, with no disclosure about the millions he's earned from vaccines. PBS might even go so far as to depict him as an autism expert, without disclosing that he sees no autistic patients and never has.

I wonder if PBS has finished spending Eli Lilly's last $2 million donation. Probably. Time to prime the pharmafia for more generous giving.


Yeah, I don't want to watch this thing. It is going to be one-sided, like always. We haven't had a truly free press in a long time. Sure, we have a free press on issues that don't matter, but on the really important things, investigative reporting is dead.

Rob Smith

I love this description:

"On one side sits scientific medicine and the public health establishment; on the other a populist coalition of parents, celebrities (like Jenny McCarthy), politicians and activists."

No mention of the hundred (or thousands) of doctors and scientists that say, at minimum, not enough has been done to rule out vaccines as a contributor to autism. You'd think it was all noble scientists and selfless physicians on one side and gap-toothed, trailer park dwellers and their "Svengalis" on the other. I hope the show isn't like that, but from the show's own description, it's hard to assume otherwise.


I went to the FRONTLINE website yesterday and there were some very good, well-reasoned comments that were being made from those who were vaccine injured or believe that vaccines have not been properly safety tested. I also noticed that the doctors who were the "experts" responded back with the same dismissive attitude that the "science" does not back up that vaccines cause autism. One commenter mentioned the Hannah Poling case and made some very good points that vaccines cause encepalopathy with autistic features. Of course, that comment went unanswered. Also, the many good comments were completely erased from the site within the 30 minutes I was reading them. Can't imagine that this program is going to do anything but try to paint all vaccine injury claims as untrue and that we are dangerous to the rest of society, because we question the holy "cow" vaca = cow. I just find it such a coincidence that this show airs on my son's birthday. He has vaccine induced encephalopathy resulting in autism.

Media Scholar

PBS is state run television. In this case the state is up to their necks in vaccine manufacturing drug company anti-litigation bloc manipulation.

The alliance between state and corporations seeking to thrust forward to complete a recoil cycle is "natural".

PBS, NPR, Voice of America emerging are signs that, indeed, this alliance has shot itself in the foot once again and they are attempting to blame their faulty product on someone other than their own profit-taking scheme.

SARS, Ebola, West Nile, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and numerous other money-making media hoaxes are eventually becoming the complete ruin of the vaccine industrial complex.

Many will recall the video of Maurice Hilleman revealing the true origins of the AIDS epidemic. Most will not consider that this dispensing of inside knowledge was part of a PBS program for air which was methodically censored out before broadcast.

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