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The Truth about Gardasil? It’s Destroying our Girls.

Gardasil cnn screen shot By J.B. Handley
Back in 1999, the only vaccine on the market for Rotavirus—trade name Rotashield—was recalled by the FDA due to the high risk of intussusception. This recall took place during a very different time in the history of the U.S. vaccine program, when parental confidence in vaccines, at 93%, was extremely high.
As I mentioned in my last post, the vaccine program today is a “tinderbox” with a 700% increase in parental concerns about vaccines in the last seven years alone. A full 56% of parents and 60% of moms are concerned about the adverse effects from vaccines.
Enter Gardasil, a vaccine that may well be injuring teenage girls at a rate far higher than anything Rotashield ever attained. And, more importantly, enter the moms of these “Gardasil Girls.”
If any of us were looking for kindred spirits in this fight, we will find them in the mothers of these Gardasil-injured teenagers. Like our own community, these moms are smart, organized, determined, and mad as hornets.
Recently, a new website was launched,, which lets the world know:
“But what they are not telling you is that thousands of girls are having adverse reactions, some have even died, at last count it was over thirty. We have got to do something about this. These girls need our help!  These girls are having reactions such as; seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, menstral cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!”
Sound familiar? I have had the pleasure of talking to some of these Gardasil moms and they feel a strong kinship to our community. Whatever they believed before, they now know, with certainty, the justness of our fight and they respect and understand how much we are all giving to share the truth. Many of them view their girls as being in a position to speak for our kids, because they can talk about and describe the before and after of the Gardasil vaccine.

Recently, these amazing Gardasil moms actually managed to get the FDA to sit down and listen to them. According to this story from Christina England which you can read HERE:
“The presentation will be presented by the women to the FDA, on Friday, March 12 in the form of a power point presentation which will include 54 slides. Each member in the group will receive a file containing with over 236 pages of research, data and parental concerns. As soon as the presentation is over the data will be released to the public and media.
I have been told that the information contained in file will send shock waves around the world. There have been problems with this vaccine from the onset. Over the four years that Gardasil has been in use the media has reported deaths, cases of Guillian Barre Syndrome, paralysis, seizures, blindness, problems with menstrual cycles, miscarriage and yet still this vaccine has been given to our children and women. Warnings have not been heeded and the problems have continued. This vaccine has now approved for use in males.”
Will Gardasil be the match that ignites the tinderbox of confidence in the US vaccine program? Will these moms find justice for their girls? Will the FDA do the right thing?
One thing we know for sure, Merck won’t go down without a fight. The future profit stream of Gardasil is integral to Merck’s livelihood. The President of Merck’s vaccine division will no doubt be fighting hard to assure everyone that Gardasil is safe. Of course, we’ve seen this President before, but you know her as Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC. Can you imagine the irony?
Keep fighting Gardasil moms, we’re right there with you.

J.B. Handley is Co-Founder of Generation Rescue.


Angus Files

Where Westminster fails the UK Holyrood is kidking off..

