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Sebelius Asks Media to Censor Autism Debate

Zip lips By Katie Wright

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.”
See Reader's Digest HERE.

That’s right. Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of HHS, has asked newspapers, magazines, television journalists, who knows who else- specifically NOT to listen to parents and scientists in the autism community, not to respect their concerns, not to take seriously the condition of chronically ill children with autism and to disregard a growing body of evidence questioning the safety of our infant and toddlers' immunization schedule. If I have got anything wrong I would love to hear a tape or see a transcripts of these media “outreaches.”

Pretty frightening stuff. Thank you to Jake Crosby who uncovered this frank and disturbing exchange between Arthur (autism is not so bad and there is no increase anyway) Allen and Ms. Sebelius.

I am taking Ms. Sebelius at her word. Ms. Sebelius has unilaterally said that she knows that every single American parent who saw their child regress post vaccination or experience a severe adverse reaction is wrong and she knows better. Ms. Sebelius has ordered, suggested, beseeched, implored (?) American journalists NOT to “give these people (anyone concerned with vaccine safety) equal weight in their reporting” because she has decided by informal governmental decree that the debate is closed?

Sounds like something that would happen in a communist dictatorship, right? Was there a similar decree when “citizen dissidents” questioned the safety of hormone replacement therapy for women? Was the media instructed to ignore those nuisances who were suspicious of a long denied link between hormone therapy and breast cancer? Did the HHS order a first amendment crackdown of those trouble-making women who had long complained that Fibromalgia was a real disease and not a psychosomatic condition. Menaces everywhere who dared to question medical authorities! They must be silenced! You have got to be kidding.

Sebelius boasts that she holds an H1N1 meeting every single day but cannot find the time to attend one IACC meeting or meet with any autism organizations. Well, not exactly, apparently Ms. Sebelius is personal friends with Ms. Alison Singer, leader a vaccine marketing/ autism org financed in part by Dr. Paul Offit. Newsflash Ms. Seblius: 1 in 100 American children, and rising, have autism and this is a much bigger deal than H1N1. One in four American parents do not think vaccines are safe for their children.  At least half of all families affected by autism believe too many vaccines too soon triggered their child’s autism.  Hundreds of thousands of parents saw their child regress post multiple vaccinations. Sebelius’ answer to this massive crisis of confidence is media censorship?
Hmmmm…..Censorship has a long and illustrious history- of not working. Thankfully, we live in a democracy with a free press. So I don’t know what is worse, the fact Sebelius asked that journalists censor the autism debate or the fact that they did.

While I have not read more than a few reasoned, balanced or well written pieces of journalism on the subject of autism and vaccines I have read a host of spoon fed press releases masquerading as “news” stories about supposedly important autism research. Journalists from “Time”, “Newsweek”, “The New York Times”, online health resources etc. have reported in depth on such “breakthroughs” as a recent study concluding that “maternal sensitivity” is a good thing for autistic children, or Kennedy Krieger’s incredible finding that autistic kids have bad handwriting (amazing, I know!) or the Children’s Hospital of Boston study which found that cousins from the Middle East who marry are more likely to produce autistic kids. I know, stop the presses, a cure is within sight!

In this embarrassing interview with Arthur Allen Ms. Sebelius asserts all the science  is a closed book. At the top of the list of the science of vaccine safety studies are the definitive 2001 and 2003 “Pediatrics” articles. While the media has kept us front row center in the breaking developments regarding ASD kids with bad handwriting, journalists have neglected to report on perhaps one of the most striking recent events concerning the subject of autism research.

An author of one of the most frequently cited “vaccines do not trigger autism” articles is Dr. Poul Thorsen. Well, well, well… this week we learned that Thorsen has allegedly absconded with approximately $2 million of CDC research money and is the target of an international police manhunt. We also learned that the Univ. of Aarhus, Denmark, where Thorsen was employed when conducting the studies (naturally in close cooperation w/ the CDC) has released a letter detailing Thorsen’s recently uncovered crimes. These crimes include but are not limited to: theft, forgery and assorted serious breaches of ethical norms.

Apparently Thorsen was a very, very busy scientist. He was simultaneously and secretly employed at the Univ of Aarhus, Emory University, Drexel University and as a “visiting scientist at the CDC.” Emory and Drexel have, some might say, inappropriately close relationships with the CDC. There appears to be very little room for independent or unbiased science at these research centers. All three are heavily invested in denying any relationships between vaccines and autism. The CDC owns numerous vaccine patents and Emory and Drexel receive tremendous financial support from vaccine companies.

Hmmmm…I know some of you might be thinking “Emory University is in the news a lot lately!” Yes, Emory has been in the news a great deal thanks to the amazing anti- corruption work of Senator Charles Grassley. Ms. Sebelius should dump Arthur Allen and have a conversation with someone who is actually doing something to restore public confidence in our health systems by fighting the fraud and greed inherent at places like Emory. Grassley is conducting an investigation a pervasive pattern of corruption among Emory researchers who fail to disclose significant financial conflicts of interest in the outcomes of the research they conduct. Isn’t it interesting that Thorsen found a second home there?

Thorsen was working hard for everyone’s benefit: his own, his employers, pharmaceutical companies- everyone’s benefit, that is, except the public’s. The health and safety of American kids being administered the world’s most aggressive infant vaccine schedule was last on his list. Thorsen was also employed as a consultant on the official revisions of the all-important DMS V. Thorsen was advising how to count and classify autism cases. It is absolutely frightening that a wanted felon has such an enormous and pervasive influence on the lives of our children.

So I am trying to get this straight Ms. Sebelius. Help me out here. We should take lying thieves with no interest in operating in the public’s interest at their word but the media should ignore parents and legitimate scientists who question the validity of vaccine science research performed by alleged criminals? I’m really confused!

Wouldn’t it be great if Sebelius lifted her fatwa on vaccine research reporting and someone discovered what this creep Thorsen was actually up to at Drexel and Emory?  Why was Thorsen a “visiting scientist at the CDC” at the same time? Apparently the CDC has known about this theft  (of our money) for some time but has chosen to remain silent. I wonder why? How likely is it that Thorsen was the only scientist involved in what appears to be a massive and long term scheme to manipulate and forge scientific documents? Most importantly, why should the public believe that a thief and a liar with no ethical standards would be honest and scrupulous in his research? I shudder at the thought of Thorsen recounting “the facts” of his studies to students while asserting, as he frequently did, that “absolutely no more vaccine/autism research is warranted.” Now there’s a guarantee you can take to the bank. Oops, maybe a bank Thorsen hasn’t robbed.

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Ricky Barnes

Thanks for taking a look at my film 50 Cents A Dose, Fifty cents is the approximate amount saved by making a multi-dose vial (containing thimerosal). Truly, RB.

Ross Coe

So vaccine companies were being litigated out of business because the producers were found at fault over and over for vaccine injury. So, the U.S. government established a vaccine injury compensation program, and, a vaccine court to debate and disect each complaint. But the lawsuits continued and the U.S, government then decided to provide blanket protection to vaccine makers from all forms of litigation. But we are constantly told vaccines are safe, and injury rare and reactions mild. We are not told vaccines have no reactions. So why are these miracle potions needing this level of protection, if there is nothing to fear? Obviously reactions are not rare and not mild, but the perpetrators are not held accountable.

John Fryer Chemist

Reagen and AIDS and never saying about how Fort Detrick spent years hybridising SV40 to turn it into a biological weapon of mass destruction.

