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FrontlineYou're invited to join us here at Age of Autism and on Twitter for live blogging/Tweeting during PBS Frontline's "The Vaccine War" tonight at 9pm EDT. Check your local listings. We have heard that Dr. Jay Gordon and Dr. Bob Sears, who were interviewed, were left on the cutting room floor, ensuring that the slant is "Mommies and Daddies and activists" versus "science." We'll have to watch to find out for certain. Here are the PBS sites where you can comment as well. 
PBS Ombudsmen for Feedback  

From their site:

Public health scientists and clinicians tout vaccines as one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine.  But for many ordinary Americans vaccines have become controversial.  Young parents are concerned at the sheer number of shots--some 26 inoculations for 14 different diseases by age 6--and follow alternative vaccination schedules advocated by gurus like Dr. Robert Sears.  Other parents go further. 

In communities like Ashland, Oregon, up to one-third of parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids at all.  And some advocacy groups, like Generation Rescue, argue that vaccines are no longer a public health miracle but a scourge; they view vaccines as responsible for alarming rises in certain disorders, including ADHD and autism.  This is the vaccine war: On one side sits scientific medicine and the public health establishment; on the other a populist coalition of parents, celebrities (like Jenny McCarthy), politicians and activists.  It's a war that increasingly takes place on the Internet with both sides using the latest social media tools, including Facebook and Twitter, to win the hearts and minds of the public.


Birgit Calhoun

It's beyond me that serious scientists like Dr. Deth were not included in this Frontline program. Boyd Haley is another one, and then all the others who have already been mentioned as having been omitted. It might be a good idea, though, to start preaching away from the choire. There are a number of blogs out there that need some serious educating. (Left Brain/ Right Brain) is one. It is frightening what people don't know. I have to believe that some of those people can be educated. Frontline blew it by tip-toeing through the tulips.


Common sense has left the building.
Why head a subject to talk about with the powerful word, "WAR", and hint at the notion that this is a battle between two sides.
The whole concept if you read between the lines stinks of manipulation. The main points of this whole discussion still is not addressed, there needs to be someone who will take the initiative and take action against this terrible and sudden rise in mental health against our children. If you are not too busy arguing about stuff that gets us nowhere. The PBS programmers should be ashamed at putting this bias material and trying to suggest that there were ever two sides on this issue. How can you sit in the office of a well known Doctor who treats Autism, and then totally leave them out of the debate. This is the bias and tragedy of who ever is responsible for this poor level of journalism. The show or program should have been entitled "Check out those Crazy people who don't get Vaccinated" That would have been more accurate.
This thing is long from over
The movement is nothing short of what has made this country great in past history , when the people stand up against unjust and immoral behavior, this is like the Boston tea party , but only we are burning the toxins that have been forced down our throats without any representation.
Sadly the Kind has taken on a new look in the form of Big Giant Pharmaceuticals who profit on the masses. The King is collecting his taxes, and the people are standing up and saying, No more.
This war against the big corps in hopes of change should not stop there, a whole other story is the crap we feed our kids and try to call it food. Early signs of on-set diabetics, obesity, and many other just as important real statistics need to come front and center. Just look at the fast rise in homeopathic and green Organic products that are on the rise and out growing the fast food diets. The direction of this is heading towards a change that will make a difference, and the status quo
will now have to answer some good hard questions.

J.B. Handley, has been a hope and inspiration to many people who are put into this terrible nightmare, and the one thing that everyone needs to remember, what is the motivation for Mr. Handley as compared to the Pharmaceuticals, Dan Doctors, Jenny McCarthy? He only wants what is best for his son. Last time I checked, we live in a country that fights hard to give you the freedoms to protect your child from harm.
There is absolutely without any reservation what J.B.Handley's agenda is, it is purely to help bring his son back , and in the process help others who could greatly benefit through his resources.
Now you can certainly argue all you want about this supposed war between D.A.N. Doc's and main stream C.D.C. types.
But in the real world given the choices, if this happens to you, I am sure your would choose hope over despair.
Autism is not genetic, it is a cause and effect, it is induced, it is like striking the match that get the fire started.



