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Does Your Child Have Autism And GI Problems? Send Us An Email.

Colic-trigger-discovered-9671 Does your son or daughter with autism (of any severity including Asperger's) have GI issues? If so, please leave a comment with a couple of lines describing the problem, and send us an EMAIL ( with both a description of the problem(s) and how/if you have addressed them along a photo you'd like to share with our readers.  We'll post them without names or any identification.



Hello parents...
I feel your pain. My 5 year old has the same problems that you guys have listed up on the blog. He would sometimes go 14 days without pooping. Only to find out that his poop was nice and soft.

This year we went to a TACA conference. Dr. Bush was introducing a supplement called Restore. It states that it helps with leaky gut. I had always thought my kiddo had leaky gut. So I decide to try it. You are supposed to give the recommended dose of twice a day with one tablespoon? But I did not do that since he had the MTHFR mutation. So I started off at 0.6 ml. just once a day and his days of constipation went down from 14 days to 7 days. This week we upped it to twice a day of 0.6 ml. Now he is pooping every 4 days.thank you Maximilian this is without any laxatives at all. So we will continue to try it and increase it to 1 ml twice a day and that would be it. and we also have sleep problem, so our sleep doctor suggested giving him 0.25 mg melatonin for his age. He let us know that 5mg of melatonin is way too much. anyhow, with restore and the reduced dose of melatonin, his constipation is looking better... This might help some moms out on the blog.

Jeannette Bishop

It just occurred to me that Vaccines 2.0 might be very informative for many vaccine administering physicians and nurses, too.


My 11 year old autistic step son is dairy free. He poops like several times a day as well, but I believe most of it is behavior as well. We sit him in the toilet for 30-45 min and he just laughs and sucks his poop back up. He pushes sometimes but then it's like it's stuck from sucking it back up. We don't want him to push for too long either. After we put him in his room- he poops within 2 minutes of being in there and smears it everywhere. We have even tried to leave the door open to catch him but then he doesn't settle down and he thinks it's play time. Any suggestions??


My 7 yr old PDD nos kid gas severe constipation since 4 yrs . Till 4 yrs he will passing stools normally and suddenly on the onset of 4 th yr he stopped passing stools for a week and later small goat like poop used to come.
Did many interventions gfcf so diet, brown rice etc is not helping him at all.
I feel he is growing weaker day by day due to lack of proper nutrition.
Very good in academics, need little support in school for his focus, attention.and lots of rigid behaviors.
Please advise as the Gastro is putting him in lactulose everyday and he has GERD too.


My son is now 10 ..he was vaccine injured age 2
(really also before that,only not as noticable at the time ) Same for us as above...flat tummy usually mornings ,,swollen by the end of the day.
I hope someone will find the solution to these poor kids problems, and i hope vaccines are exposed soon for the harm they do. ( them and other toxins )
we use a great diet and have tried many interventions which have worked very well...but still there is this issue many times more than we would like per week/month.


My daughter was diagnosed at age two, she is almost three. I knew something was wrong early on, she was the "perfect baby" never cried! Loved to be sang to, and developed a milk protein allergy at two months of age. Later, at 13-14 months we noticed a regression in language and eye contact, she has always had spiratic diarrhea issues which I can't say have been caused by chemical, Mercury, carbs, etc!!! Such a bad misconception, correlation does not mean causation, it's just coincidence a just another theory. I juiced for the majority of my pregnancy, exercised 6x a week, took all my vitamins, stayed away from red meat and dairy. I also at about four months of age started her on veggie smoothies to get her used to vegetables and she loves it to this day!! However, she continues to have spiratic episodes of diarrhea which I believe are caused by distress, change in routines, anxiety and such. Every time there is some type of stress factor she has an episode. In my opinion, there is no cure for Autism, only theories. I believe her neurological difference is what makes her unique. While I continue to have mostly bad and some good days, struggling with everyday learning I am amazed at how far she has come. I will say that although her Autism may make her less social, a challenge to take to public places, distant at times, she has an amazing memory!!! She knows the alphabet, counts to 20, visually knows her numbers to 20. Has memorized 60 different animal names, 6 different sets of flash cards 54 cards each of things or places, shapes, colors, and continues to amaze me daily. Potty training, however, is a whole other story!!! I really don't want to be changing diapers at age 5 or beyond!!! Teaching her basic needs has been difficult, telling whether she is hungry or thirsty has been so stressful, and very sad. Still early on, trying to stay positive while you're the mother has been difficult to say the least. Everyone is always giving you an opinion about something, only they don't have to live it every day. Hate it when an expert has a theory on what causes what or calls Autism a diet issue. If it weren't for experts brushing my concerns off early on I would've had her diagnosed sooner. Autism is not a dietary issue, it's neurological and caused by so many factors, diet issues are only a symptom of the Autism, not the cause.


My son is 34 yrs. old with autism. He's having problems with constipation. His stomach is huge at the end of the day. We visited the doctor recently and he was very non chalaunt. His behaviors have increased. After reading all of the blogs it is clear why the behaviors are so high. We will definitely try the dfcf diet. Your comments are so helpful.


My son is 8yrs old and as an infant and up until 3yrs old was either severely constipated or had severe, explosive diarrhea. It was very miserable for him and often very painful. He had severe GERD & reflux and was prescribed adult dosage of Prevacid at 5mo's of age. We were asked to take infant CPR course b/c his reflux would cause him to choke during sleep times. He had a stomache biopsy and was found to not have any (and I mean zero) enzymes to digest dairy. He also appeared to have "allergic rhinitis" symptoms. We took him off dairy (all dairy, including anything that has dairy ingredients.) I should also mention here that he began multiple therapies for spectrum disorder at loss of language, staring into space, violent to self, not sleeping. Also, diagnosed with SPD. We began working with a nutritionist b/c of non-dairy challenges and sensory issues. After eliminating dairy his bowel symptoms went away; normal bowel movements. He still had GERD and we began eliminating and re-introducing foods. We found, medically, that he had a gluten intolerance. After eliminating dairy & glutens, he no longer requires any meds for bowel issues or GERD. He is now a 2nd grader who still requires speech therapy to work with social skills but receives no other therapies. My husband and I feel that without that biopsy we would never have thought dairy (later, gluten) would have been the cause of such crippling physiological and neurological symptoms. Yes, I have heard of the "autism diet" that eliminates these foods without medical testing performed. But, with our son having those medical tests that confirmed those foods as the culprit along with treatment for (profound) spectrum disorder and those symptoms have gradually gone or have become less noticeable after food elimination, therapy and behavior modification then there is no doubt, for us anyway, that the foods we were giving him caused the most severe of his symptoms. Just thought I would pass on our story and hope it helps someone with the crippling GI symptoms our son had. Good luck and God bless!


I don't know what can help us at this point. My son is 20 and has severe autism. There are so many days I feel like we are the only people in the world with this problem, and that got me looking on line for others. Some of the other posts on here sound just like us.

