Oklahoma Univ Medical Center Hospital Refuses to Admit Autistic Man. Only Choice Jail?
Oxford West & Abingdon: Are your Patient Records Safe with Evan Harris MP?



It is an easy read and a good book to suggest to a parent who wants to be cautious. Even for people who are "seasoned," there are suggestions that are helpful. For example, he discusses a time frame for giving nutritional support including NOT giving probiotics at the same time as digestive enzymes.

Autism Grandma

The newscaster said in closing that in his book Dr. Sears "also talks about vaccines and any link that has been discovered to autism".... I wonder if he is really "telling it like it is" because he does have his medical license to protect after all. I should read his book to find out, but I have been using my limited reading time at night here at Age of Autism:)

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