Dear Mr. Getler,

I was very disappointed with Frontline's "The Vaccine Wars". I felt it presented the issue in a very biased manner. Frontline presented Dr. Offit and Dr. Fauci on the pro-vaccine side, but omitted some very respected medical doctors on the side of the concerned parents.

For example, Dr. Bernadine Healy is a Harvard-trained doctor, former Director of the NIH, former director of the Red Cross. She has consistently said that parents' concerns about vaccines are legitimate. Dr. Healy says that studies have NOT been done, but NEED TO be done, on the subset of children who appear to have been affected with Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Healy also agrees that vaccines are a medically-plausible factor in the pathogenesis of autism, and that science has NOT ruled them out.

Why would such a well-respected doctor be omitted from Frontline?

It seems to me that Jon Palfreman went in with a preconceived idea that the controversey over vaccines was "smart pro-vaccine doctors" pitted against "former playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy." That was totally unfair, a mischaracterization of the controversey, and it was irresponsible and dishonest journalism.

Oh, another doctor who has valid concerns about vaccines and autism is Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Dr. Oz is already well-known to PBS. He recently appeared on Professor Henry Louis Gates' "Faces of America" on PBS.

Again, why leave off a respected doctor, like Dr. Oz, who would have offered a medically-credible viewpoint on the side of concerned parents and against the establishment view???

The answer appears, undeniably, to be that Mr. Palfreman went in with a preconceived viewpoint, and would not let facts get in the way of his story.

Also, it was BENEATH PBS to refer to Jenny McCarthy as a "former playboy playmate". She has done many things in her career. It smacked of sexism -- it was said to demean and to dismiss her. Shame on Frontline for taking a cheap shot like that!

Thank you for your consideration of my comments. I appreciate your time.

Bob Sullivan,
Las Vegas, NV

p.s. I am a father of a 4 y.o. with regressive autism, onset 24 hours after vaccination.
[we are not "anti-vaccine" -- we just follow a modified schedule, spreading out the shots to help mitigate the risk of injury.]

Autism Grandma

I missed this program, but I am SO glad that I only sent the notice for the Vaccine Wars to Kim and no one else!!! When I read about this I wanted to hope that finally there would be our side fairly presented. What a JOKE. I guess I will schedule a time to watch this program when I am ready to become totally disgusted and mad as hell.

Silky Sienna

Sorry, got the address wrong on my site... it is http://www.autismrox.wordpress.com

Silky Sienna


I was up late last night, not sleeping due to insomnia from allergy(15)medicines, when I saw the stats on my blog oddly spike...up! http://ww,autismrox.wordpress.com

I didn't understand it! What had happened that I'd had a tenfold increase from the day before? Then, Autism@About.Com posted on her facebook page about the Frontline episode. So, that explains that! Phew!

As for me, a woman on the Spectrum, I did not have the MMR shot in the 60's. I had both mumps and measles (all the kids did, and noone died!) and chickenpox,too. I suspect another vaccine may have caused injury to an already compromised immune system. Who knows? Though mine was NOT a mild case,I never lost language. In fact, symptoms were seen by my mother at just 7 months, when I was big enough to sit up in the high chair on my own.(for a memoir,see my post, "Goals in Infancy")
Before that, infantile insomnia, or reversed circadian rythyms, which I still am ambushed by! I was alone in the world with this condition-nobody knew anything. I am glad so many parents are pushing thier agenda to get answers, and NOT ACCEPTING the Govt's or medical mainstreams mutism or aggressive ignorance in screwing the few to protect the many. These babies are not SOLDIERS volanteering to serve their country in a disease-vaccination war! Compare it to being DRAFTED, maybe. Then move to Canada or burn your draft/prescription cards! Please! Why is it, and yes, I'll compare Vietnam War Protests to Vaccine War protests- why is it the "ESTABLISHMENT" is so, well...stupid?
If you can answer THAT question, well...I'll BURN MY BLOG! Ha!
-Silky Sienna @ Autism Rox!