Our son is 20 and severely autistic. He has has bowel issues his whole life that have only gotten worse. Were we are now is that the gastro doctor told us a few years ago that the nerves are dead. This was after him having an operation to remove a piece of plastic from his gut. I'm sure it got there because he also has pica and has eaten non foods.

He is like the little girl in one of these other posts where he wakes up with a flat stomach and looks like he swallowed a volley ball by the end of the day. On top of that, what bowel movements he has he has them in his sleep and there is big clean up every morning. He takes myralax daily and I have tried to work with the doctor to find a dosage amount so that things pass without over working with constant massive diarrhea. I don't understand how the nerves could be considered to be dead if he is able to hold it all in while awake.

I guess like anyone else posting here I'm looking for help if there is any.

Ellie Peters

My son is 23 years old with autism and is non-verbal. Usually his bowel movement is loose and we have had aggression problems with him. The last 2 weeks his bowel movements are normal and his behavior is much better and he is making more eye contact. Could this be a positive effect on his behaviors?

Brandey Herring

My son, MJ, is 8 years old. He is Aspergers, EO Bipolar I w Psychosis and Dyslexic. We have chronic GI issues, but no definitive answers, be it because there are none, or undifference of the GI. Hospitalized X2 in 2012 for intestinal blockages and a nonfunctioning colon. He has accidents, usually at night in the bed, that wax and wane. Currently he is passing whole foods of different varieties; no pattern that I see. He's had the foulest smelling BMs I've ever encountered, since birth. I made an appt w GI for next week at the request of the geneticist, who feels like we should have a more definitive answer. This GI is 2 hrs drive one way, next nearest is 3.5 hours. I will seek a new GI if this appointment is another "we just don't know, have a nice day". MJ was prescribed Polyethylene glycol for 12 MONTHS, but when I found out how badly it binds with his meds, I cut it out--been winging it ever since.

Sue Hibbs

my son aged 8 has mild autism. He has constipation and take movicol. I am finding he needs three packets a day. At the moment there is no signs that he can come of this medication.


My 7 year-old daughter was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in 2008 and is non-verbal. For the past 3 years she has dealt with a distended belly and holding in her bowels. She is also very gassy. The only way we can get her to have a bowel movement is if we give her Miralax or an enema. To remedy the bloating we give her black walnut hulls and peppermint tea, which seem to work. But we also notice she sucks in air by breathing with her mouth open. She's doing this more so now since the weather has changed and she caught a cold and has a stuffy nose. She is also on a probiotic and takes magnesium tablets to help her bowels move. She is also on a GF diet and gets very...very minimal dairy. The bloated, distended belly just doesn't seem to want to go away. She wakes up in the morning with a super flat tummy, but by the end of the day it looks like she swallowed a volleyball. Everytime I think I've gotten a handle on the bloating it comes back again. Really need some help with this because she looks so uncomfortable.


If your daughter doesn't want to go to school, there may be something going on there that is upsetting her. Maybe you should visit the class and drop in occasionally to observe.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Kelly,

Autism for many, if not most, is an ongoing medical condition that can worsen. Many have found that illness and exposure to bacteria, viruses or a food trigger, can cause exacerbation of symptoms (regression.)

Some children can't be around other students/people who may be ill OR those who received a nasal flu vaccine, for example. Any vaccines given to your child can be a trigger for regression, too. Many of the children, if not most, have a dysfunctional immune system. Not sure if that is what is going on but even a trip to the dentist can cause this in some cases (bacteria in mouth). Here is an article - not sure if it applies but do hope your child gets better.

Kelly Artola

My daughter is 5 years old and was diagnosed at the age of 2. We have had her is autistic schooling through the state and everything seems to be getting better. But this year, it almost seems that she has regressed? I'm trying to understand why and how because she was making so much progress......She scripts more, is not speaking as much and seems not to want to go to school anymore. I wanted to know if anyone else has any advice or helpful hints. No GI problems but I had no where else to ask. Thanks for your time

Jill Van Halen

Our son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 3. I immediately started him on a GF/CF/SF diet, found a DAN, and started treating yeast. For the first time in his life he had formed stools, that were also not yellow. I had brought up his chronic loose stools to his OLD pediatrician, but always got blown off. It has been 2 years since we started biomeds and my son has come a long way, but his gut is still a huge issue. We have been SCD for 15 months now, and still dairy free. We've been doing biofilm protocol using Interphase Plus and rotating anti-fun gals along with biocidin for the last 4 months. It has helped, but we continue to have near daily die-off. I feel like we may never fix his tummy. We've also been doing homeopathy with little results. We recently started double strength VSL #3 plus his other probiotics. It has caused some serious silly behaviour that I am hoping is die-off and not the other way around, but I never seem to really know the difference. My biggest fear in all of this gut stuff is that I am causing more harm than good. He still wakes up every morning with a flat tummy and goes to sleep looking like Buddha.

clare Nuccio

My daughter Meghan, 9, has Asperger's, ADHD, ODD, and most recently Bipolar Disorder. As an infant, she suffered tremendously while trying to pass a stool. She would make noises from her crib (almost like the sound of inhaling her own air). I just thought she was letting me know her diaper needed to be changed. Over time she had periods of constipation but never runny stools. I attributed it to too much baby cereal in her formula, etc and would just add less to her bottle. Meghan was born in 2002, so she was the ripe age to be part of the three-bolus MMR's that people attribute autism to (everyone OTHER than scientists, that is). Unfortunately, Meghan was not diagnosed with Asperger's or ADHD until nursery school, and her issues with GI then became attributed to "not wanting to potty train". I never thought to detoxify her system or anything such as this. It makes me so guilty to have had her immunized, thinking I was saving her life---and that parents who didn't immunize were among the most selfish out there. Just to think that I could have affected my child (unknowingly or not) with an MMR is crushing, and th eguilt overwhelming. To further think that our Federal government is covering this up is outrageous. We don't have a cure for cancer either, but we know it exists. Why then because there is yet no "link" between MMR's (at the time) anda rise in Autism is BS. They no longer use the three-bolus method for shots; they stopped doing it in 2007, just for the record. I am so grateful for this website and the ability to share my experience with others.

Teresa Conrick-To Anne on "Does Your Child Have GI Issues"


If you would like to email me, I would be glad to see if I can help with questions..


My son is 3 and 1/2 is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder he also has 7-9 loose stools a day, he has aggression issues to the point when he is upset he has "super human" like strength to the point that I have a very hard time overpowering him, he also has an enlarged lymph node on the left side of his neck, he has one coffee colored birth mark on his neck near the enlarged lymph node, he has a very sensitive gag reflex and vomits because of it. He has seen a pediatric GI doctor. He has been tested for numerous things but no doctor that I have seen has been able to help me any. Does anyone have any idea where I can get some help?


