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Friendly Fire in the “War on Disease”

Infant awake By Sandy Gottstein

This column was originally posted as a Scandals  on Vaccination News.

It took 26 years for the families of babies who died from a perhaps well-meaning, but ill-conceived, effort to prevent blindness by delivering intravenous vitamin E to “premies”, to get compensation.  Finally, though, there is some justice in the form of the settlement of a class-action suit (HERE) brought long ago against the manufacturers.

The lawsuit concerned 38 babies identified by the CDC as having been effected, although more are known to have died.  Each and every one of those deaths was tragic and unnecessary. 

The tragedy would have been compounded, however, had no one cared to investigate the deaths.  The tragedy would have been compounded if the deaths were presumed to be unrelated and relegated to the rock-heap of coincidental events.

But they were acknowledged and investigated; additional unnecessary deaths were thus averted.

But, of course, it was investigated.  It was a vitamin, for God’s sake!  Who cares if vitamins are found guilty? 

No one cares, at least no one with any real clout.

Those with the real clout are in the drug, not the supplement, world, of course.  And you can bet they can and will defend their turf.

That defense is nowhere more obvious than in the vaccine arena, where up is down, in is out, and “ignorance is strength” (HERE).  It’s a cockamamie 1984/Alice in Wonderland (HERE) kind of world where you don’t have to do your homework to know the answers and brothers are ever so big.  Why investigate all those hundreds of thousands (HERE)* of vaccine-associated adverse event reports?  And the thousands of reported vaccine-associated deaths (HERE)*?  Who cares if they occur within hours or days (HERE) of vaccination?  They already know they aren’t related!  Isn’t that fun!?

It’s a serious subject, but the FDA and CDC, whose charge it is to follow up and investigate reported adverse reactions, treat it like it’s some meaningless sport (HERE).  As do the vaccine manufacturers who set out to “scientifically” prove that vaccines don’t cause damage, rather than to discover whether or not they actually do.  And adding to all the merriment, you can even accuse those who question their safety of being anti-science and pro-disease!  Ta-dah!

It’s a big joke to them.  And they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Now please watch the pendulum.  You’re getting sleepy.  This war on disease is so peaceful.  And the deaths save lives.  And the fire is always friendly.  You can even snuggle up to it and read your favorite book before drifting off to sleepless dreams.  What, you can’t wake up?  Nighty-night.

*These reported vaccine-associated side effects may represent as little as 1% (HERE) of what would get reported if there was active, post-marketing surveillance.

Sandy Gottstein, who does not have a vaccine-injured child, is a 20+ year vaccine informed-choice advocate.  She is the President of  Vaccination News, now a non-profit, as well as the author of numerous columns, including her long-running commentary, Scandals.  Much of Vaccination News currently requires a subscription due to the high cost of maintaining the site (well over $40,000 a year) See here. Other ways of financing the site are currently being pursued, with the ultimate goal being its return to a 100% free site.  In the meantime, however, please consider subscribing (Subscribe HERE) and/or donating in order to allow Sandy to continue this important work.   (The yearly fee is minimal, amounting to just over $2/month.) You can also follow her on twitter at @Vaccin8tionNews.


Sandy Gottstein

Thank you, Michael. And thanks for pointing out that the real culprit was polysorbate 80.

michael framson

Before there was David Kirby, Dan Olmstead, or Kim Stagliano, there was Sandy Gottstein. Funny how the painful truths we've learn make our numbers grow larger and larger.

Sandy, thanks for all your hard work.

By the way the ingredient which injured and killed these babies, was not the vitamin e, but the polysorbate 80 (tween 80), a common vaccine ingredient.

Sandy Gottstein

Thank you, Donna.

Sandy Gottstein

Indeed! Great example, John, about how assuming makes it so and how ignorance is bliss as well as strength!

Donna K

"And the deaths save lives." Ain't that the gist of it. You've got your finger on the pulse of the CDC in that paradox.

I was introduced to your writing through Red Flags Weekly/Nicholas Regush and you are a gem. Thank you for your honest, dogged pursuit of the truth on this matter and for "having our backs" when we didn't even know you were there.

John Stone

You can read it on the UK NHS wevbsite - come back for the second dose if you get a bad reaction to the first:-


My son had a sever(e) reaction to the first MMR jab. Does this mean that he is well protected from these diseases, or is a second dose still necessary?


If a child has responded to all the components of the vaccine the first time, he will not have a problem being exposed to the viruses again. It's like any one of us who is already immune meeting someone with the disease - the infection can't get established.

If he hasn't made protection to all three diseases after the first time, then he would still be susceptible to those natural infections, and still needs the 2nd dose.

Reactions after the 2nd dose are essentially the same as after the 1st dose, but if they do occur they are even rarer. There are no new side effects after the 2nd dose that do not occur after the 1st dose. The advice is therefore that it is safe for your child to have the 2nd dose in order that he is properly protected.

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