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I Am Josh. A Boy After His MMR.

Our friends at Autism File magazine gave us permission to print part of this article about Josh Edwards, in the UK. (See the full article with photos HERE.) I chose to run it in poem format. It almost feels like an elegy, although of course, it is not.

I am Josh

Josh bad eyes 2 001Josh thin! Josh happy baby

I am Josh. I was born on the day I was due, December 13, 1992 -
and a little bruiser I was, said the nurses. I was a robust 8 pounds
11 ounces, chunky and muscular. I breastfed well and thrived.

After 6 weeks, I went on the bottle. I was
such a happy baby, always smiling and very
content, says Mum. I played peek-a-boo
and pat-a-cake with Brother. Everybody
gave me cuddles and I gave them back.
I sat at 6 months old. I walked at 11 months old and weighed 25
pounds. I could say “Mama,”“Dada,”“ta” [thank you], “gone,”“juice,”
and “bye.” I love bath time! I splash and play with my brother
and the bath toys.
I am a strapping lad! |

Josh strapping lad

It’s January 1994; I’m 13 months old. Off to the
doctor for my MMR! Tonight I have a high fever.
I don’t feel so well in the morning, with severe
diarrhea leaking through my clothes and onto
my bedding. My stool is bright yellow, runny,
and then like oxtail soup. Can you imagine?
went on for 5 days, and then I stopped “going” so
much . . . Mum says “constipated.” I used to poop
every day before the MMR, sometimes twice a day.
I’m so sorry, Mum, I don’t know what is
happening. I am miserable and upset.

I’m sorry that I scream and cry and nobody can figure out why.
Please don’t pick me up, please don’t cuddle me - I can’t stand it!
I don’t like being touched anymore.

I am Josh. I am obsessed with light switches,
climbing on chairs and tables to get to them,
turning the light on and off. It is the same with door
handles and opening and closing doors. I engage
in repetitive behavior. I hate eye contact and ignore
the cameras that I used to “ham it up” for.

I am scared to go outdoors, screaming when
Mum puts on her coat. I tantrum and become a
prisoner in my own home. But I am a prisoner in my
own body. I am Josh.

I’m about 15 months old. Six weeks since
my MMR vaccine, and I haven’t verbalized a bit
of language for at least 2 weeks. I’m not even
trying. I used to sit on the potty, but I don’t seem
to remember what it is for. I used to sleep well,
sleeping through the night from 6 weeks old. Now
I don’t.

I am Josh at 18 months old. I have poor behavior,
poor interaction, little eye contact and a total loss
with my screams.  I am only pooping once a week.
I stand and spin and spin and flap my hands.

(Read the full article with photos HERE.)


Sherri Peters

Fly with the Angel's Josh, fly with Chad, my son who left 1.5 years ago. He was 26. Your story is his story. His story is yours.

"Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" -WS

Terry Poling

Dr. Hodges,

What on earth do you think the complication of MMR is? Measles encephalitis! Get a grip and learn some science!

Anne Dachel

I have no words to express my sadness reading this. It is incomprehensible that the medical community sees this damage happening and doctors close their collective eyes to it all.
I did share this story with 5,000 friends on Facebook. Josh's story needs to be told.


So so sorry to hear of your loss and to here of Josh's story. I knew Andrew Wakefield and of his work - he was only trying to protect the innocent and precious yet was hounded for his efforts. He was our Doctor and looked after my eldest daughter. I thank him everyday for his sacrifice in order to save children, i'm just so so sorry that he was unable to help Josh. RIP young man, may your beautiful soul rest in peace Nxx

SoSad4 ThisDoubleLoss

Dr Hodges, I believe you think deep down that shooting up all our infants with chemicals and microbes is saving the world from disease after disease. And that it's okay if some of them get hurt, and pay the price. Becuase you don't believe that if you admit the issues, they would be fixable, so you decide to deny them. Literally adding insult to injury.