Our son has low functioning autism and severe bowel problems. He is constipated and in his diaper his bm's are small and clay textured. When he goes on the toilet it is long and skinny, smaller around than a cat poop. He strains and crosses his legs while bent over or crouched to the ground while sometimes screaming or crying and he looks like he is in tremendous pain. There is obviously inflamation in his gut.

He had intussusception at 4 months. I had mmr, dtp,flu shot and who knows what else during pregnancy. I was forced to do it or lose my job, I have another child and needed to work. I expressed concern about it but was told it was completely safe. My son showed signs of something not right within hours of birth and after every round of vaccination, the worst at 2 1/2 when he got the MMR vaccine. Before this he had no bowel problems or self injurious behavior. He was not speaking much or clearly, but he was communicating. After MMR he turned purple while having BM's, became a picky eater, took chunks out of his hand, lost all speech and shut himself in his room every chance he got to pick at the walls and eat lead paint. He slept about 4 hrs a night and that is when most of the pica happened.


I have not heard of this book, I will look into it. Always keeping an eye out on these low carb diets. So Thanks!

We used Atkins diet because my son has epilepsy and well the John Hopkins Univerisity use to promote the Ketogenic diet (low carbs, high fat but have to measure everything- but I am off track, sorry! John Hopkins now recommends a modified Atkins diet of 15 carbs a day. Regular just getting started on Atkins is 20 carbs a day. Also John Hopkins also found that epilepsy can be controlled on a low glycemic diet (slow released carbs) and a person can eat as high as 30 to 60 carbs a day if it is the right kind of carbs.

I think that these epileptic diets are idea for figuring out is they will be good for autism.

Hannah Poling's father a FDA neurologist has her on the low 15 carb modified Atkins diet to control her seizures.

I read about it about five years ago in my son's epilepsy magazine and have been a fan every since


My son has improved from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ( see book Breaking the Vicious Cycle) and *insoluable* fiber daily (most is soluable, it didn't work for my son). I did the GFCF diet for 3 years (along with probiotics, digestive enzymes, many vitamins and minerals), it did not improve his gut though. I still do the vitamins, etc except no digestive enzymes now because this diet only allows easily digested foods which don't require 'work' for the gut :) My son cannot talk so I don't know if he had stomach pain before or now, but his mood, temperment, appetite, willingness to try new foods and amount of stimming improved.


Dominic was diagnosed in Nov. '09 with autism. He will be 3 in June. As an infant he had colic (crying 4 hours straight, non-stop). He was diagnosed with reflux at 2 weeks old after choking on his first bottle (I breastfed for a little over 7 months while supplementing with special formulas to prevent projectile spit-up that he had so frequently) and turning blue and lifeless in my arms. He started having bowel issues sometime after MMR (after a year old) and is very sensitive to dairy. Probably only twice in his life has he ever had to "push" his bowel movement out. He has the yellow, foul-smelling stools while on plain dairy. The red clay stools that someone else had been talking about in one of these posts is what he's having now since we have him on "Lactaid" milk. It is never formed. However, he did have a green stool today which I've heard means that it goes too fast through your system, so maybe he's not doing too well on this die (lactose-free). Finally, he saw the GI doc recently per my pushing to get the referral for some time now who is now recommending to try lactose-free diet for 2 weeks and see if there's a change. He also did a genetic swab test of the mouth to see if he has a gene for it (not sure yet of the results). We're going to see where this all goes....


My son is four years old and has had issues with having a bm for the past three years. I thought the gi issues showed it's face once I stopped breast feeding. But the REAL issues did not start until he had his first febrile seizure. At three years old, he had another febrile seizure, but no affects this time. I am proud to say that he is trying to overcome his bm issues, but it takes lot of patience on my part (& with God's help) to make sure that things happen accordingly.

Leatrice Bonner

My 3 year old son has Autism and GI problems. He poops up to 7 times a day, and is always bloated and has a lot of gas. WE are seeing a GI specialist. He has ran a series of tests, including Allergies, he has no allergies,but in all the other tests he shows a lot of gas, his stomach and colon are enlarged. The doctor told us today he wants to do a Biopsy on his Rectom to see if the nerve endings are dead. If he cant feel it he cant pass gas. We are so stressed out and don't want to put him through anymore testing.

Lisa Bryant

Absolutely. He has had GI issues since birth and they continue now (he's 9). We finally saw some improvement after seeings a GI through the Autism Treatment Network at Vanderbilt.


Every one with poop problems please, please start juicing raw vegetables. This will help your child tremendously. Cabbage and cilantro help with yeast, spinach, broccoli, water crest, parsley,cucumber, collard greens round out the green leafy vegetables part. We also add at least 1 apple typically red delicious, and three or four carrots as these add a good taste to the juice(by the way you parents should drink this also as YOU WILL BE REGULAR if you are not already now) the juice is typically quite green and has a nice flavor and our 5 year old has improved significantly on it. I am working Chlorella(fresh water algae you can buy in pill form) in as well as it detoxifies ALL HEAVY METALS without affecting essential trace metals. I am sure that all of your children will improve, it is slightly labor intensive but I am sure you will be happy , do not give up, never give up we will find a way.

Berta Hammerstein

Grandson, now 26, lovable, highly intelligent, highly alert, so thin, so lacking in muscle he couldn't stir a kettle of (GF/CF free)Christmas candy. Always had gut problems, chronic constipation. I FOUND DAN by Googline autism+digestive problems. Living with us, diagnosed with horrible yeast with infection in the yeast, treated, other bio treatment, so wanted to finish the high school he couldn't hack, went from 5th grade level on a GED test to GED to college classes during biomed treatment. Family intervened because of "dangerous" experimental medical treatment, won the day, he's still a wonderful, bright young man with no life, losing his body before everyone's eyes. When he lived with us for four years the toilet kept stopping up after he sat in there for a couple of hours. We thought he wadded the TP, had a plumber on a first name basis, learned the particulars from others at an autism conference. Always been gut. Been autism and gut since he was 15 and diagnosed with the autism, no diagnosis when he grew three inches with gaining an ounce at 13. Body like a picture from a concentration camp. But he is "just fine." Just ask his many kin lined up against anything biomedical. Sadnotquitinggranny.


My grandson has had horrible bowel problems. I can remember when he was just one or two years old and would have such hard and large movements that it was uncomprehensible how he could even pass them. I know I wouldn't have been able to. And then the next day it would be like mush. There was no rhyme or reason to the consistency of the movements. He is currently almost 8 yr old and still uses a pull-up for bowel movements. It may take him hours to have one even if it is soft. He has to do a lot of hard jumping to get the movement going. There no way I can make him sit on the toilet for hours. I took him to a gastrointerologist when he was about 3 and discussed all my concerns. I was told that I was already doing everything that could be done. We were basically dismissed as though nothing was wrong. This is not a problem that was inhereted, but I do believe it is a problem quite prevalent with autism.