It seems it doesn't need a war to let itself loose on everyone.

Just another cock up like

Mad Cow Disease

and putting a chemical in every bit of the WTC to make the temperature reach towards the boiling point of iron when a bit of fuel was burned and the flame retardant failed catastrophically but in a perfect chemically accurate way for OP's just as thimerosal behaves exactly according to long known properties when it takes a little babies mind away ten million times over by USA mandated vaccines which in England by their non use has cost at least one life in tne years.

Vaccines the biggest protection racket in history making AIDS look like a self inflicted injury rather than deliberate ASSASSINATION by people claiming to have brain cells.

John Fryer Chemist

What is the latest information on Poul Thorsen?

In France someone stole 11 million euros and handed himself up after 11 days.

Poul seems to have disappeared.

Perhaps he was going to tell the truth about brain destroying chemicals maybe occasionally injected into the blood rather than muscle tissue?

I cannot think it is possible for a person to just vanish in 2010 especially as 2 million is not enough to live on for ever with costs for every autism child higher than this is a JUST world where the polutter pays.


"One cannot wage war under present conditions without the support of public opinion, which is tremendously molded by the press and other forms of propaganda."
- General Douglas MacArthur

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
- William Colby (Former CIA Director)
*Source: "Derailing Democracy" by Dave Mcgowan, published by Common Courage Press.

A Mom to R Nemeth & T Kasemodel

I heart you guys! Are you anywhere else on the web? Blog, Twitter?

Robin Nemeth


This is a little something that I wrote a few years ago. I believe I first wrote it when I was being repeatedly banned, for longer and longer periods of time, from the internet political chatrooms where I'd spent many years debating amiably about every topic under the sun. Simply for saying the words 'thimerosal' and 'autism' in the same sentence. Yes it is true I will admit that after being banned, abused, and verbally kicked in the teeth repeatedly by my fellow chatters I did begin to sometimes respond in kind when a ban was eventually lifted. But I assure you that I was banned long, LONG, before my speech on this matter ever became anything but reasoned and polite. I was banned simply for posting facts about the presence of mercury in vaccines, and the possible effects of that mercury.

What follows is what I wrote about genocide, at that time. I had to post it to a url, and then go to the #politics channel and quickly paste into the channel the url for what I'd written. It was the only way I was going to be heard, before being banned again, probably for thirty or sixty days. Here is what I wrote:

It has been suggested that the destruction of the lives of children that occurs through vaccine damage is not genocide. This has been most often suggested by people who choose to stop debate on the topic whenever they please, either by the forcible silencing of those they disagree with, or by placing the words of those they find offensive on '/ignore'. I will always choose to keep an open mind and I will not be afraid to flee from a debate. I will not, however, make further attempts at conversation with those who deem it acceptable to forcibly silence those who speak of genocide which is occurring as we speak.

As with the word 'is', I suppose it depends on what the meaning of 'genocide' is.

I presume that the people who take issue with the use of the term 'genocide' in describing the destruction of children through vaccine administration do so because they feel that genocide must involve death of individuals on a massive scale, rather than the mere destruction of cognitive ability. But it's difficult to know, as attempts to communicate with these individuals are always met with censorship before any real communication can take place.

From I find this entry for 'genocide'--the deliberate destruction of an entire race or nation. Again from I find this entry for 'race' - an arbitrary classification of modern humans… now frequently based on .. genetic markers …

We've known that the public health officials have been aware, for over a decade, that vaccines cause harm. They've conceded court cases, they've conceded that thimerosal should be removed and then not removed it while continuing to tell the public that it's been removed. They've spoken, although not publicly, of how they certainly would not want to have their new grandchild immunized without further information. They have spoken publicly of how more research needs to be done. At this point in time it is not debatable that they are aware that harm is being caused. This makes the destruction deliberate.

We've seen the destruction, some of us with our own eyes. We've seen the recent study which shows that the increase cannot be due to genetic causes alone but must be due to environmental factors. So we know that two of the three requirements to meet the definition are met so far. People were destroyed. It was done deliberately. All that remains is the issue of race.

We've seen the attempts to tie the destruction to some particular gene sequence that would leave certain people particularly susceptible to the ill effects of a known neurotoxin. I've never seen such efforts and such money devoted to such a cause, before - to taking a substance with a skull and cross bones on the bottle, a substance that has then been injected into infants and children and pregnant women without first testing what levels of this substance might be safe - and trying to find out which particular gene sequences might be responsible for the harm that results. You would think that money and effort would be devoted to insuring that children are not exposed to this substance that has a skull and crossbones on the bottle. Isn't that what the skull and crossbones is all about?

But we've all seen that it has. It is this, in my opinion, that makes it obvious that this mass destruction of people must be seen as genocide. Even though I've little reason to believe that the harm that occurs discriminates to any significant degree based on the genetic makeup of those affected, those who've done this would argue that it is a significant factor. And so, I will let them have this particular debate point if they so desire it.

And so what we have is deliberate destruction of a race of people. Or in other words, genocide.


Steve, as to your suggestion that I might not have been politely handing out vaccine flyers, in front of the House of Blues Autism Speaks benefit concert that April night a few years ago, my husband was there as a witness. There were a great many other people there who were witness to what I'm telling you. I spoke very little. I approached people on the sidewalk, said “would you like some information about vaccine safety?” If they said “yes” I handed them a flyer and if they said “no” I let them pass without saying another word. I even made an effort to be sure not to roll my eyes. I firmly believe that to suggest that I was in any way 'harrassing and threatening guests' was completely absurd. That is unless, of course, the people there were for some reason threatened by the things that I was saying on my flyers.

I did go into the street to approach people getting out of their cars, at one point, when I realized that a great many people were coming into the venue directly thru the front doors after being dropped off in the street. I did this because I'd agreed to stay away from the front doors of the venue, and away from the House of Blues property. I did not have to do that but agreed to do it in order to appease the women who'd organized the event. One of them had said to me “you're spoiling our evening,” and had asked me to leave. I thought it was a compromise I could make, altho honestly I didn't understand why my being outside when they were all inside in any way 'spoiled her evening'. At any rate, I eventually, for a short period of time, went into the street in order to intercept the people who I had believed were being dropped off by their spouses. As it turned out, they were dropping their car of with the valet service. Never having had my own car parked by a valet, I was unaware of what was occuring until the owner of the valet service asked me, rather curtly I thought, to stop bother his patrons. I told him I was sorry and that I didn't realize that it was a valet service, and I agreed to stay out of the street. I went back onto the sidewalk. I tried to go back inside the foyer first, to explain to the women who'd organized the event that I could no longer agree to stay away from the House of Blues property lines. If I wanted to be seen at all. But I couldn't get the attention of anyone in the foyer and they'd told me that I couldn't go inside so I didn't.

My husband told me, at one point in the days following this, that he felt that perhaps I HAD been harrassing them. I got a bit hysterical when he said that. “How could you say that?” I asked him, “ all I was doing was asking people 'would you like information about vaccine safety?;” My husband told me that perhaps, when the organizers of the event asked me to leave, the polite thing to do would have been to just leave. Perhaps, he said, it could be considered harrassment that you didn't just leave when they asked you to.

To this I can only say that I beg to differ.

