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Dr. Wakefield in His Own Words: Video Series

From Alan Golding (HERE) a series with Dr. Wakefield titled, Dr Andrew Wakefield In His own Words - Why Have you been called before the GMC? The first is below.

In His Own Words question 1 [Full Version] During the UK General Medical Council’s Fitness to Practice Hearing, Dr Andrew Wakefield was interviewed at length by Alan Golding who asked Dr Wakefield a series of questions about the background to the hearing. The film has not been available to the public until today. Released for World Autism Awareness Day 2010 the film will be made available over the internet in a series of short sections. The release is expected to continue throughout the next few weeks.


Valerie T. Sampson

The truth will never be openly revealed because the liability is tremendous!! Sacrificing one child for the alleged greater good is a compromise too great. Bless you Dr. Wakefield and all others who are setting the record straight. I find that this information reaffirms and substantiates my beliefs even further. Keep up the fight. I view you and your colleagues as true heros amongt a profession of greedy cowards. Being ostracized does have a tendency to make a person keep their mouths closed. What a shame that we live in a society driven by proftis disguised as a cause for the greater good. Are we all fools or what? Keep fighting the good fight. I have much respect for the work that you are doing and will continue to do. Ignorance is definitely not bliss and unlayering the onion helps us all get a little more aquainted with the truth!

One More Casualty

I would like to thank Dr. Wakefield for his strong moral character and his immense contribution to all those who have suffered from autism. His honesty, ethics, morals, and strength are what clearly defines this man from others. A truly remarkable person that you rarely see nowadays.


Julie said: "Why doesn't CNN or one of the major networks run this? Oh right, because they're cowardly paid -off bastards."

So, let's start making those bastards hear...

Since the Association of Health Care Journalist (AJHC) are so concerned about investigating our children's welfare (see previous AoA story- Trib award), I emailed Dr. Wakefield statement and the video clip to:

I wrote:

Dear Mr. Bruzzese,

In the interest of fairness, I challenge your network of healthcare reporters to publish this statement in it's entirety unedited, verbatim without any media spin.

-- a concerned parent

Len Bruzzesse, Executive Director
Association of Health Care Journalists
Email: [email protected]

Here's the email of their board of directors if anyone cares to contact them:


John Stone

My previous post replying to Kerbob should have read:

"I am sure his views were shaped by a consensus of what British citizens thought they could expect from the state, which was fast being dismantled by idiot politicians. True, you could be over sentimental about the old health service, and true the politicians were understandably anxious about how it could all be paid for, but they generally asked the wrong questions and got the wrong answers."


Why doesn't CNN or one of the major networks run this? Oh right, because they're cowardly paid -off bastards.



Actually Andrew couldn't have a more modern perspective on the subject of our children.

Most Americans pay taxes with at least the notion and an understanding that a certain moral responsibility to help the disabled in America exists.

Years ago many Americans expressed outrage at "Somali Warlords" stealing pallets of humanitarian materiel from starving Somalis.

This is best explained here:

Today, of course, right here in America well intended aid for families with vaccine-injured children has suffered a similar fate, being scarfed away in the hands of Autism Speaks, an organization that hired expert witnesses to testify against our children in vaccine court.

John Stone


The irony is well taken but it is not remotely the way Andrew Wakefield would have seen it in the UK in the mid-1990s. True he was remarking in the interview on how the Thatcher government had dumped the disabled on the street with the wicked pretence of "care in the community" but you still might have expected the National Health Service to provide appropriate treatment - and perhaps he didn't even envisage some of the bio-medical treatments now used.

I am sure his views were shaped by a consensus of what British citizens thought they could expect from the state, which was fast being dismantled by idiot politicians. True, you could be over sentimental about the old health service, and true the politicians were understandably anxious about how it could all be paid for, but they generally asked the wrong and got the wrong answers.

Whatever Andy's views on this he also found himself forced to leave at the end of 2001, and had to start working in system where you generally only got help if you paid for it.

Of course, we all really know who ought to be paying.

Autism Grandma

Re: Post by Chris O'Connell

"When I watched and listened to this video I broke down and sobbed...
For 3 years I have been as strong as anyone could be while fighting the fight through every conceivable avenue available. I have given up countless nights of sleep to learn everything I can about autism, biomedical treatments, behavior therapies, diets, vaccinations, thimerosal, aluminum, adjuvants, porphyrins, the Krebs Cycle, the CDC, and greed and corruption."

I can relate very closely to what Chris has written, as I'm sure everyone else here at Age of Autism has suffered many sleepless nights in exchange for researching information and seeking answers for their children, as well as many tear filled events.