I nominate Ashland, Oregon for one the best, safest places to live in the US..
anyone want to second the motion?


So now we are all advocates of not only autism and all that is needed in terms of care, support and services, but we are being drafted into fighting for our freedom of health choice.
Based on this piece I think they are going to try to start taking away our freedom of choice and vaccine waivers, probably state by state, a much more easy way to tackle it. What a sad state of affairs for our loved ones with autism and their families, once again getting the shaft from mainstream medicine, the US government and the media.

How strange is it that they think the internet is the problem. Doesn't it make sense that we want more comprehensive studies done like a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study (hello Autism Speaks)? I'm always suprised that I'm labeled the illogical one, but I guess I'm getting used to it.


I had already lost my faith in most things, now it is PBS. Thanks, Frontline.

Josh Day

When is the line crossed between misrepresentation and all-out slander and libel, through omission and editing?

I think PBS crossed that line. Every person involved with this infantile propaganda farce should be held accountable.


They did try at least give a POV from both sides of the battlefield but my two biggest criticisms are with how the Desiree Jennings story was edited to leave the impression that her story was a hoax and that her condition was in her head. That's awful. Jennings life must be hell now that people have been misled to believe that she faked her condition.

Second, FRONTLINE focused on the poor baby with pertussis who now seems to be fully recovered yet they skimmed over our kids. Viewers just just got a glimpse. I hate to say this but the world needs to see the effects of autism on our children. They need to see our kids not just hear stories from the parents.


It was a set up from the start. People, you can make a difference, you vote with your wallet. Ever wonder why newspapers, cable media, magazines, etc. are all in decline? Notice that they show Offit with a child in his office, I thought he was a researcher and didn't see children? The drama was switched this time, instead of Offit appearing as the aggressive one, it was JB with their bleeping out his profanity and such. This was a hit piece. Know that our media is running scared, they all know how big the internet is and they know they are losing their power a little bit every day. JB, keep hammerin man.

we shall overcome

Just another propaganda piece posted every few months to keep the people in line. I bet this one come directly from Secretary Sebelius who said not long ago that not all sides should be given the same coverage on this issue. Well, there you have it, all the way from the title itself: the "Vaccine War" sounds a lot like the "War on Terror". You don't win a war with disgraceful pieces like that, it's a sign of major weakness.


PBS should stand for Propaganda BS.

I found it especially agonizing how the episode concentrated on the fear mongering of potential "outbreaks" of measles, mumps or pertussis while failing to acknowledge autism's epidemic outbreak altogether. I'm speechless.


Michael, I did notice that omission. How could the high school age brother infect his young sister if he had been vaccinated, hummmmm... UNLESS vaccines dont always immunize against the diesease. Same with the measles "outbreaks" most of those infected were vaccinated.

Jay Gordon

Miserable journalism.
Disgraceful bias.
I replied at HuffPo:
PBS cut out my entire two hour interview!




Jake Crosby: Well said...you're my new hero (based on your latest New York Times article and this as well). :)

I didn't watch it yet because my husband didn't allow me ;) since I get boiling mad...I'm fuming just from reading these comments. When are we going to have a fair and unbiased media that will report both sides of the story and give them equal weight? Let the parents decide for themselves!!!! UGGGGHHHH!!!!!


I don't think "Vaccine War" is the right title. It should have been called "The Paul Offit Show."

So as you can imagine, I was feeling nauseated during the show. Literally, that man makes me sick. I need to lose a few pounds, so maybe that will get me jumpstarted.

michael framson

Rileysmom....congratulations...job well done. We all know, that it is up to us. And us, have the truth. They have the problem.