Imagine you're in an internet chatroom, Steve. One that you've frequented for about six or eight years. Imagine that you've gotten to know all of the people there, and chatted about all things political with never any real trouble. Then one day suddenly you start speaking, quite objectively, about vaccines and thimerosal, and suddenly you find that the operators there in the chatroom are suddenly happy to treat you like dirt, to ban you for no reason, and to support every chance they get the people who harrass, ridicule and abuse you. This doesn't occur just on the right leaning political channel which you've always felt most at home on. It occurs in the left leaning channel. It in fact occurs on every cozy little political spin off channel you drop into. It happens on undernet, it happens on dalnet, it happens on efnet. Now, imagine that you say to yourself “oh well, these are all people who are anonymous. Of course they can say and do the most horrific things. They do them anonymously. Behind a mask, so to speak.” The photos of al queda with large guns over their shoulder and masks across their faces came to mind. You tell yourself that you need to stop it with the stupid cat and mouse games that are being played on the internet chatrooms. You tell yourself that the best thing to do is to try to make a difference in real life.

You find out that the same thing happens in real life. Ok, there isn't the ridicule and abuse, face to face. But the censorship is EXACTLY the same.

You speak about the arrest attempt to the moderaor of a local autism 'support' forum (where the president of the local chapter of Autism Speaks was attempting to raise some more money for Autism Speaks), and you're told “oh you can't post that. We only speak about POSITIVE things here.” You write a long letter of introduction to Greater Cleveland Asperger Support. You explain what happened in front of the House of Blues. You are told that your letter isn't really typical of what people usually post as introductory posts. You're told that it can't be posted. “Perhaps if you let me edit it?” the moderator tells you. You ask the vice president of the Autism Socieity of Greater Cleveland if he feels it's acceptable to promote Autism Speaks, and to help them raise money, given that they tried to have me arrested merely for attempting to politely disseminate information. And you're told by him that although he believes you, that you were threatened with arrest simply for politely asking people if they'd like information, that he “can't write off a whole group of people simply because YOU happen to have some issues with them”.

I don't think you can imagine, Steve, the way my hands would shake each time I would get banned from a political chatroom. You certainly have no idea how terrifying it is to find that even many of those who are ostensibly supporting families with autism are in reality in the business of censoring anyone who speaks out against vaccines. But spend a few minutes and try to imagine it anyway.

All things considered, I think I've remained remarkably calm.

Well never mind Steve, I guess you're not reading this. As I've not engendered a desire in you to read what I write and this has been rather long. It doesn't matter to me, though. I'm not really writing what I have to say to you. It's gotten to seem pointless to try to get thru to people like you.

shiv chopra

Persuading media or persuading people not to discuss public health issues is wrong. If enforced by whatever authority it must be defied as duty. As to why currently used vaccines are ineffective and why all of them are potentially unsafe is because they contain a host of foreign proteins, metals, carcingogenic chemicals and stray viruses which nature, God if you like, does not permit to be injected. As a scientist, I spent a life time studying and regulating vaccines.

Shiv Chopra, Author
Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower

Jenny Allan

Well-In the UK we've had Brian Deer continuing to write untrue slanderous comments about Dr Wakefield In The Sunday Times several weeks AFTER that same publication issued a grovelling apology for publishing those EXACT same slurs on his character. I complained to the Press Complaints Commission as a concerned UK citizen, but was told that as a 'third party' I am not eligible to complain. They have NOT answered my response which points out that taxpaying UK citizens PAY their salaries.


Steve, reread paragraph 1 of Katie Wright's article. Everything you need to know is summarized there.

Why are you focusing on the readers' comments instead of the facts of the article?

Why apply editorial critique to responses that are fact and/or emotion -- expressions that are an individual's prerogative here?

For Steve

Just curious as to how long you've been searching for the "truth" regarding autism? Do you have a child (your own or one you are close to?) diagnosed with autism? What brings you here - work related perhaps?



Hanno@ "I read the Sebelius interview comment, and did not perceived that as an order for the media to censor information."

Of course it was not an order. She does not have legal right to issues orders.

She only politely asked. She tried her best to shut them up. Politely.


Hanno, thank for your explanatory response and to the moderator, thank you for posting my query.

Robin, you repeatedly wrote of "genocide", in the words of Inigo Montoya "you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means". Also, once you launched into a personal attack, it was hard for me to give credence to the rest of your equally-angry response. Perhaps you are telling the truth, but your hyperbole and gross exaggeration read like a rant. Ironically, if you consistently told your story whilst verbally abusing your audience, I would have no hesitation in believing you that you'd been asked to leave the premises or banned from further comment. I'm not saying that you are bad person, it sounds like you've had some wretched experiences, but you don't engender a desire for me to spend time reading your responses.

Carolyn; "When a specific group isn't named...who do you think they are referring to?" Well, we are referring to one paragraph in a two page interview. There wasn't mention of censorship, nor was it a discussion on side-effects of vaccines.

Seeing as much of this discussion mentions "beliefs" maybe it's a persecution thing based on being the object of a systematic campaign of genocide? Maybe you could point me at something that explains this individual's known proclivity to discrimination? Does that even exist? How can I tell when all I read is "of course it's us... they hate us... they want to silence us..."

Folks, you (some of you) are beating up on someone for no reason other than they didn't come in wearing a mantle of oppression, and no wonder you're getting a less than loving response in return.

Many of the responses seem to be; "be angry, ignore the words, react with emotion, don't look at what was said -- focus on what wasn't said, we're being repressed, the truth is out there, but you won't read it anywhere but here".

I'd like to be able to take the information here seriously, some of you (not all) are just not helping your cause. I'm very glad to see that some commentators are trying to clarify, explain, investigate, and follow through, and that's helpful. To you, I say thank you. To the others, please try to understand how your anger (understandable is not a synonym for acceptable) tends to work against having your message heard.


"Someone pointed out to me recently that it's legal for the media to lie."

I saw this on a CBC a few years back. Many here might recall the early series Steve Wilson did regarding mercury in vaccines (WXYZ , Detroit).

When his wife (former) FOX reporter Jane Akre sued FOX for wrongful dismissal (she was fired when she and her husband Steve refused to lie about their investigation info BGH and it's carcinogenic properties and she blew the whistle on them), the wrongful dismissal suit was ultimately overturned, apparently because (as I understand it) what the station / network asked them to do - i.e lie - was NOT illegal, and therefore the whistle blower legislation could not protect them.

I think this was lesson # 154 (why the mainstream news is crap) in my slow but steady approach to becoming a card carrying conspiracy theorist.

Mr T

Freedom of the press = Someone buys up the press and suppresses it. How are they going to tell the American people that they poisoned the children and created phony studies to lie about?

Hanno W. Kirk, LICSW, PhD

I agree with you. AoA can come across as pretty shrill and conspiracy oriented. I read the Sebelius interview comment, and did not perceived that as an order for the media to censor information.

At the same time, I can understand the frustration of all those who have to deal with autism at being stonewalled and demeaned by the insulting comments of government bureaucrats.

Perhaps we need to find a third party who can take the revelations about Thorsen's misconduct to Kathleen Sebelius, to have her question her own convictions about this.


When a specific group isn't named...who do you think they are referring to? What is the dominant subject of the vaccine debate? That's right.. autism! I can't believe that someone could state that just because autism isn't specifically mentioned, this isn't what they were referring to and that the author of the article was just trying to take advantage of an emotional topic. Unfortunately, the first thing when people hear a discussion about vaccine safety they think autism, no matter what their opinion. Regardless, Any person in a government role, influencing public opinion and decisions regarding the health and safety of children, does not have the right to silence those who have differing views or information that contradicts their agenda. That is just irresponsible, and makes it look like they have something to hide. If KS is correct and confident in her reccomendations, she shouldn't be worried about the "other groups" and what the media reports. As Americans, we have the right to unbiased news reporting. This is yet another reason why I don't trust all the gatekeeping and censorship going on regarding what is actually reported at all.

