City of New York Honors National Autism Association and Issues Proclamation
The New York Times’ Indefensible Defense of The Drug Industry

Age of Autism's Own Kim Stagliano Honored in NYC by NAA

NAA Award Age of Autism Managing Editor Kim Stagliano was the honoree at a wonderful event hosted Monday by the New York Metro chapter of the National Autism Association. Last year the chapter marked Autism Awareness Month with a candlelight vigil on the steps of City Hall. This year the event moved into the City Council Chambers, where Matthew Sapolin, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office for People With Disabilities, gave a heartfelt welcome and challenged parents to keep his agency as involved with the issue as they are. Sabeeha Rehman, President of the NAA chapter, introduced Kim, whose husband, Mark, and daughters Gianna, Mia and Bella were in attendance along with several dozen others including Mary Holland, John Gilmore and Katie Wright. This short video shows the award and Kim's acceptance. Editor's note: Yay, Kim! -- Dan Olmsted


Kim Spencer



You are an awesome person Kim! Congratulations!!!! Well deserved!



Congratulations! You are a great Advocate, Leader and Mother! An Honor well deserved.

Lisa @ TACA

Yea Kim! Well deserved!!

Yesim Söderlund

Congratulations Kim,
Thanks for your great work.You are not only supporting families in USA but also us in other countries.
We greatly appreciate your work for autism with AGE OF AUTISM.
Yesim Söderlund- Sweden

Jim Thompson

Congratulations Kim. You heard your calling and your response is an inspiration to all parents and care givers. Thank you.


Congratualtions Kim! Thank you so much for all that you do:)

Julie Obradovic

Love you, Kim! So well deserved. Congrats!


Congratulations and many thanks.

Teresa Conrick

What a nice presentation and you gave such a wonderful speech! Congratulations, Kim on such a well deserved honor!


Wow, what a great honor for a well deserving woman! I am thankful to have you fighting and advocating for my beliefs and my kid.


Congratulations, Kim! You are such a gift to this community. Your testimony and your willingness to speak truth on behalf of us all is so empowering. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jake Crosby

Congratulations Kim!!!

Theresa Cedillo

Congratulations Kim! A very well deserved honor!


Congratulations Kim! Very well deserved. You're a dynamo! Thank you for the huge difference you're making in so many lives.


Huzzah! Moving words... Congratulations, Kim, and thank you for all your years of advocacy. How wonderful that your girls could see their Mom receiving an award.

Katie Wright

This was a rare instance in life in which an experience was much better than I anticipated.

Our local NAA leader, Sabeeha, made this day possible. It was really fantastic to see our community in this historic city council room talking about autism. Matthew S., the Disabilities Commissioner was excellent! So supportive, so inspiring. A political leader who really gets it. I was in shock listening to me as he spoke. If only they could all be like him!

Kim's girls were unbelievably cute and well behaved as they sat through the entire hour long presentation.You could see how proud they were of their Mom.

Donna K

Congratulations! Our children and community of supporters has been blessed by your accidental advocacy. I am so thankful for your tireless efforts on behalf of us all. On a personal note, on a dark, dark day when despair was overwhelming, I fortuitously came across your writings on parenting children with autism and miraculously tears of sorrow turned into tears from laughing so hard. Your special talent to find the humor in a difficult and heartbreaking situation is valued beyond measure. So looking forward to reading your book.

Gina Damus

Congrats KS! I have only recently joined Twitter and my son was diagnosed 6 years ago. I am so greatful for all the news/information and resources you put out there daily to help us mothers whose lives have been drastically changed by the pharmaceutical greed machine! Thanks so much! Your kindness and service has been priceless!XOXO!

Kim Stagliano

Thanks everyone. It was a beautiful night of autism ACTION and the city of NY is fortunate to have NAA at the helm.


Congratulations, Kim! I'm grateful we have your very talented abilities working for us.


Congratulations and hurray, Kim!! Thanks for all that you do every day! And BTW you are so well spoken.


Oh Kimmy!!! I just love you!!!!Here's to many more years of optimism and hope!!! Congrats! Well deserved!
I love the little bird in the back ground...Hellllooooo!



Outstanding speech, and Miss Bella has a beautiful voice just like her mom!

I 2nd Candace's post. No one deserved this more than you Kim. Congratulations :-)

John Stone

Wonderful, congratulations Kim - and so well deserved.



When I used to walk my dog in the park there at City Hall I knew one day something would take place inside it that I would be excited about. I am excited, excited for Kim but mostly excited for our community, excited because we have such devoted and well-spoken representatives who know our every emotion. How may of us felt in our bones Kim's testament of her expectations? Autism never crossed our minds. It never does until you are forced to face it. God bless you Kim, and all of those who stand with you.

Anne McElroy Dachel

You're right....we're talking about a disorder no one ever heard about 15-20 years ago.
Now it overwhelms us.

I thank God for you and Age of Autism!!


Lisa Thompson

Congratulations and thanks for all you do to facilitate answers, information and optimism for all of us accidental activists out here.


Way to go Kim! Outstanding speech and one that reminded me of what I went through before our twin boys were born.

Thank you for all that you do Kim.

chantal Sicile-Kira

Congrats, Kim!!


congratulations kim,you will go down in history as a very important advocate for all of our children..there are no words to exspress how important that is, no one deserved this more than you..candace


Congratulations Kim on a well-deserved honor.

Tanners Dad

Beautiful Kim. Congratulations. I guess I am such a man... I always thought it was kind of gross that the dip stick ( Pregnancy Test ) was in a little canister on my wifes dresser. Thanks to you now I know why she keeps it close. ( Tears ) You help the newly DX but also keep the ones that have been around stay around a little longer. God Bless. Tim

Maurine Meleck

Congratulations, Kim. Great job, great speech. Love you, Maurine

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