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Local Oklahoma City Hospital Refuses to Treat Autistic Man Having Seizures

Autism Alert: Missing Child Named Nadia Bloom, Winter Springs FL

Found Alive! Tuesday, April 13.

Kim here. The code provided is too wide for our format and I am no techie. I'd rather get the info out "ugly" than wait.  Please click the photo to enlarge and read or go to: HERE for full details on this missing child. Sunday Morning update: Criminal Investigation Launched.

Police have now launched a criminal investigation in the search for a missing 11-year-old girl. Nadia Bloom was last seen Friday afternoon in her Winter Springs neighborhood of Barrington Estates. Right now, police said they do not have any evidence of foul play, but they have started the criminal investigation in case something suspicious turns up.



NY Asperger Mom

Thank God and everyone who helped, for Nadia's safe return. Way to go Nadia! You are one tough young lady. I am so proud of you for enduring the elements as long as you did. You are a true survivor!

Media Scholar

According to the detailed search map zone 13 had not been cleared.

She was hand-carried out by fifteen different deputies.

Here is a video interview of Nadia just last year.


Apparently, some use the term Autism very loosely.


The church that took it upon themselves to form their own search group prayed and then went right to her. This was an unsanctioned search.

If you want to send them a thank you.


Media Scholar

Happy Thanksgiving Day to the Bloom family.




Thank God they found her. But I still think it will be another night of half-sleep with ears on alert for open doors and footsteps.

Of course, Asperger's isn't really a good enough disability for some of you, right? I can't believe I'd have to argue with people here and on ND boards about whether or not this girl (or the boy in NY that was missing for 11 days last year) has a disability.

Managing Editor

Don't blame the parents, for God's sake. I'm sure they are in agony. All parents weigh allowing a child to have some independence and keeping them safe. At 11 I was riding 2 miles from home to go for lunch with friends in my small town. We have enough angst in our lives - don't blame the parents.

Daniel Park

Jorge, it's really easy to deal out anger and judgment when you don't know the details of their situation. I'm sure the parents thought nothing of letting their Aspie kid (which is on the spectrum, yes, but not debilitating) out to play in a gated community on her own for a bit. I don't fault them for her disappearance. I just hope she turns up safe.

Julie Henry

Praying for Nadia's safe return. To her parents - our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Julie Henry

Media Scholar

This slide show out of Jacksonville's WJXT indicates that every effort is being made to locate Nadia Bloom.


Let's keep hoping she will be found alive.


What was this 11 year old autistic girl doing riding bike all by herself? In her condition and at her age she should not have been left alone riding bike. Responsibility of the parents for allowing such thing to happen.


Me and my friend anna are helping to wear t-shirts that say Pray 4 Nadia Bloom and every oneis doing it so just i pray for u

Jennifer Parsons

We posted this to the Autism Speaks Facebook page - hopefully together we can spread the word and get her home safely. Terrifying.

Thank you for helping spread the word.


Account of Sunday's search.


They are into their third night.

Police said Nadia has Asperger syndrome.

Nadia's sister told officers that she had been reading recently about survival in the woods and may have wandered off the road with the idea of making a nature video.

"She has been able to provide us with some information that actually still gives us some hope," Brunelle said. "It's about what Nadia has done, about what she might be doing."

Gloria Walker

I pray that Jeff and Tanya have strength and their their faith stays strong. I know God His eye on Nadia and I pray for a quick resolution to this nightmare!

Ang Grey

I forgot to add that my brother-in law helped with the search team on Friday night, a few hours after she was reported missing.

Ang Grey

My brother in-law, is part of the voluntary search party team and he was able to continue his search for about 25 hours strait before having no choice but to return home and to sleep.

He [my brother-in-law] explained to my sister and I that in his opinion, the search is being done wrong. Everything that I'm about to share with you is considered to be 'second-hand' knowledge, so please take it for what it's worth, okay?

Here is what I know:
Apparently Nadia just got a camera for her birthday so she wanted to go out and take pictures. About an hour later her mother became concerned and called police and they found her bike on the side of the road, kick stand down and helmet neatly placed on the seat - it wasn't tossed out into the road.

Seminole Co. Police turned away several of the volunteers and only selected a few individuals to stay, like my brother-in-law, and assigned his party in an area that was deemed to be too far away in his opinion. I looked at the map and my sister and I have to agree. (I wish that I had a scanner or other wise I would take my copy and show you what I'm talking about).