Holyrood urged to take lead on cancer vaccine issue




Huancayo Peru January 7, 2014
Minister of Health of Peru

Of my highest consideration:
I am writing. knowledge to make EsSalud of Huancayo, La Libertad, Arequipa, Sabogal, Rebagliati and all instalations to Heald Minutry have started vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) says in its advertising because it is that causes cervical carcinoma (UCC). There are several suspicious factors that favor the appearance of CCU including HPV, but this virus does not fulfill Koch’s postulate to consider as the causative agent of the CCU, as EsSalud , Health Ministry and manufacturers are promoting in masse. This vaccine is made from a virus laboratory has no toxicity study, has been investigated in 11.000 and in only 5 years. They say that investigated by indirect methods, direct methods do not realistic nor ethical (Harper 2008). The vaccine was approved by the FDA for marketing in only 6 months and 9 months in Europa Medicine Agency when this term is 3 years by medicine not relation to cancer: to medicine to cancer the term in 15 years; prior to approval of Gardasil was tested on only 1,200 women, refuse companies selling vaccines provide data on the money invested in the propaganda (Systematic Medicine from 1911 to 2010). The vaccine was licensed for use only in youth that had not started having sex but are vaccinating women 26 years;.there is evidence that vaccinating women infected with HPV, would increase by 44.6% CCU (Jara M 2010): The FDA refused by four time to authorize to women to 45 years. The phase II clinical trial has not been published (Laurel AC 2009), vaccination is not justified, is a big business (Science Network 2009) and there is a blatant advertising campaign exaggerating the risk (Cam-Men 2009) In Europa the 3 doses of this vaccine cost 400 euros. In European countries haz vaccinnanting to children female and males to 10 years say to prevent the CC and AC: ¡IT IS A CRIME ¡. This contries have 2 death by cervical cancer (CC) by 100000 women ( International cancer screening network 2012) and 0.2.death by anal cancer (AN) by 100000; have to vaccinate 100000 and spend 40 millions euros to prevent 2 death by CC and O.2 by AC; prevent a women to death by CC cost 20 millions euros and prevent 0.2 death by AC 200 millions euros if the vaccine was 100 % efficacy. IT IS AN INSANITY. The mas advertising say that the human papilloma virus is contaminate by sex; the children to 5 years have in his mounth andf this virus have some women without sex
Furthermore, the World Association for Cancer Research (WACRA) said the letter medical or scientifically been shown not to be effective and in Europe two associations have formed a close of 15, 000 leading researchers engaged in cancer and other association families affected by those seeking a moratorium vaccine until they determine their effectiveness, which will be only on 2025-2030. In USA has formed a group “The Truth About Gardasil” to women who ask to ban the so-called vaccine against cervical carcinoma which they accuse of having ruined the lives of their daughters and in some cases murdered if any . The HPV vaccine is not effective or safe, to prevent cervical cancer
According to VAERS (acronym in English), System Reporting Adverse Vaccine Caused by the U.S. government to date in the U.S. alone there have been 214 deaths and over 37, 488 adverse reactions, of whom more to 10 % were serious and only reported by 1% to 10%, extrapolating this data then there have been about 2140 deaths and 374,880 adverse events (VAERS Report November 2014)) In India, vaccination was discontinued because caused 6 deaths (Dempeus 2010); after vaccination were two deaths in Austria and one in Germany (Suppository 2010), in Valencia a child had seizures after vaccination and currently remains in a wheelchair, another teenager 16 years old after the shot looks like a 50 year old person (Serra MJ 2009), in USA in February 2009 there were 638 serious adverse events: 544 seizures, 34 thrombosis, 9 and 51 cardiac arrests (Lleida, 2009); after injection there were 28 abortions (GineBlog 2009), 35 girls suffered severe reactions, two remain hospitalized (elPeriodico.Com 2009), in the Balearic a girl suffered 14 seizures a day after vaccination ( 2009), scientists from Spain, Germany and Canada require a moratorium on the vaccine until strong evidence of the safety and efficiency (Lajornada 2009), its effectiveness will be determined only on 2025-2030 (CHER 2010), the vaccinations are unjustified and are big business (Science Network 2009)
The pharmaceutical industry introduced drugs harmful to health: the etilestilbestrol that was used between the decades of 40 to 70 in women, especially pregnant women, was banned because it was found that originated the clear cell carcinoma in the vagina of women and changes genitourinary morphological tree, favoring estrogen breast carcinoma, thanks to research from the Women Health Initiative (WHI) was stopped being used the thalidomina, the sweetener aspartame and more recently the massive and unnecessary mandatory vaccine influenza A in complicity with the WHO (Forcades 2009). Between 2000-2003 nearly all U.S. pharmaceutical companies spent by the court on charges of fraud and forced to pay more than $ 2.2 billion, 4 of them acknowledged their responsibility for criminal acts
(http://www.scribd .com/doc/20359792/CRIMENES-FARMACEUTICOS-TERESA-FORCADES).
For the reasons apply to his office Mr. Minister, issue a resolution declaring a moratorium on the vaccine against human papillomavirus, pending determination of their effectiveness, which is just between 2025-2030, our countrymen are not the guinea pig and the state will not squander their meager resources in an uncertain vaccine, in the experimental stage and no proven effective medical or scientific.
Dr. Godfrey Arauzo
Tel: 05164252052


Stay away from our site p1llman. You are one of those persons who protecting the interests of Merck.Your job is to cover up and minimize the evidence that is piling up
by thousands.There was no proper follow up,
no brain studies done after the autopsy
to check for brain damage or motor neuron damage.Merck was lying fom the beginning
by using aluminum placebo at the trials.
Your job is to cover up and clean up the damage that this vaccine caused. We know the truth,we believe the mothers and the daughters.We wish that Merck would be "one
less" company on the stock market,"one less"
corporation poisoning our children.Investors, be "one less" to invest in this criminal company.

