Oklahoma Update: No Felony Charges for 28 Year Old With Autism Denied Medical Care During Seizure
Why Isn't the Media Really Listening During Autism "Awareness" Month?

NAA Metro (New York) & Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities Recognizes Autism Awareness Month

Managing Editor's Note: I received a call from our friends at NAA NY Metro Chapter that they are honoring me at this event. I in turn, will honor all of you, fellow autism parents and advocates. KIM 



Please Join
Commissioner Matthew Sapolin,
Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities
The National Autism Association - NY Metro Chapter
for an event commemorating

Monday, April 19, 2010, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Council Chamber, City Hall
1 Centre Street, New York, NY

• Honoring Kim Stagliano, an extraordinary autism mom and Managing Editor, Age of Autism, for her remarkable contributions in raising awareness about autism
• Enjoy inspirational speakers, music and refreshments
There is no charge and children are welcome

Questions may be directed to:

Khalid Rehman MD
Chair, Advocacy & Awareness Committee
National Autism Association - New York Metro Chapter
klrehman@yahoo.com    Tel: 917.639.3397

Please let us know in advance if you require a reasonable accommodation.

Please visit us at: www.naanyc.org



Kristin Kucia-Stauder

Congrats Kim!! Thanks for being loud and proud!!

Sabeeha Rehman

We are very excited to have Kim as our honoree. She is our voice and speaks for us. Please join us - we would like to see you all there - and lets give Kim a big applause.


Autism Grandma


I read this and then I finally had to wash the dishes (at midnight) so I was thinking about you while I was doing that and remembering when I was your age and we had a dozen people living in this house: Fiancee with 3 young children, his mother, my sister and her daughter, my best friend and her daughter, and me and my daughter. Whew what a crew but it didn't even faze me. But now if there was just ONE child with autism in the bunch that would have changed everything---but THREE children with autism, and a mother active in advocating and educating for the entire autism community??!!!

I used to think that I was Superwoman when I was your age, but now I realize that I wasn't even close to Kim Stagliano, a REAL Superwoman who is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and also Annie Oakley comes to mind because Kim shoots straight from the hip and gives it to 'em with both barrels blazing!!!

You deserve this honor and I crown thee "Queen of Autism Moms":)


Congratulations Kim!!!!

michele i.

Yay! you deserve it!!!


This is way cool, and quite well deserved -- congrats, Kim!

Mark Blaxill

congratulations!!!! I can't imagine anyone more deserving than Kim. (Notice also how Kim buried the lede here. We need to teach her how to toot her own horn a little ;-)

Cindy Keenan

Congrats on a well-deserved honor, Kim! Many thanks for all you do on behalf of our community!


Fantastic! WTG Kim!

dan olmsted

Congrats to our fabulous colleague! Your friend, Dan

Anne McElroy Dachel


A tribute well-deserved!!

All the best, always!

Tanners Dad

You & Your team are my heroes, Aspiration, & Motivation. Keep on keeping on until there are services, respect, Support & Answers. Thank you.

pass the popcorn

Congratulations Kim! Well deserved!

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