I find myself often battling that urge to "break down and sob", although there have been times when this has become unavoidable, especially when I am overwhelmed by the reality of the massive effects of the vaccine tragedies. When I conceive of the millions of lives that have been devastated, both children and their families, it is difficult not to "break down and sob" especially in conceiving the future with more vaccine injured children and more autism every single day all over the world...

It is ironic to me that in my youth I felt so confident in our medical system when I gave birth to my daughter 38 years ago, with America leading the world with the lowest infant mortality rates. And now with my grandson's arrival into the world, America has descended to 34th place in infant mortality; Just one statistic of many which demonstrates the negative results of increasing the vaccine schedule.

Throughout my lifetime of my own health issues and my daughter's health issues growing up, my confidence in this country's medical system gradually eroded into zero confidence by the time my grandson was born, but I felt confident due to all of my natural and alternative medicine research that had produced so many positive results. However, this horrific monster called "Autism" is a multi faceted difficult puzzle to solve therefore the research and solution seeking is never ending.

When listening to Dr. Wakefield speak in this interview what struck me the most is his genuine compassion for our suffering children as well as his moral righteousness; which considering that today has been assigned as a celebration of Jesus Christ, it seems to me that they both have these good qualities in common: Compassion and Moral Righteousness. However this thought strikes me as well: Both of these men have been unfairly accused, persecuted, and unjustly tried by a human "court of law". Dr. Wakefield has also not been given due credit and recognition for the truth that he speaks by the "world at large", which also strikes me as comparative to the situation with Jesus Christ and Easter Sunday: A pagan goddess "Eastarte" has retained the name of this holiday in honor of the goddess of fertility for thousands of years, while her mascots the rabbit, and eggs, also symbols of fertility, take center stage with our children today.

This commercialized holiday tells me that Jesus Christ is not getting the recognition and attention he deserves for the Truth He Speaks. So, Dr. Wakefield, you are in good company today:)


Wakefield's remark that our injured children are "the lesser truth" is so true. I hope someday Wakefield writes a book and uses that phrase in the title.

Wakefield is truly an exceptional person..he has such intelligence, integrity and class. He's never once lost sight of the childrens welfare and doing what's morally right. For that I am grateful.

When the immunization policy makers chose to vaccinate the "herd" for the good of the majority, I honestly think they underestimated the amount of collateral damage that would be done.

I'd like to ask them what's the point of creating a human shield against disease if you hurt so many of your own in the process? A bit self-defeating wouldn't you say?


Our children out on the street wandering around?

Perhaps Wakefield is ignorant of the fact that many parents seeking biomedical treatments quickly find the entire family out on the street? Families of vaccine-injured children wandering around bank to bank looking for enough jack to cover the costs of treating vaccine injury?

How much plastic a family can produce directly relates to several factors.

Number one is these pals of our children are uniquely aware of the fact that parents will pay through their nostrils if they are told treatment is a necessity.

A lot of these pals of our kids might as well have direct deposit enabling the second and third mortgages to go directly into their bank accounts?

Wakefield is nice enough to suggest a moral dilemma exists, but there's certainly more than one way to flunk when faced with a paradox.


Maureen H. McDonnell, RN

To hear Dr. Wakefield explain in his own words the massive cover up that has taken place to protect public health officials and vaccine manufacturers is far more enlightening than any report or written article I've read on this subject. I plan on passing the link of this video on to every person I know who can handle taking their blinders off as they get a hefty dose of the the truth! Maureen H. McDonnell, RN
Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet www.SOKHOP.com