norma gonzalez

My 17 year old daughter had been injured by Gardasil. She suffers from Nausea, Dizziness, Stomach Pain, Hair Loss, Tremors, Muscle Weakness, Leg Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain, Severe Fatigue, Auto Immune Disorders, H plori two times in seven months,Depression due to being sick everyday. Thank you for your support and believing our stories. I cannot change what has happened to my daughter but I talk about it to prevent this tragedy from happening to one other child. It is heartbreaking to watch your once healthy daughter lying in bed sick all the time because of your uninformed decision to vaccinate. Please research before saying yes to Gardasil. For more information or stories of the injured girls please visit

michael framson


Doses don't have adverse reactions and death, people do.



What an odd way of calculating the risks.

Number of doses distributed? How many were actually injected? And each young woman had three chances of an adverse reaction, since there are three doses.

Finally, you calculated the risk against the entire U.S. population, most of which didn't receive the vaccine. How about calculating the risk against the number of people who have actually received the vaccine and then allowing for under-reporting of reactions?


The CDC's webpage on GARDASIL was updated on January 31, 2010:

Current totals are:
28,000,000 doses distributed
15,829 VAERS adverse event reports (0.06%), but only 0.005% were deemed "serious".
28 confirmed deaths (0.0001%) after administration, but there was no pattern to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by GARDASIL.

You had a 100 TIMES larger chance of being killed in a car accident in 2008 that you did by receiving the GARDASIL vaccine:
37261 deaths/306,000,000 population = 0.012% deaths

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I appreciate Alpo's account of the doctor's wife who lost her daughter to Gardasil saying that "It was one in a million" I believe that this gives us a good clue as to how doctors think- Anything adverse? - Oh, One in a million- Youre more likely to be struck by lightening.
I asked my daughter if the doctors in her cafeteria were talking about the girls dying after Gardasil and she replied loudly "No, they are not...Mom, you shouldnt believe everything you read on the internet"
Now, things like this used to bother me, but no longer. I simply reread JB Handleys article about Gardasil and noticed that everything was taken from newspapers !
I decided that next time I get a chance I will say to my daughter, " The trouble with doctors is that they dont spend enough time on the internet"
Just think about it- Its so obvious- When did your doctor study his medical texts? Fifteen? Twenty years ago? Were those textbooks up to date when he read them? Not likely- An author wont change anything in a text until it is widely accepted and that takes years. So if someone wants to know what newest thinking on any medical topic is, he needs to go to the internet , not to a doctor.
I would hazard a guess that I am mistaken in one respect- That would be names of pharmaceutical products. No doubt the names of all drugs used for medical disorders stay very current indeed.


Thank you so much for writing this article. As the mom of a gardasil injured girl, one who spends hours and hours online everyday trying to find the answers that will help our kids, an article like this is so important, especially in bring about awareness.

However, ya'll need to realize that gardasil is currently being given to males, and has been since December, I believe. No one is safe. They are trying to get it approved for older women, as well.

Also,if you or someone you know has been injured by this vaccine, please contact me at


When they hurt babies with vaccines, the babies cannot say, "help, you are killing me." 14 year old girls can tell you exactly how they feel after a vaccine reaction. Instead, the little kids just bang their heads, scream for hours or spin in cirlces non stop. If they are not listening to the gardisal victims, it leaves me little hope they will ever listen to the autism victims.

Leslie Carol Botha

Thank you for writing and posting this article JB. - I am one of the six women who had the opportunity to speak with the FDA about the dangers of the HPV vaccines. All of us involved, Rosemary Mathis, Janny Stokvis, Cynthia Janak, Karen Maynor, Freda Birrell and I worked months in researching, analyzing data - developing trends and research that the FDA has not seen before. And we were successful.

Our documents including graphs, and VAERS reports and research (250 pages)and the power point presentation were circulated through the various FDA departments and are available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Cynthia Janak and I had the opportunity to present new research as to why we think the vaccine is causing damage. It is a combination of hormones, histamine and IgE - combined with aluminum and polysorbate 80 creating a perfect storm at the most fragile time of a woman's life - menarche.

May this never happen again to the young women of the world.


What has been the FDA response to this meeting?

Not an MD

Gardasil may go down in history as the worst vaccine to date due to the devastation it causes previously healthy young women. Did you see this article? God help us all.