You make them pay an even higher price: you try to take away their right to their truth and their story. You take away their right to reach out to others in the hopes we find out exactly WHY so that we can prevent it again. If you REALLY think vaccines are so great, and you REALLY believe in science, why not help us investigate why all these parents tell the same story, and figure out how to change how we avoid diseases in other ways beyond vaccines? Why do you think science is so vulnerable that we can't admit that yes, some do get harmed by vaccines, tell the truth, and study how to reverse and repair it.

I am willing to wear a mask and quarantine on the slight chance that doing so might save one, elderly, vulnerable person from COVID.

Why is no one willing to allow vaccine exemptions and medical freedom on the significant chance that they might save a vulnerable child from vaccine injury?


That someone like commenter Dr. Hodge has a license to practice medicine is why medical practice is the 3rd leading cause of death and why parents are increasingly avoiding charlatans that call themselves pediatricians.

Joan Campbell

There are too many parents all saying the same thing. Over 1,300 voices and they are the tip of the iceberg. Add your voice to www.followingvaccinations.com

Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

To all parents:

Check the legalities of vaccination and you will realise that you don't have to vaccinate, that there are legal ways to avoid vaccinating, mostly just signing on a dotted line on the appropriate form.

There are NO benefits from any vaccination.

Cheryl Bailey

This hits home. My son is John born 8-13-92...also damaged by MMR...I also have a son named Aaron...his life has been greatly effected by the "loss" of his normal brother who lost everything after the MMR. TIME FOR THE COVER UP TO END!!!! Facts are facts, it happened, it's STILL happening!


My daughter had rough reactions to her MMR... not hugely significant at the time.. however at 16 she has a depletion syndrome and I cannot wonder that it could have been related to immunizations- she did have hypotonia from birth, but I have wondered if all the immunizations that were pushed on me as a child, and as a young adult affected my genes and my genetic mt mutations combined with hers triggered more extreme symptoms- or the condition altogether.

We have noticed the government pushing vaccine commercials like mad here in the US- which makes me wonder even more if they are aware what vaccines are doing to our children?

Lenora Cooke

I HAVE A VIDEO BEFORE THE SHOT.. NO camera / or speech problems... i.e. eye contact.on the video BEFORE THE SHOT... Where did it go?????.. Autistic children cannot play peek a boo, and make eye contact with the cameraman...from just waking up from a nap... oh by the way, her eyes turned from BLUE... TO GREEN AFTER THE 105 FEVER.. AND THE SCREAMING STOPPED, WE noticed she wasn't HAPPY , SMILING , or talkative anymore.. (Even her own pediatrician felt her eyes changed color very late?)HER FIRST WORD WAS LION, AND SHE ROARED LIKE A LION... AND HER SECOND WORD WAS CLOCK.. SHE WALKED AT 9 MOS OF AGE, AND SHE DIDN'T WALK UP AND DOWN STAIRS PROPERLY UNTIL ALMOST 9 YRS OF AGE.(WHERE DID IT GO.?) IF you ever watch the video it is before her MMR SHOT, AND SHE WAKES Up in her crib... gets up balances and holds a blanket over her head, and plays peek-a-boo (with her Daddy..AND ROARS LIKE A LION)...where did all the motor skills go? DOES THIS SOUND LIKE SHE WAS BORN THIS WAY? WHERE DID OUR DAUGHTER GO? THEY TOOK HER BRAIN, THAT WAS DEVELOPING NORMALLY, and used OUR CHILDREN AS GUINEA PIGS.. I bet whoever voted to make a 3 in 1 shot, didn't GIVE IT TO THEIR KIDS/ GRAND CHILDREN & GREAT GRAND KIDS.. maybe we should look into their vaccine records of their LOVED ONES... ???? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT...I ALSO THINK THAT THERE ARE DIFFERENT LEVELS ...LOW TO HIGH FUNCTIONING, BASED ON EACH INDIVIDUALS I.Q... NO ONE CHILD IS THE SAME... until, the pharmaceutical companies.. FIGURE CLONING OUT... THAT WILL BE THE NEXT PROBLEM!!!!!! I AM A REAL ESTATE / AND STAY AT HOME MOM... AND I HAVE SAID OVER AND OVER AND HAD TO DEFEND MY DAUGHTER.. MY GIRLFRIEND WHO IS A NURSE, THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY, AND SHE HAS RECENTLY SEEN INFANTS REACT TO SHOTS, WITH HER PEERS AT WORK... She is starting to see the connection, but she won't dare say anything, because she will LOOSE HER JOB.....NOW LETS NOT FORGET TO WATCH THEIR BRAINWASHING COMMERCIALS TOO.. ARE YOU DEPRESSED... DO YOU NEED TO BE WOUND UP... ? DON'T TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE SUICIDAL, AS YOUR SUICIDE THOUGHTS MAY GET WORSE, OR IF YOU HAVE AN ERRECTION LONGER THAN 4 HRS. GET TO A HOSPITAL... ARE they freaking kidding me. or what? HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS? IF THE LIST OF THINGS THAT MAYBE HARMFUL, MORE THAN BENEFICIAL, HOW CAN THEY SAY THEIR DRUGS ARE GOOD.?????