The PBS show could have been a lot worse. Don't be afraid to watch it.

Jake as always, you're on the money.

One quick comment. Pertussis in an infant can be serious. The couple whose infant daughter struggled with pertussis was exposed by her brother from a high school student who had whooping cough. Omitted from the story was the vaccination status of her brother or the high school student.

Usually, when a vaccination story "omits" the vaccination status of the key people, its because it doesn't serve the message of vaccination efficacy. Like in 1996 when they found that 80% of the children who experienced pertussis had 3 or more DPT vaccinations.

Did anyone else catch that?


More apologizing for the powerful by PBS and those dishonest clowns at PBS. Just like how they apologized for Dick Cheney and George Bush when they lied us into war. PBS is funded by big oil companies!

They didn't even give the other side any time! They just lined up there "elite" doctors who believe in "science" and "evidence." Well I have evidence, my own two eyes!


Frontline has a new fascist face.
Dr. Off-a-bit appears to work there.


Sounds like it was S.O.S. (same old sh-t).
I guess the positive spin is that "they" feel threatened enough to amp up the propaganda.

Teresa Conrick

Ok- Had to walk the dog a mile after watching this crapisode. It's 2010 and we are getting to the people,,,they are questioning.. BUT our government, CDC, Public Health, the incestuous revolving door to phrma and these talking gross heads ie- offit, fauci, the propaganda nurse et al. are shameless and pathetic whores. To witness this pack of lies and deceit was not much different than the dropping of propaganda leaflets during the wars -

Measles can kill! Polio can deform! She had psychogenic dystonia! The internet is BAD for you! Kids believe YouTube over CDC! (you betcha!) MMR and thimerosal- no connection to autism!

People are smarter than these clowns think. It is an all out attack as the truth is killing them. And we represent the truth.



PBS Frontline: The Televangelists Of Secular Sacrifice

This evening PBS Frontline was supposed to present a program about the vaccine-induced Autism issue. As most Americans already know, it's doubtless that a state-run propaganda machine neck-deep in censorship and 100% dependent on corporation funding could possibly present a fair, truthful program about the issue.

In short, Frontline is the essential televangelistic source of secular blather. What resulted was one hour of state-sponsored brain-washing using the most up to date reinforcing imagery tactics available. Not only was their farce devoid of facts it unloaded a completely unbalanced perspective certainly way out there on the fringe of total dementia.


What a huge disappointment!

But Ellen Gray wrote a good article about the Frontline episode. It helped bring my blood pressure back down.



If Science is So Great, howcome they only see two choices:

1) Don't vaccinate, or

2) Accept current program exactly as it is.

No way to further investigate cases of vaccine injury to figure out how to prevent these injuries and how to best treat them when they occur.

Simply the caveman-like grunt "vaccines good! diseases bad!"

And another thing. When people get sick and suffer complications from whooping cough or measles or meningitis, the cause is clearcut. The germs can be identified. (Leaving aside factors such as impaired immunity due to environmental factors etc.) But when people suffer vaccine reactions, it is always called "coincidence" because our gov't and mainstream medicine haven't even bothered to figure out what evidence to look for. The only tool they use is epidemiology, and usually there are many factors clouding the epi picture. Our highly vaccinated kids these days have more autism, asthma, diabetes, ADD, and allergies? Just a coincidence, and where's the proof? No fingerprints, security camera video...

Of course, even when people do find evidence it is discounted, altered, covered up, or the truthtellers persecuted e.g. Wakefield. And vax'd/unvax'd studies not done. And Dr. Gordon's interview on the cutting room floor because the program's only supposed to be about parents vs. science.

Well, yet anther abysmal disappointment. Why so much focus on parents who decide not to vaccinate instead of telling the stories of vaccine injured children? This is the problem that needs to be addressed! It is not solved simply by telling people that diseases are dangerous!