Nadia is afraid of dogs - guess what was used in the search party? She is also afraid of helicopters (I'm guessing because of the noise) - guess what they used?

All of the missing person fliers said NOTHING about her autism, nor in the local news reports until last night from one channel, then it became common knowledge this morning. Everyone should have been aware of this fact ASAP.

Her biggest danger is the local wild life which includes alligators and snakes. Typically, the alligators don't grow too big before they are discovered and animal control is called to take them to a wild life preserve and away from residential areas. Unfortunately, I don't know about the snakes.

(what urks me the most) The search party was instructed to call out for her by her last name, 'Bloom', instead of her first name, 'Nadia'.

Here is what I DON'T know (just to clarity);
Her degree of autism - I don't know if she's mild or moderately (etc.) autistic and if she left her house with the permission of her family or if she left without their knowledge

Final notes and thoughts:
She is also afraid of total strangers, sadly this can't be avoided and normally this would be a good thing for matters of self-preservation, but it would be hard for her to tell the difference.

But, please - don't give up. Some how I have this feeling that she simply got lost, this is mainly because of the condition of her bike when it was found.

The rest of the details can be found online so here are the links for them:
http://www.wesh.com/news/23112246/detail.html (local news)

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/seminole/os-search-winter-springs-girl-20100410,0,7776977.story (local paper)

Rolv Heggenhougen

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Please also see this article: http://www.canadafreepress.com/2007/cover082907.htm

WrapMail looks for missing Florida children with every email sent by one of our employees.


she lives near a lake....defintely not good. Prayers to the family.

Media Scholar

One report describes her as mildy Autistic.

It seems she wandered off while taking pictures with her new camera.

If she is in the wooded area one would hope that authorities have established a line of sight perimeter around the area. This will keep the kooks out and possible catch the youngster exiting. A report states that around 100 officers are involved and "just about every dog in the state" is on scene.

This wooded area seems pretty large. Hopefully there are plenty of people out tromping the paths. A dog or two might follow a trail, but you've got to keep the dog in sight. If she is, in fact, an ASD kid she might find a pooch aprehensive.

At least two nights have passed. I would suspect that night searching with overhead thermal imaging has been taking place.

It appears that every possible aid in search is at the disposal of local authorities.

No Amber Alert has been issued. Those only go out when it's clear a child abduction has taken place.


Prayers going out for Nadia - please help them find her alive & well God.


Here's one showing the cul de sac and where Nadia lives.(this view is looking west)
Red dot is Nadia's bike location, orange pin is her home.



"There are five registered sex offenders living within 2 miles of Nadia's home"

This is a gated community that borders a conservation area and a lake. See map




Lisa Clark

I posted this to my FB. Praying for the family.


WTF? Get Dennis Debbaudt involved with the first responders and search all water sources first. I don't know about you guys but I get this stuff sent to me daily and I am mad as heck about it. You should be too and raise your voices for safety!

Media Scholar

There is no Florida Amber Alert - http://xrl.in/51di

And police have scaled back the search.


Police said they did not suspect foul play, and believe Nadia is still somewhere in the woods, but wanted everyone to know what she looks like in case she’s somewhere else.

Chief Brunelle said Nadia’s family found her bike Friday afternoon with the “kickstand up, helmet hanging on the handle bars. No indication of any struggle.”

WINTER SPRINGS - Officers with the Winter Springs Police Department are still searching Saturday for a missing 11-year-old girl, reported missing shortly after 4:30 p.m. early Friday evening.

In addition to searches on ground, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office is assisting with helicopter surveillance around the Barrington Estates subdivision.

The girl, identified as Nadia Bloom, was last seen wearing orange shorts and a blue shirt. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 85 pounds.

Bloom is a resident of Barrington Estates and there are conflicting reports that the she may be autistic. Her bicycle was found just a few blocks from her home, according to investigators.

George and Cindy Anthony, parents of accused murder suspect Casey Anthony, arrived late Friday to offer their support. George Anthony returned Saturday morning hoping to aid searchers.

At this time, the search party is not suspecting any foul play or abduction scenario. If you have information about Bloom's whereabouts, contact the Winter Springs Police Department at 407-327-7964.


Yes, better to get it out any way possible. The family must be suffering terribly. I hope to God that she's found and she's fine.

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