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Age of Autism: The Vaccine Wars

Knowledge is power Welcome to Age of Autism.

There are many important topics within the autism epidemic. Vaccination is certainly one of them. If you have a child on the spectrum and/or to learn more about your parental choice regarding vaccination, we suggest you read The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for your Child by Dr. Bob Sears, visit The National Vaccine Information Center for Exemption Rights Info, read  Healing and Preventing Autism by Dr. Jerry Kartzinel and Jenny McCarthy, and Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism by Ken Siri and Tony Lyons. We've pulled a few posts from our extensive archives for new readers to review.

Dr. Paul Offit, The Autism Expert. Doesn't See Patients with Autism?

From Safety Last to Children First: A White Paper On Vaccine Safety (Prepared For The Blue Ribbon Panel On Vaccine Safety) written by Mark F. Blaxill, Director, SafeMinds and Barbara Loe Fisher, President, National Vaccine Information Center

Vaccine Injury Story on American Idol? We Are the Mainstream. Public Health and Media is the Fringe.

Tinderbox: U.S. Vaccine Fears up 700% in 7 years 

Counting Offit's Millions: How Merck Made Him Wealthy

Mark Blaxill on Wakefield in USA Today: 'Believe objective science and parents, not the medical industry or the media frenzy"

Parents vs. the Science? Ask Geraldine Dawson and Autism Speaks.

Temple Grandin on Vaccines -- If There's a Risk, "Space Them Out." 

RotaTeq, The Vaccine No One Wants

Paul Offit's Work

First Fraud: Dr. Poul Thorsen and the original “Danish Study”

The Truth about Gardasil? It’s Destroying our Girls.

Scandal Looms Over Key Scientist In Danish Mercury Autism Study

Naked Intimidation: The Wakefield Inquisition is Only the Tip of the Autism Censorship Iceberg

I Am Josh. A Boy After His MMR.

Vaccine Contamination: Pig Virus DNA Found in Rotarix 

India Suspends Gardasil Program After Four Deaths and Complications in 120 Girls 



Famous Quotations from the real FRONTLINES:

The Frist family fortune includes a chain of for-profit hospitals which hit as many kids as possible with the birth dose of the Thimerosal-containing Hep B vaccine. - Kerbob

The CDC and AAP will be hard-pressed to find Killer Measles outbreaks. - Kerbob

The bird flu scare came about after the monkey pox carried by prairie dogs scare didn't work. - Kerbob

Perhaps Tom Delay created another bogus Autism charity to spring for $390,000 in midnight cocktails? - Kerbob

We all know that poisoning infants and toddlers with mercury-laced vaccines is wrong. So why are pediatricians still doing and telling America they aren't? - Kerbob

Scientists using scientific methods with scientific equipment proved that THIMEROSAL is neither GRAS nor GRAE. These scientists weren't counting. They observed the effects of mercurials on human cells in standard conditions.- Kerbob

Not GRAS or GRAE means that all the talk is nothing more than unsubstantiated health claims being made by MDs. - Kerbob

The pro-vaccine crowd has largely been unchallenged in their endeavors to punch holes in the thighs and arms of infants and toddlers allowing them to squirt in something that they believe in. - Kerbob

Immunity is not injected, ever. In almost all cases a live virus or bits and pieces of a virus are injected making it entirely up to the child to develop an immune response to the violating material. You vaccinate and then hope it works right, and if it doesn't...? - Kerbob

Then there's the Iowa Mumps outbreak of 2006. The vaccine didn't protect anybody as it was supposed to. While the CDC was claiming to the media they knew which airliner the Mumps came into town on what they were concealing was the fact that their MMR vaccine was doing a worthless job protecting the public. - Kerbob

For authorities to castigate any unvaccinated child or American families chosing to decline vaccinations is certainly abusive behavior. - Kerbob

The unvaccinated are not stupid. They're not worms. Their children aren't autistic, either. - Kerbob

Shell shock was beyond scared soldiers. It looks as though the "merchants of death" got away with mercury poisoning in pretty much the same way the vaccine marketplace today is controlling Thimerosal and vaccine research connected to the Autism epidemic. - Kerbob

Read some of the very scary SSPE (Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis) symptoms trying to not forget how we all, once upon a time, read something about babies with stiff necks or back-arching when held might be autistic. - Kerbob

Just over the past few years, MMR vaccine has been recalled in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Jordan, and many others for some unknown reason(s). - Kerbob

The problem is, as pointed out in one article, medical terms like Autism, encephalopathy and encephalitis are very often used imprecisely and even interchangeably in the literature. - Kerbob

The visionary answer to the question of too many, too soon is the completely ungodly, certainly un-canonized and heretical book of False Prophets? - Kerbob