Why didn't they show an autistic child and the family? Instead they show the chicken pox kid and the whooping cough kid. Why didn't they show a before and after vaccination? Why didn't they say the numbers (1 in 10,000 20 years ago, 1 in 91 today)? Why didn't they talk about Hannah Poling. What about the measles and mumps outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations? Where was Bernadette Healy?? When the Denmark study came up, my blood was boiling. Ugh!!!!!


Ok, so I just walked in the door. I had a Public Speaking Class tonight. I had to give a 20 minute pursuasive speech. Can anyone guess what my speech was about? Knocked it out of the park. I was the last one to go and the class let out 20 minutes late because there were so many questions. I spent 40 minutes talking vaccines and autism. Had a cool power point to go with it and everything.
I DVR'd this tonight. Reading the comments, I'm not so sure I want to watch it now. All I know is that at the same time Frontline was screwing children and parents of vaccine injuries over...I was giving a speech to about 50 people about the dangers of vaccines. I think I'll watch it tomorrow. I don't want to ruin my high for the night.

Jake Crosby

Notice how everyone they interviewed on our side did not have an MD or PhD? They pitted Jenny McCarthy, Barbara Loe Fisher, and JB Handley against millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit, Eric Fombonne whose research was shot by his own side as being "impossible to interpret," Danish tobacco scientist Anders Hviid whose colleague bolted with $2 million, deputy director of the National Immunization Program Melinda Wharton, chairman of GlaxoSmithKline's board of bio"ethics" and Arthur Caplan, and NIAID director Anthony Fauci who spent the better half of his career unsuccessfully trying to develop a vaccine for AIDS. It's the whole faulty "parents vs. science" portrayal, launched by The New York Times' Gardiner Harris in 2005 who violated the ethical guidelines of his own newspaper by failing to disclose that he has a brother selling lab equipment to pharma.

In the meantime, Richard Deth, a professor of neuropharmacology at Northeastern University just gave an excellent talk at my college about his latest research linking thimerosal to autism, and they could not interview him? They could not interview Andrew Wakefield, and get his side of the story for why The Lancet's dishonest editor-in-chief pulled his paper? Or American College of Epidemiology Fellow Mark Geier? University of Kentucky Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Boyd Haley? University of Arkansas Professor Jill James? Or Baylor College of Medicine Adjunct Professor of Neurosurgery David Baskin? University of Washington Professor Thomas Burbacher? Or Steve Walker of Wake Forest University? Or Elizabeth Sajdal-Sulkowska of Harvard who has found evidence of mercury toxicity in postmortem studies of autistic brains and came to speak at my university last semester?

Vaccines don't cause autism because the IOM Report said so? Fine, never mind that it was universally condemned by every major autism organization, including Cure Autism Now and the National Alliance for Autism Research which now form Autism Speaks.


Sort of another hit piece tonight.

They mentioned Dr. Wakefield's paper being retracted,

but FORGOT to mention
Paul Offit's vaccine being pulled.

They forgot Simpsonwood, they forgot Denmark only has 12 vaccines and not 36.

They forgot that mucking epidemology is not really science.

No Doctor, or scientist from our side was shown, only concerned parents... good job though JB...

They forgot to mention that the vaccine industry has been liability free since 1986.... and sure as hell will not stand behind their products.

The APP still wants all those well baby visits...