Max's Mom

My son had explosive yellow diarrhea for the first two and a half years of his life. Sometimes his little bottom would crack and bleed and I would have to use warm water instead of diaper wipes to clean him. My pediatrician said that I could try soy milk, but he probably just digested his food more quickly than other kids. After diagnosing his autism ourselves, finding Generation Rescue online (this was 2004 in the SF Bay Area), finding a DAN! doctor, starting GFCF and Diflucan, and removing all of the foods that were aggravating his leaky gut, the explosive diarrhea subsided and he was able to toilet train by the age of 4. He is now almost 8 years old and although we have done DAN protocol and then Yasko for years, his stools are still yellow (NOT LIGHT BROWN--YELLOW!) and not very well formed. We just recently treated him for h-pylori and yeast. Still as yellow as ever.

kathy blanco

Years ago, I found an old picture of a family reunion, in which we proved how sick my son was with gastro problems. His legs were like sticks, and reminded me of someone from Ethiopia. His gut was distended, his eyes darkened with circles, hish head, was blossoming into the ninety ninth percentile, and I actually had to hold him up to take a picture. That was before biomed. About then, he started to have seizures. So don't tell me, I don't have a child with gastrointestinal problems! I still deal with things like night time encoperisis, problems urinating too much like cystitis, and still have seiures, but, it has lessened with biomeds. I'd like for these brainiacs, to stay a week and see what we go through everyday at my house. Maybe a nice UPS package on their doorstep will suffice, you know, the halloween trick with the brown bag and caca at the that would be funny!

michael framson

Based on RILEYSMOM'S poop observations; and if she were to write up her observations with all the appropriate caveats and limitations of her observations ie selection and ascertainment bias, etc. And if RILEYSMOM were to submit this observational "study" to the IACC, what would the IACC direction likely take.....scientifically?

Would the IACC direct scientific research towards:
A) Research the genetic components of early bowel habits of children with neurobehavioral disorders?
B) Launch an investigation into RILEYSMOM for collecting medical data without appropriate IRB for collecting, researching private medical data and history?
C) Fund Danish retrospective research into 1970-1991 bowel habits in girls born to Lutherin mothers and Jewish fathers?
D) Fund metabolic, immune, gastrointestinal, mytochondrial, environmental, toxicolological research in the very children who report pathological gastrointestinal problems as described by RILEYSMOM's Observations of 51 children reported in the Age of Autism.

Would it be: A),B),C), or D)? Your final answer?

Teresa Conrick-to rileysmom


Your story haunts me about Riley because I can so relate. Some helpful suggestions if you need some:

mag citrate - (200 mg each) before and after school.

Oxypowder - (has saved our lives at my house) -1 cap per night for "maintenance"..for constipation 1-3 caps.

aloe vera juice - add a tsp daily for maintenance and 1 tbsp for constipation.

Meg also tests for zero glutathione. She also is a very fair-skinned child. Is Riley fair and blue eyed?


All right everyone. I have read each and every one of these poop horror stories and EVERY one of them sound like what we went through with Riley. Right down to the sandy poops, the hard bunny turds mixed in with the oatmeal style poop. I CAN NOT believe that we all have the SAME story but yet there are those that deny our children??? I'm going to post again on FB, I know damn well there are more than 51 people that have children with this condition. We can't ALL be crazy or obsessed with our babies poops.


My twins both started having major diarrhea following their MMR @ their 12 mo. well-baby visit. Both boys had Chicken Pox at 10 months old (from vaccine "transmission" I'm now convinced), so their immune systems were taxed. They received their 15 mo. shots during a "sick" visit for the chronic diarrhea. By 18 mos. they began to lose skills and by 2 yr. 9 mos. they were both dx'd with autism (one more severe than the other). They both had severe metabolic abmornalities, food intolerances, continued periodic diarrhea, severe chronic diaper rashes (from the acidic bm's), and one of them had slipped to 10% on his growth charts (where he's stayed for years). We started the GF/CF diet, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fish oil in early 2008. We saw immediate improvements in eye-contact, connectedness and small language developments. By summer 2008, we cut sugar almost completely out of their diet and they both had a huge yeast die-off followed by significant congnitive gains. As we continue diet, supplements and sequential homeopathy to treat their gut issues, they continue to improve---cognitively, physically, emotionally, behaviorally, etc. Their primary gut issues have included yeast, systemic strep and parasites. We still have "toxic waste" diapers periodically, as we continue to clear various things. We are also nowhere near potty training at age 5. However, as we get the bacteria/pathogens out, our children are getting so much better.

Denise Smith

Some days it's easier to think about the progress my son has made and others it makes me so sick to think about all the unbelievably awful things he has had to endure. The gut issues were the absolute worst. he would have such bad diaper rash, the acidic poop would eat through his skin. he was so sick for years with yeasty, foul smelling, grey mud. It was so awful. Now that we have most of his yeast issues under control and viruses somewhat at bay, we are gaining speed on the road to recovery. So, to answer your question, yes, my son has a PDD-NOS diagnosis and severe gut issues.

Matt Flynn

Only with monthly colonics and a diet void of any type of sugars, have we been able to control Liam’s upper colon blockages and the major amount yeast and toxins building up in front of that blockage. No miracles, like him regaining his speech or anything, but we now have a happier 9yr old without the pain from bloating and acid poop he has had to suffer with for the past several years


My son had yeastie diaper rashes and toxic poop from about 16-30 months old. The rashes were blistered and bleeding, and at one point his foreskin was swollen shut from the yeast infection. Our regular pediatrician basically blew us off with "yeast is normal, i don't know why people get upset". Another ped. we saw told us to put cornstarch on his rash (hello, yeast EATS starch). We ended up with an herbalist who muscle tested him for a parasite and damned if a course of antiparasitic (black walnut tincure) didn't clear the rash right up.

But the gut damage was done. He had an MMR middle of the yeast mess at about 2 1/2 (from the ped. who blew us off) - we'd done due diligence we thought by waiting until he was 2 to start shots and then only one at a time. He breastfed until right before his third birthday. Within a month of weaning, we caught a horrid flu and he stopped speaking.

diagnosis - autistic regression syndrome.

I go back and forth as to if i think he's a classic gut kid or a virus kid. I actually think both. I think the damage to his gut let the measles portion of his mmr cross into his brain (he has SUPER high measles titers but not mumps or rubella), and the flu we had cause a cytokiene storm that activated the measles and caused viral brain damage.

Thats more than a few sentences, I'll put the rest in an email, including what we've done to help.


The trouble started after we stopped breast feeding and his 18 month shots. Foul smelling yellow or green mucous diarrhea with undigested chunks of food in it every few days-about once a week to ten days he would pass large hard clay-like balls.
Sometimes it was like he pooped sand. Sometimes his diarrhea was so acidic and foul smelling it would eat his skin off in just a few minutes. Our PED was useless. Upon our repeated pressure they made a referral to a pediatric gastro doc that was also just about useless. Turns our the alternating diarrhea and constipation was actually just constipation. The diarrhea was squeezing out from around the clots of solid clay stool. Nobody can tell us what the sand poop is about. Miralax solved the constipation but doesn't solve the underlying problem and depletes minerals from the body. Large amount of vitamin c and magnesium help, dietary restrictions have been very helpful but the problems persist.

