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Barbara Fischkin: A Miracle Group Home for my Son with Autism

Fischkinautismiracle[1] Here's a beautiful, hopeful post by our good friend Barbara Fischkin about her son Dan Mulvaney's new home. Please congratulate Barbara and (and Dan) with comment over at Huffington Post.

In a ballroom in a Beaux Arts landmark building at the Bronx Zoo this week, housing rights for the disabled was on the agenda. The place was packed with the kind of federal, state and non-profit officials and administrators -- and just plain, old working heroes -- who are willing to wade through a dense bureaucracy because in the end it leads to justice.

I know they all have their stories to tell. This one, though, is dedicated to Bryan Greene, General Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development better known as HUD, who sat upfront. For our family HUD made a miracle possible. It approved funding and in turn, permission, for a terrific group home for our young adult son with autism to be opened by the Nassau County AHRC.

And so here's to Secretary Greene. With people like him at the helm we could someday live in a world where disabled individuals get the housing they need every day...



WTG Dan,Mario,Kirk and John. Wishing you all the best in the frat house. Kudos to HUD for making this happen.

suzanne taffet

Beautiful to hear about a government agency doing the right thing by people who may not vote or advocate for themselves just because it's the right thing to do. May Dan have many happy healthy years there!

All the best,


michele i.

wonderful job B!

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