Chris O'Connell

"Vaccination is designed for the greater good. To protect the majority. And it does so at the expense of a minority...and that minority of children are those who are damaged by the vaccine. And that we don't know the size of that number because it's never been investigated properly. But none the less, even if you accept that that's a permissible ethical approach, that we can protect the majority at the expense of the minority, that minority, a group of children who have paid the price for protecting the rest of society, then therefor society has absolute moral and ethical obligation to care for those children for the rest of their lives. Period."
When I watched and listened to this video I broke down and sobbed when I heard the above quote by Dr. Wakefield.
I am a 39 year old man and father of a beautiful 4 1/2 year old daughter with regressive autism.
For 3 years I have been as strong as anyone could be while fighting the fight through every conceivable avenue available. I have given up countless nights of sleep to learn everything I can about autism, biomedical treatments, behavior therapies, diets, vaccinations, thimerosal, aluminum, adjuvants, porphyrins, the Krebs Cycle, the CDC, and greed and corruption. All in an attempt to formulate and carry out the best strategy to bring our daughter back.
When the services offered by our local school district in Vermont didn't even meet the base minimum recommendations for students like our daughter and we were unable to find affordable appropriate private services, we walked away from our beloved home and relocated to Texas where we found an appropriate school program and private services, as well as a wonderful DAN doctor. Unfortunately our house has not sold and due to the outrageous expenses associated with raising an autistic child, as well as having to take a substantial cut in pay, we may soon be going through foreclosure.
Our bank accounts are draining. Our credit cards are filling up while our limits are being slashed by the companies that once used to solicit us due to our outstanding credit.
Our older daughter has in many ways taken a back seat to Autism although we try very hard to not let this happen. She sits in the bleachers while her little sister attends a floor-time like therapeutic gymnastics session and asks, "why can't I do gymnastics too?". How can she possibly understand at 7 years old that we can't afford for her to take gymnastics while she sees her sister bouncing on a trampoline? She has been taken out of her comfortable small town school of 40 students from pre-k to grade six and placed in one with over 100 in 1st grade alone.
To say that we have sacrificed is truly an understatement, but it pales in comparison to the sacrifice our younger daughter has made for the "greater good".
When I initially watched the video and heard that quote, I couldn't help but think about others who make sacrifices for the majority; veterans, military, police officers, firemen...and what struck me immediately was that these are people of extreme honor who are respected and celebrated for their bravery and sacrifices by the public and our government alike...and they are all adults.
My little girl had 12 months and 2 days to be a child before her childhood was taken from her. She is mercury and aluminum toxic and has severe developmental delays. She doesn't communicate verbally and suffers from frequent GI problems. She is intolerant to many foods and receives IV infusions twice a month. She has no concept of holidays, games or friends. These are her sacrifices for the "greater good" and yet, she is not celebrated...she is not respected by our public or our government. She is not taken care of by the majority. The probable causes of her regression are either denied or ignored...and of course, we as parents are labeled as crazy, desperate, and belonging to a cult.
So, I cried. I haven't cried in a long time...at least not in sorrow, anyway. When I regained my composure I picked up my daughter and kissed her, told her that I love her, and apologized to her on behalf of all those who won't.
She looked at me and said "milk"...so I got her a glass of milk (coconut milk, of course).

Jeff C.

That is probably one of the most powerful videos I've ever seen. God bless this man.


Thank you, Dr. Wakefield. Thank you thank you thank you.



There were multiple incidents of meningitis in Brazil from MMR. Here is the abstract for the one that Wakefield mentioned:

Outbreak of aseptic meningitis associated with mass vaccination with a urabe-containing measles-mumps-rubella vaccine: implications for immunization programs.

Dourado I, Cunha S, Teixeira MG, Farrington CP, Melo A, Lucena R, Barreto ML.

Instituto de Saúde Coletiva, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil.

A mass immunization campaign with a Urabe-containing measles-mumps-rubella vaccine was carried out in 1997 in the city of Salvador, northeastern Brazil, with a target population of children aged 1-11 years. There was an outbreak of aseptic meningitis following the mass campaign. Cases of aseptic meningitis were ascertained through data collected from the records of children admitted to the local referral hospital for infectious diseases between March and October of 1997, using previously defined eligibility criteria. Vaccination histories were obtained through home visits or telephone calls. Eighty-seven cases fulfilled the study criteria. Of those, 58 cases were diagnosed after the vaccination campaign. An elevated risk of aseptic meningitis was observed 3 weeks after Brazil's national vaccination day compared with the risk in the prevaccination period (relative risk = 14.3; 95% confidence interval: 7.9, 25.7). This result was confirmed by a case series analysis (relative risk = 30.4; 95% confidence interval: 11.5, 80.8). The estimated risk of aseptic meningitis was 1 in 14,000 doses. This study confirms a link between measles-mumps-rubella vaccination and aseptic meningitis. The authors discuss the implications of this for the organization and planning of mass immunization campaigns.


thank you Kristina.


The Urabe strain wasn't the only "cheap" mumps strain to cause problems. The Brazilian problem that Wakefield mentions was due to the Leningrad-Zagreb mumps strain. Kids in developing countries...guess they don't count...

Cynthia Cournoyer

My hope is, after Wakefield is cleared, that he will go on to find as many things wrong with each of the other vaccines. Every one has its ghosts, very much the same as the MMR. Vaccine damage started in the eighteenth century and continues today.


sarah, the Urabe strain is for mumps. There are no vaccines currently licensed in the U.S. that contain the Urabe strain of mumps virus. I don't think there ever were, but I haven't thoroughly researched that.

