NBC 11 Atlanta Reports: Vaccine Researcher Flees with $2M
Listen to Sandy Gottstein of Vaccination News on the Sam Bushman Program

RFK Jr on HuffPo: "Central Figure in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M"

Rfk Click HERE to read the full post and comment over at HuffPo. Thank you, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

A central figure behind the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) claims disputing the link between vaccines and autism and other neurological disorders has disappeared after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of millions in taxpayer dollars. Danish police are investigating Dr. Poul Thorsen, who has vanished along with almost $2 million that he had supposedly spent on research.

Thorsen was a leading member of a Danish research group that wrote several key studies supporting CDC's claims that the MMR vaccine and mercury-laden vaccines were safe for children. Thorsen's 2003 Danish study reported a 20-fold increase in autism in Denmark after that country banned mercury based preservatives in its vaccines. His study concluded that mercury could therefore not be the culprit behind the autism epidemic.

His study has long been criticized as fraudulent since it failed to disclose that the increase was an artifact of new mandates requiring, for the first time, that autism cases be reported on the national registry. This new law and the opening of a clinic dedicated to autism treatment in Copenhagen accounted for the sudden rise in reported cases rather than, as Thorsen seemed to suggest, the removal of mercury from vaccines. Despite this obvious chicanery, CDC has long touted the study as the principal proof that mercury-laced vaccines are safe for infants and young children. Mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, has relied on this study as the basis for its public assurances that it is safe to inject young children with mercury -- a potent neurotoxin -- at concentrations hundreds of times over the U.S. safety limits.

Thorsen, who was a psychiatrist and not a research scientist or toxicologist, parlayed that study into a long-term relationship with CDC. He built a research empire called the North Atlantic Epidemiology Alliances (NANEA) that advertised its close association with the CDC autism team, a relationship that had the agency paying Thorsen and his research staff millions of dollars to churn out research papers, many of them assuring the public on the issue of vaccine safety.

The discovery of Thorsen's fraud came as the result of an investigation by Aarhus University and CDC which discovered that Thorsen had falsified documents and, in violation of university rules, was accepting salaries from both the Danish university and Emory University in Atlanta -- near CDC headquarters -- where he led research efforts to defend the role of vaccines in causing autism and other brain disorders. Thorsen's center has received $14.6 million from CDC since 2002...  Click HERE to read the full post and comment over at HuffPo. Thank you, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 



The posts that are turning up on various vaccine defender blogs are getting pretty weird.


The comment from "David" has "kind" words about Kennedy, Olmsted and Age of Autism.

These guys think they are the sane and reasonable folks :)


If they do catch Dr. Thorsen and he confesses... the CDC will probably not press charges.

They will probably come out with a statement that

"Dr. Thorsen is honest, he said he took the money....


Not to forget that the CDC funded or supported fraudulent studies from other countries like Italy or the UK - the Italian fiasco only a year ago:


dave roberts

Spring may have arrived but get ready for some major storms. As Big Pharma consults these reports and comments they will be working over time to create yet another 'Snow Job' All those Muppets at the CDC and the FDA will be drawing the wagons into a circle, covering their backsides and digging in, to protect their Paymasters.

I have always considered The Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee to have been Genocide, never believing that such evil could still be allowed to continue in this day and age, how wrong I was. Nothing changes, the greed which drove those evil deeds still exists today at the expense of the innocent and defenceless.

I would however point out to Big Pharma that history is littered with very successful turns and twists in favour of the less fortunate and that this medium is destined to be your achilles heel, the Internet will be your Little Big Horn. Your evil and the arrogance of those you have recruited for the paltry dollar will finish up face down in the dirt as did Custer.


The story has just been reported:



This type of reporting is what separates the investigative journalists from the emasculated stenographers. (Credits to RFK Jr. for that moniker.)


This is like "where's Elmo". There are a lot of possible theories. I remember a recording of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook postulating on where hambuger stands and light aircraft might be found...

Below is a cut and paste from a comment to RFK's Huffpost article, presumably written by a doctor and directed to the other doctors commenting there.

"I am a physician, and I am asking my colleagues commenting here to recognize that there is a difference between mothers concerned about consumer product safety and those zealots who believe that all vaccination is bad all the time. Some of the comments I've read here from physicians can get pretty caustic.

If you are a physician who has been practicing primary care for at least 30 years, you probably once prescribed valium a great deal, until it was revealed to have addictive potential.

If you are a physician who has been in practice at least 20 years, you probably used to give your female patients estrogens for dang near everything. But not since the Women's Health Initiative.

If you've been in practice at least 10 years, you were probably as thrilled as I was when Vioxx came out and gave you an anti-inflammatory alternative to the NSAIDs...until it was shown that it caused heart attacks. (And more specifically, it was shown that the pharmaceutical manufacturer KNEW that fact, and withheld that information.)

We change our practices when the facts change, or at least, we're supposed to. And if Robert F. Kennedy is right, there is pretty big change in the facts headed our way.

Let's try for a little humility, people".