Robin Nemeth


When a person is banned from political internet chatrooms on both the right and left simply for saying the words 'thimerosal' and 'vaccines' in the same sentence, what is occurring is the silencing of those who are speaking out about genocide. When a person is standing on a public sidewalk politely handing out information about vaccines and is told by those who raise money for the largest autism 'support' organization "leave or we'll have you arrested", and then the police are called out, this is an attempt at censorship of the news of genocide. Both of these things have happened to me. Any attempt of mine to speak of these incidents on local autism 'support' forums has been met with censorship as well.

Do you honestly think that the cameraman who shot the footage of the thimerosal bottle label for NBC news didn't notice that there was a skull and crossbones there on the label? Do you really believe that it was just dumb luck, just coincidence, that that skull and cross bones was cropped out of the picture of that label that viewers saw?

You keep on sticking your head up your ass if you like, but I'm not that stupid.

If AOA is censoring the opposing view, I will trust the readers to recognize what is occurring. They are free to stop reading. It's been my experience in the last six years that the opposition really has not got much of an argument, beyond ad hominem and scare tactics.

Carl Fletcher

Why don't there be a March in front of the Capitol and the WhiteHouse protesting the Administration's lack of interest in our Children' illness of Autism. Establish a Tea Party on that and make it a referendum for November.


Discussion on censorship is always a tricky subject.

For example, fundamental nut-job terrorist groups bemoan the fact that their propaganda and misinformation is not "presented to the (American) people". Are they being censored, or is that fair and balanced reporting? Fundamental religious groups use the argument of censorship to insist that religion by presented as science. Little children's views are often censored in that NBC will not give little Tommy's idea on what the moon is made of nearly as much airtime on the news as a report from NASA.

The point is that using an emotionally-laden word doesn't make it true, and one man's censorship is another's attempt at balance.

Understanding the causes of austism is something that is clearly near and dear to so many parents. However, when I read the linked article, nowhere did I see any discussion whatsoever regarding autism. Nowhere. Not at all. It's simply not there.

So, where does the statement that "Sebelius Asks Media to Censor Autism Debate" come from?

I'm not apologising for her, I am though making clear that there is huge emotional reaction to something that does not appear within that article. That worries me greatly if anyone is to have confidence in what is presented here.

Much on AoA centers around conspiracy and attempts to surpress the truth.

However, when one reads articles that are an incitement to anger based on quoting out of context, it doesn't do this community any good at all. Unless, of course, one is simply trying to maintain a sense of outrage and anger and close eyes to anything else that doesn't agree with one particular world view.

What is really, really, strange is that a common complaint that I see about AoA is its heavy-handed censorship of non-conforming view points.

What's the difference and what's going on?


Whenever I read these stories involving the government/big corporate denials (and insults!)of claims by huge numbers of otherwise intelligent citizens that there is a problem with something that will ultimately cost them money and legitimacy, my brain rewinds to so many things in the past that were once in similar positions (in no particular order):

Tobacco causing cancer

Thalidomide (and multiple
other drugs!) causing birth defects

Gulph War Syndrome for returning soldiers

Nuclear reactor issues

And so many more which I can't think of this late...but there are plenty of examples where the government took this same stance ("Everyone is wrong") and who was proven wrong in the end? THEM. Do they ever learn???

Don't they know that we always find out in the end, and this tactic not only ERODES confidence in our government- but also costs them megabucks in the long run?

HELLOO? Anyone home??!!

Autism Grandma

Re: "The CDC owns numerous vaccine patents and Emory and Drexel receive tremendous financial support from vaccine companies."

A government agency owns numerous vaccine patents??? REALLY, I did not know this about the CDC. No wonder they are referred to as the Center for Deception and Corruption. I am surprised that they haven't kept this covered up like all of the other cover ups they engage in regarding the vaccines. No wonder they back up this huge vaccine schedule with an iron fist. Such a blatantly obvious conflict of interest. Bet the news media won't ever breathe a word of this.

Has the media ever mentioned that we, the public, cannot access the VAERS data base? Why is this such a big secret I wonder? Oh yes, Dr. David Geier evaluated the evidence in VAERS and concluded that yes vaccines cause injuries including autism, and yes Mercury plays a role in vaccine induced autism. OOPS, they can't risk letting that cat out of the bag ever again.

Does the media ever mention that it's almost impossible to even get a vaccine injury case admitted to the Vaccine Court, and the small percentage that do, end up waiting 10 plus years only to be kicked to the curb.

Once upon a time there were real Investigative Journalists in the media. But now that they are employees by association of Big Pharma, there is no investigation allowed into the vaccines issue...If any of these mainstream journalists did do a major investigative report, it would just be refused for publishing and their job would be threatened. This financial arrangement keeps everybody in line. Between Big Pharma advertising control and government officials issuing directives, it will be a miracle if any of the truth comes out about all this corruption through the media outlets.

Thank God we still have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press online, but you can bet your ass they are all trying to figure out how to get rid of the internet information highway.

Mary Hendricks

Business as usual...the drug cos. have Sebelius right where they want her and most likely she will eventually head a drug co. when she leaves office as Dr. Julie Gerberding has w/Merck. How convenient to grease the wheels of legislation to do your bidding...

What will eventually bring down this cabal of special interest$ is the public voting w/their pocketbook and conscience. When you refuse to have yourself or your child vaccinated, that speaks volumes and sends a message to the company that their product (vaccines) is not being bought.

Of course, other attempts to force the masses' hand will continue such as we witnessed w/the fallible H1N1 vaccine which they can't even give away now. What a joke! In this case, the joke is on them and they're upset that people are waking up and refusing to be poisoned so as to be malleable, dependent, brain-dead puppets/victims.


Sebelius not using the autism is like the Reagan years when 100,000 people were dead before the man ever uttered the word AIDS in public.


My child has hives all the time, never same shape, never same place. When they happen her mood is effected. She is completely different child. I took her to a pediatrician awhile back. Told me: "oh that's normal." Ummmm. No.
The kids are different today. Their bodies are loaded down with toxins and then they are injected with 36+ vaccines by the time they are 4?
I think I've had 10 + the 3 rubella shots they have given me over the last 9 years. You know what? I was healthy until that Rubella shot kicked in with my immune system 8 weeks post vaccine. I never got antibodies from the vaccines either.
The environment loads the gun on our kids immune systems the vaccines pull the trigger.
Pediatricians turn their back and walk away from the sick child.
I'm exhausted from teaching a class today--entire class with children who pediatricians call "normal..." My son included. Mom's are always talking to me about meltdowns. 9 year olds with complete meltdowns where they only scream. No reasoning with due. Even in the 80s you didn't have kids like this something has changed and pediatricians are turning a blind eye. Shame.
I agree by the way on the paid troll from Pharma companies. They are on there and lie about who they are when I call them out. But they know too much for people with kids who are neurotypical.

Cynthia Cournoyer

"So I don’t know what is worse, the fact Sebelius asked that journalists censor the autism debate or the fact that they did."

I think it has more to do with advertising dollars than anything. You cannot watch TV or read a magazine without pharm-ads. If someone could hire journalists that went to schools not funded with pharm money, and then pay them with dollars not from pharm money, we might have something there!


If vaccines are so safe why do we need a VAERS and why do the companies that make them need to be protected from any lawsuits about their safety with an act from the US government?