Did millions of deaths caused by monkey pox carried by prairie dogs come to pass? Did millions of Americans dead from bird flu come to pass? Did SARS come to pass? Did Ebola come to pass? Did West Nile come to pass? Did Swine flu come to pass? Did any of these white whales in the imaginations of doom-dreamers come to pass? - Kerbob

Part of that freedom is having the ability to say what you have to say to whomever, whenever. Cussing and deliberately lying are not actually a freedom. There is responsibility tied to this inalienable right to speak and say things. This right is to be respected even if it puts a vaccine manufacturer out of business. - Kerbob

George Washington once was asked if it was he that chopped down a favorite cherry tree. His famous reply, "I shall not tell a lie" is part of the American heritage passed down from one generation to the next. - Kerbob

Tim Berners-Lee, it's because of you so many families are able to research the cause and find the help for their babies. - Kerbob

If all mercury compounds were the same, they'd all have the same. Ethylmercury is organic mercury. Once it crosses the blood-brain barrier it converts to inorganic mercurial mercury. Research has indicated that methylmercury (tuna mercury) and ethylmercury (vaccine mercury) do not react the same. It is not a good plan to insist that they have the same neurotoxicity. - Kerbob

The vaccine marketplace is devoid of any side-stepping answer. They know a study of Vx. vs Un-Vx. will likely prove the multiple doses of vaccines infants and toddlers are getting are a huge risk for Autism as opposed to simply declining vaccinations. - Kerbob

The vaccine industrial complex is so frightened of lost profits that they've hired a B-movie sex kitten to call non-vaccinating families parasites. The hope is she has the mental powers to create public discord which will lead to public out-cry and railing against the un-vaccinated. - Kerbob

Should the public discover that vaccines don't actually work and can cause a greater harm than a routine childhood disease it could be lights out for vaccine stock-holders. - Kerbob

You might be surprised to learn that vaccines have a poor history. Often vaccines are made to capitalize on the natural decline of a particular disease. Measles had declined up 99.4% before the introduction of a Measles vaccine. - Kerbob

It was mentioned previously that a statistics review of the 2006 Iowa Mumps outbreak, for example, concluded that up to 83% of the victims had Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine history. That means they had the shots and the shots did nothing to prevent Mumps. The 1,400 or so Iowa college kids reportedly got over the Mumps and are alright, but the industry isn't. - Kerbob

In areas around the world having these Measles "outbreaks" you've been reading about, public health authorities are re-vaccinating infants and toddlers as quickly as a month after their last shot. It makes them feel needed. They did the same thing in Iowa in a futile effort to stem a real and serious episode of Mumps that ran it's course. - Kerbob

The Iowa Mumps fiasco is entirely consistent with the annual results of influenza vaccination which are typically a complete, abysmal failure, where often zero percent protection is tallied. That's if the influenza vaccine supply isn't confiscated by regulatory agencies because it's contaminated by pneumonia-causing lung bacteria like Serratia like it was in 2004. - Kerbob

People across the country are beginning to push back. They're finally putting a weather eye on the vaccine industrial complex. They see that the anti-mercury moms and dads deliver kick after kick to the crouch of the vaccine marketplace and it does nothing to change things. They see the iatrogenically-harmed children and see the way these children are brutalized by the uncaring vaccine system.

What America has discovered is not only does the vaccine industry deal with an Soviet-styled iron fist, but they walk with a pair of iron nuts or some industrial-strength cup.

Having millions and millions of American tax dollars at their disposal for PR purposes...uh, public information doesn't hurt, either. - Kerbob

As you may recall, recently the vaccine industry, wary of the growing number of vaccine rejectionists, decided to reveal just a hint of how much anti-liberty they have. They bullied some 2,300 kids into getting what's certainly a round of unnecessary and unwarranted vaccines. Honest, hard-working parents were ordered to a courthouse with a threatening letter then dragged out in public to be humiliated.

They were threatened with jail time if they did not provide their consent. Vaccines were on the scene to inject giving them no choice, but to accept a risk they know little or nothing about.- Kerbob

For two centuries Americans have had the same germs and viruses all around us. We are continually exposed to these each and every day. - Kerbob

As one asks, if a human body can withstand 100,000 immune system challenges at once, as the industry claims, should there be any doubt this system is robust enough to handle any real immune challenge singly? - Kerbob

Thinking about jabber jaws and all their talk, talk, talk made me think of NPO sharks for some reason. NPO stands for non-profit organization, and a shark is, of course, a fish with incredible predatory instincts. - Kerbob

Why wouldn't America like to know what the ingredients of these so called placebos are? - Kerbob

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