I thought PBS was supposed to be all about the nuance of issue. No nuance there. In fact, they missed the point. It is 2010. We've decoded the damn genome. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that the CDC should study the many people to whom the federal vaccine court has paid damages too for vaccine damage in order to learn what made them genetically vulnerable to vaccine injury. ya know, in order to protect others in the future from such damage. Nah, no such wisdom. Instead we have 19th century implication crammed down our throats by the likes of PBS...you know, the implication that it is okay that some people be sacrificed on behalf of the whole. You want to know what the nuance is PBS? The nuance is that every disease has a percentage of which can remained unvaccinated and the disease will still not come back, referred to by CDC as The Herd Effect. For Mumps it is as high 25% and for whopping cough as low as 6. Most diseases hover around 20%. Therefore, there is plenty of room for those who are genetically predisposed to vaccine injury to be protected while being no threat to the rest. It is the govt's, the CDC's role to study and determine who these folks are. So, stop using 19th century arugments of some may need to be sacrificed to protect the whole because it doesn't fly in the light of 20th century genetic sophistication. You slap us in the face, those whose children were genetically predisposed to autoimmunity and suffered regressive autism after vaccination. Stop blaming concerned parents and turn your high falutin' heads towards a CDC who should be wrapping their brains around this nuances instead of setting one-sized fits all policy that brain damages babies,eh?

Jenny W

I guess I am glad that I forgot to watch...

Schoolteacher in NYC

I am sick of "pure objective scientists versus the pitiful masses who desire health freedom because they know not what's good for them" being the dominant meme in science journalism these days.

For another recent example, check out the Tribune's recent article on raw milk. Identical template.

Maybe some day the concept of investigative journalism will make it to the science pages. That day is not today.


Now will you people believe me when I say the media have never been objective or nuetral.

Cathy Jameson

When autism 'went viral' with our kids, where were the news reporters? Why does it feel like "Vaccine War" pits us/our community against the Science, the science, the media and the medical world? I still feel like I'm some looked at as a lunatic or fanatic while the groups that should be helping us are being sensationalized.

Kim Spencer

I want to vomit.


Jon Palfreman is the guy who debunked the whole facilitated communication thing with autism kids back in the early 90's. He did a very powerful Frontline episode about it, demonstrating that when the facilitator looked away, the kids were not able to type a single word -- that it was, in fact, the facilitator's thoughts and words that were being typed. I have met Jon and found him to be very interested generally in stories that challenge conventional wisdom. Although I, too, would be concerned with who funds this program and how much wiggle room he has, I wouldn't be too quick to discount the possibility that he will zero in on at least some nugget of truth in this whole sordid affair. I for one am going to be very interested to see what he does with this!


My blood pressure is rising by the moment watching this

JB Handley

They posted most of my interview on the website, well done!!



Can already tell from the intro that it is "screw you anyone with real world experience".


Must have been a temporary stop to comments at the Frontline forum because comments are now appearing.


Need something to do?



It looks like they may have stopped allowing comments to be posted to the forum for tonight's show. I think it's been more than an hour since any new comments have appeared. The most recent doctor's post has been up for a while and it has no comments attached to it.

Tylenol kills

A J&J board member, David Satcher, funded this program? I have a funny feeling that we won't be hearing about the glutathione depleting and immune suppressing properties of Tylenol, and why that might be a problem around the time of vaccination, eh?


If anyone thinks PBS can be fair with their underwriters as potential litigates in court...


Just heard the producer interviewed on my local radio station. Forgot his name but tonight will be a waste of time. He repeated several times how safe vaccines are and study after study proves that vaccines dont' cause autism. What garbage. More pharma crap!!

pass the popcorn

If all financial conflicts are not disclosed (Offit, etc.), please write the PBS Ombudsman at the e-mail listed above.

You must have missed Jay Gordon's comment on the other Frontline article a few posts below. They cut him from the show, as we learned yesterday when he posted this:

They shot Jenny and me for 2-3 hours. They emailed me to apologize: I do not appear in the show. I am quite unhappy about that decision.


A Friend

"I'm going to watch it, but not alert my parents and in-laws as I usually do".

I hear you. I'm torn here. Do I suggest that people watch it and then be disappointed when (if) it becomes a CDC propaganda show or do I keep my mouth shut and then be disappointed if (hopefully) it actually turns out to be a decent show. Although with the lineup of who funded the program ... it's making me think that keeping my mouth shut is the better option. I hope that I am wrong though.