One of my closest friends has recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Initially they thought she had an oral (HPV-related cancer). They sure mentioned all that Gardasil vaccine stuff right away. Now, I can't help but see the irony in the fact that the non-Hodgkins is actually one of the cancers that the SV-40 virus is implicated in. My friend and I are in that cohort before 1963 that had that f'g monkey-tainted polio vaccine. I wish the best for those "Gardasil girls" and their families. God, it's bad enough when something bad happens but when you think you're doing a good thing (vaccinating) and it turns out to be a bad thing that is not so easy to take. And then to make matters worse you are not believed or compensated. It is just so wrong.

Rosemary Mathis

Thank you JB for your support. We will continue to fight for our girls who have been harmed by Gardasil. Hopefully, we will be able to represent the children of autism because our girls know what happened to them and can speak out about their experience. It is basically the same thing that is happening to all of the children via vaccines. Our girls can tell the story of what Gardasil has done to them. We as parents were also eyewitnesses to the tragedy that occurred.

The full transcript of our meeting with the FDA can be found at

This is not only a national problem, but it is an International problem. Girls all across the globe are getting sick and some are dying. The # of foreign visitors to our site is amazing. It is a true tragedy.

If there are any girls that would like to be represented on our site, they can contact us by email at

Thanks again for reporting on our girls and helping us to spread the word.

Rosemary Mathis

Jake Crosby

I saw Nancy Snyderman and Barbara Loe Fisher debating the implementation of a Gardasil mandate on a TV clip from a couple years ago. Dr. Nancy rudely interrupted Ms. Fisher, exclaiming, "this vaccine does not contain thimerosal!"

So, she admits thimerosal is dangerous? Thanks for the confirmation Dr. Nancy, hope Johnson and Johnson doesn't come down too hard on you...


As Anon says, these victims and their families have heart-wrenching testimonies. And their willingness to go public with their suffering will, no doubt, help countless others. I recently stumbled upon a whole bunch of YouTube videos made by gardasil victims and their families. I watched them one after the other and was just heartbroken. I was so thankful for their courage in speaking out. Their stories and first-hand accounts of what they've suffered are impossible to deny. God bless these families.

Craig Willoughby

I cannot express how much appreciation, sorrow, and love I have for these incredibly brave girls and their parents. Their life and health ripped from them in this way is heart-breaking. While I welcome them as people who will possibly help us in this seemingly never-ending battle, it saddens me to no end that so many of them were harmed like this.

Girls, speaking as a father, your battle is my battle; I am proud to call you friends.


Gardasil is what is going to bring these bastards down, not the autism controversy. These girls can talk and describe the heartbreaking symptoms first hand. Old Julie G and Merck co are going to have a hard time with spin control.

Jeffry John

All documents from the meeting can be found here:


I live in Hawaii. A 17 year old girl, my son went to high school with, died a few months ago from this shot. Confirmed in the autopsy. Got the shot, felt bad, severe headache, went to bed, never woke up. CONFIRMED adverse reaction to the shot. Mom said it was "1 in 1,000,000. Tragedy! the worst part, her father is an MD and gave her the shot.

Freda Birrell - Scotland

JB - thank you so much from this Scot who is part of the fight against Gardasil and Cervarix for this wonderful article. I am not a Gardasil mum but an 'adopted' granny and proud to be so. We will continue whilst there is breath in our bodies - our young people are the next generation on whom our countries depend. We have to protect them at all costs and bring justice to those who have lost a child or had a child badly damaged. There can be no greater cause than this.


Thank you, JB.

It's amazing that we have any capacity left to be shocked in this community, but the deaths and injuries to these young women and girls are horrifying and heartbreaking.

Of course the press is not reporting on these tragedies in a cohesive way either. Just bits and pieces.

To be honest, the whole thing is starting to remind me of Vietnam in terms of unified press censorship, government spin and brand of victim. Even the occasional story of vaccine injury that's allowed to get through, or the occasional recall of a vaccine like Rotarix, smacks of cover up of the highly sophisticated type used during Vietnam-- where small "admissions" of harm were used to confer a mantle of false "integrity", "accountability" and "honesty" onto authorities and the capitulating press.

