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Polly Tommey's "Hello Boys" Campaign Hits the UK

Polly Tommey is in the midst of launching her new campaign. Next week billboards and posters will be displayed nationwide; and Polly’s personal letters will reach Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. This bold move is aimed to persuade the party leaders to provide the help and support so desperately needed by the autism community. Polly’s message is simple: millions of people are affected by autism, most of these people will use their vote to support any party willing to help their loved one.

Polly Tommey Hello Boys

Polly’s new campaign follows the success of her “Dear Gordon Brown…” campaign which last year culminated in a number of meetings at 10 Downing Street. These meetings were instrumental in the government’s move towards helping those with autism. Following these meetings Polly joined the external reference group that helped to formulate the government’s ‘strategy for adults with autism in England (2010)’ which was released earlier this month.

Polly comments, ‘It is important that politicians do not underestimate the power of the autism community. With over 6 million votes and the current likelihood of a hung parliament, we really do have the power to tip the balance in favour of whichever party promises the strongest support.’




Sorry this is really old and I didn't even realise it! Forget my last comment, old news lives long online :)


I think the meaning behind this campaign is great, but it has to be said, the approach isn't fantastic. The wonderbra ad reference is clever, and I think it is quite tongue in cheek as Polly Tommey is known for getting the "girls" out. But I didn't "get" the meaning of the hello boys phrase in this context until I read this article. Until then I thought it might be a reference to how many boys have autism?!! Maybe it's because in my mind politicians aren't all men.


I think this is great Polly. We are having to pay private to get the right sort of help for our son. We are currently following the ABA programme which is brilliant and only wish it was available to everyone who has a child on the spectrum. Good luck with everything, you have our vote! xx


hi i have 2 boys with asberghers and it very hard sometimes i have no help from school or social work i had to go to the local msp to get a social worker as i dont know if there are any services around for my sons i support you all the way. i would love to get involved xx


Love it! So true-so many families affected now that its finally at a point where it could tip the voting. I also find "I's" suggestion in another post intriguing-keeping our boys home for a week in protest. Interesting.


fantastic... it's amazing that you actually have to POINT IT OUT... the numbers of children affect by autism represent THIS MANY VOTES... but it's effective.

Maurine Meleck

Polly, This is simply terrific. Wishing the best for your campaign and for all of our sick children everywhere.

patricia pratt

Go for it girl! I love her attitude! Seriously it is worthy of concern to those whose livelihood depends on it.....6 million Gordon, David.


Well done again Polly! Good luck on your new campaign. What you say is so right. The lack of support in this country is diabolical - not to mention the stubborn refusal to research the reasons for bad vaccine reactions - or even to admit they can happen!! Votes matter! I hope this hits them where it hurts.

John Stone

Polly will soon be replaced on the billboards by the politicians themselves. After two decades of fudge one in 64 children now get an ASD diagnosis, and the politicians just shrug and walk away.

We have got to make it matter!

Janice Percival

Dear Polly
You are an inspiration to "Autism Mothers" everywhere, and aren't there a lot of us!
Well done on the new campaign, they can't fail to notice this one!
World Autism Awareness day here we come!


Fantastic ad, Polly! Wow, that is compelling:)


Oh, my goodness -- but I say, if you've got it, flaunt it! Polly certainly will be getting a lot of much-needed attention for a staggeringly neglected cause.

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