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Silenced Witnesses: UK Autism Parents Speak Out

CryShame has posted a powerful video of UK parents who watched their children slip into autism as recorded in Silenced Witnesses Volume 2 More Parents’ Stories.  SWII: The Parents’ Story, is about the denial of vaccine damage by government, corporations and the media as recorded by the parents, and published by Age of Autism contributor Martin J. Walker of Slingshot Publications.

Purchase (dollars/pounds accepted) your copy of SWII at SlingShot Publications. You'll also receive a free copy of Alan Golding’s hour long DVD: Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC.


Kathryn J. Stiles Cook

Keep repeating the message. You will turn the public around just as you have convinced me, a prior skeptic. I believe. Too many parents say the same thing.

Theresa Cedillo

Great job by Alan Golding and the wonderful UK parents. Everyone needs to watch this.


The truth will eventually be widely accepted. How can it not be with tens of thousands of us who simply will not stop beating this drum until it is....and with THEM adding to our numbers every day.


Say it loud, say it proud!!! The truth will not be silenced. Thankyou.


This breaks my heart. When will this end?

John Stone

Great pice of work, Alan.



Thank you to these parents for speaking out and thank you to all the many others who are brave and honest. You are hugely supported by so many and together we will get there in the end. The truth will come out, it is coming out.


I can't watch this without sobbing.


These parents are so eloquent. They're like music-- they ring true. So of course they weren't allowed to testify and of course the BBC isn't airing their side of the story. When they open their mouths, the public would know in a second that they're not lying or deluded.

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