If anyone remembers, the press was reluctant to report on the My Lai massacre, but it eventually leaked and then was cunningly used as a conscience salver to show that, oh yes, we are honest about our mistakes and, oh yes, the press is reporting accurately...when in fact My Lai was only part of extensive overall operations like Speedy Express or Wheeler Wallawa in which high civilian body counts (more than 10,000) were deliberately required by command:

The above article in "The Nation"- a moderately "lefty" mag (which I used to read)- appears 40 years after the fact. If anyone thinks this publication's flash of retrospective clarity extends to current vaccine issues, think again:

History repeats: just as no established press source reported with consistant "courage" at the time of My Lai, here we are again.

Of course I don't think that vaccine injuries are a deliberate "massacre"; these deaths and injuries are probably secretly viewed as the "necessary collateral" in the war on disease. The analogy is more about press reactions, the lack of value placed on human life in general within an ill-conceived "greater good" and government cover up.

So I wonder at what point the health authorities and industry embedded mass media will have to choose a "My Lai massacre" to focus on from among the individual categories of the overall carnage-- the vaccine injured soldiers; the Gardisil victims; autism, etc.-- in order to "prove" to the public that the press is still "courageously independent" and that internal health regulatory checks and balances are still "rigorous" (when they are anything but).

I don't mean to be cruel in posting this picture, but it reminded me deeply that we're talking about human lives here:


Tim - Barbara lo Fischer has written extensively on the FDA allowing Merck to use 'aluminum containing placebos' in the gardasil trials. Apparently, aluminum is everywhere in the environment and poses no harm to humans, even when injected - even though they've never actually studied this. Didn't you know?

Debbie Downer

Sadly, I think we all know how this will play out. Just look to autism and Gulf War Syndrome for a playbook. Also, because these are teenage girls, I see the word psychogenic being used often. Bastards!!!


Bush didn't even have to look out of his own country to find weapon's of mass destruction, they are right here in needle form. Truly sickening.

Heather White

On CNN March 29, 2008 Julie Gerberding stated "mitochondrial dysfunction + vaccine-induced fever (or other complications) = autism-like symptoms. I wonder how she will spin this new assault on our children. I'll be watching.

Mother of a vaccine injured child, July 2005

Tim Kasemodel

I noticed there was no explanation of what "placebo" means in the Gardasil trials.

Got this stidbit from a friend who runs the website vaccine Awareness Minnesota

Information from the manufacturer -
Package insert: Under table 8
Postdose Evaluation of Injection-Site Adverse Reactions in (9-through 45-year-old girls and women; and 9- through 26-year-old boys and men) (1 to 5 Days Postvaccination)

Entire Study Population - 29,323 received:

GARDASIL N = 15,706
Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS) control N = 13,023
saline placebo N = 594
96% in the placebo/control group received Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS). The placebo consisted of the same adjuvant and was visually indistinguishable from vaccine.

So where are these safety studies based on good science from a 'no ingredient' placebo controlled (HPV4) trials?


I tried to do a search the other day to find out where in the world Julie G. ended up. Should we be surprised? Come on, here's the revolving door between CDC, FDA, and the industry. It's the quid-pro-quo payoff for a taxpayer-funded private-public partnership that benefits only a handful of mercenaries (like Offit, Poussot - former head of Wyeth Pharma, and Gerberding) and harms our future generation. Have you absolutely no shame Julie?


Yes, I do think this, along with other vaccines that are given to older children and adults, is the match that ignites the tinderbox. My son suffered brain damage before he could even have a chance to develop skills to lose. Seeing a child or teen lose skills and be able to express pain or malaise - different story.


My niece got one dose then no more after I told my sister to look into it.

It's amazing how they craft the commercials to make it look so "cool."


debbie voss

When in the hell will this all stop? All I know is that I posted one of AOA's articles a ways back on my fb page, and a friend from across the country thanked me. She vaccinated her eldest girl one time and after reading the article, stopped and was NOT going to finish the series. This info is NOT getting out to the general public! Maybe this Gardisil website needs to go viral!! Way to go J.B.!


I'm just surprised they haven't convinced the idiotic sheep parents (think Dr. Kristina Chew and I'd say Alison Singer but I'm sure she's probably already subjected her daughter to this vaccine) that boys need this vaccine as well and ASAP. It is amazing that some parents will still believe anything that Merck, the pediatricians and the Offits of the medical community tell them.


How can we see this file?

Bob Moffitt

JB ..with great respect for you .. I wouldn't have used "irony" as the word to describe Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC new employment as the President of Merck's vaccine division.

I would have used the word "corruption" instead.


the presentation can be found here and is shocking

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