A Mum Tells her Story to the UK GMC Following the Wakefield, Walker-Smith, Murch Hearings
India Suspends Gardasil Program After Four Deaths and Complications in 120 Girls


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@Amanda Blinn

This is a publishing scam and a complete fraud - check out "Alphascript Publishing" on Google.

Amanda Blinn

I was glad to read that Dr. Wakefield is going to write a book; I went to Amazon to see if by I could pre-order it, typed in his name, Andrew Wakefield, and found a book about him by three editors, Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, and John McBrewster. The book doesn't seem to be available but from what I could tell it intends to discredit Dr. Wakefield. Ugh. I am not sure if I'm supposed to paste links in, but anybody could find it on Amazon. Has anybody else heard of this? Thanks.


This reminds me of the “Dead Parrot” Monty Python routine with the parents playing John Cleese who points out to the pet store shopkeeper: “This is a dead parrot. He is deceased. He has gone to meet his maker.” While Brian Deer (who comes across as the drug industry’s motor-mouth shill) plays the part of the shopkeeper, Michael Palin, insisting “Oh, he’s not dead. He’s just pining.” It’s great to see how Brian Deer’s own words come back to bite him in his rear.

Bravo and many thanks to GoldenHawk Projects for these films. Let’s send them to everyone we know and all the politicians. Like the GMC—the politicians, the CDC, and the mainstream media are in the business “of NOT uncovering the truth” as it was so eloquently put by one of the fathers."

Also, while several months ago I could e-mail Dan Olmstead et al. when you clicked on his nam in the upper right hand corner--I can't do that now. How can you even contact AoA to say something is wrong with the website????

Glad to see these films online!



Is there any way we can all send Brian Deer and the whole GMC pictures of our children's poop filled undies and giant toilet clogging poops!?

Lucky for them I am suggesting only PHOTOS.


Minamata had its thugs, too, who used lies and violence in an attempt to silence the victims and witnesses of corporate mercury poisoning. Half a century passed and still the government had not dealt fairly with those who suffered.

Maurine Meleck

Terrific and important video. I have caught parts of this elsewhere, but this is more complete.
I felt so frustrated watching the mothers trying to get Deer to listen to them, and of course, he was just talking on top of them and not listening. I still believe in what goes around comes around so in due time, he'll get his.


Thank you for posting this! It's so important to get these messages out to as many people as possible. I'm so looking forward to Dr. Wakefield's new book. I hope he exposes all those involved in this horrible chapter of medical history.


Thank you to Goldenhawk for these projects. I'm in the midst of carefully watching the documentary interview with Dr. Wakefield. I've watched "Selective Hearing" about half a dozen times and will watch it a dozen more. The interviews with parents and with Carmel Wakefield explain so much about the technicalities of the fraud perpetrated by the GMC as well as the human toll of British medical authority's corruption. It is no wonder these individuals have not been allowed much (or any) air time in British media. I've tried to view this documentary through the eyes of the uninitiated several times and it's clear that most viewers would believe them before they open their mouths. The presentations are simple and without guile in ways that can't be faked, and heartbreaking.

And leaving the camera to run on Deer while he lets all the twisted cogs and gears of his persona burth forth is a classic psychological portrait of evil. Students of abnormal psych would rarely get such an opportunity to view this type of personality so clearly outside of a film dramatization, unless they entered the world of organized crime.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Dr. Fletcher is right. People in authority are willing to do anything to protect themselves, as shown by their actions against Dr. Wakefield and the other doctors. But they will never make these damaged children go away and in the end the cost to society will expose every lie.

I can't imagine that health authorities will be seen as anything but criminals for their total disregard for the children of Britain.

Anne McElroy Dachel

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