The Birth of the Autism Epidemic, 1988? David Kirby on Huffington Post
12 Year Old With Autism Dies from Prescription Drug Overdose: Doctor Booted from Medicaid


Kim Spencer

I went to a music festival last week...Stephen Stills was playing. We took a sign and shimmied our way to the said "WE LOVE SOMEONE WITH AUTISM TOO". He pointed me out, big smile, gave the thumbs up. A guy beside me was filming...filmed the thumbs up and then turned the camera on us and our sign. He said he's putting it up on YouTube. Will let you all know LOL....


Oh NO, you went to a concert and even there couldn't escape from Mercury Poisoning??? Kim, it isn't fair!

But--does this photo come with sound cuz if it does, I'm not hearing it!

& The Rumour

I know some folks who need their playhouses torn down.

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