We are 30 days into treatment under doctor Krigsman and have already seen improvement. We have our fingers crossed.


My son regressed into autism at 5 months after receiving his first round of shots (DPT). At 10 months he received his first antibiotic and his GI issues began. He was on the BRAT diet at the suggestion of his ped for 2 months and it didn’t help. We were referred at 13 months to a university GI doc that even scoped him (although not properly according to future DAN doc) but could not find anything wrong. He suggested nothing and said “Well, he has autism” as if there was nothing he could do because he has autism! After eliminating wheat and milk at 14 months he had one day of solid BMs so I knew there was hope. It took me three allergists to do IgE food testing because he didn’t have any rashes or difficulty breathing, but he tested allergic to 9 foods. Eliminating those foods helped ease his chronic pain. Only rotating anti-fungals and anti-virals for several months after sensitivity stool tests with the DAN doc at 16 months and increasing probiotics helped his stools finally firm up. I don’t think he would have made such great progress without his gut being healed. Healing the gut, getting rid of seizures with homeopathy and restoring his relational skills with Relationship Development Intervention helped him become almost fully remediated from autism.

My 3 1/2 year old grandson was diagnosed with Autism 12/08. He has had GI problems since his 2 month vaccinations. Diagnosed with gastro reflux, prescribed Reglan (which is now being recalled!) and given 8 vaccinations the next day, including Rotavirus!!! What happened to NOT giving vaccinations if the child is sick???? Unreal what they are doing to these babies.


Meanwhile certain doctors and newspapers proclaim that gut issues are no more common among people with autism than among those without. It's madness.


Anne - I read with great interest your ped's comment that "no one ever died of diarrhea." If that's true then why in the heck do we need the Rotavirus vaccine?

Eyes rolling.

diana burke

We have two boys with autism who both have GI disease.
The older (age 6) has Celiac Disease, the younger (age 5) has Colitis. Plus Gastric Reflux.
Rarely do either have normal bowel movements consistant in form, but they do have them regularly.
They both have Mercury, Lead and Arsenic poisoning.
The older received only 3 courses of DTaP, the younger received 1 dose of DTaP. I used to love seafood, ate it lots while pregnant, and we fed it to our kid's regularly until our completely normal second son turned autistic at age two and a half for no apparent reason.
We have used the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for several years to help their guts.
We avoid Gluten for both but also due to the celiac, and for the younger he takes Sulfa Salazine twice a day. We use 38 supplements per day, including probiotics! They are both clear minded but low verbal.


My son has GI problems. It's been so bad at times, I had to repaint the walls in the bathroom several times.


My son is now 5 1/2, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 2 1/2, revised to "classic" autism at 3. From the day he had his mmr shot, he stopped eating everything he had eaten before that day. Started drinking only milk, ate only rice cakes and fruit/cereal bars. No more broccoli, chicken, carrots, fruits, salmon, everything he had enjoyed so much before. His stools became very loose, funny-colored and really stinky. Within 2 months of that he started vomiting, almost on a daily basis, and ran fevers for several days each week. This, of course, brought us to the pediatrician often. He said Jack was just "unlucky", seemed to catch every virus out there. But not to worry, he would be fine. We continued this pattern for a year, mystery fever and vomiting followed by mild diahrrea (sometimes turning quite severe), and he was slowly going away from us. 6 months after his mmr shot, Jack was no longer using any of the 15 or so words he had at 16 months old. He was starting to bite, hit and kick with greater frequency every day. We had Early Intervention involved at this point, apraxia was suspected. His eye contact was pretty good still, and he didn't have any physical stims yet, but his sleep pattern was shot. This is when he started to get up at 2 am every night...first he would vomit, then he would run circles on my bed for the next 3 hours. At 2 1/2/ the neurologist finally came up with "mild autism", told me Jack would likely get worse. He had seen it happen often. Well, he was right. Immediately after Jack's diagnosis, we took him for an intervention called AIT, saw real improvements within weeks. Mostly physical and motor improvements, still no speech, but now his vestibular problems were gone and he was less and less likely to melt down every day. It was when he turned 3 that I saw what was going on (and I do kick myself every day for listening to every doc we saw...surely they would have told me if vaccines were dangerous! Naive). Jack went for his 3 year old well visit, we all exclaimed over his improvements, and by the time I got him home he was GONE. No more eye contact, constant stimming, no more improvements. Vomiting every single day now, stools looser and more yellow than ever. Against our pediatrician's advice, we put him on the gf/cf diet, also removing any artificial additives, corn, soy and citrus. Within 48 hours, he was sleeping through the night again. Yay. His nose, which had been running a clear fluid continuously for about a year now, just stopped. Just like that. Within 2 weeks he had some new words. We started to see the connection between the condition of his stool and his behavior/verbal abilities on any given day. Good poop meant good day, bad poop meant bad day. 2 years later, we can still predict what the day will be like by what his poop looks like. The difference is that he is talking! Thousands of words, he can say anything you ask him to say, but the spontaneous language is the most amazing thing. We have done lots of other treatments, but without the basis of the diet, Jack would be nowhere. We still have a way to go for recovery, but I can see then end of the road now. Before the diet, probiotics, enzymes etc., at 3 1/2 years old Jack had the expressive speech of a 15 month old baby, his receptive speech was somewhat lower. Today, he has nearly age-appropriate expressive speech abilities, his receptive speech was that of a 4 year old. And if I took him off the diet tomorrow, it would all go away again. Thanks for letting me share our story.


When my son was 2, his doctor put him on antibiotics for an ear infection. His stomach bloated from the antibiotics and he developed severe gatroenteroritis. We took him to the hospital. They treated him for severe dehydration and put him on an IV.

Over the next year (ages 2-3), he had several bouts of watery bowel movements.
He slowly started to withdraw, lost language then fully regressed at age 3 and was dxed PDD NOS. I've been working on his recovery ever since then.

Danny's Mom

Danny is 14 years old and falls into the regressive autism category with GI issues... He regressed once after his MMR, DTP and Hib in one day (within 2 weeks was perseverating, lost language and had some digestive issues, but they were minor relatively speaking) then three months later got his chickenpox vaccine and went into the deep end of the pool of autism. The GI issues were horrible, and he spiraled down, losing language, eye contact and because of the constant diarrhea he was not absorbing any nutrients. He had reflux so bad that it rotted two of his baby teeth and he had to get crowns at 33 months old. It was not until we changed his diet and he got secretin that we saw improvements. We have done just about everything, but even to this day, even though his digestion is so much better, he still has light stool and if he is not adhering to gluten free, casein free, and quite a few other things free, we fall back into digestive issues VERY quickly.