CDC, HHS, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies: (Oops! That's sort of all the same thing, isn't it?)
- if you want to prove once and for all that your current vaccine schedule and all the vaccines in it are as safe as you claim then do away with VAERS. Put your money where your mouth is - stand behind your products with your own damn money on the line. We dare you.

Heidi N

In reference to this statement:

"We (the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.”

I wonder what would happen to members of the media if they do not obey. Is the media obliged to do what a governmental agency asks them, and what if they don't?


HOLY CAT FIGHT - a mom on American Idol, during her son's "bio" piece - just mentioned that as a little boy he had a bad reaction to a pertussis vaccine (seizures).

Apparently AI didn't get the Sebelius memo! LOL!


There are a few journalist with the brains and guts to uncover these stories. One of them is Gary Matsumoto who wrote "Vaccine A" which is about the Anthrax vaccines link to Gulf War Syndrome and how the government has tried to cover it up.

If there were more journalists like him, the lid would be completely blown off of the vaccine/autism link.

Tim Kasemodel

Here is what I did with Sebelius' comments.

I went to the local Senate District DFL Party Caucus this past weekend and met with both the candidates running against the Repblican incumbent. I gave them graphs and data reflecting that 1 in 70 kids (one in 38 boys ages 6 to 15) are recieiving educational services for autism in Minnesota. And then I gave them this:

To: DFL Congressional Candidates Maureen Hackett and Jim Meffert:
From: Tim Kasemodel March 13, 2010

Jim and Maureen,

I want you to get all the information you need to make an educated decision for regarding autism and vaccines. Think about the following comment by HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, in her interview with Arthur Allen for The Reader’s Digest, on February 5th of this year:
RD:What can be done about public mistrust of vaccines?
KS:There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.

Time and time again you will hear something similar to the phrase “what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines” and you will go no further than to accept what is being said without question. I doubt that anyone using this phrase could tell you the names of the studies, their authors or even a correct description of the studies. The worst thing of all in this statement is the blatant persuasion by a trusted government official to withhold information from the public. And people wonder why we parents don’t trust the CDC and vaccines in general?

Maureen and Jim, please do not send information to another colleague for “their” opinion. You must read thorough this stuff for yourselves. There is no getting away from autism; it will be a budget busting and moral dilemma for you both regardless of who wins in November.

For a list of these widely cited studies, go to and read them for yourself.

The fact is that there has been a lot of research done that shows that vaccine ingredients or even the vaccines themselves can and do cause damage. On the subject of mercury alone, these studies include Human and Infant Research, Infant Primate Research, Animal Research, Cellular Research, and Epidemiological Research. A brief summary of research supporting other forms of mercurials and their role in autism, autism behaviors and known biological anomalies have been included, as mercury from all vectors is known to impact human development.

For access to these studies go to
For access to other studies you won’t hear about from your doctor or the CDC, go to
Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies and Citations Related to Autism, Underlying Medical Conditions and Treatment

Ben Around

Reporters who buy into Sebelius's censorship rationalize it by congratulating themselves that they are helping to save the world from disease. The sad victims' faces in their mind are of kids with measles, not kids with the crushing and possibly lifelong disability labeled autism. Journalistic canons decree they represent both.

In a parallel universe, the Toyota scandal is continuing to follow the vaccine/autism story arc. Many consumers say the fix isn't working, but corporate reps say they can't find any other problem source. So this week the NBC Nightly News put forth the "Older Drivers" theory, which would exculpate Toyota in a significant number of cases.


What horrifies me is how willing most reporters are to be a party to censorship. "Mom" Sebelius told them to sit back and do nothing; what an easy gig.

How much does gender ideology play into this media perception equation? After all, women = caregivers = good intentions = good outcomes. Right?

The 21st century Ma Barkers wear Ann Taylor suits, radiate false sincerity, and don't need bullets to wreak their domestic carnage -- they're aided and abetted by a complicitly passive media.

Mother of Possibility

Sebelius' irresponsible comments leave me realing in sensations of head spin and adrenal rush... in other words... makes me sick. Corporatism is at its finest hour. I think what has always bothered me the most has been the arrogance.

Is anyone worried about government control of health care? I left western medecine behind when looking for help with my son. I felt like - you guys screwed him up, so you won't be allowed to lay your hands on him ever again. His healing came from integrative medicine. I just hope we will havew access to health care freedom in the future along with the right to informed consent and religious or consiencious exemption.

The Autism issue is just one piece of the overal health control for the U.S. The media is lulling us to think that this health plan won't be implemented, but it will. Right now the back office wheeling and dealing is going on in D.C.

Corporatism does not care about health. It cares about profit. I am concerned about having anything "on record", espcially diagnoses. One day we may be forced to take drugs or procedures. Notice that Autism is on the driver's license now. How much tracking is good and how much could be used against a child? Especially the ones that will have something to contribute to society in the arts, science, education... Loss of freedom of speech is so fundamental. The healthcare agenda is moving forward.

Keep speaking up and being in community. We may have to continue to haul this load on our own longer. Oppression can be tough and that is what this is, oppression, with parents of Autism being like the French Resistance during WWII. I believe the truth will prevail.

With every paradigm shift comes much resistance. Consider it all corrupt and go forth to create something that stands for and stands up to corruption. Don't back down now. Keep introducing new language ... "My child was vaccine injured following his 4th DPaT shot when he was 4 years old. He is on the autism spectrum and is recovering well after six years." Don't open with my son has Autism. People need to hear what is so. Keep saying it, even when its hard to say. It has to be real to others. And, I believe in miracles.


Everyone call her at the number above and ask her to have a sit down girl to girl chat with Katie and some others who have recovered their children or are in the process of recovering their child from vaccine injury


The ham-fisted attempt to cow the media is a sure sign that their other efforts -- using social media, paid shills and astroturf orgs to shape public opinion -- are failing. The reason they are failing is because they have not fixed the problem and children are still being injured. Idiots.


Great Work - I just called an left her a message! I urge other parents to call at (202) 205-5445! I let her know that now she knows some body that saw their child regress into autism after a vaccine! Won't you leave a message too?? :)

Angela Warner

I'll prolly take a hit for this one, but I don't give a rats ass (it's not Sunday).

Let's see, Thorsen steals $2 MIL from CDC. Denmark police are looking for him. Why isn't the US involved in this? Why aren't the military looking for him? After all, he stole money from all of us, including tax paying military families.

Oh wait, I know why. Because the military mandates every single vaccine the CDC recommends for not only it's members, but dependents of members who attend DoD schools and daycares, with few exemptions. If the DoD went looking for the missing Thorsen and found him or even acknowledged the issue, they would then have to question the Denmark study and they don't want to because that is the study they use to defend their counseling protocol with patients when a Thimerosal free is not available in a state with a Thimerosal ban in effect.

Yet the Undersecretary resigns (presumably from heat from Gates) because of the obvious lack of oversight on the Under Secretary's watch. The whole thing is laughable, but then one has to come back to reality and realize just how (well you know what word I want to use) screwed up the system is.


With the endless fraud in US finance, the CDC & HHS, and the news media that wants its drug money every day... There are not too many places to look for support.

If it were not for the parents & the internet, they would still be dumping 200+ micrograms of mercury into every infant and toddler.

60 Minutes cannot seem to find a story on Simpsonwood ???

Soon all that will be left is one fraud trying to sell insurance to another fraud.

Everyone could just cancel cable tv and all insurance for six months just to re-arrange some power in the US...

