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Erik Lippmann's Body Found on CA Beach

Erik Lippman We've been following this story. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending for Erik Lippmann, of Santa Cruz, CA, or his family. His body has been found. Our condolences to his family and friends. This has been a very tough Autism Awareness Month, hasn't it?

From the Mercury News

 — An autistic Santa Cruz man missing for more than a week was found dead at Marina State Beach this morning, according to authorities.

Erik Lippmann, 30, walked away from his Seabright-area home April 21. People have searched relentlessly for Lippmann, who liked to walk through parks, forested areas and beaches, since his disappearance.

Around 8 a.m. today, someone found Lippmann's body on the beach near a sand plant north of Marina.

"He washed ashore," Santa Cruz police spokesman Zach Friend said.

Monterey County sheriff's deputies and coroner's officials responded. Deputies are trying to determine if how Lippmann died.

His body was found about 200 yards south of the sand plant off Lapis Road just above the surf line, deputies said. There were no obvious signs of the cause of death, deputies said.

The body was nude and a search of the area didn't turn up clothing or identification, which slowed efforts to identify the man. Authorities confirmed he was Lippmann early Thursday afternoon, Friend said.

Wednesday, Santa Cruz police said they believed the missing 30-year-old was no longer in the county.

The Monterey County Herald contributed to this report.



April Welsh

Our prayers and blessings go out to Eric's family. May you be surrounded in the loving arms of family and friends during this time of loss and transition.
I was touched by the people who came together in search of Eric when he was missing.
In Loving Memory,
The Welshes


Parental Alert,
If you are the parent or parents of a child with autism or other special needs, please be sure that school officials closely follow his Individual Education Plan regarding safety. Insist that personnel follow it to the letter and ask for an official state or federal advocate to accompany you to ARC meetings if you feel ignored. I was forced to home school my autistic child because school officials who were supposedly keeping him safe, allowed him to leave school...He was later found dipped in mud, like a chocolate rabbit and completely naked on the verge of throwing himself off a 30 foot high bridge. The only communication he was able to convey was something to the extent of...."the bad man under the bridge hurt." So take care and seek legal help regarding this matter if necessary. Your child's life might depend on it.

Autism Grandma

People with severe mental impairments can so easily fall victim to accidents, but add to this the deranged people in our world who take advantage of those who are mentally challenged and sometimes even murder them....If I didn't believe in God's Plan for this messed up world that we live in, I couldn't stand living in it.


My thoughts are with his family.

Jake Crosby

This is awful.


My heart breaks for this family and all the others that have had to endure such terrible tragedies. It looks like I will never again wear pajamas to bed, I always sleep fully clothed just in case.

Cynthia Caron, President-Founder LostNMissing, Inc

Being the mom of an adult autistic son, words cannot explain how crushed I've been all evening. I pray for Erik's family. We created a memorial banner for Erik, as we do for all missing loved ones...but I have to tell you, it took a long time for me to get through it. I'm deeply saddened. The only joy I can find is knowing Erik is whole and walking in heaven's nature and gardens and resting with the Lord. He will watch his family, always. Until they meet again. Memorial Banner can be viewed:


I'm so very sorry to Erik's family. This hurts my heart.


Very, very sorry to hear this


This is so horrific. I can't imagine what Erik's last days were like for him. The distance between his house and the beach that he was found at is roughly a 30 minute drive.
Last week we had our son at the beach (east coast) and he didn't stop walking it until he hit a wall of rocks which he wanted to climb. I kept following him hoping he'd turn around to see if I was with him. He never did.
Deepest condolences to Erik's family.

Barbara Fischkin

We are so ill-prepared for a world with adults with autism that we cannot even figure out how to keep them alive. This is so terribly sad. Thank you Age of Autism for worrying more about the hard issues than our sensitivities. We all need to read this stuff.


So sad

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