Is Sid the Science Kid hosting? Will Elmo have his hand up the doctor (pardon me, "EXPERT's") bum making his mouth move? ;)


Look at who funded this program. I'm sure it will be fair and balanced CDC programming(insert sarcasm here)

The Vaccine War is a FRONTLINE co-production with the Palfreman Film Group. Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is a major grant-making private foundation based in Chicago that has awarded more than US$4 billion since its inception in 1978.

Jamie S. Gorelick

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation - director
Central Intelligence Agency National Security Advisory Panel - member
Council on Foreign Relations - member
Fannie Mae - vice chair
Sallie Mae - lobbyist


Robert L Gallucci

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation - president
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service - dean
Intelligence and National Security Alliance - director
Council on Foreign Relations - member


Donald R. Hopkins

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation - director
CDC Foundation - board member


John M Deutch

Central Intelligence Agency - director
Citibank, N.A. - director
U.S. Department of Defense - deputy secretary


Schlumberger Limited

John M Deutch - director
Jamie S. Gorelick - director

Ruth J Katz

CDC Foundation - honorary board member
George Washington University School of Public Health - dean


J. Veronica Biggins

CDC Foundation - honorary board member
Kaiser Permanente - director

David Satcher

CDC Foundation - board member
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - director
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation - trustee
Johnson & Johnson - director


might have to have a cocktail or 3 to get through watching this tonight or maybe I'll just watch this... maybe I'll just watch the Celtic play-off game instead. I have enough stress in my life without having to watch and listen to these people on PBS who so far have been the farthest thing from objective when it comes to possible harm from vaccines.


Sure, it's "Parents vs. Science" -- as long as one also realizes how ethically compromised "Science" has become.

Other similar comparisons include "Parents vs. Banking," "Parents vs. Automakers," "Parents vs. Walmart," "Parents vs. Meat Producers," "Parents vs. _______" (insert hubristic greedhead corporate interest here).

A list which, unfortunately, includes pharma-funded PBS.


I'm going to watch it, but not alert my parents and in-laws as I usually do. Don't need more untrue crap filling their heads, and I don't have the energy to re-program them. Again.

More than a little cautiously optimistic here...


I don't think I can handle watching The Paul Offit Show. I think I'll tune into The Hills instead. Less toxic to the brain.
I am looking forward to reading everybody from AoA's commentary.


Don't to that, bensmyson, but don't contribute to PBS, either. I'm so glad I didn't. I was really close to giving them a lot of money because I was feeling guilty for enjoying all the Frontline episodes online for free. Now I realize that I was likely being misled by their shows. You don't know how bad the reporting is until it is done on a subject you know a lot about.

JB Handley

I personally spent 2 hours with Jon Palferman and Kate McMahaon, the producers of the piece. The whole point of my meeting was to explain that this was not Parents vs. The Science and that our community takes its cues from doctors and scientists. I encouraged them to interview Jon Poling, Bernadine Healy, Boyd Haley, and many others.

When Jenny was interviewed, Jay Gordon sat next to her the entire time and was also part of her interview - let's see if they show him.

I told Frontline, "Get all the people from the other side you want, just be fair in telling the totality of our story, and don't turn this into a Parents vs. the science" like the NY Times did."

My response back from Kate McMahon:

"FRONTLINE will carry out a detailed and even-handed investigation including voices from all sides of the controversy including parents, activists, physicians, scientists, lawyers, politicians and vaccine manufacturers. We will examine the evidence relating to an association between increases in the prevalence of autism and hypothesized causes such as MMR vaccine, thimerosol and other toxins associated with vaccines."

Here's hoping they live up to what they said they would do.

JB Handley

Media Scholar




Anybody watch this? I sure didn't. Just curious - how bad was it?

Tanners Dad

Not gonna get my hopes up... no not gonna do it... Not gonna cry or kick my TV. Maybe just say a prayer for the vaccine injured & the blindness / Apathy of our leaders.


Am I going to have to shoot my TV?

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