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Our opposition has their backs to the wall and it would be prudent to remember that they are an octopus of many legs (Govt / doctors/ Big Pharma/ Fishing industry / Dental associations/The U.S. military etc. Their last attempt at pandemic mongering has not been a total success. The public increasingly believes that vaccines may cause autism. WE would ere to not at least think ahead to their next possible move. I personally am thinking of something like a deliberately disseminated disease. (Something for which we have both vaccines and a treatment would be ideal ) I am sure that other posters here could come up with other possibilities.We still have a long journey ahead.


BRAVO Katie .. standing ovation from the autism peanut gallery :)

Nicole MS

OMG!!!!!!!! My daughter is deathly allergic to eggs. CDC says if you have a severe egg allergy, don't get the flu vaccine, but such warnings are not given about other vaccines that use egg....and now this!
Sebelius: “There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.”
Contact # for HHS is: 1-877-696-6775
also please contact the White House about this censorship:
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
Please include your e-mail address when writing or calling the President.

Please forward everywhere!!!!


Hello Kathy Blanco,

You are correct! You mentioned that Every parent who thinks the vaccine injury is to blame, MUST obtain evidence to that. I could not have said it better myself. The AMA, FDA, IOM, CDC and AAP have hired goons to go to Blogs and defend at all costs vaccines and other medicines. They will dissect every word that you write. If you do not have your facts straight or if you allow them to find holes in your theory they will eat you alive.

You are not dealing with other parents who say they vaccinated their child and nothing happened. You are dealing with experts who are paid to know all about vaccines and certain studies. This is no longer a debate of what we witnessed and how our child came down with Autism. This is debate of knowledge about how the body works in conjunction with vaccines and other known toxins.

Until we can all(including myself)come up with facts as to how our children came down with Autism then these knuckleheads will continue to rain down facts and specific studies that will give the illusion of complete disproval. This I believe is why someone such as Sebelius would not even want to speak of the word Autism.

Alison MacNeil

It takes two to tango though. Did every single journalist hand their nuts over the day they began reporting?


unfortunately, they already have their excuse: "we went with the best science available at the time" - buy maybe their conscience knows better.


Thorsen stole MY tax dollars, and I'm extremely angry. When will this man be brought to justice?

John Stone

This, of course, has been the pattern of things in the UK since 2002, since when the pharma lobby organisations such as Science Media Centre and Sense About Science have acted with official bodies - and "quack-buster" journalists - to shut down all discussion on vaccine safety in the name of science. A notorious case was the Observer report on Simon Baron-Cohen's study showing 1 in 60 children were now on the spectrum. The story was denied, the Observer editor hounded (eventually losing his job), and the study published quietly two years later substantially confirming the original report:

Last year a radio journalist, Jeni Barnett, was censured by 130 MPs in an early day motion sponsored by Evan Harris for daring to question the totalitarian manner in which MMR was being promoted (thus rather proving her point). The London Broadcasting site was mobbed by supporters of Guardian journalist Ben Goldacre, who was also a major power-broker in the earlier case.

Later in the year Goldacre got the Express to take down an article reporting on GSK's HPV vaccine Cervarix, although the mistakes in the article were infinitessimal by normal journalistic standards. You wonder about an allegedly independent journalist taking such great care over GSK's reputation:

There are, of course quite a lot of these people - particularly working for the Times - but Goldacre is probably the best known, and most feared. Of course, this stuff creates professional terror, particularly with editors - but my own guess is that Goldacre's reputation is now significantly eroded.

kathy blanco

Basically, they view our children as acceptible losses. One can only see that we have been told a lie so many times, that people actually believe this is totally acceptible to have one percent of the population damaged for life. We have distanced ourselves from the sorrow and lives of others. Much of that can be blamed on themeselves being blunted or the "blunting effect" of toxins in our own environment, as fluoride was used to "calm down" and "non questioning" the prisoners in the Nazi camps.

What they will throw out is deadly diseases and necessity of being a "citizen for the better good". When in fact, measles and mumps where rights of passage and are NECESSARY to excrete toxic buildup in the body, often followed by a gain in IQ and development. Much of the fevers that are accompyanied by these infections are healing in affect with lifetime immunity. What do we do? We make sure the body gets confused, and then we pour down tylenol to confuse it even more? We infiltrate the immune system in such a way, it never performs naturally, as it should, again.

Just the past few days, I began to look at specific problems with all these vaccines, many of them disgaurding that these vaccines, or even the natural infection itself, can cause strokes. Given, the studies specifically looked at the vaccine reaction not the natural one (and I doubt that that ever happens). They deny stroke, yet, if you look at VAERS reports, there are plenty of them, plenty I tell ya. Is not my child, the vicitim of an induced stroke? Think Dr Mouldin. It's all up there, but the articulation was taken away? Interestingly, it is very common for stroke victims to progress to seizure disorders, and even gut problems.

Someone posted this on my facebook...I hope we take it to heart. It is my efforts to explain, that no vaccine is safe, cannot be greened, can't be in a slower schedule as to magically appear safe. I know Dr Wakefield doesn't like that talk, and I know why he can't articulate it like I can, but, if you think about it, a biological not tested before a receipiant can handle it, is the problem here. We are not all cows in a herd. We have individual biological susceptibiltiies and immune capitals. Nazi Germany comes to mind, form a line here, you are just going to be showered. Not America! Kathleen Cruella Deville does not know science, squat, yet she proposes to not look at it? And she, like others are part of the minion of evil, which if you don't recognize as evil... you should.

Here's a related blurb on the desire of Western culture to blame nature (that is, you and your kids) for everything:

It is very important for pharmaceutical company-paid "scientists" to find nature to blame for everything. These payroll scientists (this includes researchers who have received grants from pharmaceutical companies) have found a gene for cancer, a hormone for Alzheimer's, and they're working on a gene for autism. They have created "syndromes" like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) to transfer the blame for vaccine deaths onto nature. "Nature is to blame" is the mantra of this century's technocrats.

But herbs don't cause cancer, spring water doesn't cause cancer, clean air doesn't cause cancer, organic produce doesn't cause cancer, coconuts don't cause cancer, mangoes don't cause cancer, love doesn't cause cancer, laughter doesn't cause cancer.

All of nature is safe from blame. On the other hand, the Rockefeller/Rothschild/"Thirteen Families" dynasty, and specifically their legacy of vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic radiation, etc., are strongly implicated.

"Who Created Orthodox Medicine?"

Dr. Russell Blaylock:
"Who created orthodox medicine? Where did that come from?
"Well, it actually came from the Rockefeller Foundation back in 1901.
"The Rockefellers at the time . . . because of the Standard Oil scandals, no one wanted to be called a Rockefeller.
"Everybody hated all the Rockefellers. And so his friend, Reverend Gates, went to John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and told him, he said, "Well, here's a way we can repair your reputation." And he gave him a good example. He said, "There was this man who everybody hated . . . and he started giving money out for all sorts of philanthropic enterprises, and soon people forgot all of the bad things." . . .
"So the first thing, because Gates' father was a physician, and John D. Rockefeller's father was a quack snake-oil salesmen, he said, "Let's form the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research." And so they created this in 1901. . . .
"Rockefeller owned what was called the drug trust: that's the major drug manufacturing firms all over the world: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Lederle, all of these . . . pharmaceutical companies . . .
"And of course, the aim was to remove all nutrition, references to nutritional type treatments, from the medical schools. They closed down half the medical schools in the United States. There were 165 medical schools at the time. . . . Then he had his anointed medical schools, which he poured his money into, appointed the professors from his own stock of professors. And so they created an educational system that taught the things that he wanted taught. And therefore every professor that came out of those programs taught the same thing.";

> (start video at minute 5:25)

How can you match the power and strength and the overall propoganda they spew out (spew out, good word, like snakes)...they and the likes of them that follow them, "think" they are doing the better good, when in fact, you are altering DNA for life, inserting animal and human viruses into people including retroviruses much like AIDS (XMRV), which are passed down sexually through generations, and simplly and sublimely altering the immune system to be forever confused.