I created this page a year and a half ago, and there may be more new information since then. However, the first question that came to mind is how can all that be going on and the medical establishment continues to ignore it. Are the lives of these children not more important to them than that? The preservation of not admitting liability, is that important?



The story of the harm the MMR vaccine has done is all to typical. Nothing is enough. When the CDC funded powers that be can create bogus studies to claim no link, then the children and families are left with no recourse. The NVCA federal court then mirrors the effect of those said studies. In fact it is all smoke and mirrors.

A well done evaluation of those studies.


They new long before the MMR was created that live vaccines should be separated. The vaccine and even high claimed level herd immunity failures have been many for both measles and mumps, as well as pertussis. The CDC refuses to face those facts, only further fear mongering that it was the lack of vaccination. How is that even possible, with the actually low level of vaccine exemptions existing?

Dr Andrew Wakefield, the truth.

Supporting Studies.

The fact is that biomedical treatment does work and has greatly improved the conditions of now countless children with autism. They are simply healing the damage and detoxing the vaccines. What happens? The standard medical arena turns a blind eye to that as well.

People must quite obviously educate themselves from the unbiased sources and think for themselves as to these issues.


My son is much like this, though after the first MMR he had lots of diarrhea, and after the second MMR he lost all existing skills and got constipation, along with destructive and self injurious behaviors and pica which caused lead poisoning. 4 years later, still having severe constipation along with the awful behaviors. He had a rash from head to toe since he was about 8 months old, with the recent help of Ampho B the yeast has cleared. Vitamin b12 is helping his hyperactivity and magnesium oxide 500 mg 4x a day helps with the constipation, also colonic cleanses and probiotic implants. This should not have happened to our kids, they have brain damage caused by their vaccines. It's not just MMR, it is all vaccines. My son was affected by HEP B at birth, got intussesception from the rotavirus, and molluscum from chicken pox vaccine. I had been injected during pregnancy in fear of losing my job plus had over 10 dental amalgams. This can't be good for anyone! All these vaccines at such an early age, tisk tisk- maybe it's to cut down on people realizing these children were normal then regressed after these shots. The older the child when regression strikes, the more noticable it is. How can anyone tell me my son was "born autistic, but not from the shots" when I was vaccinated during pregnancy? More studdies need to be done. This is not "autism" this is vaccine injury.

Deborah Nash

Dr Hodge - You have shown no compassion and no understanding of the Edwards Family's suffering; for there is no doubt that when children suffer, the parents and siblings suffer too, especially when they feel helpless. They are absolutely right to try and alleviate Josh's pain. The NHS has been unable to move Josh forward with their treatment regime. Doctors everywhere should be doing everything in their power to help Josh.
Dr Hodge would you feel that way, if it was your child in pain?
I have nothing but admiration for the Edwards family.