My son had diarrhea for over three years, with some constipation interspersed. His case worker at the Regional Center said, "Oh, that's just something they do." Nice. By the time he was 5-1/2, he was having as many as six diarrhea diapers a day. I noticed that he hadn't really gained any weight in almost two years. We started using Kirkman's digestive enzymes (DPP-IV) and within three days, my son became potty trained and had his first solid bm in over three years. He started putting on weight and height, and improved in school.

Tired of cleaning up the mess

My son started having GI issues within a month of his MMR vax at 13 mos. It was given to him coming off a round of antibiotics for a double ear infection. At 19 mos. he had a severe reaction to his DPT, and Varicella vaccines. At 23 mos. he was hospitalized with diarrhea and dehydration from what they diagnosed as a virus. He lost over 2 lb. and it took 8 weeks for him to recover enough to take in a regular diet. 4 months later he had a relapse, again losing weight. From then on he had chronic diarrhea and it took until he was 4 for him to be completely potty trained. At age 5 he was given his MMR booster and 6 months later he started soiling himself daily. His belly became distended and he started having high levels of anxiety. This continued for years with one GI doctor telling us that it was a way of seeking attention. At age 9 after 4 years of being completely bowel incontinent we began to see Dr. Krigsman, who is still treating our son. He is gradually improving but the damage to his small bowel and esophagus is done. He is on a GFCFSF and Feingold diet, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antifungals for chronic yeast. I long for the day my son has no more GI pain and diarrhea.


My son has paralyzed bowels due to lifelong problems. He has moderate to severe autism, age 36. Has to use a machine similar to a sophisticated enema three times a week to toilet.


My son, who is 17 now, had oatmeal - yellow - smelly diahrrea from the time he had the MMR until about age 3 1/2. At 3 1/2 it turned to terrible constipation. My son would have a BM once a week - it was a two hour ordeal. Years asking for help from different pediatritions who typically ignored the problem, tried everything possible that was natural, and ended up on Miralax. At age 9 my son had blood streaking down his legs once a week when he tried to go.

We found biomedical treatments, went GFCF, and five years later he goes to the bathroom on his down, normally. We had to use colon hydrotherapy to literally unplug his gut from blockages and bring back muscle tone to the colon.

We now consider him recovered from autism - he is in great health and almost no signs of social issues or autism symptoms.


My son bounced from chronic constipation for several weeks to 3-5 days of runny stools. This was right after he received a flu shot at 14 months - yes, I bought into the hype and I'm still kicking myself for it. We did 90 hours of HBOT in 2009 and it really helped with his BM's. He was just fully potty trained two weeks ago... we are not out of the woods yet, however, I attribute the gut healing to HBOT!

Autism Dad in Pa

Corina, our son had little rabbit turdballs for stools. We also tried Miralax until we got a DAN Dr. who got him on Calcium Magnesium (CaMg) and then on a couple courses of anti-fungals like Fluconazole, and then prescription pro-biotics from Klaire Labs.

Now he has almost normal stools (though we're stilly trying to get him to consistantly deposit them into the toilet instead of his undies). Maybe you can ask your Ped, or DAN Dr about trying these things.


"What didn't help: Our pediatrician."
Very true. Our Pediatrician destroyed our son. The worst part you may ask? He did it on purpose. He had Riley in a study WITHOUT my informed consent to see which vaccines worked in what combination. When I file VICP, he asked us to leave his office. Nicely.
I have spoken to lawyer after lawyer and NOT ONE will take my son's case because it involves vaccines. I had one lawyer tell me, "Hey if this all blows out in like 5yrs, give me a call but right now, the CDC has the upper hand. It's not that I don't believe you it's just I can't go up against the vaccine/autism link. I don't have the time or the money. Sorry about Riley though, tough break huh?"
No mention that the Ped never had my consent to do this to my child it's just that NO ONE will take on vaccines, period. Where's my son's justice? Who will stand for my son? Me.

Christine Rogers

My daughter who has autism has had GI issues from birth. She couldn't have a bm on her own for the first two months without stimulation. Then after every feeding she would have a diaper full of mucus. She is now 5 years old and has had several instances of prolapsed bowel. She has frequent (as in monthly) yeast infections, including in her bowels. My son is on the ASD spectrum, he has frequent severe constipation. I noticed no change in the GI issues as a reaction to any vaccines or anything, they were literally there from birth. (not saying other people didn't just reporting for my kids).


My son, now 7, had diarrhea from 3 mos. to 4 yrs old. This stopped after seeing Dr. Krigsman with a diagnosis of ileitus, enterocolitis & esophogitis; was on Pentasa for a year. He was doing well for a couple of years until recently. Seeing nutrionalist for a severe self restrictive diet with digestive issues. Currently trying to figure out why tests are showing evidence of trouble digesting protein for adequate muscle development. Currently he takes digestive enzymes and probiotics for his gut issues...starting new investigation for the returning gut issues.....


My daughter had severe constipation starting at about 18 months of age. Doctor had us try everything...suppositories, mineral oil, Senokot, prune juice, and miralax. We used the miralax for years. I felt so bad for her because she would always hold it in and then when she did finally go it was so painful. She has been on a gfcf diet for the past three years. Constipation is no longer a problem for her. We also use digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fish oil.


Thank you Twyla! We do this day by day. What else can we do? If it weren't for sites like this AND TACA and GR, I would have never known where to start. I just keep plugging along hoping one day will be our miracle day. That's what pisses me off aobut people that say vaccines don't cause autism...they did in my kid and trying to discredit me doesn't make my son's pain go away. The people on AOA are amazing human beings. It's all about the truth, the numbers, telling it like it is and most of all it's about the kids. That's why we're all here, right? To push forward and make our babies (whether 2 or 22) better.
I have great company!


I know this may not be the case for every child but for my daughter with PDD-NOS, GFCF has changed her life. It made her stools regular and brought her smile back. It has worked wonders for her 2 sisters as well. Cured one of reflux. Dietary intervention and supplements have been huge for us.


Oops! I forgot -- plumbers snake. That helped too. GIANT poops. Eventually we got more forceful toilets when we remodeled the bathrooms. That helped too. Probiotics, too.


No, my son doesn't have GI problems but I'm pretty sure he's in the minority because pretty much every other autistic child we know has GI problems.


rileysmom, my heart goes out to you -- very best wishes to you and your family -- may you (and the doctors) find more ways to help your son, and kudos to you for all that you are doing!

Shannon Primer

Austin had diaherra until the age of 3. It was yellow and like the constancy of an formula feed child. Once we started GFCF that changed. I swear we would have never potty trained him without GFCFEFSF and apple free and enzymes. The diet did not recover austin, but he is forever healthier happier and able to learn due to the diet!!!


My granddaughter has autism. She is 12 years old and sometimes will go several days without a bm. When she does go, she sometimes stops up the toilet with softball-sized feces.