Autism Grandma

The sh*t is really hitting the fan here, but we can only hope that things will be different for once and this will actually be investigated. However, there has been such an immense landslide of fraudulent studies and all around corruption in the entire pharmaceutical industry for so long, and they always get their way with the FDA, CDC, AMA, AAP, all of the government agencies including congress, it just seems hopeless to hope.

Big Pharma will make sure this story doesn't get reported in the news media, or if it does it will be according to their own spin...just like vaccines and autism gets turned around back asswards in the press thanks to all of their orchestrated propaganda and cooperative well paid hired guns and bullsh*t artists. I guess I sound "negative" here, but I do hope to God that finally this entire conspiracy gets exposed for the sake of the innocent babies and children who have suffered so much in the name of the Almighty Dollar.


wow, I just have to compliment Gatogorra, Jake Crosby and a few others (Doybia, Schwarzz?). They are kicking some serious ass over there at HuffPo. Kicking some ass...

Paul Shapiro

Kinda’ think Thorsen and Bin laden are
hangin’ together!


I agree with Katie.

When will the hearings begin?

Just a mother

Dear RFK
Thank you for standing up an spreading the truth about mercury.Our hearts are broken and
our children are suffering.When will these criminals stop?

Alison MacNeil

I would love to see one of those Jenny and Jim full page advertisements, like they've done before, but this time in the NYT boldly stating

with links to the JFK piece, big mention of Thorsen stealing $2 mill, CDC's corrupt participation in hiding this, calling for an IMMEDIATE FEDERAL INVESTIGATION sponsored by all the Autism organizations as a United front.

My second thought; Maybe we could find Thorsen first, could he have whistle blower status. I don't care if he gets off easy. He's small potatoes. I want the big names implicated and punished.

I've always said my son's Autism was caused by greed, laziness and ignorance. Now it's even clearer and even darker than I imagined. It's criminal.



Katie Wright

I want to see Congressional hearings NOW.

This is corruption on the basest levels. There is no clear beginning and no clear end to this cover up.

I felt sick after reading those e-mails. They are all about CDC personnel being scared and desperately looking to use research to exonerate themselves.

At no time to the health of American kids who received these vaccines play into their concerns- AT ALL

CDC You Lied To Me

RFK Jr., thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(So I guess you'd call this low-quality fraud? Our kids don't even rank high-quality fraud?)


Is there a make and model of the Thorsen get-away car ?? Geogia license plates ??

The movie on the Autism epidemic just got a new twisted sub-plot...


There will be no congressional investigation unless we ask for one, by the tens of thousands...

Thorsen, Autism Speaks, and CDC - Wasting a Decade Together

Natasa - who on Earth funds this crap?

(2008) ASD Surveillance System

"Dr. Poul Thorsen, NANEA, Aarhus University, Denmark and Dr. Manuel Posada de la Paz, Health Institute Carlos III, Spain are actively engaged in an international network regarding issues of the epidemiology of autism organized by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) and Autism Speaks (AS)."


(2008) Total: $1,014,900 for 3 years


Paul Thorson (2001 and 2002): Risk Factors for Neurodevelopmental Disorders: MMR Vaccine and Childhood Autism ($105,300).

Used medical records in a group of children in Denmark to determine the change in rates of autism as a function of MMR vaccination."



So grateful for RFK


I predict that Thorsen will show up dead somewhere from being Suicided Off.

The CDC and other big Corporations have so much to lose if this guy were to be apprehended or to appear on some show.

This is only the beginning and I am hoping that we get a chance to find this man alive so that we can get answers.

I hope we can find him before they do.


The CDC is going to go into overtime cover-up control.


Cut and paste this and send it to every mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa you know. I'm crying crying crying. My baby has mercury poisoning... diagnosed by at least 8 doctors and covered by insurance. Validated! Covered by insurance!!! NOt a conspiracy theory! It's in him!! They are working to get it out!!
All becuase some greedy inhuman creeep told a big fat lie for prestige and money. Why is there not a class action suit against someone. Where is DAN BURTON on this? Why aren't we hearing from him. He needs to make some noise.

Jake Crosby

Kennedy is awesome!


Kevin, but I'm afraid that day will never come. The USA is bought and sold to corporations (that are multi-national) and truly 100% unconcerned about the American people. I had a brief moment today where I thought Good might find a way but the more I read how they are about to shove ObamaCare down our throats the more I realize this is all one big push to sicken us, bankrupt us, and leave us begging for more.


please send a link of this article to Big NOise Films


He was alive and well in London 3 weeks ago, in the merry company of Baron-Cohen et al.


European Network of Surveilance of Autism Risk Factors!!!!!

who on earth funds this crap? their website states that the project is part of n-euro, and gives no other links or info. N-euro search returns a dance music site, and neuroimaging technology company (could that be it???).

later on they state that their projec is co-financed by http://ec.europa.eu/eahc/funding/funding.html

what a disgusting bunch of moneywasters!


Could this finally be the "unraveling" of the Big Lie that we've been waiting for?

When do the Congressional Investigations into the CDC and Emory begin?

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