Heather Edwards

Dr Hodge, I will not keep Josh's story in my heart however much you did not like what you were reading and seeing. Maybe if you had a heart you may possibly have some ideas or treatment which may not have been tried or suggested. How you can call yourself a doctor is beyond me, how you can even sleep at night. I would give anything to be able to have a full nights sleep. Having emptied Josh's bag four times last night and on one occassion still not making it in time. Resulting in having to completely change his entire bedding. I feel like nothing on earth this morning. Perhaps you would be so kind to come and relieve me of this for a night. I have kept quiet for far too long and my heart is breaking. Josh's bowel disease can no longer be denied, it is raging through his poor little body like cancer. We have the images before and after trying to treat with high doses of steroids and immunne suppressants. I welcome you to see these images, you are a disgrace to the medical profession.

Alli Edwards

I believe vaccines bypass the defences our human body's immune system puts in place at the nose and throat. Man's desire for money is unpicking thousands of years of adaptation and moulding to reap benefits for a handful of greedy salesmen. The banks brought us to our knees in a short space of time with this doctrine, will flawed health policies do the same? Toxic debt and death - what a design. The 'real' bodies are piling up whilst the ficticious ones are being counted. Stupidity and madness! Our kids don't stand a chance with idiotoc bureaucrats at the helm and fawning doctors blindly enjoying the spoils, too comfortable to challenge - but it only takes one, two or three to stand up.....

My endless love and support to Josh and his family. My own family have been devastated by MMR too, I live to be reminded every day. Ivory Towers Dr Hodge.

Joan Campbell

Where is the justice for this family. The government and pharmaceutical companies should be ashamed of themselves for allowing hundreds of thousands of our precious children/adults to become vaccine damaged. Tragic and shocking. My son Jack was born a month before Josh and is suffering from the adverse effects of the MMR which was given to him at 14 months. He is so unwell he can only get out of bed for a few hours a day. What sort of a life is that for anybody. Much love to Josh who is such a brave lad.


Dr Hodge, I have just noticed your message. I am astonished that you quote the article sourced from an extremely biased journalist as your evidence of proof that Dr Wakefield has blame in the charade that is taking place around him! I would have thought something scientific might have been more appropriate? But unfortunately no scientific proof exists, showing LACK of association between measles virus and gut problems. One can’t prove a negative – isn’t that right? I note you also give credence to the lie that lawyers financed the research. The money received from legal aid was given to the research department of the Royal Free hospital – not to Dr Wakefield personally. Although it is not uncommon practice to use money from legal aid in researching an issue, in this instance it was decided not to use the money in case it gave rise to a conflict of interest. I understand every penny of that grant is intact, still in the funds of the Royal Free hospital. As a result of the actions and statements made by this journalist, research in UK, which could help this young man, has firmly ground to a halt. So - he continues to suffer.


Dr Hodge, you bring yet more disgrace upon the medical profession, your disregard for the suffering of poor Josh and his family is despicable and shameful.

As a parent of a child damaged by the MMR vaccine and who suffered the full force of man-made induced Meningoencephalitis within six hours, believe me you have no idea what you are talking about.

We contracted measles, mumps and rubella naturally in the 1950s and 1960s and with only the most basic of care available at home, made a full recovery along with all our friends who attended the infected parties arranged in our honour. The only lasting memory of the ‘killer’ measles was cotton wool in our ears and wearing sunglasses, a small price to pay for life-long immunity, which you cannot get from vaccines and that is why boosters are needed forcing our future generations to become lifelong pincushions!

Complications, brain damage or even death caused by catching these viruses naturally, would have been far easier to cope with, then the inflicted destruction of our precious baby in this most barbaric and inhumane way.

The complacency you attach to a life sentence of brain damage and such suffering for the greater good is immoral.


