Is This The Real Reason Paul Offit Is Going After Dr. Oz During Autism Awareness Month?
Autism Alert: Missing Child Named Nadia Bloom, Winter Springs FL



This is a lovely comment from Rene Najera, who I'm sure some of you may remember. I do hope Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Mercola take the time to sue this idiot for Libel.

"@FreeSpeaker Child prostitution? Then again, if someone said that having sex with a child cured a "vaccine injury" (and had some anecdote), I would not be surprised if even that was pimped.

Yes, they'll go that low.

Posted by: Rene Najera | April 12, 2010 10:24 AM"


DR. Wakefield on Oprah! She is quitting after this year, maybe she would do it!


My pal was going to refuse the Hep B for for her son in the hospital. I kept telling her not to ever let him be alone or they will jab him. She thought she got out of there without it, but then when she went to her first doctor appointment, she told the doctor she didn't want it andthe doctor showed her the records where he had it in the hospital without consent. she was pissed! I can't remember the words Dr. Wakefield used regarding this practice, but he is right.


Thanks Minority View, I don't know why youtube didn't link that automatically.

Having been named as providing the link, I feel I should apologise for exposing viewers Dr. Wakefield's choice of shirt. In the interview you hear him describe first attending St. Mary's Medical School in 1977, and while that does not excuse such a visual disturbance in the modern world, in view of what he has been through during the last decade, I hope viewers will understand if he likes to remain attached to what must have been a more carefree era.

Lisa @ TACA

Go Dr Wakefield!!

Autism Grandma

Dr. Wakefield, You Go Guy!!!

You and Dr. Mercola are "Birds of a Feather"; You both speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ("So help you God" as they say in the court testimony swearing in)

It does give us all so much more hope to see the truth emerging in spite of everything that has been orchestrated against this evidence being exposed to the public. Dr. Mercola's website was my first source of information when I was first searching under "Vaccine Damages" immediately after my grandson bit the dust after his last batch of vaccines which included MMR. Dr. Mercola will greatly assist in giving Dr. Wakefield's testimony a huge audience. This is truly WONDERFUL.

I am wondering if all of the newspapers and television news channels in Britain are under the control of the Pharma Industry as they are here in the U.S.??? I don't believe they allow pharmaceutical advertising in the media in Britain, so perhaps it might be possible that Dr. Wakefield will be able to give some interviews somewhere that will be broadcast to the public there? There must be some brave journalist or newscaster that will buck the system and put his side of the story out there in the British media.

I always hoped that a whistleblower would appear from the vaccine industry side of the fence, someone with a conscience who just couldn't live with themselves anymore. (Like the guy who ratted out Watergate) But here we have someone from our own side of the fence, Dr. Wakefield speaking out so eloquently and so logically. How could anyone who listens to him not recognize the truth that he speaks??!!! A whistleblower of the highest integrity, who will certainly be continually attacked by the Dark Side, but he is standing his ground. And many people will certainly come to realize the truth finally, regarding not only this GMC conspiracy, but the whole rotten bunch of tomatoes.

As the British say, "Jolly Good Show"!!!


So great Dr. Wakefield is getting HIS side of the story out there finally. Would love to see a debate between Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Offit. Doubt Dr. Offit woul dever have the guts to do it, but would be fun to watch him squirm. I'm SO glad Dr. Wakefield addressed that BS comment (of Dr. Offit's) that "an infant could easily handle 10,000 vaccines at once".
Thank you Dr. Wakefield, for fighting for our kids!!! Thanks to Dr. Mercola for giving him such a great audience!


Here is a link to the whole series:

Angus Files

Superb Mercola and Wakefield now that is some combination...



It was well worth watching this entire interview. Just one highlight: The way he described the process of the Hep B vaccine given to infants and informed consent was incredibly validating.
Thank you Dr. Wakefield, you a hero. Thank you Dr. Mercola I expect you to be attacked now for having the courage to do this and publicize it. So you are a hero too.


What an excellent interview. Thank you, Dr. Mercola, thank you AoA for posting it, and of course thank you Dr. Wakefield!


Here's the link to the whole series of interviews: Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefieldnterviews+Dr.+Andrew+Wakefield&aq=f

They knew since 1989 that the MMR is unsafe. unbelievable.


These are both insightful Doctors and it is good to see Dr. Wakefield engaged in the discussion.
If there were an on going open post for odds and ends I would place this there.
Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndromes seem to describe some part of the process in regressive Autism. The profile of Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndromes does not fit well with the greater incidence in females and age of onset except in one type, yet ther may be something that causes this to be a part of the problem that is not understood. Hormonal cheges or toxins that are changing how this syndromes have usually been identified. The immune/cytokine/yeast connection is brought forward in the article below, but it is up to the reader to see the relevance.


This is actually a 10-part series. The whole thing is posted on YouTube. I just watched the whole thing. It was riveting. I highly recommend it.


Wouldn't it would be great if Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wakefield colloborated on a gut treatment protocol for ASD kids. I trust Wakefield and feel he's invaluable resource in helping heal our kids.


Thank you for posting this. Excellent interview.


I loved the interview. Our vet.a for our area a few years back was very interested in my son and his reaction to the DPT shot. He asked me all kinds of questions and then told me his daughter has chron's not autism though. I thought there was a deeper meaning behind his questioning. I did not know at the time about the gut trouble the MMR vaccine was causing (just the autism/brain injury part)

Very interesting!!!!!


I think you should link not just to the video but also the related article and transcript.



I'm so glad Wakefield is now in a position to tell his side. The interview was wonderful. I can't help but feel like soon his distractors will feel like the Japanese after Pearl Harbor - Wakefield will be the tool that wakens the "sleeping giant". He is down to earth and full of common sense. He knows the history & events inside out AND he knows the newer research that isn't been published. Kudos to him for writing a book and on his new position. I can't wait for his book to be released. I can think of several people who will be receiving a gift of "Evidence of Harm" & "Callous Disregard".


awesome...thank you for posting this.

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