Riley not only has severe gut issues after receiving MMR, Prevnar 7 and Verivax in a single visit to the Pediatrician but severe bleeding eczema. He was diagnosed with Eosinophilic gastroenteritis about 2 yrs ago. My son's bowel movements can encompass a rainbow of colors; green, yellow, orange, black, white. Since his 11 vaccines in one day, he has gone from diarrhea to rock hard constipation within weeks of each other. He is on 7 days, once monthly doses of Liquid GF/CF Nystatin for yeast overgrowth in his gut. He takes Probiotics everyday to help restore the healthy bacteria in his gut.
The bleeding eczema is a monster all to itself. His skin bleeds, cracks and sheds of. He has had skin tears that rip open and bleed. We have tried various treatments for his eczema but none have worked to date.
We had Riley tested for Glutathione levels and his results came back as "0". None, nada, zilch. He is either not making it in his Mitochondrial DNA or what he is making is being used so quickly from oxydative stress that he has none in reserve.
My son's skin is paper thin, you can see all the veins in his body, his eyes have permanent dark circles. We jokingly say that Riley is "see through". I'm not sure how funny I think that is but it is what it is. The gut pain is something that most people can only have nightmares about. He bends and contorts his body, trying to alleviate the pain. He screams and smacks his heads. He runs, as if trying to run away from the pain.
We have been GF/CF/Egg free for almost 3 yrs now. We have had him on digestive enzymes for about one year and along with other supplements to help with the skin and metabolic issues. We are making strides but he still has a long way to go. We use NO pharmaceutical products aside from the compound Nystatin from Lee Silby. He is currently non verbal where there used to be words but he makes fantastic eye contact and is wonderfully lovable (except when in pain).
He is my beautiful boy and I will do whatever it takes to heal my child BUT first his pain needs to recognized for what it is...vaccine injury.
Kim I alo sent you an email with some of Riley's choose which one you would like to use. Thank you so much for doing this!


Select quotes from the written psych report when our son was diagnosed 5 years ago:

[in infancy] "he also had some digestive problems (e.g. spitting up and "cried a lot from having gas" for the first six months)."

"parents are encouraged to further discuss concerns about issues with constipation and bowel movements" [with pediatrician]

At the time, he would go 10 days without pooping, then it would be a full day of painful struggle and crying to get out a poop that was bigger than his forearm. Our pediatrician suggested prune juice. (watered down, of course, because you don't want to give them too much sugar). This same pediatrician also told us that "some babies are just spitty". He was never referred for GI. Six months later we had our first DAN appointment. Turns out he had high yeast and zero good bacteria in his gut (multiple rounds of antibiotics from ear infections following vaccines), as well as food allergies (peanuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, and a bunch of other random stuff). We were so naive back then. We though our ped knew what she was talking about. Hah!

Still not fully normal gut, but so much better than before. What helped: GF/CF diet, digestive enzymes, secretin, aloe, chelation [hi uranium, lead and mercury], custom amino acids, supplementation esp. vit A and D, B12, zinc and magnesium.

What didn't help: Our pediatrician.


Yes. Chronic diarrhea and enuresis for many years until we implemented digestive enzymes (Houston), probiotics, and a diet free of casein, gluten, soy, and corn.


My son is autistic and has gastritis, ileitus and duodenitis, as confirmed via scoping by Dr. Krigsman...


Since the topic is GI trouble and it is autism month.

There was an article in The Lexington Herald-Leader that came out this past Tuesday, April 13, pretains to both.

"Diet might help with ADHD"

John Roesmond a syndicated columnist and family psychologist was asked by a parent of a nine year old if the Feingold's diet would help. She did not want to waste her time if it did not, and said the child's therapist specializing in ADHD was adamant that it would not help.

Rosemond responded that the Feingold diet that came out in 1973 to elimnate all artificial food colorings and flavorings, and chemical preservatives. AND it did appear to work on some kids. Shortly after this a group called the Nutrition Foundation published statements that Feingold diet had no scientific valadation behind it. Rosemond then added that Nutrition Foundation was backed by Dow Chemical and Coca-cola - two companies that had a vested interest in keeping artificial things in our food supply.

Rosemond then mentioned that Bernard Weiss and autism expert Bernard Rimland in the 1980's favored the Feingold diet.

Rosemond ends the article:
"The issue boils down to one fundamental question: Why would these parents say their kids' behavior improved if it didn't?"

The word of a parent means something????
Well! - This statement by a psychologist is close to being one of the seven wonders of the world!

A Mom

19 y/o girl with severe autism, seizures, severe intellectual delay and chronic constipation.

Jessica Shearer

My Aspergers son is 8 years old. He used to have horrible constipation. He used to look like the starving Ethiopian children; skinny body with huge distended belly. Our regular pediatrician at the time did xrays that showed my son was backed up to almost the middle of his chest. We were told to do Fleets enemas for 5 days and then to start using Miralax daily. This was about 2 years ago. Then we found ourselves a DAN! doctor. We changed his diet to GF/CF and tackled the yeast. We do dietary enzymes, probiotics, various supplements, MB12, and glutathione. The dark circles around his eyes faded. He started to make eye contact and hold it for more than a fleeting second. I discovered that my son has a great quirky sense of humor and that he loves poker! However the constipation was not resolving. It wasn't as severe but it was still with us. Our DAN! doctor and a great woman I met at TACA suggested we try aloe vera juice. WOW!!! Totally tasteless and I just add a few ounces to whatever my son is drinking at the moment and in a few hours....success. No accidents, no cramps. He just feels the "urge" to go and so he does. No more little body with a big belly. He is totally in proportion. And with the poop issue solved bad moods have disappeared. He is a total joy to be with.


My 4 year old has AS and has had chronic constipation from birth. He has been taking Miralax every night for the past 2 and half years. Somedays it doesnt work and then we have to give him a Pedialax suppository. Its very traumatic for us all.

Mona Morrison

Our 4 year old son -- diagnosed with Aspergers -- witholds his stool and seems pained when he finally has to go. We have him on Miralax, so constipation is not an issue. He potty trained at 3 and has a movement about once every 3-4 days. This cycle was pretty similar when he was in pull ups.

He had terrible GI pain as a baby - despite being exclusively breastfeed. As soon as he was mobile, he always preferred to poop standing up and always seemed bothered by it.

I had constipation issues as a child -- it's possible I was witholding too -- as my parents did not have me on Miralax (it was the 1970s/80s).

I need to look into the probiotics. My son is a fussy eater and milk and wheat are among his favorites. He is making such strides right now -- the GF/CF diet would be a shocker to him.