This is such a heartbreaking story – please make sure you click on the links to read the whole account. What a beautiful poem telling the saddest of tales.
How DARE a random journalist turn round and say gastro problems do not exist in autism! How DARE the BMJ publish such a statement by that random journalist as if it were unquestionable, irrefutable, scientific proof! One look at the awful plight of this poor young man should have every gastroenterologist in the land squirming with shame. He so desperately needs every bit of possible gastro research taking place as quickly as possible to lessen his pain and suffering. But what happens instead? Ha! To protect the reputation of a very questionable triple vaccine, any doctors looking into the problems connecting MMR with gut problems – are sent into professional exile in disgrace. Well here you plainly see the intolerable price this innocent, vulnerable human being has to pay for that particular agenda. Shame on this government! Shame on the health officials who perpetuate this young man’s condition! And shame on all these doctors and researchers out there who should be shouting out in anger at what is happening in this country! Or should I say – what is NOT happening!
God bless Josh. He and his parents are ever in my prayers.


Dr Hodge i have to say i feel very sorry for you , you are worryingly in terrible denial why would we wish to keep our stories in the heart , our hearts have been broken by vaccine damage Dr Wakefield is as innocent as i am the mother of a vaccine damaged child , and you know my love this is and always has been about Money over life despicable bless Josh and his wonderful parents , and yes i have a vaccine damaged child

Angus Files

Dr Hodge

Your NUTS !!mildly speaking .How can anyone even non medical turn a back to this families dilema no less than Josh who has to SUFFER! this pain that nomal beings cant even imagine,it is total inhumane.

The pound/dollar in the pocket ,wink,wink,seemingly goes a long way ..never been to that point of corruption never ,ever ,going to be .

Until the Hodge have a godd look in the mirror if it dsnet shout out "your the unfairest of them all" IT`S LYYYYINNGGG

Angus Files

meet mee anywhere ya want

Genny GC

Dr Hodge
"... keep your personnal stories to your heart" ???

Wow! is that a polite way of telling people to shut up??? you are actually asking people to self-censure on vaccine damage?

The science you're trying to push is corporate science - this particular type of science uses parameters that will move around until a result is obtained that will satisfy people in authority and in business who do not wish to see their policies/profits put in jeopardy. This is not real, sound science.

If they cared truly for the welfare of all children - not a double standard sort of care - one for the "good" victims of measles and none for the "bad" victims of vaccines - (good and bad being the way they are currently considered by orthodox medicine), if that were so, at the very least, the single measles vaccine would have remained available, offering parents a choice whilst possibly diminishing the risks of contracting measles.


Dr. Hodge said, "I hope everyone will take a look at the science.." Specifically, which science are you refering to? We would be happy to look at it. We have looked at quite a lot of science, such as that showing inflammation in the brains and autoantibodies to myelin basic protein in people with autism, and the historical cases of vaccine induced encephalitis.

We have also looked at the study in Denmark purporting to show that autism rates went up when thimerosal was removed from vaccines, but then it turned out that autism rates only appeared to increase because in the middle of the study the Danish registry added "Outpatient Clinics" to their count of autism cases, and it turns out that most children diagnosed with autism received their diagnosis at Outpatient Clinics. And now one of the chief authors of that study, Paul Thorsen, has been shown to be a dishonest cad who received very questionable funding from the CDC.

We've read a lot about studies, such as those listed at http://www.putchildrenfirst.org/index2.html and at http://www.fourteenstudies.org/ and in David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm.

And some of us, like me for example, grew up before most of these vaccines existed. I and all the kids I knew came down with measles, and we were all fine. A week in bed with a rash and fever, and then out to play again. Yes, there is a rare risk of encephalitis, as there is with the vaccine. But how can we weigh the risks and benefits of the vaccine if we simply cover up the risks of the vaccine? And shouldn't people have the choice of getting a monovalent measles vaccine? Why is that no longer an option? And shouldn't someone from our med/gov't agencies be studying how best to treat vaccine injuries? Hard to do that if the injuries are simply denied.