The mumps strain in the current U.S. MMR vaccine is the Jeryl Lynn (B level) strain. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM123789.pdf

Same for the MMRV licensed in the U.S. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM123793.pdf


Looking good and can explain complex gut problems in simple terms to normal people ..this is why the goverment want to shut him up ...

well done keep them coming



Thank God for this man. I had the MMR as an adult. I've had immune issues ever since.


Wakefield is an extremely well-spoken, moral, and courageous man. I think I have a little crush on him. ;-)

He says the truth will eventually come out, and I know it will. But when? When will the truth become common knowledge?

patricia pratt

At last, a hint I suspect, of what is going to be exposed in his defence which he is now preparing! I can hardly wait for the next instalment of this series.
The openness and honesty and high moral integrity of this man is patently obvious throughout the video. And we are hugely indebted to this fine filmaker Golding.

Did anyone else see Brian Deer´s immediate response to the video, first thing today, which, oddly, has since been pulled by Deer?
Am still searching for more vicious attacks on Wakefield. They will soon come I am sure.

What Andrew had to say is explosive and makes my blood run cold.


Thank you Dr. Wakefield for speaking the truth...

Does anyone know if the Urabe strain of Rubella is in any of the MMR vaccines currently being administered in the US? If so what is the product name and manufacturer?

Joan Campbell

This man had the guts to listen to the parents, myself included. He should be given a Nobel Prize instead he is having to try and clear his name. We know he is telling the truth and the pharma companies plus the medical cartel know this as well but they are too greedy and lilly livered to do anything about it. Our children suffer regardless.

Jenny Allan

The United Kingdom 2010:-
These days many of our politicians have shown themselves to be more interested in money, perks and possible 'honours' than in serving the public. They are 'commodities', available to be 'bought' by the highest bidder. (Very similar wording to that used by former Labour Minister Stephen Byers when 'offering' himself up for 'sale' as a government lobbyist).

Ditto, many of our senior public figures, including health directors, NHS executives, public 'watchdogs' and other professional 'bodies' which are supposed to uphold standards in public office. Our public services all pay 'lip service' to being 'open and accountable' to the public. In reality they are anything but!

I would like to 'think' that our courts of justice and senior legal persons, including judges, are immune to this kind of corruption, but most 'public inquirys' operate within government and other 'straightjackets' which means they never get to examine the important issues, or if they do, it is all conducted behind closed doors. Verdicts and conclusions are often 'perverse'.

The usual excuse given is that it is not in the 'public interest' for all details to be disclosed, but we members of the public are VERY interested indeed. I hope some brave publishers and media persons will now tell the GMC v Wakefield et al story in its truthful entirety.

It is time to properly inform the public about this very important issue, for us, for our children, and for future generations.


It is a mad, mad world! I could just give up, but then you run across people that have a reasonable, moral outlook on life, like Dr. Wakefield.

Dr. Wakefield shakes his head in disbelief and wonders who would even put in writing a statement - that mass immunizations in a short period of time should not be done because it shows up the problems more!!!

I too would like to know the little creeper's name that would write (think) of such a statement.

In Dr. Wakefield's last statement he says it is going to be at the feet of public health people and their commercial partners. Exactly! But it is not just blame I want heaped upon them but justice.

I wonder would this be one of those white collar crimes? OR would there ever be a chance to see some real punishment?


Oh well done Dr Wakefield and Alan Golding. Telling it as it was / is. The GMC case was held through the media - the media was the judge and the jury, now we hear what really happened. What a fabulous start to World Autism month. Whatever, the final outcome of the GMC case _ I think we all know what the grand plan is for THAT - it is terrific to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, emerging at last. What a pleasant change. A whole generation of children damaged, and continuing to be damaged, in order to protect reputations, hide mistakes and fill pockets. And now the world will hear about it. No wonder Mandelson wants the digital economy bill!


Obviously this affair has taken on a much more global significance in relation to the issue of autism and vaccine safety - not least the discrediting of autism families - but it is remarkable how much of this saga seems to go back to the Pluserix indemnities in 1988. Deer claims he was approached by a Sunday Times editor to find "something big" who by sheer coincidence was the son of a member of the Committee on Safety in Medicines at the time, and the panel was originally to be chaired by Denis McDevitt who was on a adverse reactions sub-committee that had passed Pluserix as safe for use. The indemnities for Pluserix do not seem to have been signed directly by the UK government, but by the NHS.



He is very eloquent!!

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