They shout about drug abuse in young hollywood stars, how to feel sorry for their lives, but frankly? Life is all about choices. I feel sorry for any parent that thinks an immune permanant surgery is safe or any drug for that matter, and should never be questioned? I feel sorry for me and my children, that I didn't question, and because of that life changing, altering moment, I only wish I could take it all back.

We have to continue on, with our "stories" which they call make believe. We have to prove our points. Every parent who thinks the vaccine injury is to blame, MUST obtain evidence to that. IN FACT we must find and deliver, it was for instance, anything from antidbodies to myelin, and other brain proteins that vaccines eat up, gut studies, immune system changes, infection panels, titers. We have to come up with OUR OWN SCIENCE. We must show the causal relationship and the obligatory videos that show regressions after vaccines. Until we put that in mass out to media, they will think that parents are blame shifting...again.

Brian Deer was shown a child with bowel disease, had a pouch on the side of his stomach, with green slime poop, and his reply was "that's not bowel disease"...In like fashion, I doubt even all our science will illuminate their minds...for they are filled by dollar signs instead of children. They are afraid of the awful matrix truths. All is an illusion. Our mission at this point? To illuminate a pregnant mom making that decision, and PUT THE PHARMA BUSINESS out of business. By, not partaking of their toxic soups and going natural, all the way, not little, not a few, all. I think a boycott is in order, but that just me...who will they listen to? A parent that still continues to vaccinate slowly and seperation of viruses, or a parent, who never vaccinates? Which one still makes them money?


From Windsor Peak baby forum -

Mom states:

DD2 received the MMR shot exactly 9 days ago, and right on schedule she has fever. Assuming that she's feeling up to it can I send her to daycare? I assume she has nothing contaigous (sp?) so I don't see why not. I really really cannot take off tomorrow.

"Expert" response:

Full disclosure: I am a vaccine microbiologist.

I would love to know why it is that in the middle of cold and flu season, with a child who attends daycare, your first conclusion is that this is vaccine related. That is an incredibly narrow minded and anti-vaccine view. So, the next question that comes to mind is: why do you vaccinate at all? A fever reaction to the MMR would manifest itself within a few days of the vaccination. Nine days post vaccination, my first thought is that your child picked up a virus at daycare. And, for the love of all things holy, please keep your child at home until fever free for 24 hours. Stop spreading the germs.

These are the kinds of responses moms get when they ask about vaccine reactions. The "experts" are getting more and more defensive. What the moms don't realize is that when their child hits rock bottom, that is the end of the line. The "expert" calls them a liar and walks away to wash his/her hands of the whole thing.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Great job pointing this out, Katie! I gulped down at least four cups of coffee writing this response. ....

Will anyone in the media note that a U.S. government official is calling for censorship? Probably not. For years reporters have relied on health officials to write their stories on the autism-vaccine controversy for them. They might throw in the comment of a parent who thinks their child was normal until they received routine vaccines, but their claim is nothing put up against the testimony of numerous doctors and health officials who say they're wrong.

I've done a few interviews for newspapers and TV stations around here and I always refuse unless they will include an expert from our side. (Usually I tap the shoulder of my wonderful friend, Dr. Boyd Haley.)

I love the reaction I get when I tell that to reporters. They can't understand why I'm worried. They always reassure me that they'll let me make whatever point I want. I tell them that I know exactly what they're going to do:

They'll interview autism parent who says unsafe vaccines cause autism.
They'll find local doctor (s) and/or local official to state that all the science is against the parent.

It's a distortion of the truth. It's gone on for years. These autism-vaccine stories NEVER CHANGE. That's why they're so worthless. No reporter ever looks into the studies they love to tell us about. The press on a daily basis reminds the public that one percent of children are now disabled with a disorder NO ONE EVER HEARD ABOUT 25 YEARS AGO. They do it nonchalantly, never expressing any alarm. They never show the least concern about where all these kids will end up someday. They never wonder why we don't talk about adults with autism.

I'm always amazed that members of press NEVER QUESTION ANY HEALTH OFFICIAL. EVER. Their claims are indisputable. Never challenged.

No one cares that all the experts can't tell us a thing of substance about autism---except that vaccines don't cause it. The press loves to label autism a "mystery" or a "puzzle" as if we're talking about black holes in outer science--something that has no direct bearing on our lives.

We're headed for the worst health care/financial crisis in our history. I don't know how this country will ever provide for all these children when they are adults, totally dependent on the welfare system for their support and care. It will be made worse by the fact that new children with autism will keep right on coming as the older ones age out into adulthood.

What I can't wait to see is how the press and health officials will explain their presence. I'm sure the public will want to know why no one ever warned us that this was going to happen. By that time all the people like Sebelius who worked so hard to cover this up will be out of office. Like Julie Gerberding, Sebelius may reap a nice reward for her work promoting the H1N1 vaccine

and by that time be working for one of the big vaccine makers.

One thing I know for sure is that media is just as culpable as the government in covering up this disaster.

Anne Dachel Media


Another excellent article!!

Harry H.

If the Secretary/politician would take the time to read Arthur Allen's book, "Vaccine" she would learn that vaccines have a history of nasty side effects, including death, neurological disorders, and manufacturing screw-ups. And,as Dr. Profit has reminded us, vaccines are getting better and better, which directly implies that vaccine science is continuing to advance both in development and, I assume, in the production of them.

So, what is it? Are vaccines entirely safe and is the definitive science established?

I wish these fanatics would get their censored stories straight.


Looks like the Times is busy doing some pre-spin on the CDC to prepare for the Thorsen fallout.

See, according to the Times, Frieden is a very busy (so busy! So frantic! Hmm, why?) "reformer", and, uh, things there have changed under this admin, er... but Julie with her glitzy meeting rooms and useless management layer had her excuses too! The SARS scare (that never was); the anthrax scare (that was an isolated chain of events), etc. Though it looks like she might be tapped as the fall guy if the thing blows up "real big".

We are not worthy

Thank you for the excellent coverage as always, Katie.

I'm not quite sure we've ever had a "free" press in this country. In spates, maybe. In name, yes, and the papers aren't government owned. But in some ways the censorship is even more "balletic" because the controls are harder to identify.

Because autism "doesn't play favorites" as Lin Wessel put it on her local news appearance, unlike horrors that befall people because of economic discrimination, etc., vaccine injury victims aren't always or even or mostly the children of the powerless.

Because of this, there's been disagreement in some relatively high places-- even within news networks-- about the role of vaccines in autism. And when this happens, the truth starts leaking out in the press, which normally works pretty seamlessly to keep a lid on news of "unworthy victims".

And that's what vaccine injury victims are. Their tragedies don't serve the institutional and industry MO.

Because of this unusual circumstance where sometimes the children of the powerful (or their friends' children) are stricken and the public has an ear cocked (and 1 in 4 parents now believe vaccines have something to do with autism), news corps have felt under pressure to do spin doctoring-- not just their normal total blackouts of inconvenient facts. They find themselves having to answer viewers' and readers' concerns.