But we have not read the following studies, and if you could show us where they exist that would be great:
- A retrospective study comparing health outcomes in vaxed and non-vaxed children.
- A prospective study comparing vaxed and unvaxed animals. (One along these lines was about to be published but was quashed.)
- A study demonstrating safe levels of mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde injection into infants and children.
- A study demonstrating the safety of giving 6 to 11 vaccines at one time (or 100,000, as Dr. Offit apparently recommends based on his theoretical calculation).

I hope that you will take a look at some of the studies on immune system dysfunction, glutathione levels, oxidative stress, methylation, and mitochondrial disorders among people with autism.

Also, your view of Dr. Wakefield's work is completely wrong. You could start by reading this article http://www.ageofautism.com/2010/04/how-the-gmc-framed-doctors-wakefield-walkersmith-and-murch-.html for another point of view.

John Stone

Dr Hodge

"Callous disregard" eh? A real doctor like Andrew Wakefield would be concerned what happened to Josh, instead of trotting bureaucratic lies and platitudes.

Teresa Conrick

Dr. Hodge,

I am not impressed by your tainted websites on measles hysteria nor your "compassionate" words to Josh and his family..."sorry for your loss?" He's not dead Dr. Hodge but his MMR and descent into the bowel disease of "autism" obviously have given him a life trapped in a body and a world of pain.

You are brainwashed for sure as your lack of understanding on the science and your cheer leading for CHOP, obviously the man behind the curtain in vaccine-land...Offit, portrays a desperate denial.

CHOP is not science but a continual infomercial for vaccine products. And you're a doctor pushing them -- no surprise there but your lack of true scientific understanding or ethical and moral backbone makes you a disappointment on many levels.

No More Alibis

Dr. Hodge,
You've cited an internet story that is sourced from what can be described as science fiction from the BMJ. The misrepresentation of the facts of these matters is legend and there will be a day of reckoning for those involved, but please be mindful that you, and other doctors like you, will be held accountable for choosing to fall back on such alibis.

Doctors like to play the "but look how many lives I've saved with my vaccines" all the while your back is turned on those children tortured with vaccine injury, sacrificed at your hands for the public welfare. Your credibility and reputations will suffer until such time as you are willing to acknowledge the damage you have wrought and you offer the same compassion and aid for these little lambs that you feel for children who suffer infectious disease. At least for those children you can honestly acknowledge a clear conscience.


Dr. Hodge, rather offensive and callous of you, despite the soft words with which you began. Thank you for including your name, at least. I'm sure Josh's Mom would have preferred the measles for several weeks to what has happened to her son. I hope you see only perfectly healthy patients who require neither real medical care nor compassion. Throwing the "Deadly diseases" canard at us here? Honestly.

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

so sorry for your tragic loss, I hope everyone will take a look at the science and keep your personal stories in your heart, Wakefield's original study that fueled the " controversy" then has globally been refuted over and over... Here is the latest on his doctoring of his numbers, and the inability for experts to find " inflammation" in his bowel biopsies.


Also let's remember children dying from measles encephalitis in England after immunization rates dropped after hysteria from Wakefield's tainted, lawyer financed numbers.

More on Vaccine Safety here...


Natalie Hodge MD FAAP
Mom of Hugo, age six with HF Autism


..my heart goes out to Josh..and to his family..i know how hard and difficult it is..he reminds me of someone so dear to me..someone precious to me...my very own Jass..this too is her story.


I am reading this and crying because my heart goes out to Josh and his family. This is deja vu for me because this is my story, too of my son Ryan. God Bless Josh.

Victoria James

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I and my family have had many sleepness nights also, and many soiled beds to deal with. My heart and prayers go out for you and your family, especially Josh. Miracles do happen even in our situation. Josh in himself is a miracle. God bless you for your strength and endurance. Continue to fight and never give up the hope of a better day! What you are going through is an inspiration to everyone in the Autism community. Don't Give Up!

Elizabeth Rawnsley

A picture speaks a thousand words. I have added your pictures and story on to my treasure box of memories and good wishes. If you need any assistance in forwarding your concerns on to any representative at a political or media level of understanding,please let me know: [email protected]

So many people do care and we are so very concerned for the well being of your family. You have already made such a difference.