My son has Autism and a chronic problem with constipation and undigested food in his stool when he does go. He would routinely writhe on the floor holding his stomach while yelling, "it burns, it burns". He goes absolutely behaviorally ballistic if he gets a scrap of gluten or dairy, and when he does his stools are extremely loose and contain more undigested food (this despite negative Celiac tests). He has been hospitalized for his digestive problems in the past. The GI doc at the hospital recommended we see a local GI doctor upon my son's being discharged from the hospital. That doctor refused to even examine him and told us we were probably letting him eat too much cheese - this AFTER we told he is on a dairy free diet. The EEG Biofeedback my son is doing for his seizures and the ultra probiotic VSL #3 are helping with the GI problems. Now he goes once every three days instead of once a week. Things are still not where they should be, but at least he is not i


Kaelyn Grace- age 4, Autism. REGRESSIVE after 7 vaccines on Jan 18th 2007.
Kaelyn has always had loose, watery and painful bowel movements. Her stomach distended. Until we went casein free in August of 08- she NEVER had a firm bowel movement. Not a single one. About month after removing casein, she had her VERY FIRST firm poo. Strange that a parent would rejoice in something like that- but it's most certainly a day I will never forget. She was finally able to begin potty training as well.

Please, someone, help our children. GMC- give Dr Wakefield back to us. Because of this ridiculous witch hunt and lynching so that YOU (GMC) can keep your name unsullied- OUR CHILDREN SUFFER. You put fear into doctors who may have helped us by trying to destroy Wakefield. WHAT KIND OF MEDICINE IS THIS? This is CRUELTY, INJUSTICE and GREED.
Support for Dr. Wakefield. ANTI-GMC

Teresa Conrick

Meg is 17 and must take certain supplements and avoid certain foods or she will have pain, constipation and yes, still the drip through your clothes diarrhea. She is nonverbal and when I get a note from school that she was biting her wrist (they try to use tennis wrist bands to put pressure there and help her not bite - helps a little) I know it is GI related - usually constipation. They now say she has GI issues too as they see her in pain. They used to think it was "task avoidance" a silly behavioral textbook term that is so wrong in describing these situations.


My daughter (who was born with Down syndrome) developed autism after her first MMR @ 15 months old. Her GI problems were absolutely horrendous. Severe constipation, then acidic diarrhea that would literally burn the skin off her behind, leaving her bleeding and in pain. One paediatrician told us "no one ever died of diarrhea" another told us her rashes were "because we bathed her too mcuh". Her problems were chalked up to "irratable bowel syndrome". She truly suffered for eight, long years (screaming, rashes, diarrhea, total agony) until we turned to the DAN approach. We changed her diet, addressed the yeast, targeted supplements, probiotics, chelation, M-B12. Within THREE WEEKS of changine to a GFCF diet, she was potty trained. Over time the rashes went away, her language returned, behavior got better (went from "severe autism" to "possibly autistic" on the autism rating scales).
While I was thrilled to have finally found the treatments that worked for her, I was furious at mainstream medicine for turning their backs on these types of treatments. My daughter did NOT have to suffer for eight years. If anyone had had the sense to tell me about yeast and diet, she could have been spared all those years of agony. Ironically, it was a presentation by Dr. Wakefield at an autism conference that pointed me in the right direction. I will always be grateful to him, and he has a" loyal,forever supporter" in me! I owe Dr. Wakefield my life (as I was pretty much a "home-bound prisoner" before we solved the GI problems). Life for us now is pretty good.

Dan E. Burns

Kim, my 22-year-old autistic son Benjamin Burns had severe colic and chronic ear infections from infancy through early childhood. His SIBS hit a peak of 2000 blows to the head a day. His lab tests this year (2010) indicated inflammatory bowel disease and a pattern consistent with Crohn's, but it could be autistic enterocolitis. He is on an elemental formula GF/CF diet plus anti-fungals, supplements and probiotics under the care of Dr. Jepson at Thoughtful House and is a happy young man, doing well at work.


We have three in our family with GI problmes.

My son did not react to the MMR, but the DPT and yes there were GI problems. Right after his stroke - he filled his diaper with a green jello for a month - never saw anything like. He is constipated a lot and then when he has to go - he has to go! He is always aware of were all the bathrooms are where ever we go. It is not normal.

My daughter reacted to her DPT shot with Kawasaki's and she is always throwing up. She has acid reflux really bad. She sleeps with extra pillow - that she carries every where with her.

My mother had a flu shot years ago, and she has cried with her stomach for years.She has been to a large number of doctors for this. The only thing she found that works is hydrocodone. When this medicine wears off the pain is gone too for awhile too.


Charlie's diarrhea started between 12 and 18 months old. For over 4 years he filled 10 or more diapers every day. He was nonverbal during that time so he expressed his pain and suffering by screaming and hitting his stomach. Our pediatrician told us it was "normal childhood diarrhea" and was nothing to worry about, the behaviors and the fact that he wasn't speaking were our fault for spoiling him.

Once the autism diagnosis entered the arena (at age 4 1/2), the game changed. It took several tries, and unfortunately several wasted years, to find a DAN doc that could help, but we did in Dr. Georgia Davis. Together we determined Charlie needed to see a specialist, so when he was 6 1/2, I took my son to Dr. Krigsman.

After only a few months of treatment the diarrhea started to wane. Not long after that it went away completely. Charlie is 8 1/2 now and has solid poop; but more importantly, he no longer suffers with the pain of his GI disease. He has gained back his language (and then some!), and is a happy boy. He went from special education to functioning very well in a typical 2nd grade classroom, no aide.

I have pictures of his pill cam and upper/lower scopes on my blog Kim, I will email the links to you.

We return to Dr. Krigsman this summer for follow-up pill cam and scoping, at which time I fully expect to see a different, disease-free picture. I will post those pics on my blog once I get them.

GI disease and autism are real. So many children are suffering. It's so sad.

Sorry this is so lengthy, I think you'll find it is impossible for a parent to describe something like this in a few short lines - at least it is for me.


My son has autism and constipation. After starting bio-med and finding the right combination of probiotics and supplements he is regular. If we stop any of the probiotics or supplements he gets stopped up again and complains of a 'stommy-ache'.

Bridgett N.

Although he's better now, when Parker was diagnosed with autism at age 2, his stomach/gut was a disaster. Alternating between severe constipation and massive, acidic diarrhea, he'd be awake most nights crying due to stomach pain.

His bottom was red, irritated, and often yeasty for years.

And when he did have a bowel movement, it was often like red clay...and smelled so incredibly foul, people would have to leave the room. He wasn't able to potty train until he was 6 years old. A week after we started the GF/CF diet, he went into the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, and had his first bowel movement on the potty.

It should also be noted, my neurotypical daughter, who was vaccinated until age 2, also has severe stomach issues and problems with maintaining a balance in her gut flora.

Stomach issues have definitely been a big issue for our family.


My son has chronic consipation, no matter what I do for his diet. It started out with multiple trips to the ER for it, finally we were referred to a GI, who did a sitz tests, the markers were still inside him after 2 weeks. The GI doc put us on a regimen of Miralax, it is the only thing that Ive tried that works, so we do a capfull everyday , sometimes it still doesnt work and I have to do 2 capfulls.


What is the email address to send this information? The link above in the text is nto working for me. Thanks!

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