Of course the news then mostly answers with damage-controlling industry tripe-- but not always. Particuarly local networks have let some "unworthy victims" have their say for a bit longer than some feel they should have. Sure the "unworthy"-- always parents, never experts-- are then countered with industry experts. But that doesn't change the fact that some have been allowed to say pretty compelling things on the news-- instead of having their most interesting statements edited, as would normally be expected (or instead of not being asked to speak at all).

I think this is what's led to the very bizarre turn of events in which the person in the highest health post in government was driven to talk to a populist rag and demand censorship


Why don't you reach out to the independent news agencies like Democracy Now. Have a chat with Amy Goodman.


Greed is the root of all evil, and the citixens of the US have been trained to bow down to evil and be respectful of evil and let evil do what evil wants. It's so sad.

Kelli Ann Davis -- One of "These People"

"these people"....

Kind of reminds me of the ARMED guards (equipped with dogs) who escorted me to the restroom in a PUBLIC building during the whole Maryland "forced vaccination" campaign....seems I wasn't "one of them" meaning "one of the parents with their non-compliant, school-age child in the "grab em and stab line" outside the courthouse.

As such, I needed an escort (excuse me, MULTIPLE escorts) to re-enter the building to go to the restroom.

Here's the video documenting the incident:

(You can see the ARMED guards in the background. Seems we were too close to the building. Surreal for sure.)

Maureen H. McDonnell, RN

The only bright light I can see out of all of this insanity is that a new system of communication and therefore a major mechanism for influencing the public is rapidly emerging. I'm no expert mind you, but what I'm learning from attending workshops on the impact of the new social media outlets is that this new forum for influencing others is huge. "Experts" (for example: film or restaurant critics) are scrambling for work because people are relying more on twitter or Facebook commentaries by their friends or people they trust to tell them which movie to go to or where to eat. Maybe as part of our grassroots efforts to shift the tides and wake people up to the lies and deceit that are at the the base of the "vaccines have nothing to do with autism" argument, we can all tweet, blog and post facebook entries to the contrary. For certain we must all rally in defense of Drs Usman and Rossignal. The world is changing rapidly in this regard and so lets use these outlets to blast the truth and save our kids!
Maureen H. McDonnell, RN
Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet

Mark Richards

"Menaces everywhere who dared to question medical authorities!"

The mix of medicine, which used to be a science and art focused upon alleviating suffering, and "authority", the meaning of which should be quite clear, ought to be alarming. Yet this term is rather loosely used with apparent lack of care.

Language is important. "Medical authorities" deserves an entire article unto itself.


The CDC has engaged in domestic acts of terrorism against our children and damaged the health of future generations of Americans...all in the name of science, national security, public health, or whatever the rationalization of their current marketing plan.

When (if) Grassley and others really start to look behind the curtain, the truth will emerge and the CDC will be need to be dramatically overhauled or shutdown. This is why you have the intensity of emotions coming from HHS, CDC, FDA, Offit, and elected officials who've been corrupted by pharma/vaccine's all about greed and protecting beauracratic turf from decisions made years ago that now have been proved false.

Look behind the CDC curtain. They're too inept to even conduct an adequate cover-up.


All of these lies from the Gov. are literally starting to make me sick. My daughter was harmed by vaccines. I would bet my life on it. And you as parents know that we need to be here for our kids, so I wouldn't do that unless I was 110% sure. This needs to stop.


They operate under this premise: since vaccines are good, save lives - they cannot be questioned for safety at all, ever. They (HHS) might as well come out and say what they really think: "we know vaccines may be disabling 1% of all children but we think it is worth it". Just coming out and friggin' say it and stop insulting families by dismissing what we saw with our own eyes.

Comrade Sebelius

"Citizen Wright must learn to keep her mouth shut...she is a menace to the good health of the masses...send her to the Gulag for re-education. And don't disturb us again with such trivial problems. I am so sorry for the interuption Comrade Proffit...please tell me more about your 'Delusional Citizens' Vaccine".


Would love for someone to file a FOIA and get copies of the letters written to the media asking them to shy away from the alternative opinions.

Maurine Meleck

It's not only that the media doesn't report our side, but they also lie when they do report it. Someone pointed out to me recently that it's legal for the media to lie. There are no consequences whatsoever.
Thanks, Katie.

A Mom

This and the most recent action alert just went out to all my contacts. Hopefully it will go out to theirs, and theirs, and theirs...


"The LORD replied to Moses, "Whoever has sinned against me I will blot out of my book." Exodus 32:33

This is a woman who won't even utter the word "autism" from her lips...why? denial? guilt? shame? disgust? all of the above.

Blotting out the word doesn't make the problem vanish.

How about getting to the cause Dr. Sebellius? Quit trying to silence us or deny our existance, you'll only spur us on more.


I can't think of any other consumer product that is treated in this manner - bugs the heck out of me.

People are not allowed to tell their own stories? Or if they do it's to be given less "weight"?

Perhaps the govt/pharma can come up with a clause in the vaccine consent forms which prohibits any speech about the product once it's administered (gosh why did I give them this idea LOL).

Scary . . .

Robin Nemeth

I was at a 'tea party' yesterday. First time I've ever been to one. Obama was speaking at the local rec center, so I showed up outside. There were maybe a couple hundred other people there with signs. The sign I carried said 'Autism Speaks/pharma, peas in a toxic pod' on one side. The other side said ''mercury in flu shots' and 'hey CDC, where's Poul Thorsen?'

There were a lot of people hanging about with large video cameras. One was filming the people nearby me. I asked him if he wanted to video my sign, and he said "mmm .... no." I don't know if he was with a news organization or not. There was another person there with a camera and it said 'channel 19' on it. He was filming nearby me, too, and I asked him if there was any chance he might show my sign on TV. He thought for a minute and then said "sure I'll film your sign." And he did. He filmed the side that said 'mercury in flu shots' and 'hey CDC, where's Poul Thorsen?'

But when I watched the nightly news on Channel 19, while I saw a lot of familiar signs (one of them said 'silence is consent'), they didn't show my sign.

Gina Damus

It's because we parents of children with ASD are being heard, pharmaceutical companies are losing money and they blame us for it. We believe their vaccines are tainted and harmed our children and they need to concentrate on cleaning up their product instead of focusing on us. They've already damaged our children and are afraid of our resilience and our strength in numbers.

Amy, RN

Obviously, the CDC wanted and needed to stay silent about Thorsen until after the vaccine court rulings, based on his flawed work, were made.


I wonder how Sec. Sebelius remembers which groups should have their views suppressed. I suppose she just keeps a list—a blacklist. Or maybe she thinks of it as her enemies list. But a blacklist is so old school. Modern McCarthyites probably use black databases.

I suspect that HHS/CDC has cast a wide net to be sure that only their message gets through. Anyone that does not wholeheartedly endorse and defend vaccines are sure to be marked for censorship. Katie Wright and our friends at A of A should be proud to be near the top of the list.

Still, it would be interesting to know exactly who is on the Sebelius blacklist. A FOIA request would be a futile effort. It is possible that there is a reporter that has not yet been corrupted that could investigate this violation of the first amendment by Sec. Sebelius. Once the details are confirmed, President Obama should be asked whether he considers this an acceptable practice of his administration. I don't think a blacklist is consistent with his goal to preside over the most open and transparent government in our nation's history.

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