U.S. President Obama should have a copy of your story and the Vaccination Injury Program needs to be reformed.

God Bless,
Betty Rawnsley


To Josh's Mother - what an amazing inspiration you are to your son and family and to all of us who have shared your son's experiences through this story!

Autism Grandma

This entire story is heart breaking. I just feel so sad and sick in reading this and I am sure everyone else feels the same way.

Someone out there knows how to help Josh and God knows who that someone is. We must PRAY that God sends his angels to direct Josh to the help he so desperately needs.


What an amazing story of strenght and a tragic story of negligence. Josh's story will always be remembered. Our family has an extremely similar one, not word for word, but they mirror each other quite a bit. Thank you for sharing and let Aaron know that this was the right thing to do and that no one that has an autistic child would ever judge another family or their efforts in treating their autistic child. As he is missing out having a brother he can take out on his 18th birthday, I too am missing out on my daughter ever having a boyfriend, a wedding or children. There are always sacrifices and he sounds like an awesome big brother!


Heather, God bless you and Josh. Your story will NEVER EVER EVER be forgotten. As a mother of a vaccine injured child this hits me at my core. People are starting to listen and hear, this will be exposed and stopped!!

Josh you are an amazing boy, you are loved and a beautiful human being.....I wish you peace and happiness in your life.



This is my Riley. We haven't had to have his bowels resectioned, I never rule out anything with my boy...pray to God this never happens. Riley's skin falls off as well as having the horrible bowel pains. Heather, I look up to you for telling you and Josh's story. You're a wonderful mom. He is SO very lucky to have you fighting for him.
Why do our children have to suffer so? No answers, no comfort, and no expectations from main stream medicine.

Teresa Conrick


You have experienced so much pain and sorrow and your poor son......words do little justice in describing.

It is so unfair,so wrong, so heartbreaking. The research and treatments must continue, as Dr. Wakefield said..."in earnest." Please know that you and your family are part of our family right here.


So sorry about all he is going through.


Josh's story is stunning. Kudos to his mom for her bravery, and to Josh too. God bless you both.


Josh's story is absolutely heart-breaking.

People everywhere - please "listen to the autism parents." The vaccine tragedy may not have happened to you or your family but it most definitely has happened to others.

Just say no to vaccines, or at a minimum support informed consent and personal choice. Remember most pediatricians will continue to vaccinate kids who have these reactions despite serious hesitation and reservations voiced by the parents and the damage is exacerbated.

As JB has said, "Vaccines don't cause autism, Pediatricians do."


I read this today and could not help but cry like a baby upon recognizing your incredible struggle and our own daily struggle are not unique. I am a pretty tough cookie autism warrior mom, but the power of your message and the undeniable pictures that evidence the unthinkable harm that has been done to our children has touched me in a very profound way. I hope it touches the politically powerful and melts their cold, stony hearts. We need more than just Andrew Wakefield, we need thousands of doctors, scientists, politicians and citizens to demand better for our children. I hope this will be the impetus for a much needed change.


I am so sorry for what Josh has been through, and for the lack of justice decency shown to him by most of the medical community. I am completely outraged reading his story! If this isn't an atrocity, then what is? How neglectful can our medical system become when this is what is happening right now?


Heather, you are an amazing mother and I pray that Josh can get the help that he needs. Thank you for sharing your story and please keep fighting!


What Josh and his family are going through is truly heartbreaking. And that the rare few doctors dedicated to helping suffering children like Josh have been hounded by the system just beggars belief.

Alli Edwards

Breaks my heart and at the same time makes me want to rip a few heads off with my bare hands. This family have been through far too much, and the nightmare continues. God love them all for their bravery and dignity.


I am so sorry about what happened to Josh. Thank you for sharing his story.

Jim Thompson

Heather, you are such a blessing to Josh. I am so sorry. This is such a heart wrenching story. Josh, you are loved by your family beyond measure.

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